Thursday, April 16, 2015

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #77

Miner logic: Real-life death threats and profanity-laden rants only make you look ridiculous if they're taken out of context. Time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Never trust a carebear. Especially if he tells you, "This is not over." Once they lose their mining barge, it's pretty much over.

zinlistic shineon was enraged when he lost his Bestower. He purchased pointless bounties at an alarming rate. Then started funding them with PLEX. If this continued, zinlistic might use up his kids' college fund. Agent Tisiphone Dira immediately commanded the miner to calm down.

At least zinlistic admitted that he wasn't ready to calm down. Still, he had a lot to learn about the purpose of highsec. It's not there to be a safe zone; it's there to be a Code zone.

Agent Zane Arnolles gave the Russian carebear the benefit of the doubt by assuming his EVEmail was polite. But this is unlikely when the EVEmail includes "1945". Google translates the message as follows:
"You bastard like the rest of your geyropa. You had with your Fuhrer in 1945 to finish all of you. Right now would be the world's problems would be less."
A rough translation, but you get the idea.

As I've said before, a bad spouse is one who brings out the worst in you. For example, saenindica's wife engaged in illegal activity and encouraged her husband to do likewise. Protip: If anyone other than James 315 is your "big boss", you're playing EVE wrong.

The same goes for boyfriends and girlfriends. Find one that shares your Code-compliant values. Otherwise they'll drag you down and you could risk losing valuable ships and cargo.

Little by little, highsec is being cleansed by the New Order. That doesn't mean the New Order will be popular with everyone. Believe it or not, some people want highsec to be filthy.

Zane Arnolles received another garbled message. I think this one comes from a miner who hopes Zane becomes disabled in real life (in-game).

Millagro Miracless' righteous indignation was blunted by the fact that she didn't even have a bio at the time. Luckily, a few days later, she did purchase one. But notice that second EVEmail: Her fiancé distracted her and she went AFK. I have real concerns about that marriage. I don't know if they're a good fit. Just my honest opinion.

Some carebears, like the one seen here, believe they're entitled to safety because they have only a little time to play the game. Actually, it's just the opposite. If you're going to play EVE for only a short time, play the game to its fullest.

Dr. Dice's goal was to forget about explosions--in a game about exploding spaceships. His secondary goal was to use local as a forum to make real-life threats. EVE is a sandbox. Like all sandboxes, EVE has its limits. Some ways of playing the game are simply wrong. And most of them involve mining.


  1. meh seems made up

  2. Bring on the tearz!
    I await anxiously the whine of -=M=- and other miner anons to ferment into that delicious beverage we all enjoy. Please hurry with the fake mings and indignant posts about the bad way CODE touched you. :)
    I will relish every shitpost about misunderstood game mechanics and hollow threats about hunting CODE Agents.
    So hurry you impotent squabs, time to fill the carafe with that most coveted ocular liquid!
    I needs me tearz!

  3. As an agent of the New Order of Hitler It has been deemed that Code. Is Subhuman and shall be sentenced in accordance to the New Order's final solution.

    The code ALWAYS loses!!! ALWAYS!!!

    1. OOPs, had too many cocks in my mouth again and shitpost by accident. What I meant to say is that I'm butt hurt that I'm no longer on the top 10 Douche bag list. Now what will make me feel important?

    2. Real Ming here

      I feel so socially isolated. I now understand that living in my mothers basement jerking off to porn is no way to live ones life. I also realize that pretending to be a Nazi in game is no way to play.

    3. meh seems made up

    4. I'm unable to play this game properly so I created a website and I stay docked in my station LOL!

    5. Hey look, I'm pathetic I'm a New Order Nazi

    6. Miner(s?), I'm going to need you to please calm down

      ~ Asia Leigh

  4. You guys are trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Ming is not distressed, and you're giving CODE more reasons to keep doing what it is that they do.

    1. You sir are far to logical. Enough of that common sense! Tears of impotent rage are like a fine wine, and they must flow.

    2. what an advert for eve you people are and ccp wonders why they are not getting enough player retention. the answer is right here.

    3. Where is it said that ccp "wonders why"?
      Oh wait, there is nothing to back that up, just another butthurt miner without the ability to understand EvE , and what makes it unique.

