Thursday, November 6, 2014

They Look to EVE for Inspiration

When people think of EVE, they think of the New Order. But what do people feel when they think of us? Proper EVE players love us, of course. Carebears are a work in progress. In their various stages of bot-aspirancy, they look upon us with fear and respect, and are on their way toward love. Then there's the question of what people who don't play EVE think and feel about us. You don't need to ask Ripard Teg's female relatives to find the answer. You only need to look at other games' forums.

Dr Tyler discovered something remarkable about the community of a game called "Elite: Dangerous". The game is in its early stages, not yet ready for a full release. The game has spaceships. It has miners. And when you put those two things together, you get... Dr Tyler discovered a couple of threads discussing the ganking of Elite: Dangerous miners.

It appears the New Order of Highsec inspires people even beyond the EVE galaxy.

Highsec's Saviour, too, is given his proper due. Can you imagine a day when every multiplayer game on the internet is filled with enthusiasm for the Code?

Meanwhile, the permabanning of certain highsec content creators has had an unintended consequence. These Agents are no longer able to enforce the Code in EVE's highsec, so they must find purpose elsewhere. I received the following e-mail from Sophaya Fortelleren, one of the victims of September 10th:
Supreme Protector,

I speak from beyond the grave. As CCP's banhammer fell, I awoke to find myself in the afterlife, this afterlife seems to be called Archeage, and is full of carebears. Knowing this, even in death I decided to take up the cause of the New Order and adorned my pirating ship with a symbol to represent the New Order and the Code. I would like to share it with you thus and hope that perhaps the New Order on the plane of the living may find some use for it.

Yours eternally,

Sophaya Fortelleren

It's a New Order emblem (with a transparent background here)! Even more impressive, it didn't take CCP's legal team years to approve it.

DJentropy Ovaert met up with his fellow Agent in this "ArcheAge" game.
The New Order has been busy establishing a presence in ArcheAge. It's only been out a few months and is already infested with carebears who "just want to be left alone" - but never fear, the New Order is there to remind them just what a sandbox is all about :)

James 315 / Agents - I think you'll enjoy this screenshot :P

Much love to all the brave agents in both EVE and Archeage :)

For those who have quit EVE after being ganked, other games represent a second chance to discover and embrace the joys of the Code. May our seeds be planted far and wide.


  1. The seeds of our Code
    and the ideals of our knights
    are spreading so far!

    Though carebears will whine
    calling pvp "sick", "evil"
    Men will defeat Bots

  2. I fondly remember my first experience spreading The Code to Starcraft 2. There is a lot of potential for growth for our organization outside the bounds of Eve Online.

  3. The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    1. And here we have Wolf Sobrano aka Lolipopmoron. He engages in child pornography because his wife left him with his kids. He is the classic example of a code bot monkey. Just about every post that he makes is "The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!" In fact, the opposite is true. The CODE has lost many times. The lose to CONCORD when they gank someone. They lost their match with RvB (RvB won without firing a shot.). They permanently lost the AT in which they got banned. They lose to the anti-ganking crowd such as Gorila Vengaza. Then CCP made them lose more by banning various members. And now they lost again with CCP doing away with awoxing.

      With all this loss, where is the only place that they can win? Right here on this blog, and even that is a stretch. The failed in life, they failed in game, now they are so pissed off at themselves about losing all the time, they are gearing up to make a visit to a locl movie theater with AR-15s so they can spray all the people in a blowout suicide gank. Their justification? The people are sitting in a seat being bot aspirant by watching a movie. The nice thing about a real-life suicide gank though, they can only do it once.

      Oh Wolf, I saw you at the local KFC with your 12-year old date with stretch marks on her face. I watched and found that you are so cheap that you took her there to lick everyone's fingers. How pathetic. I am glad that I am not associated with you. I've called the FBI about your child pornography. You will soon get a knock on the door by some people in suits with no necks and no sense of humor. Oh, they will be armed as well.

