Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Gamis Borderlands, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Kalorned was in the process of retaining Steroid Gontarsky, a miner operating illegally in the Gamis borderlands. Steroid fled from asteroid belt to asteroid belt until he was finally caught and killed by Kalorned and Agent Svara Eir. Svara taught the miner how to avoid combat properly. This was the thanks she got:

Steroid Gontarsky was every bit the threat our Agents feared. His philosophy, if allowed to flourish in the wilderness of lowsec, would pose a danger to the borderlands. In time, even Gamis itself might be at risk. Svara stopped talking to Steroid for a few minutes as she considered how to respond.

The miner was impatient. He encouraged Svara to reply more quickly.

Svara's kindness knew no limits. In addition to giving Steroid a mini-tutorial, she recovered the surviving modules from his deceased Mackinaw. She planned to hand them over--but the miner had other priorities.

Steroid continued to rage. He turned out to be a poor conversationalist; Svara could barely get a word in.

The convo ended with few signs of progress. Most miners, like Steroid, tend to be solitary. He wasn't interested in making friends. Not even powerful friends from the New Order!

After several minutes, the full weight of the situation sank in. Steroid grasped the importance of his Mackinaw loss. He sent Svara one of the more undiplomatic apology EVEmails in recent memory. (Most recommend "I'm sorry" for a subject line, rather than "your a dick".)
Steroid Gontarsky > i told you i wasnt minning
Kalorned > You were an imminent threat to the asteroids
Kalorned > In a mackinaw, in a belt, within range of rocks
Steroid Gontarsky > so i wasnt doing anything
Kalorned > You could have though
A few minutes after that, Steroid felt a growing appetite for isk. Without a mining ship, he had no way to satisfy it. He needed to be reimbursed for his loss. Steroid no longer enjoyed a good working relationship with Svara, so his only alternative was to contact the other ganker: Kalorned.
Steroid Gontarsky > but i wasnt
Steroid Gontarsky > empty ore hold
Kalorned > any moment you could have pressed F1 and started mining
Steroid Gontarsky > just cause i point a gun at you dosnt mean its murder
The miner insisted he wasn't guilty of illegal mining. After all, he'd been destroyed before he could activate his mining lasers. It's like when you point a gun at a police officer but don't shoot him. No harm done.
Kalorned > That's a terrible defense
Kalorned > Any sort of person would have every right to defend themselves and shoot you if you pointed a gun at them
Steroid Gontarsky > yeah but you killed me for something i wasnt even doing
Kalorned wasn't buying it. Steroid needed to train a few more levels of space lawyering.
Steroid Gontarsky > and was trying to give you money
Kalorned > You could be calling for friends or other backup
Kalorned > And just stalling for time
Steroid Gontarsky > ive been playing for likw 10 days
Steroid Gontarsky > chill your shit
Like a baby that needs its pacifier, Steroid instinctively reached for the "new player" defense. Guess what the odds are of Steroid actually being a new player?
Kalorned > Because old players dont have new alts right?
Kalorned > YOu've also been playing since 2013
Kalorned > Thats a wee bit longer than 10 days
Steroid Gontarsky > i bought this account
Steroid Gontarsky > xtalic amatin is the one i made
Kalorned > Xtalic is over a month old
Steroid Gontarsky > well i havent played much
Unsurprisingly, the Mackinaw pilot in lowsec wasn't able to pass himself off as a new player. In any event, CCP's studies proved it's a good thing when a new player gets killed.
Kalorned > Your lies are becoming very annoying
Steroid Gontarsky > swear were renting a station from you guys anyways
Kalorned > That's unlikely
Steroid Gontarsky > we rent this shit
His arguments for reimbursement were thwarted one after the other. The miner was getting desperate. Would he finally grow up and buy a permit?

To be continued...


  1. Code always loses, always!!

    Ming Tso

    1. Hello there M! I Hope you are having a fine code-complaint afternoon!

      ~ Asia Leigh

  2. There are good people in the universe, and if you cant find one then be one!
    Your alternate to being a good person is to become a member of code.

    1. Like your incoherent, racist, cowardly compatriot? No thanks.


    2. @ anon 7.37pm

    3. AnonymousApril 8, 2015 at 8:11 PM said:
      "Like your incoherent, racist, cowardly compatriot? No thanks.


      I see he hit a nerve.