    4. @ anon 3.42

  5. now it's fake mings arguing with fake mings

  6. Ahhhh. The glass if full again. -=M=- will need to take a break from shitposting as fake CODE. He will be all dried up!
    It is even sweeter when the fakes resort to using the same dialogue that was used to poke them, nothing original, just a bunch of butthurt. Makes me lol. :)
    Thanks for the butthurt miner whine!
    CODE delivers again

  7. Welp... Its nice to know that the "Hitler" bingo square is alive and well. But seriously enough is enough already. Whomever the fake Mings may be can stop now. We get you point already. I found it in bad taste too, but doing this is just making yourself look like a complete jack ass.

    Everything you are doing right now is just as bad if not worse then what ming said and you really aren't winning any allies here. You could have simply called him out on it and said you found it offensive and distasteful like everyone else, but nooooo, you had to take it to a brand new level of carebear duchebaggery...

    ~ Asia Leigh

    1. What is most interesting to me is that the behavior they object to is behavior which they perceive as being "just as bad" as the behavior rebel miners engage in every day. Though NaziAnon and I disagree over whether advocating real-life murder is as bad as calling someone "subhuman", let's forget the stupidity of that disagreement for a second and try to look at things from NaziAnon's point of view. If calling someone "subhuman" is "just as bad" as advocating murder, rape, etc over a video game...where is NaziAnon in most of the Miner Grab Bags? In yesterday's post they dedicated a token sentence to condemning the miner's behavior, before dedicating wall o' text after wall o' text to explaining how Ming is literally Hitler. If Ming's behavior was just as bad as that of the rebel miner, why this disproportionate focus on how bad it was while all but ignoring the rebel miner?

      The answer is clear: miners hold the New Order to a higher standard that that to which they hold their fellow miners, or themselves. They expect better from us, because they (whether or not they'd openly admit it yet) have learned respect for our Agents' nobility and honorable conduct. There are still some fine points of human behavior they miss out on (like the difference between advocating murder and saying "I look down on you"), but this is a promising start.

      Miners look up to the New Order as a source of authority in highsec, though they have not yet realized that they do so. This is why they are so much more outraged by perceived misbehavior on our part than by actual misbehavior in their ranks. And this is why the New Order shall one day be openly proclaimed as the dominant authority in all of highsec: because in the hearts even of rebel miners, it already is.

    2. I go away for two days. And in the meantime, random anons have literally written a dictionary on how I am a Nazi simply because I tell the Truth about bot-aspirant carebears, and the evil they spew. And then these same carebears, the next day, predictably, engage in an orgy of hate where everyone is wearing MingMasks trying desperately to pronounce exactly how negatively they feel about me for telling them that truth.

      Which further clarifies the divide between the noble New Order Agent and the lowly worm-like carebear.

      And the best part? I don't even have to be here to do it! I can take a break and it's like it works all on its own. The Code is miraculous in ways carebears can't even start to fathom. As, indeed, are my fellow Agents :)

    3. the" rebel miner " was not ignored he's a douchebag too. the word "subhuman" is sick. "looking down " on someone in a video game is childish but go ahead.
      you spout every bit as much hate as they do, you just try to be pseudo-intellectual and clever about it but you mean exactly the same thing.
      the distaste the two parties have for one another oozes from the pages of this blog.
      but you try to dress yours up as "roleplay" they don't
      this blog is poisonous, the code is poisonous, the sooner eve dies the better so keep helping it along it's almost there now.

    4. anon 3:22PM wants to shut down eve. how selfish

    5. Anon@3:22

      The only "poison" that exists around here is your pitiable contempt for the New Order.

      You expect to come to where the Code is the Rule of Law, and you expect to change it, and if you don't succeed, you'll just sit there and spew poison at us until it can be changed? You're just like every other subhuman carebear that comes to this blog and expects that they're the ones who will finally change the Code.

      And I expect that if you persist, well, we're going to be going round and round and round for a very long time. And in the end, the Code will win out, just like it always does.

    6. Assuming that people mean what they say, many carebears want us, the players controlling the characters which blew up their mining barges, to die. To be raped, have our families raped, and have everyone we know and love die with us.

      Assuming that people mean what they say, we want the carebears to better themselves. We think that they, as they currently are, are pitiable, and we want to improve them. Not kill, not rape, not wipe out. Improve.