    2. Get help Butthurt, you have some major psych issues to sort out.

    3. What the hell?? this is why I hardly every read comments. I feel dumber and I should sue you

      -Tuvok Shakaur

  4. Onoes, Beers Veldspar will need to learn to play some more games to protect from the Code the innocent mmo carebears who just want to be left alone....

    1. Walter "Veers" Mitty "protects" carebears? Interesting concept.

  5. You are really full of yourself, I do not fear, love or respect the code, code monkeys or the buffoon of highsec...

  6. You are really full of yourself. I do not fear, love or respect the code, code monkeys or the buffoon of highsec...

    1. But you have heard of him.

  7. This resembles CODE:

    1. using anything from the daily mail as fact is just stupid

    2. This resembles Merrizon:

      I guess you take that as a fact too. Note that the picture is not from daily mail.

    3. im not the one who asserted anything as fact try again.

    4. Maybe not, but then your comment "using anything from the daily mail as fact is just stupid" has nothing to do with the post you replied to.

    5. besides the fact the link you used was from the daily mail and you said Code resembled it..... just stop now while you're behind.

  8. Veers, again (still pretty certain you're a troll, however the content of your statements drives me to repeat), it's just a game. No one's actually getting hurt, games are meant to not reflect reality. What is so hard to grasp about that concept?

  9. Why you don't grasp the concept that when you gank miners, you can ruin months of his playing? In my opinion you'd need to be a malicious person in the core to enjoy that.

  10. So getting banned from EvE Online isn't enough, now you have to get banned in other games as well?

    So take a look at the asshole of James 315. You code bot lobster cum monkey fucks must think it's a nice view when you dickless code fags are kissing it all the time.

    And yes, James 315 has no dick. That's because his current clone is so old that it fell off from all the drug use.

    This is another quality trollific post from your friends at Carebears United.

    We are many. We are strong. The code is falling. The code is failing. A code free highsec is not too much farther away. Saving highsec from the savior of highsec, one carebear at a time.

    1. Its nice to see your quality trolling. You nearly reach Veers trolling standard BUTT. But not quite.

  11. What wonderful news! I happen to have Archeage characters as of a week or 2 ago! Did you know that carebears get REALLY mad when you show up to defend their castle but help the attackers?

    1. Veers (in my dreams of real sanbox playing)NightmareNovember 7, 2014 at 3:20 AM

      I didn't know that Erotica. Thanks for letting us all know. I might just have to take a look at the game and see if its worth the effort to spread the code. Or even the new Elite MMO when it's fully out. ( I played the original, back in the 80's on the C64 when it was solo play

    2. I have heard genuinely good things about Archeage. Any game where scamming and piracy is encouraged must be on the right track. I may have to jump in and try my hand at some Code enforcement over there.

  12. +1....real life emotional hurt can absolutely arise out of computer games. It's what the Code enforcers live for.

  13. I wonder how difficult it would be for the New Order to establish a presence in WoW. That game is desperately in need of the Code and the word of James315. Guild Wars 2 would be a good option too, but unfortunately, there is limited PvP, and no such thing as ganking.

    1. - WoW consists of shards and some of the mare PvE only.
      - Blizzard ain't CCP, you are banned faster than codies can cry.

      Good luck for trying.

    2. I would like to see you try to bring the CODE to WoW. That would be hilarious. It would be on a PVP only server, and you can't kill members of your own faction.

  14. What is this opinion based on? Do you have any solid proof that the sole purpose of ganks is to make people mad?

    You know, people getting upset over losses is not unique to the New Order or Eve Online.
    In every game with any form of competition whatsoever you will see people raging at others when they lose.
    For example, in a multiplayer shooter game, players often rage over voice comms and in chat after getting killed - even though the game's goal is literally to kill other players!
    In a MOBA-style game (or whatever the "genre" is called these days), players will sometimes rage after getting ganked, even though the enemy was simply playing the game correctly by scoring a kill.

    And yes, the New Order gankers are playing Eve correctly - no matter how you look at it.
    Eve doesn't have a built-in goal, so you're free to find one for yourself, whatever it may be - accumulating funds, killing a lot of people, building a good killboard or simply having fun with other people are just some popular examples.

