Monday, April 20, 2015

Ore Buyback, Code Payback, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping...

The Sky Gods Fortune had a new director. After nearly 80 minutes of loyal service, TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet completed his climb up the corporate ladder. He was now only a heartbeat away from the corp's highest office. The corp's founder and CEO, Scoot Sollete, was deeply impressed by TheInternet.
Scoot Sollete > kk
Scoot Sollete > you're a director now.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > cool, thanks
Scoot Sollete > mhmm
If TheInternet harbored dreams of becoming CEO, he kept them to himself.
Scoot Sollete > like we could claim the POS atm.
Scoot Sollete > get like a days worth of fuel
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > id rather just haul all the POS stuff, etc in one load
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > we've got plenty of time to get a POS up, let's wait until we've got all our ducks in a row before we get that set up too
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > ive still got to get all this ore buyback stuff sorted out
Now that he was a full director, TheInternet was told to do a bunch of work for the corp. However, TheInternet wasn't interested in running errands at that moment.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > im just about to log out, but I'll grab the info for you tomorrow
Scoot Sollete > what TZ are you on?
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > north america
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > alrighty well I'm out, cu tomorrow
Instead of working, TheInternet called it an early night. But he planned to hit the ground running the next day. He had big plans for the corp.

However, the next morning...
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > uhmm
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Scoot Sollete why are my roles gone? You've got my ore buyback ISK now
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I can't take my ISK back or anything
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I had put 100m in Wallet Division 4 and now its gone
Scoot Sollete > i know.
Scoot Sollete > i took it
TheInternet awoke to find a completely different picture. He was no longer a director. All of his roles had been stripped from him. Scoot even took the 100 million isk that TheInternet had deposited in the corp wallet.
Scoot Sollete > im not stealing it
Scoot Sollete > we just had a bunch of shit happen
Scoot Sollete > i made you director. kinda warry
Scoot Sollete > for secruity reasons, i need a full account api and see everything.
Something had changed, indeed. Scoot was incredibly suspicious of TheInternet. Now he insisted on a full API background check of TheInternet. No longer would he accept the bits and pieces of information that had satisfied him the previous day.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > i wasn't even online? how can I be responsible for anyu of this stuff that you said happened?
Scoot Sollete > but i did get a person who was planning on stealing.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > If I was planning on stealing, why would I leave money with the corp
Scoot Sollete > I gave you your money. so im not a complete dick.
Scoot Sollete > I'm just being super paranoid atn.
Scoot explained that in the time since TheInternet had logged off, he'd uncovered a spy within the corp. Scoot was willing to return TheInternet's 100 million isk, but he would not give him any authority in the corp until he submitted to a full background check.
Scoot Sollete > Yezekiah Ben-Elyon this guy
Scoot Sollete > he was threatening things.
Scoot Sollete > i just don't know who to trust.
A corp infiltrator had made himself known to Scoot and began making demands. It shattered Scoot's sense of security. However, TheInternet made a good point in his own defense: Why would a corp thief deposit 100 million isk with a corp he planned on stealing from?

As if there hadn't been enough drama for the day, another important piece of information came to light. Shut It Down declared war against the corp.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I assume that he is tied to this war somehow?
Scoot Sollete > seperate event
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I wouldn't be sos sure, if all of the sudden you've got a spy/corp thief, AND a war, it's probably not a coincidence
Scoot Sollete > idk.
Scoot Sollete > everything kind of happened pretty fast.
The industrial corp's CEO couldn't handle all of the chaos. Luckily, TheInternet kept a cool head. Though no longer a director, he stepped up to the plate.
Scoot Sollete > basically that dude i linked, he was offering us protection and planning on stealing things.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I'm pretty good with figuring out what scammers are really up to, I might be able to provide you with an angle you hadn't thought of
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > hmm yeah I'm pretty sure the war and the threats were linked
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Shut It Down is a pro-CODE. corporation
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I've had to deal with them before, this is exactly how they operate
TheInternet's expertise was indispensable. He understood life in modern highsec. Every industrial corp is constantly under threat from Code enforcers, who attack from every angle.
Scoot Sollete > Vivi Flamez you okay?
Vivi Flamez > so far
Scoot Sollete > not tramatized?
Vivi Flamez > with that jerk kinda
Vivi Flamez > but i am mining
Scoot took a few moments to catch his breath and comfort a fellow corp member. The corp member was shaken, but was mining to calm his nerves.
Scoot Sollete > I'll give you roles for wallet division IV. Just too paranoid to give director again. Seem fair?
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > not really, I feel like we had worked past the trust issue last night, so I'm not really pleased with being lumped in with a scammer
Scoot Sollete > i REALLY want to have this corp up and running.
Scoot Sollete > look im sorry. like deeply sorry.
Scoot Sollete > but im just really weary.
Scoot Sollete > im not trying to sound desperate. I really want you to help the corp out. I'm just a little tramatized from that dude.
Seeing how important TheInternet's leadership was to the corp, Scoot offered to skip the background check and make TheInternet a mining director again--but not a full director. That wasn't enough for TheInternet, though. He felt he had proven himself trustworthy.
Scoot Sollete > I'll give you the roles back.
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > alright, well I appreciate it, I just want to build something up
TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > One piece of advice though, don't widen the circle until we know who we can trust
Scoot relented. TheInternet was restored to full director status, and not a moment too soon. War was on the horizon. And it would be up to TheInternet to lead the corp to victory, or death.