      So no, NaziAnon. We don't "spout every bit as much hate as they do", because we don't spout any hate at all. The carebears hate the New Order. The New Order pities the carebears. The carebears want, by their own admission, to rape and murder New Order Agents. New Order Agents want to help the carebears become better people. We don't want to rape, or to murder; there's a reason why you can't find any statements by New Order Agents saying such things, and it's because that's not how we feel or what we want.

      Do you see the difference now between the people detailing their murderous rape fantasies, and the people saying "you should be better than you currently are"? Are you going to keep on pretending that pity and offers of aid in self-improvement are the same as hatred and threats of real-life violence?

    7. my contempt is not for your new order, it's for those of you who go too far there are some of us that still care about and give thanks and respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice 70 yrs ago (and are still doing so today) and see word's like "subhuman " as an insult not merely a "word "
      and as i see you use the very same word again ....have some fucking respect !
      you should remember that the next time you "roleplay" .

    8. maria
      Assuming that people mean what they say,

      then there are those of you who genuinely think some of the people playing this game are "subhuman"
      and as for those carebears who wish real life harm on code members (which i do not ) then they too should be ashamed of themselves and seek some professional help too.
      but i will never see what you do (in game or out ) as helpful in the slightest.

    9. low hanging fruit?
      as a result of the ideology behind that word more than 6 million people died.
      thats why.

    10. @Anon 5:07
      You assigned the ideology to that word.

      Similar to how you pin a "evil" note to a straw man, and then beat up the strawman because the note made him evil.

    11. i assigned it ??? really? the ideology behind that word was created before my appearance on this planet, and is still advocated in some circles so quite how i "assigned " it i will never know

    12. @ maria
      i already answered you question

    13. So, yes? I'm just trying to confirm that you are fully aware of what you're saying.

    14. and none of those slaves and victims of war matter then i guess because we can't put a number on it?

  8. Just as the night rises against the day, the light and dark are in eternal conflict. So too, is the subhuman the greatest enemy of the dominant species on earth, mankind. The subhuman is a biological creature, crafted by nature, which has hands, legs, eyes and mouth, even the semblance of a brain. Nevertheless, this terrible creature is only a partial human being.

    Although it has features similar to a human, the subhuman is lower on the spiritual and psychological scale than any animal. Inside of this creature lies wild and unrestrained passions: an incessant need to destroy, filled with the most primitive desires, chaos and coldhearted villainy.

    A subhuman and nothing more!

    Not all of those who appear human are in fact so. Woe to him who forgets it!

    Mulattoes and Finn-Asian barbarians, Gipsies and black skin savages all make up this modern underworld of subhumans that is always headed by the appearance of the eternal Jew.[3]

    SS-Obersturmführer Ludwig Pröscholdt,

    these people "assigned " it not i

    1. I see that this individual has a copyright on the word "Subhuman," according to the United States Copyright Office.

      It is a good thing, however, that copyrights on words expire after Fifty (50) years. That means that the word can be used again, in another context, so that the dead don't rule our language.

      You are unilaterally selecting this meaning for my word. I am clarifying that, because of your status of being "below the New Order and its Compliant Citizenry," you are indeed subhuman.

      Remember, the Nazis did a lot of things wrong. The New Order, by contrast does a lot of things right! Including using words in the proper context, ALWAYS!!!!

    2. there is no "context" where that word can be used and it not be deeply offensive.
      the fact you think there is saddens but does not suprise me.
      the word is not yours it is ,was and always will be theirs.
      you doff your cap to them every time you use it (wether you like to admit it or not).
      some things should be consigned to history and that word is one of them .
      i am happy you think they did a lot of things wrong ( i actually believe they did everything wrong) but thats the difference between us i guess.
      this was never about your pointless organisation it was about right and wrong (you are wrong to use that word at all, and i am right to point that out)you seem to struggle with that concept. but it is what it is i guess
      i have no doubt those that paid for your privelege to use that word are turning in their graves as we speak.

    3. The word is meant to be deeply offensive, to miners, as well as any who oppose New Order Rule.

      In fact, the quote from the Nazi that you quoted above sounds about just like what we'd be saying if we were at our most creative. Except, we are targeting "miners" in a "video game," instead of "Real people" like the Nazis did.

      Though you insist it's exactly the same thing, you are wrong.

      "Miners" exist in the game EVE Online, and not in "Real Life." Nobody loses their shit in "Real Life" the way that you do in a video game.

      If they did, you'd probably be in jail, or dead.

