Friday, April 3, 2015

So Life Can Be Good Again, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Australia under threat! Hadon Radin was so perturbed about losing his AFK autopiloting pod that he condemned everyone involved in the New Order. When Agent Tisiphone Dira disclosed her country of residence, Hadon condemned its people, too.

Hadon quickly changed the subject, returning to his earlier rant about New Order cowardice. Nuclear genocide to avenge a spaceship loss is fine, but it's bad form to shoot an AFK pod.

The carebear announced his intention to become an enemy of the New Order. He had no respect for the Code. He wouldn't even do us the courtesy of sparing a few capital letters. No matter. We have plenty of capital letters to spare: Some carebears use nothing but capital letters when speaking to us.

Hadon backpedaled on the murder issue. Now he was against it, at least where in-game murder was concerned.

A common symptom of carebearism is rewriting the rules of the game to suit their own needs. They can't win at EVE, so they imagine a version where they can. In this case, Hadon believed himself to be on EVE's journey server, rather than the PvP server where he actually was.

The complaints continued. Now it was supposedly Tisiphone's responsibility to tell carebears in advance when a fight was coming, and how to prepare for it. Hadon Radin must consider himself to be one of those benighted "new players" who get abused in highsec. (He's been playing for more than four years.)

Hadon wanted a rematch. Tisiphone saw no need for this. By undocking, Hadon had consented to PvP. Besides, logging into EVE implies a willingness to fight. Hadon and Tisiphone had therefore already participated in a fair fight, and Tisiphone won. Another victory for the New Order!

Still, Tisiphone prefers the fun of killing a ship before destroying the pod within. She gently chastised the carebear for his bad manners.

Highsec has a set of rules: The Code. But Hadon had his own rules. For instance, he needed to go AFK, because of his job. This was a new excuse; earlier he claimed he went AFK to fix his washing machine. Still, can you imagine Hadon's special AFK needs being accommodated in any other game, or in nullsec? Modern highsec is no different.

Then, for the first time, Hadon revealed his true nature: He owned powerful alts! He wasn't a carebear at all. Now Tisiphone Dira was a hunted Agent.

It turned out that Hadon Radin was the only carebear character among his "many alts". The rest are PvP'ers who are allowed to go AFK in battle because Hadon's job requires it.

The powerful PvP'er opened up a fresh rant, calling the New Order a pack of cowards and thieves that follow a Code--which is itself a pack of lies. Packs within packs.

Tisiphone wasn't able to sell the carebear a permit that day. However, Hadon did promise to engage in PvP at least 18 times. It's a start!


  1. The Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    Especially against carebears that show up to fights without bringing their ships.

    1. Poor poor Ming Tso it must be a sad life to be so mentally handicapped that the best you can do is parrot the same lame thing over and over again.

    2. But ming is good at being a parrot!
      One of the few things he is good at.

    3. @PoopAnon8:23
      You know, it would be a more productive use of your time telling me more about your autistic daughter who you let play EVE.

      And how you'll electronically hunt down and kill anyone who makes fun of her. Maybe CODE. agents can find her, recruit her, and teach her a thing or two about how to play this game properly. Maybe she can even teach you a thing or two about "Elite PvP."

    4. You read it first here people, ming is looking for more children to abuse.
      Hide your kids from him, he is a real sicko.

    5. And you heard it here folks;

      PvP is child abuse

    6. Not surprisingly, ming doesn't even deny being a child molester. Kinda goes with being a code supporter.

    7. @Ming

      "...teach her a thing or two about how to play this game properly"

      There is no "proper" way to play EvE. That it is a sandox game is one of it's major selling points.

      Not everyone who plays EvE must play it as you do. Shame on you for being so ignorant.

    8. @anon10:25
      There is indeed a way to play EVE properly. It's called "The Code," and if you're not following the Code, then it is the New Order's job to correct you until you do.

      Eve is indeed a sandbox, and probably the best sandbox game ever created. The New Order literally is the defining product of this sandbox, and is the concept's strongest and most vocal defender.

      Every day people like you (whom we call "carebears") attempt to lobby CCP to destroy the sandbox they have built, "because the sandbox doesn't match their playstyle." This is because CODE. can't be beaten in combat, so rather than figure out a way within the sandbox to thwart us, they go outside the sandbox, effectively destroying it.

