Monday, November 10, 2014

The New Player Experience, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... TDD Dominaters was up to his old tricks, creating corporations to "help" new players. TDD gave his recruits/victims a terrible EVE experience and demanded that they provide him with taxes earned through the drudgery of highsec PvE.

New Order Intelligence sees all. A well-placed Agent provided me with the full API of Bal Anganel, a new player who had once been tricked into joining TDD's Tactical Stability Union corporation. With full access to Bal's past EVEmails, we can see what the TDD New Player Experience looks like from the perspective of the victim.
Tacitcal Stability Union - Information
From: TDD Dominaters
Sent: 2014-08-31 01:08:00
To: Bal Anganel

The Tactical Stability Union:
This Section of the Report well is informing you what are the Functions, assets and Essentials of our Corporation.
• Combat:
- Mission Running(Currently Building)
- PvP(Currently Building)
TDD got the ball rolling by outlining what his corporation was all about. In TDD's mind, running missions constitutes "combat".
• Industry:
- Manufacturing
- Mining(Currently Building)
• Programs:
- Replace Ships
- Progressive
- Stability
- Voted/Chosen into Command
- Terms , Agreements and Conditions
TDD's government was a work in progress. Players would be voted or chosen into command. Imagine a constitutional convention with TDD in charge: "We'll have a democracy with elected representatives. Or they'll be appointed by a dictator. Whatever."
Fleet Services:
- Mining Boosting(10 Squad member limit)
Corporation Languish: English (Both Texting and Voice.)
Countries members are from:
• United States
• United Kingdoms
• Germany
• Romania
• France
Average Activate Rate:
Average of Hours in a day: 7 hours and 23 min
Average of days in a week: 5 days and 8 hours
Once again, TDD shows his sinister hand by requiring the most slavish devotion to highsec PvE. 7 hours and 23 minutes a day, average? Despicable.
Corporation Services:
• Website
• Teamspeak 3
Corporation Location:
• High Security Space
The corp, of course, is located in highsec. Actually, this should read "New Order space" or "James 315's territory". But I'll give TDD a pass here. At least he didn't lie that the corp also dabbles in lowsec PvP, like a lot of exclusively highsec industrial corps claim.
Eve online Update - Hyperion
From: TDD Dominaters
Sent: 2014-08-31 07:24:00
To: Tactical Stability Union

Eve online has not added new features to were game and we are gladly like to inform that the corporation has the information to provide too u what u need to know about the latest updates.


if u have any question , comment or issue about the Update please comment on the post.

By your CEO TDD Dominator
No one needs to read dev blogs, if they're a member of TDD's corp. TDD helps his players understand exactly what changes are made in each expansion. But what about personal, one-on-one training? TDD provides that, too. On Bal Anganel's second day, TDD sent him this message:
How your Ship chooses You.
From: TDD Dominaters
Sent: 2014-09-01 12:20:00
To: Bal Anganel

In Eve online there is basicly unlimeted ways for to to fit your ship the way how ever u want to do as u please with at ........ as in killing something , saving or even you making sure u take down somebody with you.So in order to choose what ship u want u would basicly want to ask ur ship what is this ship ment to do and set up to were its suppose to do . so as u go to your Market there are few combat ship based on to were you can be a Front line fighter , a supporter who wants to heal and boost his mate in battle or even doing it to were you make it too were your the one making it to were your enemy is being weekend by your ship does which is by draining there ship energy or whiping out there Ships Shield or armour. so once u have decided what you what do with this combat ship and how u want it to set up for i well give u class on how to do so.
TDD gave Bal Anganel some nuggets of wisdom. For example, you can fit your ship to "weekend" an enemy by draining their energy or hitpoints. After Bal chose his ship, TDD offered to give him a class on how to fit it. I can only shudder at the thought. And you wonder how so many fail-fits end up on our Kills of the Week posts?
Welcome to our Community.
From: TDD Dominaters
Sent: 2014-09-01 12:49:00
To: Bal Anganel