      You are the one who is taking Code Enforcement so seriously and spending pages and pages arguing with us about things we already know to be true. If you don't think the Code is true, then you don't have to come here. But you still have to pay us 10 million for a permit and follow the Code if you want to mine in Highsec without getting blown up by us.
      Those are the rules. And we have all agreed to abide by them.

    4. those "miners " are real people.
      you are calling "real people" "subhuman" it is not about the pixels.
      the code only exists inside a "game". there is nothing "real " or "true" about code outside of the game ( nor inside the game for me personally).
      the word "subhuman" has a very real and serious "history" that has no place in a video game.
      but i guess we are never going to agree(i simply don't understand you, and you don't understand me).

      and it's not the "code enforcement" that bothers me ( having not experienced it of course).it is simply the truly evil intent behind the creation of that word, and your blase use of it .
      anyway it is obvious that we do not nor ever will agree(on anything) so i say lets end this long (and ultimately pointless ) discussion.

      p.s i never agreed to abide by any code rules and i'm not going to start now (or ever)

    5. No, those "miners" are not "real" people.

      If they did, they would have "real" names like Joe, or Scott, or Betty. Instead they have names like "sainindica" or "Rollotamasi" or "Mister Domination."

      Surely, you don't think that my "real" name is Ming Tso, do you?

      You are mixing up a game with reality, which is something that a lot of miners that come to this site do.

      And i fully realize the "real world" history behind the word "Subhuman."

      However, because we aren't playing in the "real world," I am choosing to call miners exactly that, because, in-game, that's what they really are. Subhuman.

      I'm okay with agreeing that you're wrong for mixing "real" life with the one you live in-game. And I'm okay with you apologizing to me for calling me a Nazi. Because you know i'm not one. I'm a CODE. Agent.

      And that settles it.

      The Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    6. i gave no appology. (nor will i )
      i'm not mixing anything with anything that word has no place in a video game or anywhere else.(except in yours and codes mind of course)
      i play eve i have a name in eve (thats not my real name obviously
      ) but i am also a very real "living" human being.
      and i'm not wrong .
      you may not be a nazi but you do tend to use the same words as they did .... what am i supposed to think ?
      and you win nothing. ( just the fact you feel the need to use that word prevents a win of any kind )
      i thought it was settled too but it seems i was wrong on that point (and only that point)

    7. You were wrong for calling me a Nazi, and you admitted that. That's an apology.

      You were wrong because you purposefully and erroneously mixed the word "Subhuman" into a "Nazi" context as opposed to the intended and acceptable "Miner" context.

      Nobody is debating that you might be a "Real" human being outside of this game. But that is irrelevant to this discussion.

      And I'm not calling you a Nazi because you have used words that Nazis have used. In fact, I believe that in this very thread you have directly quoted members of the Nazi Party, (which is something I haven't even done-) but the difference between us is that I, an Agent of the New Order, can tell the difference between when you're using it in context and when you're not. This is why I'm not calling you a Nazi.

      So far, I've laid low every argument you could deign to throw my way, and you've scored nothing against the New Order. I'd call that winning.

      And as I said, if you'd like to go ahead and accept defeat now, I'll accept your surrender, and if you have anything more to add, I'll be here to debate whatever it is that you throw out.

      All you need to know is that I have the Code as my sword and shield, and that beats anything you're holding.

    8. i didn't realise this was a competition ?
      and if it is you lose you cannot hold any "moral " high ground while using the word "subhuman"( no not even in a game)
      and as before i said you "expressed the same sentiments" as they do ( thats not actually calling you a nazi)
      and once again there is only one "context " that word can be used in (and it's the context linked to nazism).
      the quote was to try and show you just how wrong that word is and thats all.
      you are under some kind of impression that you have "laid low" my assertion that the word "subhuman" has no place anywhere (video games included) you have not, to do so would need me to change my opinion (never going to happen) so no you have won nothing (again).
      you cannot defeat me because you are wrong and i am right (disagree with this all you like).
      and once again this is not about your imaginary code ( this is about what is right and wrong) so the pixel sword and shield will not help you.

  9. bot-aspirant to aspire to be a bot or bot like aka repeating the same action over and over...just like chodes when they spew forth the great wisdom that is faliuire calm down chode always wins always.
    Guess we know who the real bots are now.

    1. Miner, please calm down

      ~ Asia Leigh


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