Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kills of the Week

A few weeks ago, CCP announced that suicide ganking improves player retention. Up until this point, the carebears were all about player retention and boosting CCP's subscription revenues. And now? We're not hearing a peep about it from the theme park crowd. Nor will they admit that they were wrong and the New Order was right. Typical carebears--they never give you a "gf" when they're supposed to.

Carebear hypocrisy aside, the New Order has been doing its part to add content and improve player retention. Let's take a look at some of the players we helped retain during the week of March 29th @ 00:00 EVEtime through April 4th @ 23:59 EVEtime.

Retriever pilots aren't the only ones who can stuff unnecessary value into a cheap, inefficient mining ship. Amarr Grimm added a fail to the Covetor column with this 350 million isk boondoggle. Agent Rick Therapist counseled the carebear not to bother trying to fix it; better to start over from scratch.

Just because you can use an Orca as a hauler, doesn't mean you should. Johar Dudaev decloaked his anti-tanked Orca long enough to go AFK and autopilot through a trade route being patrolled by the New Order. He needed plenty of cargo space, as he was carrying 4.7 billion isk of unlicensed equipment. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket.

Agents John E Normus, Jaxi Wreckful, Lisa Tears, Jahyme Malone, Braggs Seyllin, Zaand Schtvaal, Nullus Modus, Zoraz Azizora, Ricki Lake Show, Trygon Tempestus, Elon Mueller, Burt Plug, Ghuleh Idolatrine, Gendo a, Gendo e, Sasha Cohenberg, holdmybeer, Noll Kion, Jason Kusion, Morrigan Laima, Raga, and FA EB FE formed up and sent a clear message: If you're going to engage in bot-aspirancy in an Orca, stay cloaked. Any ship the New Order can see, it can kill.

...Then there are the ships we wish we couldn't see. Vil Neuve put together one of the most baffling Iterons since... Since a few days earlier, to be honest. Iteron pilots tend to be creeps. Agent PV Rock wasn't surprised by the fail-fit, but the cargo...

Yikes! Over five and a half billion isk worth of "High-Tech Scanner". I don't know what those are supposed to be, but Vil Neuve apparently needed to move a lot of them in a hurry. Fortunately, PV Rock was able to interview the carebear:
PV Rock > I have to know something
Vil Neuve > ok, go ahead
PV Rock > why and how did you have a MILLION High-Tech Scanner?
Vil Neuve > well... to be honest... I stored the 5 years ago when I quit that game
Vil Neuve > today I started again... and I was wondering how I can put all of my scanners into one little Iteron...
Vil Neuve > when I quit 5 years ago, this passage was safe
Vil Neuve > well... bad luck
It wasn't bad luck, though. It was the Code.

I promised an expensive egg this week, and I always deliver. Gustave De-Achaseny's was a doozy of a pod, worth over 6.5 billion isk. After Gustave's fail-fit Orca was destroyed by a New Order fleet, Agent PV Rock was called in to pop the AFK pod. Entire nullsec fleets often lose less money than the value of Gustave's implants.

The arrogance of the incursion running community proved to be their undoing once again this week. Several AFK incursion runners, including Robaeus Invictus, were nuked by New Order gangs. Agents loyalanon, Jaxi Wreckful, John E Normus, Mildron Klinker, Jahyme Malone, and Jahvris Malone were hot on Robaeus' trail. The gank was made easier by Robaeus' align-fit(?) setup. But no one could have predicted what happened next...

Give yourself a moment to take it all in. Robaeus Invictus's pod was blapped by Agent Mildron Klinker, who had enough time to lock and shoot it with his Talos. Robaeus saw no particular need to watch over his investment--implants worth more than 12.6 billion isk.

Now that's an egg. This kill shatters the previous record for New Order podkills, at least three of which were just shy of 10 billion isk. In fact, at 12.6 billion isk, Robaeus' pod is one of the most expensive pods destroyed anywhere in EVE, by anyone, ever.

As is to be expected, the zKillboard comments lit up, even attracting Robaeus himself, who commented on his loss:
"Wait, am I supposed to get really mad and ragequit EVE? Sorry to disappoint lads, but I was laughing when it happened, and smiling right now."
As Robaeus admits, he was delighted to suddenly find himself losing over 13 billion isk in ships, modules, and implants. Tickled pink, he was. The New Order is happy to have brought laughter and smiles to another highsec resident.

Well done, Agents. The player retention continues!