TSU member we would like to inform you that your registration has been completed on our website, so welcome to our Community. In our website we would want to make sure that information is to be provide well enough for our members to be well understand towards the Society. While being a member of the Website please visit the sit at least 3 times a week in order to be informed on what has been going on lately towards our Environment of our Corporation and the Game we contribute. Also as being a member we would support and appreciate that you post on our forums based on the listed Capagory that is listed. So thank you for u time and have a nice day.
TDD provided the new recruit with some more advice: Visit TDD's website at least three times a week. A useless suggestion. Everyone knows that a properly informed highsec citizen visits MinerBumping instead--at least 7 times a week. But despite TDD's refusal to tell his corp members about the importance of MinerBumping, news managed to leak into the corp:
From: Bal Anganel
Sent: 2014-09-15 23:17:00
To: TDD Dominaters

Sean Hamann Hamann > he says his dad is this and that which he is not, like being a general 1 day then something else the other
Bal was contacted by Sean Hamann Hamann, who began feeding the newbie information about TDD and his lies. Bal dutifully reported this to TDD. You might recall that Sean Hamann Hamann was TDD's superior in a previous corp, so he knew what he was talking about.
CEO TDD Declare Manafist Warfare!!
From: TDD Dominaters
Sent: 2014-09-17 01:23:00
To: Bal Anganel

Dear Members of the Tactical Stability Union
As some of you may know the corporation has been facing issues based upon to where the hate and target is me. day by day and Time by Time we are getting more places as a corporation member hard to do what we have to do in order to get what we want. Therefore I can understand some of you feel scared and not Ready, and Therefore I would understand if you think it would be safe for you to leave corporation for know in tell the Drama is over. But if you are a player that would like to fight alongside your CEO and take our wars to the Next level towards Combat then by all means tell me so we can prepare ideas in Ways towards getting rid of those who dared to push us around and think they can get away with it.

The reason why we are at war.
The reason why the corporation is at war is Because a Another CEO from another corporation does not want me around towards being a CEO leader or having my corporation around so he intends towards making me look bad and making those suffer that are around me and follow me.
Predictably, TDD's corp ended up on the receiving end of a wardec. To his credit, TDD assumed personal responsibility for the disaster. And TDD knew his audience well--he didn't expect many of his members to bother trying to defend themselves.
What is the Game Plan ?
Right know the Whole point of this war and the only war towards winning this war is by Fear. Right in order to each side to fall or fail they have to at least see that they have gotten u trap and have not choice to surrender and making them realize who is the dominant corporation. So the real Question is what is our corporation and how is our Corporation going to win this war , well that real easy in order to defeat our enemy we most think and know our enemies. We know that the Other CEO of the corporation that is hiring these corporation to declare war on us is paying money so if he has no flow of income or money then he well see that what he is doing is not worth it nor can he handle it .

2) in order to Seattle the score with this player we need to make him see that we are not the corporation to be missed around with nor to be dealt with so once u have all the war dec and set up to were in money flow isn’t good enough towards paying for the war he well stop.

3) since the corporation that has hired to declare war on us is surrounded by a island space section then he well have no were else to run but to just dock in a station so having alliance or corporation coming him to help him out would give him a rough time towards getting to actee even though for the fact getting to this system can lead to a lot of problem for them on the way of the travel.

4) the finally step of ending the war is basically by declaring war on him and overwhelming him to where he can no longer deal with the war or handle it and there for he would have no choice towards giving up.
TDD's writing style demands much from the reader. However, the reader is occasionally rewarded with some gems that can only come from TDD Dominaters. Take, for instance, the phrase "Seattle the score". He even capitalized Seattle, so it may not have even been a typo.

Wardecs make newbies very nervous. Within a day or two, the carebears in Tactical Stability Union were ready to quit. That's when Bal Anganel started to wise up. He began talking with other members of the corp, and three of them left. Bal sent the following EVEmail to a fellow member, encouraging her to quit, too:
From: Bal Anganel
Sent: 2014-09-17 19:31:00
To: chantal corleone


Just wanted to talk to you about some stuff that happened this week. As you can see, me, Tim SlimmyTim and shin-tzu Codie have left the corp do to some problems. Too much drama, too many wars etc.

We found out some things about tdd as well that were not quite allrigt, such as:

If you don't have the patience or the time to read that, long stories short, he caused problems for his last corps, provocked a lot of wars and took advantage of people. I don;t know if you noticed but he does a little bit of compulsive lying as well so his side of the story is not really how he tells us.

If you haven't gotten the chance to talk to your friends about helping tdd out, i think that you shouldn't any more because the fault of the problems kind of is tdd.