      The CODE always loses to the truth. Always.

  3. Sooo.. the "good" people in the universe are the ones who spout racist and homophobic profanities over their anger at getting blown up in an internet spaceship game that is about blowing up internet spaceships... Let's see Veers Belvar, prominent internet space lawyer, back this guy up :P.. meanwhile,
    An interesting question regarding the Code still needs answered:

    1. I miss you Nitetime...

      Sometimes I pretend Zane or Jaxi are you just to get by.

    2. In truth, I am really Veers Belvar in disguise. I secretly wanted to become a New Order agent so that I could truly experience EVE anonymously. #NitetimeVideoIsVeersBelvar

  4. meh seems made up

  5. Code is going too far. I enjoyed this game but it's time for me to stop this game. The community makes me wanna puke.

    1. you may want to go back and read it again, the Code Agent WASN'T the one spouting racist and homophobic slurs

    2. Hmm... Reading comprehension must not be this anom's strong suit. Try rereading the article and understanding it this time. Then go back and rethink your idiotic comment.

      ~ Asia Leigh

    3. You heard it here, folks--racist and homophobic carebears have driven *another* player from Eve. When will CCP start listening to us and remove mining from the game? CCP will quickly go bankrupt unless they stop these carebears driving the new players from the game with boredom and the old ones from it with their filth.

      CCPlease remove mining from Eve. Ganking is all a new player needs.

  6. And carebears never lie... amirite?

    ~ Asia Leigh

  7. hope he was reported for language. my 7 year old loves this blog, but picks up some bad words from time to time.

  8. As a rich real life lawyer I can defend this miner on the grounds he is bored and socially isolated due to the wardec mechanic. In order to have good respectful miners CCP will have to drop wardecs all together and make it so Concord is proactive rather then reactive just like RL police are. I got Erotica and DJ banned so i think i know what i'm talking about here. Elite solo highsec PvE is the only way to save EvE.

  9. Meh, this fake Veers was only a 4/10.

    And anon, don't cause people pain and then cry when they lash out? Don't want the abuse? Don't initiate the actions that lead to it.

  10. no they just express their dislike for other races and hope you get cancer. If anything they're extremely honest

  11. You're dragging this one out too much James315. If the next instalment is just more homosexual and racist slurs, please consider wrapping it up. If you're getting desperate for quality content, shake your minions a little harder. I'm sure they can do better.

    1. One who creates no content such as yourself does not get to place demands on those who do.

      Please calm yourself, miner.

    2. Oh dear. Is making stuff up all you have in response these days? I apologise for expecting more from you. Lesson learned.

      This blog and it's supporters really are in a pretty bad state these days. Even the non-supporters who visit are somehow more "special" than a few years back. It used to be decent enough and had some half intelligent supporters. I used to have a blast with the some of the guys in and around Teonusude. Where are they now?

      As I said a few days back, so few decent supporters are left now, apparently having been replaced with halfwits (i.e. apparently lacking in wit in case that was above your station).

      What I hadn't realised until now is that it appears to be reflected in James' blog writing and content too which appears to cater to the current majority crowd of halfwits. The New Order isn't a patch on what it used to be, most of the decent guys have moved on or become inactive. Oh well, nothing lasts forever. Thanks for providing the confirmation 290xanaots, I most certainly won't be seeing you around.

    3. So 290, you are claiming that since I mine, I don't create content. Well, I do actually...for myself. This blog and the people in it have been pushing the boundaries of ludicrousy for some time now. Too bad it has degenerated into this. It seems the people with half a brain were all banned and the fuckwits like Loyalaonn have taken over this community.

      So be it.

      Go on and keep ganking freighters while I keep mining.

    4. And thus is illustrated the problem with miners; they are greedy, selfish, solitary little degenerates; always creating and hoarding for themselves, never the slightest thought for the community or service.

      Compare with them the Paragon of the New Order; Righteous, Generous, Outrreaching, Caring, Giving. As well as Accurate, Articulate, Adamant, and Austere. It is Absolutely no Auspice why the New Order is Awesome; And All Approve.

    5. @jamie
      No, lying miner- we'll be seeing you back here I'm sure. Miners never tell the truth. They're like abused spouses. They say they're gonna leave and 'this time enough is enough' and they go on their social media and post all those stupid 'abuse is wrong' pictures; but after a week where are they?