      Lucky for EVE, the most stalwart PVPers in this game are also the game's greatest statesmen. We have also never lost a debate to the carebear, as we are able to dispel its myths through reason and fair argument.

      We will continue to stand as the civilizing forces and guardians of this great community. And we will look you straight in the eye was we say this:

      There is no way you will ever amount to anything in this game until you understand the Code, the New Order, and the lessons it is trying to teach.

    9. the "sandbox " ceased to exist the very second "the code" was created.
      and you can and have been defeated "in combat" many times by many people.
      you only have to check out the codes visits (however brief) to low and null to see this.
      1. A man who is a leader in national or international affairs.
      2. A male political leader regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good.
      3. A man who is a respected leader in a given field.

      you stay in high sec .... there is nothing national or international about what you do .
      you serve your own good not the "public " good.
      and as for any respect you lot get ,i'm sure you pat each other on the back a lot for your ineffective efforts but as for "respect" in new eden you get none.
      you do however engender an epic amount of negativity so kudos for that at least.

      We will continue to stand as the civilizing forces and guardians of this great community.
      you are a divisive force , nothing "civilized " about you. you guard nothing except your own ego's
      and the very second the "carebears"(as you like to call them) learn to ignore you is the very second you lose ..... sooner or later YOU will learn your true insignificance in this huge game that WE love (your claim to love new eden is false you seek to manipulate and control) the code is,was, and always will be worthless.
      have a nice day ;)

    10. @anonming 11:36

      "There is no way you will ever amount to anything in this game.."

      As usual a code supporter resorts to making up fallacies about people they know absolutely nothing about in order to support their own nonsensical and baseless assertions.

      I remember several years back when the new order actually had people with at least some semblance of a rational & logical position. How few they are now and how saddening it is to see.

    11. Ming, the code is the worst way to play EVE, with it you have arrogant Napolean wanabees trying to stick their noses in where they don't belong, gank if you want but don't tell me that I have to pay homage to some Nullsec runaway coward or follow thief rules or yours...

    12. Don't waste your time Ming, they just don't get it and they never will.
      They want "WoW in Space". EVE is not WoW in space, but these carebears will continue to cry and bitch until it is.

      Unfortunately for them, CCP is starting to wake up and realize that the people who "PLAY" this PVP game as a PVP game, are the people who will continue to PAY for this pvp game.

      You may get a few people to wake up, and pull their heads from their ass, Ming, and I applaud you if you do. But I think that the majority of the whinny, tear laden carebear will eventually unsub as they begin to realize that CCP does not have their back anymore.
      No more nerfs to the nasty pvp'ers, no buffs to afk mining or transporting... no, these people will just wipe their eyes, curse us and move on to the next handholding game that they find.

      Until then though, they are fair game to be hunted, and taught the CODE. while they insist on traveling through New Order Territory... that's Hi-Sec to those that are confused. You might find 1 in 100 that will take the lesson and experience for what it is. The other 99.... well if they wish to donate their tears, and raging walls of text, threatening death and damnation... well that's just fine too.

    13. No, colonel klink, we get it, highsec should not be totally safe...I am ok with that, what I am not ok with is the "Sieg Hiel, Jamie" that your code requires, nor paying you morons for anything. I also will fit my ships my way, if I want to fit Ore Cargo Expanders I will. If I loose my ship I will evaluate what I did to let someone do that and make the appropriate changes. I personally do not loose many ships following this practice. But I will never pay tribute to some clown troupe. And your permit tank is worse than flying a ship with no mods or rigs on auto pilot through Uedama...

    14. @The Colonel April 4, 2015 at 3:12 PM
      Don't waste your time Ming, they just don't get it and they never will.
      you see thats where you are wrong there are those of us who do get it, and we do "play" this game but still find what you do wrong.(i spend almost all my time pvp'ing or sat waiting to do so)
      you are not trying to save anything from anyone, you are seeking to "play " this game your way (which i applaud you for by the way) but forcing others to do likewise is doomed to failure. this game IS NOT just about pvp those who think so are foolish.
      yes pvp is way more fun than anything else you can do in new eden but to say that it is ALL you should do is dumb.
      there are many ways to play and because you think "they" play the game wrong you feel obliged to try to force your agenda upon them will fail.but good luck trying.( yes yes you will pad your killboards and get tears of rage but ultimately you will fail)
      and for those who quit because of code i say this .... you shouldn't be in new eden anyway bye bye.
      so good luck and i hope you don't bruise your heads on that wall too badly.