That Shane guy is all right, we talked to him and he is ok, he did not pay anyone to start a war with us, he only reacted to tdd's agression and smack talk when we arrived in Actee. And furthermore in the last 2 days, tdd harrased him until he started a war...

Anyways, since we are verry unexperienced, we left the corp so we can survive and not have a bad time. We just want to make some isk peacefully by mining and building stuff. We need time to grow and that corp would not let us.

We 3 decided to make our own mining corp at first and go from there. We would like your advice on the whole situation because you have the most experience and think you would know how to handle it. As well, we would like to know if you would be interested in our future mining corp.

Thanks in advance,
Bal, Shin and Tim
The New Order is always victorious because the truth always gets out. Once again, MinerBumping played a heroic role, leading the new players to salvation. And just in case you're not convinced of TDD's destructive intentions, one more EVEmail:
hey vlad
From: shin-tzu Codie
Sent: 2014-09-23 02:53:00
To: Bal Anganel

So tdd grabed me after you left and asked me if i could give him a loan in isk, since he is poor. He asked for 480million isk but would settle for 250 million. seriously i cant afford that right now. not at all . Why am i the one he runs to for questions help w.e
Some people say that people like TDD are going to save CCP by training newbies and improving new player retention. They idealize the highsec PvE corps and their CEOs. The truth paints a much uglier picture. The TDDs of the world care only for isk. They'll gladly bring new players into the fold--and then ask them for loans. Only the New Order, its Code, and the omnipresent influence of MinerBumping can rescue new players from such a cruel fate.


  1. TDD is an asset to the Eve Online community. Also, happy opposite day.

  2. im not sure if english isnt tdd's good language, or if he's just really really dumb.

    1. He continues to create and try to run corps, even after representatives of the New Order have ordered him to stop. Whatever his native language is, doing that is just really really dumb.

  3. TDD and his kind must be ruthlessly purged from Highsec, using whatever means remain to us after CCP's capitulations to the cries of the carebears.

    War, War and More War.

    1. What's the use, Sasha. Going after one player's Corp that you think is a threat to CODE? The only person that says stuff like that is only hurting yourself. Haven't you guys done enough to TDD Dominators? Tell me, and listen very carefully to your response, would you go after a teacher just to teach his students the basics of the game?

    2. TDD is not a threat to the New Order; he is, however, poison to the minds of the new players whom he grooms for his sinister purposes.

      You ask would I pursue a teacher in order to rescue his students? Yes!

      This is not to say that TDD's victims are incapable themselves of dealing with him. There is simply no reason why they should be exposed to his evil in the first place.

      I am not as forgiving as you, Anon. In fact, I'm not forgiving at all.

    3. You lost you marbles.
      You try to grow balls instead of brains?
      That guy is not a thread to code and not to others. He was sincere in his work and people where following out of free will.
      And reading you crap give me the Idea that those rookies are more heathier in mind than you are. Your brain is poisened with propaganda.
      You are like a radical religious fanatic.
      I am not forgiving to. Rest assured, i will come for *you*.

    4. This player is deliberately teaching newbies false information about how to play EVE Online.

      He is a liar, because he says that he knows how to do things in this game that he obviously doesn't.
      He is a lecher, because he asks newbies- who aren't even a week old- for massive sums of isk they can't possibly afford. What would YOU say to someone who asked a week old player for half a billion isk?
      He is a griefer, attempting to scam newbies out of their money with a 50% tax rate, that he expects them not to know the significance of!
      And finally, he is an aggressor, willing to take advantage of innocent newbies to satisfy his own petulant needs for revenge!

      How can you logically defend this... monster?

      TDD Dominator is a lowly, contemptible, disreputable, loathsome, slimy, pitiful, worthless waste of space worthy of nothing except redemption through the Code.

    5. So you're saying one wrong justifies another?

    6. How could fighting evil and abuse against newbies be wrong?

    7. By being evil and abusing newbies. Just what CODE does.

    8. "Fighting evil and helping newbies is wrong, because you're evil and abuse helping them and fighting evil."

      Just the kind of circular non-reasoning I'd expect from an anonymous, cowardly carebear. We protect not only the current members of TDD's corps, but all the future newbies he would have victimized if we didn't stop him. But that's wrong, because we're wrong, because...well, just because.

