Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Out with the Old, in with the New Order

I get the most peculiar EVEmails sometimes. They're especially puzzling when I'm not provided with any context.

Take, for instance, this letter from foxtrot 02. I've been Saviour of Highsec for so long that I don't remember if it's weird to get apologies from people I've never met.

One unsolicited follow-up apology later, the picture became a little more clear. A little.

But to get the full story, I needed the assistance of my loyal Agents. Held der Finsternis was the hero of the day. Before he joined CODEdot and proclaimed loyalty to me publicly, he was a member of a highsec mining corp called The Drug Dealer's of Astroides Corporation.
foxtrot 02 > are you a vet pilot or new?
Held der Finsternis > this character is new :o)
foxtrot 02 > how old is your alt toon?
Held der Finsternis > oh, a bit older
foxtrot 02 > sorry trying to gauge everyones abilities here
foxtrot 02 > we had a serious security breach the other day
Held der Finsternis > oh yeah?
Like many highsec corps, it invited everyone to join freely. They would take anyone, no matter what. The corp ballooned, gaining a couple dozen members after only being open for a few days. Everything was wonderful; in theory, new player retention was about to skyrocket, and CCP could make more money. But the corp was in chaos.
foxtrot 02 > not trying to tell anyone how to do thier jobs but i used to get about 10 new recruits a day
Held der Finsternis > speaking of security, I do want to have everyone's full account api on file, can you mail me one please
foxtrot 02 > so can i make some suggestions agbout recruitng?
Held der Finsternis > of course
foxtrot 02 > ok first off...
foxtrot 02 > no more spaming local
foxtrot 02 > doesnt work well and will attract the wrong crowd
With so many new members and few old ones, no one knew who was in charge of what. Confusion reigned.
foxtrot 02 > wwe play this game to have fun not to have second job we pay for
foxtrot 02 > security is utmost
foxtrot 02 > DO NOT TALK aboput sensative things in corp or disclose tactical financial information
foxtrot 02 > promotions and access to corp finances hangers etc... should be done to proven seasoned pilots only
Held der Finsternis > all good ideas
foxtrot got the impression that fellow new recruit Held der Finsternis was in charge of recruitment. Or maybe they both were.
foxtrot 02 > we need emergency operation procedures in the even of futre breaches and or threats
Held der Finsternis > so I've been gona couple days, what all happened?
foxtrot 02 > we had awoxer accepted into the corp
Held der Finsternis > oh no
foxtrot 02 > he was known and stated it in his email he had a bad security status
foxtrot 02 > he had a very lengthy resume with many red flags
foxtrot 02 > he tried to ransom my ship
foxtrot 02 > if left uncheck he coulda done alot of damage
In reality, Held der Finsternis had little interest in highsec mining. He only joined the corp to help enforce the Code. It was his deeply held conviction that only honouring the Code and James 315 would make this highsec corp worthwhile. If anyone complains about EVE's learning cliff, just share this simple truth. It's all they need to know.
foxtrot 02 > i like to know who you are where you are from what you do in RL hobbbies etc...
foxtrot 02 > i have never been betrayed by anyone i recruited ever
Held der Finsternis > thats cool, I think you'll be a core member
foxtrot 02 > teamwork is kinda my thing
foxtrot 02 > speaking of... where you from how old what do you do?
Held der Finsternis > just a moment having cell ph issues
A rapport was established between foxtrot and Held. As their mutual trust grew, Held began asking foxtrot for his personal assets.
foxtrot 02 > what the hell am i gonna do?
foxtrot 02 > im fucking broke and shipless
foxtrot 02 > so explain what happens if he doesnt want me?
foxtrot 02 > what happens to my shit?
foxtrot 02 > ok so what happens if he says no
foxtrot 02 > what the hell
Shortly thereafter, foxtrot transferred all of his assets to Held. Our hero calmed the miner by telling him James 315 would solve everything.
foxtrot 02 > nah i wouldnt do that
foxtrot 02 > track his IP then use a few dozen .45 to show mistakes
foxtrot 02 > lol
foxtrot 02 > access to law enforcment stuff is fun :D
foxtrot 02 > obivously im wondering if i just got seriiously fucked
foxtrot 02 > in a new extremely creative form of piracy
At first, foxtrot was nervous about his future. He'd need to sleep on it.
foxtrot 02 > im not here to make threats or yell or talk shit
foxtrot 02 > im not coming after you
foxtrot 02 > you guys really pulled one over on me but its my fault for being an idiot
foxtrot 02 > as gay as this sounds... i am more pissed that i found another griefer
Held der Finsternis > For your convenience, I moved all your stuff to Uedama. The stuff arrived safely
foxtrot 02 > i dont understand
The next day, foxtrot returned with a new attitude. Held was pleased to hear it, but foxtrot's journey was just beginning. Held told foxtrot to report to Uedama immediately.

foxtrot was invited to a freighter ganking fleet. He saw no alternative but to go with the flow. He managed to get on a Providence killmail. He was hooked.
Held der Finsternis > tell then you gave all your stuff to agents to prove your loyalty and waiting on word from james 315
CrazyKiller6226 > Welcome to the club fox
foxtrot 02 > this is cool
foxtrot 02 > this shit i live for it awesome i just wish i hadnt lost all i had to do this'
Held der Finsternis > hey maybe someone will join corp you can take stuff from lol
It was a new day for foxtrot. Instead of spending all his time mining, he'd tasted the true EVE experience. Now it was time for foxtrot and Held to assist the rest of their corp. Together, they persuaded the corp's founder and CEO, Mario Jr Fontanez, to transfer all of the corp shares to Held der Finsternis.