    15. You just don't get it Anon 7:40.

      You want to mine in a pvp game... go ahead and mine. Just don't bitch and cry to CCP when you get your pixal ship exploded and try to get the game changed because you want to mine without any risk in a game that was made to be risky.

    16. oh i assure you i do The Colonel

      you will fail. period... it may take years for you to realise this but you will fail.
      your trying to herd cats .(and have been for years already with very little sucess).
      it can't be done.
      you just don't like to hear the truth ...and that is YOU CANNOT WIN.
      just the fact that you say it's only a pvp game shows me you will fail because it is not.
      people do all you can do in eve because they can.and thats as it should be
      (despite what you think it is or should be) i am not even remotely "risk averse" thats why i don't live in high sec i do actually"play" the game and have immense fun doing it.
      i have no wish to piss on anyone, unlike you.(which again speaks volumes )
      so go right ahead and keep on banging your heads against that wall it may (eventually) knock some sense into you and your compadres.

    17. Who's failing? Just look at CCP's last statements from fan fest. Check the forum topic on bumping. If anything the tide has turned on the carebear...

      When was the last ban that the carebears love to bring up like it some holy grail? They believed it was the being of the end of Code and all gankers. They will all be banned! Ganking will end! Nope. Nothing. Na da. Code is still here, ganking continues, and now CCP have clued in that it's risk and conflict that keep people subbed.

      Seems like a win to me, but hey... your sky my be pink in that unicorn filled world of yours, and you will continue to think different. Free piece of advice pal, get use to disappointment.

    18. oh yeah i seem to remember something about ganking having a HUGE 1% impact on the ENTIRETY of new eden ... sound familiar?
      those that believe that your all going to be banned are also laboring under an illusion.(even though those bans were not actually that long ago).
      yep code are still here turning that wheel like good hamsters..
      yep ganking still continues (and will do so for some time yet no doubt)
      and i have no doubt that most like the riskier parts of eve (i'm one of them )
      now here's the rub .....YOU ARE NOT WINNING!!
      if that massive 1% is all the impact you can muster in YEARS of effort how is that a win ?? you cannot win because your area of operation is tiny,you cannot possibly expect to get 100% "code compliance" it is never gonna happen, your fooling yourselves and wasting your time have no real impact on anything ,never have never wil,l eve rolls on like your not even there for the most part.
      i can also say there are no unicorns in my part of eve just lots of happy pvp'ers miners, and industrialists having fun. so once again the wall is that way >>>

      here's my advice to you "pal" quit, go look for the pink sky where those unicorns you seem to like live.(or someone needs pissing on maybe?)
      or..waste your time with your friends doing all the pointless stuff you have been doing FOR YEARS with minimal effect, your choice?
      (i bet i can guess what your choice is?.....i can already see the bruised forehead..)
      and the only disappointment i will experience is not being able to see your face when code ultimately fails ..because it will.

    19. You sound mad. Here is a tissue.

    20. thanks for the tissue but you need it more than i do ..i mean your the ones banging your head against that wall's gotta hurt.
      but thanks anyway

    21. I think you're confused... but that's nothing new for an l33t forum warrior like yourself. You keep trying though!

    22. Lol another butthurtanon. They make me lol with all the "code will lose" and "your time will come" . and yet here the CODE is, still ganking, still kicking the shit outa carebear farmers. As it should be. Fuk "WoW in space" the colonel is right. This is not the game for carebear farmers.

    23. @Anon3:16
      Wow. I do believe that is one of the tryhardest tear-filled responses I've ever read on this site. Capital letters, repetition, and obscene amounts of anger. I do applaud this.

    24. @ the colonel
      nothing l33t about anything posted in this blog i assure you ( i never intended to hurt your feelings sorry if i did) ;( oh and thanks for the advice .