    9. I am fairly new to the game. tried it out years ago before and quit after a short time. because mining is boring as fuck. now that I started playing again I am doing much better after less than a month of playtime (more isk and much more fun). corps urging new players to just mine, or wait and train skills up before they do anything is what is killing eve. only fanatic cleansing of those "newbie friendly" corps can improve the new player experience until ccp gets of their ass. CODE is right. number one complaint from friends who tried out the game?: "its a waiting game, you wait for your skills to train up and grind rocks".

  4. Very sad reading that and realizing that there are people out there that literally have no options or opportunity in real life. Amazing that it took so many newbies so long to figure out just how defective that guy was.

    1. It is also sad that you should think before you say anything about someone that you don't even know. Tell that to a mother who lost her 12 year old daughter to people that were trolling non stop. Don't even think about responding to this comment if you can't think before saying.

    2. Except that in eve all identities are anonymous, twitter victims are not.
      Don't bother replying if you can't think before writing...

    3. Ah, two anonymous posters battling it out on the MB Blog; a perfect paradise of confusion!

      You, Anon 8:11 PM, are the same Anon who invited me so arrogantly to reflect before responding to your earlier comment. Here you are again, inviting yet another bout of reflection. If only your contribution were worth it!

      Perhaps you are quite young. In any case, I am not young and have seen much of the world and its woes. In particular, I have dealt with many cases of suicide, possibly hundreds. Here is a sample:

      A 17 year old male was found dead. He had spent the only money he had on a crate of beer. He'd also stolen a stash of pills from wherever. Suicides don't always leave notes; this boy did, however. It didn't take a great deal of examination, for there were only 2 words written on it. "Fuck everyone".

      You need to understand that suicide is a complex matter; there is not always a single 'reason' for it. What we think of as 'reasons', are perhaps better described as 'triggers'. There's usually other stuff going on underneath.

      I don't 'know' TDD Domintors; I don't know you, either. But I would have thought that even you could see the difference between the example you have so distressingly shown us and the sharp practice of Mr TDD Dominators. He is not being trolled; and even if he were, we have all - thanks to James 315 - seen his wicked character in action. Spare a thought, Anon, for his victims. They are more deserving of your sympathy than him.

    4. We shouldn't be discussing this any further. A simple apology is in order from myself. After what happened to that 17 year old boy that was on him. So I drop my weapon and I'm sorry.

    5. I'm Anon of 8:31. Although your reply was directed to Sasha, I commend you for apologizing so well.

    6. Funny!
      Always the same game. Code-monkey hypocrites playing with questionable morals try to act like indignent saints.
      Klausi, uh, i mean Sasha:
      "War, War and More War."
      Is not far from "Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?".
      Shutup, you are by far some moral instance to excuse to.

  5. Wardeccing TDD may feel good, but it doesn't actually help the new players find a decent highsec PvE corp. Instead of just burning things down, why not also help build as well? Help some decent CEOs (heck, I'd even lend a hand) form some good highsec PvE focused corps, that teach players how to run advanced missions, how to manufacture useful items, and even introduce them to some PvP.

    1. As leader of the anti-Real-Life-Harassers community, voice of truth and wisdom, omniscient oracle of New Eden, protector or the American Way and much more

      I am sure you will be ready to welcome those souls in torment.

      With my devotion,

      Beers Veldspar

    2. Dear Veers,
      So I see you are CEO of SwordSwallowers of New Eden, how many people have u open recruited? Helped and retained for PvE? Taught which end of a rifter is dangerous? PvPed it up?
      Get off your space hi-sec horse you hypocrite troll.

    3. Veers as usual you cherry pick and scim over the things you things you don't like, TDD has been in this position before and code war decced him. Malcolm shinwa stated that he was after TDD no the newbies and even tries to help them as you can see in the chat log. Hell TDD didn't even teach them how to use D-scan

    4. Wardecing TDD corp certainly did help Veers. Those 3 people left because they got tired of TDD's shit and they were smart enough to read MB. Maybe with a hope and a prayer they won't do anymore HS corps and will venture out into WH's/LS/NS or even a well run HS corp like CODE., EUNI, RVB, etc.