      Right back on Minerbumping. Because, secretly, they love the abuse.

      Which makes them all the more abhorrent.

  12. meh definitely made up

  13. I don't think it was made up, but it does show that CODE, James 315, and Kalorned are all full of shit. The big difference here is that I'm quite sure that James 315 knows it, but won't admit it, because of all the RP metagame that this "content" generates.

    My reasoning? It's this: linked right off part one. Having a miner pay for a mining permit while mining in lowsec? You cannot deny it as the proof is right there for all to see. So yes, CODE will try to make you pay for a mining permit even if you operate in lowsec which just shows that CODE is just as illigitimate as its gaping asshole leader, James 315 himself, the buffoon of highsec.

    So are you guys going after nullsec as well now? Going to go after PL and their fleet fights or even a major sov entity like the CFC or Northern Associates? I can't wait to see how you CODE bot monkey faggots are going to try to spin this one. You are caught, and you know it, damned right out of your so called leader's mouth.

    Butthurt Miner

    1. Butthurt Miner, I'm going to need you to calm down.

      Miners do not require mining permits in lowsec, that is true.

      However, the law of Lowsec means that when you are caught there by an obviously superior force; and you are required to pay isk, it is called a ransom. and if you are caught by an Agent of the New Order, and you don't have a permit, well, it doesn't matter, but if you are able to read correctly, it is clear that Kalorned was offering to sell the miner a permit in addition to its ransom- because what if it was to go back through the gate into Highsec and mine??

    2. Oh, Butthurt Miner, I missed you so. Show the juvenile trolls how a mature trull trolls! When can we expect the next installment of your "I Love James' Glowing Ass" miniseries?

    3. *troll trolls. Apologies, I did not mean to call you a trull.

    4. Please link the provision in the code that states that agents aren't allowed to PVP or otherwise engage in low sec, null sec, or W-space content.

      Actually a 50m ransom for a machinaw is a pretty good deal had it been paid. I've personally ransomed Machinaw's for more then double this.

      ~ Asia Leigh

  14. To FoolAnon@1:30AM, this actually would not have happened if that moron kalorned stuck to the space the new order claims, this just shows what the code is really code monkeys seek to get people to rage like this so you can say that you are not the bad people, pick on targets that are prepared and stand some chance of fending you off and the results will be different...but keep picking on these week targets and all you prove is that you are week...

  15. meh to many veers alts posting here

  16. @Anon4:35
    And week after week you continue to come here and congratulate us on succeeding at doing exactly what we told you over and over we would do.

    New Order Agents do only enforce the Code in Highsec, but We are also Eve Players. When a New Order Agent kills someone outside of Highsec, it is not Code Enforcement; rather it is good old fashioned "elite PVP," which New Order Agents uniformly excel at.

  17. You do like to read between the line, eh ming, I was not congratulating you morons, and your level of "elite PVP" is very weak if all you can pick on are unprepared players...get into a real fight some time where your opponent stands a real chance of winning...that is "elite PVP"...

  18. read between the lines? lmao. If they aren't all acting like bots by copying one another with the same repetitive phrases, they just lie. Much much more so than miners from what I can tell in these comment pages.

  19. @Anon5:46
    The miner in this article that was executed, surprisingly enough, was fully prepared for "elite PvP." It was in lowsec- and as such, was indeed following the Code at the time. However, the New Order Agent's level of "elite PvP" was better than the miners- probably because the Agent had guns fitted to his ship, unlike the miner and its mining lasers that only bring it money.

    Thus it was an epic brawl of "elite PvP," and the Agents of the New Order won, as they always do. Remember, anyone can engage you in lowsec.

  20. Yes, because, as usual they picked a weak target, so their level of elite PVP is weak...the whole new order is full weak lazy papers...why don't you grow a pair and take on a real challenge, ming...

  21. If this target hadn't wanted to engage in elite PvP, then why was it in lowsec? Is it "honoureable," according to your definition, to "just let mining ships live" in lowsec? No, it isn't.

    If it had cared about its life, it should have stayed safely in James 315 Space, pledged fealty to James 315, and paid the requisite amount for a New Order mining permit. Since it did not do this, and decided do "live on the edge," so to speak, it paid the price.


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