      @ anon 2.32am
      my gluteus maximus is anything but hurt (no pun intended) i'm happy you gleaned some amusement from my post we are all entitled to an opinion mine just happens to be the opposite of yours.
      the code is not even close to "kicking the shit " out of anything 1% is more like tickling the feet of the carebears actually. and thats "as it should be".

      @mr ming
      i'm not entirely sure what a "tryhard " is (i'm sure you will elaborate at some point)
      it's a shame you think i spend any time even thinking of shedding tears over anything you do but never mind.(your allowed to make assumptions)
      i'm just calling it as i see it, you disagree,thats fine.(your supposed to )
      the repetition is necessary as the "code " knows only too well ( you do it more than anyone).
      where you got anger from is beyond me but if thats what you assume i'm feeling then it's all good.
      and again applaud away i'm happy you liked it.

      i leave you with this thought.

      DENIAL it looks like a door.
      it is a door.
      but YOU CHOOSE to sit behind it not
      wanting to walk through.

    25. When someone reads comments like yours, the success of the New Order to affect every living thing that chooses to live in Highsec cannot be ignored. The New Order is one of the most successful business ventures that has ever existed in Highsec, racking up trillions of isk in damages. In fact the only thing that we repeatedly "deny" is the ability of non-compliant carebears to operate. Everyone knows they need to obey the Code, and everyone shall. Including yourself. And if that day is not today, it shall be at some point in the future. That we can guarantee. And the New Order ALWAYS lives up to its promises.

    26. @Anon3:16
      "and the only disappointment i will experience is not being able to see your face when code ultimately fails ..because it will."

      I missed this part, but I think I must comment on it. You communicate like this is "life or death", or that there is some deep meaning to all of this, and if Code fails I will be super sad... you have once again missed the point. This is a game. EVE is just a game.

      Let me state that again... this is a game. And if by some chance CODE is defeated, I will not be sad, disappointed, mad, or otherwise emotionally upset by it. I will most likely be laughing, because I had a good time playing either the meta or actual game play that brought about the fall. At that point I will move on to something else or help resurrect CODE 2.0... cause you know that would get people frothing. ;)

      The point is it's just a game to me and I treat it as such. Just like your part of the game, and so I treat you as such. If you choose to get all hand wringy & butthurt about things, that's your problem, not mine. But I will take pleasure from it as it is now, thanks to you, part of my gaming experience.

      Thank you for posting and please keep those tears flowing.

    27. i am well aware EVE is a game i have fun playing it in the same way you do.(minus the inflicting myself upon high sec residents of course)
      and as usual you make assumpitoins about me and how i feel that are completely wrong ...just what i expected actually.
      you are going to fail,it's inevitable,everything is finite even code.
      i was merely trying to save you some time thats all.
      once again (excuse the repetition ) the wall is that way>>>>>>>

    28. @ ming tso
      oh but it's not about the isk is it? ;)

    29. 1% enough said

  2. James: "A common symptom of carebearism is rewriting the rules of the game to suit their own needs. They can't win at EVE, so they imagine a version where they can."

    Finaly james admits what code is, finaly!

    1. Making hisec safer is 'rewriting the rules of the game to suit'.

      You can do what you want. You can AFK autopilot pods and freighters with expensive cargo. If your pod or ship goes boom and you lose your cargo/implants, though, you have to accept the consequences of choices you made.

  3. meh seems made up

    1. Oh, puh-lease. You simply can't make this crap up. But, hey, you carry on posting the same crap every day like the Anonymous McChickenshit that you are. :)

  4. "It's not real PvP unless I agreed to it first!"

    PvPer tears.

  5. "Its not fair that we have to work to try and gank people in a pvp game."
    #Ganker Tears.

    Alana Charen-Teng

  6. Another Code Victory!

  7. it is easy to win when you have the bar set so low that you cannot fail...that is a weak victory...

  8. To help combat boredom and social isolation amongst highsec players I proposed a changed concord mechanics a while ago. These changes will help CCP retain PvE new plyers that would otherwise rage quit the first time they get ganked.