      Fact is there isn't any need for HS corps specializing in mining, indy, incursions, etc. Those are all basically boring solo PVE activities that are better done in NPC corps or a lame chickenshit corp like your Veers. Won't matter if CCP nerfs awoxing/wardecs/corp theft/etc. there will always be TDD's out there to take advantage and rape the new players.

    5. "Instead of just burning things down, why not also help build as well? Help some decent CEOs (heck, I'd even lend a hand)"

      Is Beldspar a decent CEO?

    6. The 3 people left to form their own PvE corp with no idea how to run it properly. All you are doing is creating more **** highsec PvE corps. Great job. There is absolutely a need for well run highsec PvE corps, so that players can do these activities together collaboratively, and enjoy the game. Fact is that won't happen until awoxxing/wardeccs/suicide ganking are seriously curtailed or gone entirely. Your awoxx campaign isn't helping things, just spreading terror and convincing the good corps to only recruit people they know in RL. Be an agent for positive change, not just carnage and destruction.

    7. "Positive change": mine red crosses in highsec, and pay Veers taxes.

      It's the freaking twilight zone...

    8. Learn how to run L4s, incursions, learn about manufacturing, learn how to fit ships properly, learn safe hauling, do PvP roams. Sounds like a nightmare scenario. Someone better call CODE to wardecc and save the noobs.

    9. Okay Veers. How about you do it. Drop all association with AG and move to actually make a difference in Eve. Teach the noobs how to function and prosper, while avoiding botting and afk play. Teach them to responsibly create income while following the ideals of the Code. You know what they are I'm sure. Show them how to have a community of friends and allies that help, support, and defend each other while shunning bot-aspirant and afk play. After all, the purpose of a game is to PLAY it. Show them the joy of having a connection and allegiance to each other that only Eve can offer. Offer them true and unselfish advice on direction, activities, fittings, and ship selection. Show them that you are there for them, not some biased agenda that serves them no purpose. Offer low taxes, training, and help. Can you do this? You yourself said you agree with the anti-bot/afk ideals of the Code. Could you remove all bias and lead noobs to a future in Eve where botting and afk play aren't even a consideration? Can you provide the support they so desperately need without trying to brainwash a new generation on agenda? If you did this, you would actually gain a respect you couldn't imagine..and I'm sure that would feed your ego for many moons to come. So tell me Veers, do you have what it takes to do this? Do you have what it takes to remove yourself from the path you have chosen to help others on a path that leads to what's right? I wonder...

    10. Mine red crosses, mine red crosses, learn about making ammo with which to mine read crosses, learn how to fit ships with which to mine red crosses, learn how to move your ships around so you can mine red crosses, and bwahahaha can't even respond to your "PvP" claims with a straight face. And then let's repeat the part you avoided: do all this mindless, pointless pve grinding, so you can pay veers taxes.

      It's pretty nightmarish, yes.

  6. What is a shame is that TDD would probably be an asset to some quality up-and-coming corporations - but not as the leader of a corporation. The fact he hasn't quit Eve yet means that he may have the stamina to develop were he to follow instead of trying to lead.

    1. An asset? As a training dummy perhaps.

    2. Hehehe Anon 8:33... @ Anon 8:23, this is possible. He obviously has the stamina to keep trying. If he can only be shown a path that isn't self serving he could be of use to a corp. I agree, leadership is not for him. He is both a poor leader and a self serving tyrant to his members. He needs to learn his place and start from the bottom, work his way up through a corp, and earn the right and skill to lead a group. That's one of the issues with Eve imo...anyone can train for less than 1/2 hr and make a corp. 99% of the people "running" corps have no business doing it. Personally, I couldn't care less...but the people who join under the "TDD's" out there do.,,and they are what hurts new players most. I would even consider taking TDD in my a basic he could learn to earn his place and the respect he so craves. If not, then I'd just awox and/or boot him...but at least he'd learn something..I hope :)

  7. "Only the New Order, its Code, and the omnipresent influence of MinerBumping can rescue new players from such a cruel fate."

    Sorry James, but CODE is not the answer, it is part of the problem. In order to save the high sec, the CODE must be eliminated. If you have not found out this already, you will soon. I hope. I also hope you have the balls to do what has to be done when you realize your erroneous ways.

    1. it will or you hope it will, pick one for goodness sake. Either way you're wrong

    2. I hope James finds out, and I also hope he has balls. There's nothing wrong with the post. That means you're wrong in all counts.