  1. What a nice week! Well done lads!

  2. Lose a 12 billion isk pod and your biggest issue is that you have to go all the way to a station to replace the implants. Carebears are absolutely right - there's no need whatsoever to nerf highsec incomes. :deadpan:

  3. Damn, I stopped this game 6 months ago, when I read that I'm sure to never go back to New Eden.

    1. If you don't understand EVEs a sandbox, then you don't deserve to come back,
      Anon April 5 10:56 pm

    2. Ahah ... "deserve", like this game was just for an elite of people. Yes EvE is a sandbox, and that's the point. I played this game for 5 years, and things really started to change 2 years ago.
      People doing suicide ganking, are not players who will do this activity for years, if you look it's few months and they stop. It's because suicide ganking is pointless. In a sandbox you have the choice, but you'll have to plan a long time goal, not spending your time ruinning people's game experience.
      I spent time in this game, skilling my Kronos, have good implants (average 10B too), I managed to build my own Kronos with guns and modules, it was very fun. Then I went through L4-L5 missions, incursions, sometimes to lowsec doing alot of PvP with dedicated ships.

      But, when you have a difficult day, you wanna play just to cut the stress of the day, and some assholes come on your HighSec L4 missions, trying to suicide against you, it's not fun anymore. The last 6 months I played, I almost lost my Kronos 3 times, last time was with only 500 structure points left. I'm playing for fun not to be stressed about being killed when I don't expect too. The problem is not the ISK, when you play PvE mostly for 5 years, you can replace your ship and implants 10 times.
      The problem is about ruinning player's game experience, when you're in lowsec you know you can be killed, in highsec it's not the goal.
      When CCP says new players who lost a ship where staying in the game, it's because it's just the beginning... in my last corp, we lost more than 50 players the last 2 years, because of HighSec harassment.
      These people are lost forever until CCP do something about that in HighSec.

    3. Wrong, just wrong anon11:05.
      You spout conjecture without proof. All the gankers i know have been ganking for years, not just a few months.
      And lets face it, you obviously do not need to be playing EvE if all you want to do is 'relax'. Just go play some browser builder game, you will not be missed.
      Oh and, take that fukin vile-ass Veers with you.
      Good luck in island adventures.

    4. I am in no doubt that the hypocrisy of these consecutive sentences in your post went way above head...

      "You spout conjecture without proof. All the gankers i know have been ganking for years, not just a few months."

      No amount of facepalming is sufficient for such a post. Well done anon 11:34.

    5. "All the gankers i know have been ganking for years, not just a few months."

      Names ? None ? Yes it's what i'm saying.
      I knew coming here would be fun, don't have to play EvE to have fun with EvE players :)

    6. Lol the carebear anons are mad, they were seen for what they are. Whiney little twats.

  4. 12 billion isk to an incursion runner...not exactly a big deal. Keep trying, and failing, to change highsec - it sure is amusing.

    1. See? I keep trying to tell the anons on this site that 11 billion is isn't a big deal- to New Order agents either. That's why we can all afford to do whatever the hell we want. Ganking IS that profitable,

    2. ganking isn't your profit center - that would be AFK ratting and mining in nullsec. Or just outright botting.

    3. Anons on this site have been losing their shit for a month straight because I parted with 11 billion isk to support suicide ganking. If they'd just see how easy it is to make 11 billion isk by suicide ganking freighters, they might not lose their shit so hard.

    4. You guys don't make your isk from loot - you do it by (semi?) botting in nullsec.

    5. How do you know how we make our isk? Given the hilarious killmails we put out rather regularly, it is safe to assume that the New Order indeed does make a sizable chunk of our treasury funds from reprocessing the remains of non-compliant carebears- maybe not all of it, but certainly a percentage.

    6. He didn't want that 12 bil anyway...

  5. As New Eden's premier elite PVEer I know you can't make 11bil in a month unless you are either running incursions or botting in nullsec under Goon protection. I can spot a CODE alt from several jumps away so I know you aren't running incursion in my fleet, hence you must be botting with the Goons. Back in the days you would rely on Erotica and DJ for income but I put a stop to that with my forum posts, just as I will put a stop to all HS PvP in the near furture

  6. meh seems made up

    1. You know, right when you started posting this on every article, the talk of "Veers alts" stopped immediately. I guess you finally figured out that wasn't working, huh?

      But I guess I don't quite understand the quiet, radioactive, smoldering hatred you harbor for the New Order (probably because you're tired of how smug we are whenever we win.) It's okay though, we do win a lot. And because of this, we'll just go back to winning and leave you here to your passive commenting in the corner. Someday you'll break the New Order through your passive posting, I mean hey, you lasted longer than the Heroes of Highsec.

    2. You know, right when you started posting on every article that code always wins, the talk of "code are losers" stopped immediately. I guess you finally figured out that wasn't working, huh?

    3. Well, there never was any talk of CODE. losing. At least not from Agents of the New Order, who are the only people who post on this site that are people.

    4. Just because we state the fact that carebears are subhuman prior to accepting the Code doesn't make us Nazis. It just means that carebears that don't accept the Code need to put in a little more effort in order to regain their humanity. I mean all carebears were once human. They just forgot about it. We help them remember.