    Surprisingly enough, suicide ganking is a ~fantastic~ way to kill a lot of people and build a positive killboard. It is so efficient, in fact, that many lowsec/nullsec players literally show up for ganks for no other purpose than to "pad their killboard".
    A controversial Eve ecomonist Gevlon Goblin even published several articles on this topic, and while his conclusions are often questionable, you can't argue with the numbers he presents, shown neatly in graphs and charts.

    Moreover, since the ganking ship is reimbursed and the gank recipient drops loot, the act of ganking becomes profitable! Sometimes, you only get to pick up some of your guns and a survey scanner. Sometimes, the loot is worth more than your Catalyst. Rarely, the miner will drop faction modules, paying for dozens of Catalysts at a time.

    Of course, the New Order isn't about padding killboards or making a profit. But after a gank, miners will often switch to a more tanked ship, buy a permit, or quit highsec mining altogether. This is the *stated goal* of our community, our personal, chosen win condition.

    Therefore, you see, gankers are simply playing the game correctly, working towards their in-game goals, whatever those goals may be.
    Others may get hurt as they lose while we win, but such is the way of Eve, every other multiplayer game ever, and indeed, life.
    We have taken it upon ourselves to change the face of Highsec and we will not stop just because some random players don't like losing spaceships in a game that revolves around losing spaceships.

    Personally, as a Code enforcer, I can confirm that tears are not my goal. The emotions I feel when I get a ragemail can only be described as negative. When a miner approaches me to buy a permit, on the other hand (or even if I see him switch to a tankier barge after a gank), my heart is filled with joy. Not even kidding.

    That is all.


  15. That's a lot of text, but I'm left kinda scratching my head. First, why not use your in-game name? Or is not being into tear collection a black mark on your Code profile?

    Second, do you pay attention to who your work for? Loyalanon, whose every second word is "tears?" All the folks with "tear collector" in their bios? James 315 whose every second post on this website is about tears or ragemails? Erotica1, DJ, D400, Jerry Rin, etc..., all of whom were banned for despicable RL harassment? I mean your organization is all about tears, it's painfully obvious.

    The code is a giant troll, no one actually believes it. James 315 was not elected to anything, he is just a farcical dictator. The code is a made up pile of nonsense....and the fundamental goal is to kill "carebears," get ragemails, and post on their website for lolz. I mean, are your eyes even open?

    Why do you think people donate to Code? Why does code blow up empty ships? Who cares if miners tank their ships more? How does this help anyone? It's all a giant farce, and you are too blind to see it. I mean, dude, wake up. It's like working for Vlad Putin and thinking your are spreading democracy and justice. Open your eyes.

  16. It's put up as, if you haven't read it, an example of negative reactions, as a blog for the public face, which do you think is going to get the most views: One where you can see people having a meltdown, or one where everything is sunshine and rainbows?

    Personally when it comes to EVE, conflict is interesting to me. So of course seeing people get all huffy when they find out their ship has been destroyed is going to attract readers.

    Also, it's not a requirement to use an in-game name here, I may be using a name a character of mine had a while ago, but that doesn't mean everyone is required to use theirs.

    Also, I'm going to need to ask for citations for your statements:

    "Loyalanon, whose every second word is "tears?""

    "...DJ, D400, Jerry Rin, etc..., all of whom were banned for despicable RL harassment?"

    For that second one, need I remind you that whole debacle was started simply because of one demagogue's discontent towards one other person rather than any outrage at something horrible happening? And of course since CCP is not being forthcoming about reasons for bans, that's suspect at best and shifty at worst.

    And why must we repeat ourselves those of us that tell you that tears aren't the main goal? Repetition of statements does not automatically make you right, especially when it comes to someone else's personal goals/preferences. Surely you understand that as an organization, everyone has a different goal.

  17. Pop quiz:

    Which community recently had multiple members banned for toxic behaviour?

    1. miners
    2. incursion runners
    3. freighter pilots
    4. CODE

    Which Community has recently referred to the potential suicide of a eve player as "a joke"

    1. The Mittani in an interview at Crossing Zebras
    2. James 315 in an "editorial" at TMC
    3. both of the above
    4. none of the above

    code always wins, but its a prize no one else wanted.

