Friday, November 21, 2014

Hive of Bot-Aspirancy, Part 1

CODEdot's new Glorious Revolutionary Armed Forces of Highsec corp has been busy sharing the wardec experience with highsec miners. Some say the wardec mechanic offers an unfair advantage to the attacker, because they get to choose the target. However, CCP succumbed to the pleadings of carebears, and the mechanic was changed. Now the recipient of a wardec can call in allies. Consequently, the attacker no longer exercises full control over who's involved in a wardec. Imbued with their new ability to call in allies, most carebears chose instead to continue their whines about wardecs. They can't be bothered to call in allies, as that would require them to return to their keyboards for a while and play EVE.

Nevertheless, some wardec recipients do look for support during wartime. Ryuu Rockefeller's corporation, Star to Star Inc, was beaten bloody by a CODEdot wardec. When the war was renewed, Ryuu went looking for help. In all the wrong places.
Ryuu Rockefeller > is that a real anti-code movement Sirs ?:)
Suriv Virus > Aidan Hawking r u supoting code???
Suriv Virus > u got a mining-permit.... that is suporting
Aidan Hawking > I didn't actually 'buy' this permit
Aidan Hawking > I just copied from some other scrub that did hahaha
Aidan Hawking > I'm an orca pilot, can't be too careful
Agent Tom > remove it
Specifically, Ryuu went looking for help in "Anti-Ganking", the most toxic channel in EVE.
Ryuu Rockefeller > so this is a real Anti-code movement..GG
Aidan Hawking > I don't get it though, why do I have to remove it? Like I said, I didn't actually pay for it
Agent Tom > remoe it ore u get kicked from channel
Hiw Gyfgwa > gives the wrong ipression
Suriv Virus > yep
Aidan Hawking > But I'm effectively stealin' from em' ain't that the point?
Hiw Gyfgwa > appearance is the point
Ryuu could barely get a word in edgewise, as the residents of Anti-Ganking were busy accusing each other of being New Order spies.
Ryuu Rockefeller > anyone is interested to join us in a 2nd round wardeck against CODE ?the profit will be to show them that miners and indys are the backbone of this game
Ryuu Rockefeller > My corp is a Pve corp..they decced us and we did most kills in the last 10 wars
Ryuu Rockefeller > im here to respect everyone who is against them
Ryuu Rockefeller > and ask if someone willing to gather a nice force against them around metropolis
At last, during a lull in the conversation, Ryuu was able to make his request for help. He offered the hope of victory, claiming that his corp "did most kills in the last 10 wars".

It wasn't clear what Ryuu was talking about. There was one previous war with CODE., and Star to Star Inc had been outclassed.
Chip Mint > Ryuu Rockefeller sorry I'm not a code supporter in the slighest but im looking at your war report and you clearly lost thelast code war? What are you on about?
Chip Mint > you have 5 defender kills
Ryuu Rockefeller > ofc we did but we gave them a nice resistance...isnt that good
Ryuu Rockefeller > ?
Chip Mint > I thought you put you got most kills?
Ryuu quickly leased some heavy construction equipment and moved the goalpost. His corp was resisting, he said. Though futile, the decision to resist put Star to Star Inc in the top 1% of the top 1% of highsec carebear corps.
Ryuu Rockefeller > im asking if someone can help and have fun with us against these cunts
Ryuu Rockefeller > and i m polite as much as i can
Chip Mint > Well good on you for fightingback anyway
Ryuu Rockefeller > ofc..i wont quit my fav game cuz of these cunts
shaneduce > the cunts are coming back to bleed more
Another member of Star to Star Inc came to Anti-Ganking to assist Ryuu: shaneduce. In Ryuu's bio, we saw the soft poetry of a man writing in pale blue text and asking if he could "find himself". shaneduce was a more traditional carebear:

Like many disgruntled miners these days, shaneduce defined himself by his opposition to the Code.
Ryuu Rockefeller > so im asking if someone wants to join Metropolis war
Azozae > where is it
Chip Mint > Ryuu Rockefeller are you mailing htem and swearing at them in local?
Chip Mint > As that just makes them do it more
Ryuu Rockefeller > many offered help but mostly profiters and code alts
shaneduce > we are not
Ryuu Rockefeller > ofc not sir
As he continued to request support, Ryuu lamented that among the many entities who offered to join the war, most wanted money, or were suspected of being New Order Agents. Anti-Ganker Chip Mint offered some tactical advice, recommending the miners not swear in local or send profane EVEmails. It's good advice--and required under the Code.
Chip Mint > plus they would just report you for abuse
Ryuu Rockefeller > im NOT doing it
Chip Mint > ok just make sure no matte rhow mad u dont
Chip Mint > just cos im seeing a lot of c bombs
shaneduce > we are trying to just play the game
Ryuu and shaneduce were defensive. They insisted they were professional at all times.
Agent Tom > Chip Mint stop trolling
Roysefus > or else lol
Ryuu Rockefeller > i just came here to join the real anti-code movement..and ask for war joiners around Hek
Agent Tom > Roysefus added to list sorry
Roysefus > wow lol its true though. Code says play our way or else... no the anti gankers do too?
Agent Tom > no but u do not troll in here and u my god sir is a code troll
Before Ryuu and shaneduce could get any recruits, or even any additional information about fighting CODE, the channel once again descended into paranoia. The conversation ground to a halt as the Anti-Ganking crowd accused each other of being New Order spies. Was there any hope for Star to Star Inc?

To be continued...


  1. You might want to have a look at a guy operating around Ichoriya in Caldari space. He is clearly using bot programs, most likely mines ice. He has around 40 alts all having "Borg" in names. Once you see him in local you can't mix him up with anything.


  2. Enjoy running this wardecc corp while being at war with Marmite, lol.

  3. Their worst enemies
    and what always holds them back
    is their own natures

    United by hate
    and an antisocial creed
    How could they function?

  4. Let this be a lesson to every highsec corp: Don't PvP under any circumstances, you'll just be ridiculed even more.

  5. Antigankers moderating their own channel? It's like appointing preschoolers to supervise the playground.

  6. If only the care bears could somehow unite behind a CSM candidate...

  7. It's not the backstabbing, foul language and hatred that gets spewed in AG chat that got me. I'm an agent of the New Order, I get that all the time from rebels and I went in fully expecting it. I won't say it's not disapointing though, high-sec players are now held to a higher standard. What caught me unprepared was the misinformation. Good lord the amount of nonsense. And then you watch the ones who try and correct them be suspected of being agents.

    For example, the very first thing I learnt from that channel: did you know that gankers never-ever use thrashers?

  8. LOL! That has to be the most effort a carebear has put into anything in a long while. You best sit down after that and take a rest.

  9. LOL

    I read the 'row row row your boat' section with the song in my head.

  10. I l0l so hard I couldn't breath. Code is full of idiots.

  11. Agent That's funny. He sure had a lot of crap talking to do when he assisted against me on one of my war decs..that is until the war got real...and like the typical white knight badassery, every single one of them dropped corp.

  12. Now this is more like it. Let this be an example to the other antigankers - at least put a little effort into your shitposting. Well done!

  13. Well, I'm glad that you guys liked it.


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