Immediately upon seizing control of the corp, Held got a sneaking suspicion that the corp's founder and CEO was, in fact, a security risk to the corp. Held and foxtrot had no choice but to awox the corp's next mining op. An Orca was destroyed, along with Mario's Retriever. This prompted shock and outrage. Held send an EVEmail to the entire corp explaining what had happened:

The sordid details were shared with the corp--their own CEO was a traitor! But there was good news:

To take Mario's place, Held promoted foxtrot to the position of CEO. However, foxtrot was more interested in fireworks than paperwork, so he passed the reigns to another player. It was to be a new era for the corporation. Instead of mining, they would gank miners and obey the Code.

It was a golden age. But it was not to last. You know, liberating people isn't always as easy as ganking their former rulers and telling them to enjoy their new democracy. The transformation from Code-violator corp to Code-enforcer corp was too much, too soon. Before long, every single member left the corp, leaving its EVEWho profile as the only evidence of its former existence. Even so, the story of The Drug Dealer's of Astroides Corporation will inspire generations of new players to come. It was a glorious victory for the Code, for Held der Finsternis, for foxtrot 02, and for the New Order. Let us never forget.


  1. An amazing story, such thrills and chills and plot twists!

    1. Nah. Not really.

      At some point, the penny suspenseful "Will BatCode escape this deadly blah? Find out next time, same blah place, same blah channel" tripery will get old. James can tell an interesting story, but that's the unfortunate thing. He only has one story. And he tells it over and over and over again.

      then you have to consider the fact that after each of these exactly the same stories, the miner bumping crowd flocks to the forums to talk about how great the story was. But it was the same story. It's always the same story.

      Compounded with the shill accounts that miner bumpers maintain in order to give the tale some much needed "miner rage" "authenticity", it makes for some seriously yawn inducing material.

      Dont get me totally wrong here. When James writes a piece about EvE, it can be very interesting. But the problem is, content creators seem to spend just as much time crying about what the "carebears" are doing, as the carebears do crying about the evil gankers. And it flavors each post badly.

      Think about how many ganking blogs there are. A good dozen? And how many posts are just chockablok full of rage at them evil carebears for violating your idea on sandboxxing?

      Now how many carebears bother to make blogs to bitch about you lot? In fact, aside from blatantly obvious troll posts on EvE GD, how many carebears post legitimate gripes on the forum, versus how many Calls To Action against them?

      It just gets to feel samey, man.

      (Yeah yeah brave anon poster, whatever. I wouldnt be anonymous to you, had there been more than two people in Halaima when I flew there this weekend, looking for ANYONE. It was dead man. Boring.)

      Youll find something new to post about. I look forward to it. Your Mittani articles are awesome.

    2. Seems you spent lots of time to say how unimpressive the story was :)

    3. Seems like youre so very edgy and hip. Too hip, in fact. I cant compete. You win. Such accomplishment.

    4. Many words, much caring. There there.

  2. You infiltrated a corp and disbanded it basically with your grief tactics and caused some new bros problems too my sources tell me.

    Your alliance is about to get a taste of it's own medicine and all for a bit of CFC space lol.

  3. I got this funky smell near and around my balls.

  4. a kill of the week


    another codie win?!

  5. Foxtrot was a lot of fun. He was a great example of a carebear being reborn in the light of The Code. He lost everything, and it was when he had nothing left to lose and was freed of the burden of asset ownership that he found the heart of Eve.

    1. When you are nothing, that is when you have the freedom to become anything.

    2. When you have nothing you either becomes a criminal or you die.

    3. it's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything

    4. Nice philosophical approach, but unfortunately the reality does not agree with it.

    5. Good thing EVE is not reality then.

  6. another codie alt licking codie asses...

    1. Ugh. Please keep your obsession with analingus to yourself.

  7. your alliance leader must be careful. CCP forbids certain isboxer functions.
    You now he got first place on killboards by isboxing with loyalmoron, wolf soprano, sophia soprano and most like some more alts. thats not elite pvp at all. lousy leader you have.

  8. A code agent, hawling with protection, my my :D


  9. No war!
    No gank!
    No awox!

    can STOP us


    the elite bots of eve


  10. code are the worst gamers in the history of eve online period, you retards have accomplished nothing and your cultis RP faggotry is cringe worthy , posting the same boring shit every day on your website god your life, i have to feel pitty for you :)

    1. And yet here you are, reading this site and commenting on it, being entertained despite yourself.

  11. Thank you for posting dear carebear, we appreciate all input. If we have accomplished anything, it is ensuring your kind keeps on crying like babies in here, on EveO, in game.

    Don't forget to buy a permit!

  12. My kind lol? i dont bear im at the top of the food chain and im looking right down at you so ill repeat , "CODE are the worst gamers in eve, period" and your reply only goes to prove i hit a nerve.

    Everybody knows you are all BAD at the game and some of your members even openly admit they gank with complete noobs!. How are the relations between yourselves and marmite anyway i hear theyre going to erase your alliance for the lolz because your all baddies.

    1. "im at the top of the food chain"

      Thank you, random carebear, for that laugh. Hope you're having fun up at the....top of the....food chain. Oh lord can't write that with a straight face!

    2. Don't mind Maria anon, like a good Code-bot, she can talk only Code propaganda and insults, sometimes both at the same time.


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