To be continued...


  1. Digging this story, I'm all aquiver and a tremble :) :) :)

  2. meh seems made up

  3. Thank God that TheInternetTweepsOnlineTheInternet managed to get director roles back! Who knows where this illegal mining corp would have ended up if not for his wise direction?

    1. Obviously in a far better place than the corp is going to end up in with his, day karma is going to come crashing down on your heads...

    2. @Anon8:38
      If there is one single concentrated, immutable lesson that The Code, which is drawn from all of the accumulated knowledge and experience of 10 years of posting about EVE Online, teaches, it is:

      There is no such thing as karma in EVE Online.

    3. There is also no such thing as an honest code agent who has any honour.

    4. If that was true then why have so many corporations brought permits for their entire crew and have mined without incident since then? Or do you prefer to ignore facts and keep crying away for our amusement?

    5. Ohhh, so sad, turns out CODE honours it's permits despite all your crying, must make it tough to be a care bear when stuff like this happens!

    6. yeah like anybody believes that lmao (except code of course )

    7. (And all of the miners who own them and have never had an issue since)

    8. (It's only bullshit if it's wrong. You can't find a single compliant miner with a permit who has been ganked. So it's not "bullshit.")

      Plus why the hell are we talking in parentheses? Are we supposed to be whispering or something?

    9. all bullshit every word of it (bet i could if i looked) can't be bothered to though sorry. eve is just not worth the effort anymore too many asshats like code.
      and shhh your speaking too loudly.

  4. Boy o boy! This is even better than I originally hoped...

    * runs out door for more popcorn & beer

  5. and the bears wonder why code thinks they are all stupid??? i mean wtf is wrong with this guy ?. who lets someone into their corp without an api ? afull api. he deserves whatever he gets. idiot.

    1. It's not surprising. Psychotic monk had the dirtiest emplyment history in game and was a well renowned pirate and awoxer but corps would still blindly recruit him.

    2. Not only let him in his corp without a full API, but to give someone who has been in corp no more then 2 days full director privileges without a full API check. This idiot deserves everything that happened to him.

      ~ Asia Leigh

  6. I got CCP to shut down awoxing with a flick of a switch. now i'm ("I'm", "i am", or "I am" works also) going to work on corp theft. The solution is simple really... anytime someone steals isk from a HS corporation the CEO will have the option to call in Concord to arrest the thief and impound his assets.

    To save you the effort of grading this post i'll (or "I will", "I shall" and/or "I'll) give it a rating of 8/10.

    1. Veers,

      Your tears are glorious. We will need to build an arc the flooding is so great :)

      ~ Asia Leigh

    2. Still a 2/10. The grammar is improved, but the content needs work. Decent idea about corp theft though - there needs to be some mechanism to make corporate assets safe from theft, otherwise people will just avoid having assets in corp hangers.

    3. Vet people for more than 80 minutes?

      My Corp hangers have all kinds of stuff in 'em, even shared ships that are insured to the corporation for specialized tasks that we don't think need to be duplicated. Of course, I spend more than 80 minutes with a person before letting them have access to all our stuff. People don't develop a reason to awox me because I take care of them. If someone chose to awox me, it's their loss more than mine because I'm just that awesome.

      Corp assets are as safe as you want to make them.

    4. So see, when Veers says stuff like "make corporate assets safe from theft", what he actually means is "protect carebears from themselves and from any form of pvp". He doesn't want a mechanism to prevent corp theft, he wants corp theft to be impossible. It's removing content and player interaction in the name of...I'm actually not even sure how he and his ilk justify this. It's obviously contrary to the spirit of the game.

    5. It's obviously contrary to the spirit of the game.
      so is code

    6. How is Code contrary to the spirit of a game which has betrayal, villainy, and deceit as its primary selling points?

    7. well as you keep banging on about being fine upstanding citizens of eve it stands to reason that you just don't fit in with all that villainy,deceit, and betrayal,surely?
      or are you just as villainous,and deceitful, as the rest?