    The core of the problem is that Concord, as a police force, has a slow response time. This is why I proposed that the moment any pod is targeted by anyone with a sec static below -5.0 Concord will rush in with a fleet of NPC ships and deal justice to the offending pirate or Goon. CCP will then transmit the personal details of the pilot to his/her local police department and/or a mental hospital where the pirate will answer for his in game crimes.

    I predicted DJ, Erotica and others would get banned and I also predict these changes to Concord will boost subscription numbers and make highsec a wonderful place where the socially isolated can farm in peace.

    1. eh.... I don't think that would go over too well with the vast majority of people the player base. If you really want EvE to die, then keep promoting crap like this. You may get your wish.

      ~ Asia Leigh

    2. @Veers
      The problem with what you suggest is that the scenario that you describe is completely in your head. People don't quit EVE because of organizations like the New Order. People -play- EVE because of organizations like the New Order.

      You notice that the latest rebel movement has petered out after three weeks of sound and fury, signifying nothing. That's because the carebear really doesn't care about obtaining "justice." It really cares about obtaining "discipline." It may think and say it doesnt, but that's where The Code comes in. It helps enunciate and pronounce the scrambled-jigsaw-puzzled thoughts of the bot-aspirant mindset, helping the carebear " get it together, and finally, delivering them to the one place they wanted to be when they started this game: having fun.

    3. do you actually believe the drivel you spout ming?(oh yeah of course you do your brainwashed by jimmy boy)

    4. Did you really mean the vast majority asia, or did you mean the extremely vocal minority (aka, new order sheeple)?

    5. Socially retarded I think this care bear means. In a game of half a million subscribers, playing alone is absolutely pathetic. Talk about living up to the 'playing in mom's basement' stereotype. Care bears are a walking meme.
      You deserve the flaming death by anti-matter charge you get. I'm not even a member of CODE but would rather see an entire game filled with them than just one worthless, anti-social, terrible-at-Eve care bear.
      Besides, making mining modules to then sell to care bears after they die is making me rich.
      Ah, milking the cattle on every front- kill mails for the gankers and isk for the manufacturers. By all means, remain pussies hiding forever in high sec- I wouldn't make nearly as much money if care bears ever actually grew a pair and left high sec.

    6. Pretty sure this post is sarcasm.

      "CCP will then transmit the personal details of the pilot to his/her local police department and/or a mental hospital where the pirate will answer for his in game crimes."

      I'm hoping nobody would seriously expect to lock someone up or toss them into a mental hospital for 'targeting a pod'.

  9. Care bears use so many words to just say...............Waaaaah.
    Gonna need a canoe to paddle out of that river of tears.
    How many miner bingo blocks was that?

    Fundraiser for CODE- every bingo block a mewling care bear fills donate a catalyst to the cause. If they complete an entire bingo card, donate a Talos.

    1. I don't think so, posts are usually short and to the point, and they get follows by walls of ganker tear text because they don't like the truth when it hits them in the nads...

    2. a dedicated high sec "paper tiger " talking about "mewling" ...... now that is precious .

  10. As long as we are throwing around the term "paper tiger" What exactly have you done to stop the New Order other then shit post on this forum?

    ~ Asia Leigh

    1. firstly i'm not the one professing to have this huge impact in eve .
      second i don't have to do anything to stop them they stay lurking in high sec hence the " paper tiger " reference.
      third they will always be "paper tigers" as they will always stay in high sec to inflict their agend knowing they cannot do it anywhere else( don't bother with the "low and null are code compliant " line we all know thats just your most plausible excuse)
      hope that answers your question.

    2. my appologies for the wrongly spelt word ...agenda. :)

    3. asia, you are talking about someone shipposting on this forum? Every time a new order agent posts it is a shit post....and you chastise someone arrogant!!!

  11. In a sandbox game you can do a grear variety of things, the more the merrier, and if the Code is having such big impact on the universe of eve than its doing it right imho. Its a sandbox after all, where a big kid can proclaim himself a god of sand and destroy your sand castle and kick your ass, you can run home and cry to your mom or you can call up your kid friends and kick the sandgods ass, or whatever. Everything thats allowed is a fair play, basically. If you cant bear it anymore... Find another sandbox to play in.


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