    1. Code is losing it more and more.
      That codies are lies is official, to many proofs are out.
      They lie "we care for EvE " or "saviour of hisec" is gone since DJames was so stupid to barg in the last comments. This comments made it to the forums and back here again.
      this article proofs that code-monkeys give a shit for EvE or hisec, the just want to piss of people.

      thanks to coded-monkeys and jimmy himself to provide their opponents arguments with confirmation.

    2. Where I'm from, 'giving a shit' about something means that you actually do care about it.


  18. Comparing raging over a loss of months of playing vs. raging in shooter does not really work.

    Miners too are playing EVE correctly, with an exception of botters. It's a sandbox thing, I don't expect you to understand. And i's not the point. I am not telling you to stop ganking. I am just stating that you're a malicious person if you enjoy that.

  19. Posting anonymously is a long-term habit I can't really shake. The one-letter signature is about as much as I can do for you.

    Second, I believe in the ideals of the Code and I work for the whole of Highsec.

    Many groups in lowsec/nullsec/wspace do what they do for the sole purpose of getting kills, extracting tears and obtaining lulz. Are you saying that's ok just because they aren't in highsec? Or is it because they don't have a different, more complex goal? Neither of those options really make sense to me.

    But hey, let's put that aside. You raise a semi-valid point. However, the simple truth is that a believer does the same amount of DPS as a random dude looking for kills, a full-time tear harvester, or even a rebel carebear trying to infiltrate the New Order.
    Whatever their personal agendas may be, all of them contribute to the great image of Highsec envisioned by James 315. In fact, our very presence here is a large portion of that vision.
    And, to ironic effect, so is yours.

  20. Why read this blog?
    Not because its good, its because here you get the proof that you are liers and the arguments for bans.
    Posting here baout e1s bonus room was the reason for e1s ban.
    But code-monkeys did not consider this a reality.

  21. "This article proves that your savior gives a ..."

    Welcome to the New Order brother.

  22. @Anon 7:52

    You do raise a valid point, in that mining is also a correct way to play EVE.

    However it is fundamentally against the spirit of online gaming as a whole to make assumptions about another player's personal/RL morals and personality through the anonymity of the game. Do you really think that someone who ganks in EVE is someone who does mean-spirited things IRL?

  23. @Alistair

    We must repeat ourselves because Veers is always focused on remaining "on-message". He's decided that he doesn't like ganking and gankers. He's decided that he wants us removed from the game. He's noticed that CCP's culture is shifting more and more toward "griefers are bad". So if he can tar the New Order and gankers in general as griefers, he believes that he'll be able to get the people he personally dislikes banned. To that end, he's committed to changing how we are perceived. And to *that* end, he engages in the endless repetition that "all gankers care about is tears and causing real-life emotional torture". I don't know whether he believes that repetition will make it true, but I do know that he believes that repetition will make it believed. And so, even though it's stupid and a waste of time, we keep on having to repeat that he's lying, that's not what we want, and repeating what it is we do want. I guess he's counting on our valuing our time more than he does his, and not bothering? But then, the man does claim to run incursions for 10 hours at a stretch, so odds are we *do* all value our time more than he values his.

  24. New Order expanding beyond EVE! <3 \o/

    1. If the new order expands beyond EvE, does that mean that you will leave EvE altogether?

  25. Would you mind sharing which server you've set up your New Order group on?
    And will you be accepting any/all Agents that wish to join you over there?

  26. Well after working very closely with CCP and playing a pivotal role in getting these creepy psychopaths permabanned from Eve, I find they've slithered on to infect other games. Well buckle up creeps, I will be joining these games and I will be working closely with the devs to get you banned from there too.

    It's a shame you aren't like me and you'd feel no need to be cyberbullies. I am a handsome, hung, imposing Adonis with a commanding presence and a voice so deep and manly you'd shit your pants if I ever spoke to you. Stop your griefing now or be dealt with.