  7. "TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > Shut It Down is a pro-CODE. corporation
    TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet > I've had to deal with them before, this is exactly how they operate"


  8. meh seems made up

  9. I miss the good old days when James 315 had the miners in hysteria with his "Invincible Stabber".

    1. Now it's the "Invincible Orthrus."

    2. I miss the good old days when (there was no )James 315.

    3. I don't think that you could count EVE as being "fully-formed" before the advent of James 315. He even pre-dates Goonswarm.

      Of course, you are probably saying that you miss the "good" old days before the New Order, and before James was elected to be Supreme Commander of Highsec. When bots ran rampant and carebears bored their fellow capsuleers to tears on teamspeak by talking about "the most efficient way to mine."

      Thank god those days are close to being over.

    4. nah bring them all back .
      as long as your mate jimbo is not there it's all good

  10. Am I the only one who almost has pity with Scoot Sollete and his Corp?

    1. Actually no. He seems a good guy, if not too cautious. Hope his next corp fares better, as this one seems doomed. I hope he'll learn a lesson at least.

    2. How can an ore buyback program, where you basically impose an extra 10% tax on mining profits by buying below jita prices, be compatible with being a good guy? In nullsec or w-space it makes a little bit of sense, since the trip to highsec markets is dangerous. But these guys are in highsec. A buyback program would offer zero benefits, just a redistribution of isk from the corp's miners to the corp leadership.

      Scoot seems like a typical highsec PvE CEO to me. Greedy, careless, and inattentive to the game he's supposedly playing.

    3. code seems like a typical highsec (griefer corp) to me. Greedy, careless, and uncaring about the game they are supposedly playing.

    4. Aw, it's nice to have an admirer.

    5. It depends on how the corporation uses that corporate cash. If a corporation taxes its members to provide services those members want, then I think it remains fair.

      I don't know anyone who's activity is hisec mining only, and personally I'm not too keen on direct PvP. My killboard is empty.

      We, as a corporation, are basically what you might call 'good peeps'. We spend money on people (newbs, or people 'forced' to mine to get back on their feet) who need money to do the things about EVE that they enjoy. I also see that everyone in my corporation has all the equipment and resources they need to do the things in EVE they want to do. In practical terms, though, one might express our tax rate as 100% because nobody really keeps much in the way of personal funds.

      I imagine that even if a corp doesn't go full on green peace communist tree huggin' hippy spiritual idealist like mine, they could still be 10% as altruistic.

    6. Fair enough; I did assume that that cash would then be spent by the corp leadership on their subscriptions or buying themselves orcas, since that is typically what we see highsec pve corps do. It's refreshing to hear about a communist tree huggin' hippy spiritual idealist highsec corp, it's certainly a change of pace.

      I wonder what Scoot had intended to do with the money from the buyback? I'm guessing we won't get to find out just yet. Maybe next time he's featured on minerbumping.

    7. Star, what I would suggest that you do at this point, is take what little isk you have, go to Jita, take a look at the Tech 1 frigates and destroyers that most appeal to you. Pick one, and then fit it out however you like. Then, buy 9 more of the ships and fits, and have Red Frog ship them to Onnamon.

      Fly there, set your clone, then board your ship and go through the lowsec gate to Kinakka. Then sit in a novice or small plex- and wait for someone to come in and try to kill you, while you keep a watch on short-range D-scan for blobs. (This is Waffles' home system, so you'll probably get a 1v1 in pretty short order.)

      When you die, convo the person who killed you and ask what's wrong with your fit. You'll get some helpful tips. Then get in a new ship, fix the problems, and try again.

      I guarantee you that you'll get your first solo killmail before you run out of ships.

    8. Well, lets see: According to evewho, Scoot Sollete (re)joined a Null-Sec Corp on the same day that that War with Shut it down went live.
      His successor as CEO, Kalaatas Nebunaesa apparently took that Sky Gods Fortune to Null-Sec as well... or at least he himself relocated there.

      But lets see how it plays out, there is certainly a story behind that one.

  11. meh definitely made up

    1. That's three comments on one post. Is something bothering you, VeersAlt/MadeUpAnon?


    3. meh "meh seems made up" seems made up

  12. That story reminded me of one, my rl friend told me once. My friend's father is a farmer. At some point he got tired of doing all the work himself and decided to hire a couple of hobos from a nearby town for some pretty low salary. He found one guy and a woman. They were very enthusiastic at first, worked hard and farmer was happy. But after their first payday both disappeared. Woman took off without anything but two kegs of milk. A guy stole a bycicle and a backpack, in which he stuffed a lamb, that he've also stolen. Both of them were never saw again. That was rl awox i guess lol.

    1. Crap, i was waiting for the farmer's daughter joke.
      You no post no more farmer story!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Remember Null sec or be happy with dipshittery like these guys. Oh and Null Sec is the same.


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