    3. it is wrong because the code won't be eliminated, the code is an idea and ideas are very hard to get rid of. If you mean Code the organisation you're still wrong since no one will fight them and they always win.

    4. Anon 10:05...If that is what you really think, then you don't understand what the Code is or what it's about. I suggest you read it...and if you already have, I suggest working on your reading comprehension skills. The Code is quite simple to understand yet seems to be misunderstood far too often. It's not a matter of's a matter of comprehension. The words are clear, the meaning clearer. I do not wish to debate the meaning of Code with you as this debate has become redundant. If you don't "get it", you never will...after all, you can lead a horse to water...but you cannot make him drink.

    5. KK, You work on your reading comprehension, you seem to need it more than me.

    6. "KK, You work on your reading comprehension, you seem to need it more than me." says the coward afraid to post with his name...Really Anon 10:32...that's the best you've got? *facepalm* At least if you're going to try to insult it with some style..*blows kisses*

    7. I had as much style as you did, you did not deserve any better. Btw, Is "kisses" your nickname for James?

  8. Replies
    1. That's going to go down in the books with other timeless classics, like "STRAWBERRY!".

    2. LOL Alana...I almost choked on my drink when I read that. :)

  9. Is that you James in your early days in Nullsec?

    1. Nah, he wouldn't run after that. Meanwhile in Goon space

  10. freedom of speech & leading

    if a player wants rule his corp this way let him do

    his corp members will leve him earlier or later, if they enjoy his corp ceo, its ok.

  11. Haha, CLOWN Agent in full engagement! Very nice read!

    [ 2014.11.03 01:36:25 ] RiotRick > gf
    [ 2014.11.03 01:36:26 ] wolfvaine > gf
    [ 2014.11.03 01:36:27 ] Odyr Atram > gf
    [ 2014.11.03 01:36:27 ] Dexirian Orlenard > gf
    [ 2014.11.03 01:36:27 ] Rfent > gf
    [ 2014.11.03 01:36:27 ] Neza Jorel > gf
    [ 2014.11.03 05:20:53 ] Piir8 > you guys dont know how to pvp
    [ 2014.11.03 05:21:02 ] Piir8 > thats why you cyno thorax lmao

  12. @Piir8
    Yo mad bro?
    Why are you angry when your ship got destroyed in a PvP game?

    @Anonymous November 11, 2014 at 12:12 PM

  13. Good kill. Disappointing that the agent reacted that way. It was a 0.4 system, you take your chances & your lumps... but always with class. That is what CODE stands for.
    My main has had 4 ships shot out from under her this week... and one of them had a bloody Falcon in the group. I was so jammed, I did not know which way I was going. Still gave a "GF" in local and tried to learn from my mistakes. That's EVE. That's PVP.

  14. "but always with class. That is what CODE stands for."
    Nope CODE. stands for CLOWNStroupe, since you are missing the noble treads.
    narcistisic Jimmy talks of honor and stuff, but that doesn't make it true as you can see. And that is not the only case.

    1. Can we put an "X" to the bingo for the honour?

  15. This is why the next patch should include some minimum standards for people to start corps. Ganking newbs is way less common than newbs getting spammed random corp invites by people that are either A) clueless about Eve themselves..or B) just trying to advance themselves at others' expense.
    That is one of the biggest threats to people sticking with Eve. Given a learning cliff, they hope a friendly face will help them, only to be taxed, driven to mind numbing PvE, used as meat-shields, and eventually quit the game. By comparison, the oh-so-bad Goonswarm takes newbs, gives them ships, skillbooks, and useful direction within the game including training fleets and whole groups to explore any given content. Because, you know, grr goons and stuff.....(not even a member of Goons, but I sure wish I had joined them right away instead of wasting so much time farting around high sec, stuck in a terrible corp who's CEO knew even less about the game than I did at a month old).
    It's those idiots that drive away new players far more than losing a Venture to a gank. Losing a ship is one thing, but not knowing how, why, or having any way to avoid it because your high sec CEO is a complete boob is the real frustration of Eve.

  16. TDD is emergent gameplay. A people hire B people ; thus TDD is a cleanser of highsec. He is a real savior getting all dumb clowns into his tactical mental stability institution


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