    Best that you stay at home in your parents basement, sniffing the skidmarks in your dads underwear all day long.

  27. Veers you are simply a troll; plain and simple.

  28. IRL there would be more severe consequences, so probably not. In EVE you get your criminal status, and then you can switch alt and keep on mining. Alts are the worst part of EVE imo, they ruin almost every aspect of the game.

    I don't _really_ think that CODE players are evil.That being said, based on the fact that I could not enjoy gameplay that aims at destroying defenseless player piloted ships, I could make an assumption that the players who would enjoy such gameplay are evil_er_ than me.

  29. Woot! Veers

    You go boy!

  30. "Evil_er_" than me, hmm, I'll take that! :)

    -Galaxy Pig

  31. Why would I troll? I have an exemplary record of griefer banning under my belt. Have you got any code griefers banned like I have? What's that? No? Thought so.

    Given some time I am quite sure I can get bumpers banned and failing that I'll demand CCP make it so my ship warps after X number of bumps. The carebear community will determine the best number.

    I just hope I can get more code banned soon.

  32. Maria, my goal isn't to get CODE banned. My goal is to get the game changed so that the CODE griefing isn't viable anymore, and so new/casual players can actually have an enjoyable group PvE experience in highsec. The only liars here are the code fools and their supporters.

  33. Veers, you're talking to yourself again...

  34. You're constantly talking about your sick pride at all the bans you claim to have caused. DJ, Ero1, etc. You're constantly talking about how soon, loyalanon and all other code enforcers will be banned. You're constantly calling us all psychologically sick, sociopathic, griefers, caring-only-about-tears, etc etc, and saying that's why we'll all be banned. But you're not trying to get us banned. Please, lie to me some more, it's fun and totally not obvious.

  35. If I ever stop playing eve, Veers would be the reason, I'll make sure ccp knows too - you should be banned for your repeated harassment and stalking on this website

    1. who have I harassed or stalked? The CODE bros came to me and demanded I buy a permit. They should disband.

  36. Right, because EVE PVE in general is already so conducive towards being in a group. And if you take away the tactics used by CODE, then you pretty much hamstring a lot of people aside from CODE.

  37. cracking down on -10 sec status gankers won't hurt anyone but code

  38. Right, because CODE are the only ones who use -10 sec status gank characters. /s

  39. Did you see this in that first E:D thread:

    "Someone just got me, I was minding my own business having a ball mining and someone totally on purpose (as I was very close to the asteroid) flew through my mining beam and I was fined for 'attacking' them and then as I was flagged as wanted, they were free to attack."

    Just imagine if this were possible in EVE, oh god the hilarity... :)

    1. Check out this thread about The Judges, it's comedy gold:

      I see some parallels with the New Order here, e.g. if a pilot doesn't respond in a timely manner when hailed by a Judge, they risk destruction of their ship. He also explicitly mentions promoting player interaction as one of his goals. Glad to see the spirit of EVE spreading to other MMOs, even if EVE itself seems to be forsaking that spirit of late...

  40. You should be careful when establishing a pro-griefing/ganking group like the new order in other games. While ArcheAge appears to be taking a eve online route, they will probably come see some of your extreme acts as harrassment and act accordingly...espetially if you target a specific demographic and say the sort of borderline 'hate speech' tyhat you do about miners.

    (referring to miner players as sub human is hate speech in my book, a comment I;ve seen more then a few agents say before the forum mod's snipped it).

    Other games, like elite dangerous (I read their EULA in detail) seem to indicate that they will not tolerate a operation like the new order to the levels that EVE allows. I quote this from the elite dangerous EULA: 'you must not be directly or indirectly offensive, threatening, harassing or bullying to others'.

    That seems to indicate to me that constantly attacking miner orientated players over and over or using exploits to avoid the bounty will not be tolerated by the devs.

    You;d have to tread VERY carefully if you wanted to establish yourselves in the game.

    As for establishing yourselves in WOW as one poster suggest it...don;t even try. Blizzard do not have any tolerance for the strategies you use and ban you within a month, even on the PVP shards.


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