    5. Bringing the nazi's into the game.. That's an all time low Anon 1:22.. Just don't.

    6. Oh man, I hadn't noticed that! It's nice to see that the "Veers alts" idiot finally got tired of the shtick. This may be one of the least offensive Anons on the site, but he still does get rather repetitively annoying.

      That crazy Anon...what will he think of next?

    7. @Anon2:24Well, as they say, "the door swings both ways."

      If you want to stop being referred to as subhuman, then stop being subhuman! The ways that you can re-realize your humanity are painstakingly enumerated in the Code; it baffles me why you would prefer to live such a squalid and poor existence in EVE's ghetto when the way out is literally sitting at the top of this page.

      It's like you're an inner-city kid offered a free-ride college scholarship at a notable university but turn it down because you can't be bothered to apply for it.

    8. @ Anon 2:45 PM

      "If you want to stop being referred to as subhuman, then stop being subhuman!"

      You have not called me subhuman for I do not dwell in highsec. Sorry to shatter your delusion with such a decisive blow.

      At least you appear to accept that you are at minimu a neo-nazi, which is progress I guess. One day you may realise the truth about yourself, but given how truth does not sit well with you, it will surely be a very bitter pill to swallow.

    9. "I'm not a miner!"
      "I don't live in highsec, bro"
      How unconvincing

    10. It is also incredibly unconvincing that you are not a paedophile.

    11. @Anon2:55
      Well, if you live in nullsec, you are code-compliant by default. Congratulations!

      But still, there are two interesting facts about the way you have portrayed your innocence that do not escape my relentless, investigative eye.

      First, miners, by their very nature, are notorious liars. And not just liars, but very bad liars, at that. And second, you, are here on Minerbumping posting sardonic, seething comments, while claiming to be Code-complaint, as a highsec carebear might, while attempting to elude our scrutiny.

      If you truly do live in nullsec, as you claim, then why do you come here and post salty comments expressing your disregard for the New Order and the Code? It is completely logical that the "enlightened" class would only have high praise for the Code and the New Order- and you continue to express views that are more in line with the lower, more common class. The one that is impotent, quiet, smoldering, and warm to the touch, but not nearly a fire that the New Order would rush to the rescue of.

      How do you reconcile this inconsistency? Given that you are a nullsec dweller and therefore are implied to have nothing by esteemed praise for the New Order and its Agents?

    12. "you, are here on Minerbumping posting sardonic, seething comments"

      Citation needed.

      "If you... live in nullsec, as you claim"

      Citation needed

      "why do you come here and post salty comments

      Citation needed.

      Come to think of it, anything you write pretty much requires some form of evidence to back it up given how it's all fictitious. As I said, truth really doesn't figure with you.

      Maybe you are unaware, but if you do not enter a name into this site's comment form, you appear as anonymous. Anonymous isn't a name you see. I'm not dissing you for being so naive, just pointing out how flawed and amusing your thinking is in believing that "Anonymous" is all the same person. Almost cute in your ignorance.

      btw, I may indeed have praise for the new order in EvE. But I can still spot a Nazi when I see one, much like you spotting carebears apparently. That you whole heartedly support the CODE proves you are a neo-nazi with Nazi ideals (I'm using your own logic here so please go ahead and refute it, or just accept that you are consider yourself a Nazi).

    13. Your "sardonic seething comments" can be found in your passive-aggressive posting style. Posting the same negative comment over and over (which is differentiated from New Order Agents' "positive" repetitive posting of our individual victories) is most certainly an example of seething, sardonic and rather immature passive aggressive behaviour. (But whatever floats your boat I guess)

      If you do not live in Highsec, then you are Code-Compliant. It does not matter if you live in Lowsec, Wormhole Space, or Nullsec, albeit given your likely disposition as a carebear, and given your posting style, a safe Nullsec alliance would be your most probable dwelling place. But such distinctions are like arguing over the number of hairs on your head or grains of sand on a beach- it is largely immaterial where you live, as long as it isn't highsec.

      Calling people "Nazis" is most certainly direct evidence that you are, in fact upset about the people you refer to. Nobody in existence that we know of openly committed more cruelty than the Nazis, not Code, not the US Government, nobody. If you are reduced to calling people Nazis, or saying that ignorance is "cute," those are salty and upset things for you to say- because they are false on their faces. (Note how I said carebears were very likely to be liars as well.)

      There you go. There's your evidence all spelled out for you.

      Now I would like you to take a minute, check my facts, and then come back and tell me how right I am.

    14. Writing style, Anon. Some of you comment here often enough that you're pretty distinguishable. You've been here before, and Ming's summary of your comment history is entirely reasonable. Of course, if you wanted to prove that natural conclusion wrong, you could always start posting with a name, give up that comforting anonymity you cherish so much. Until then though, you don't get to complain when people make educated guesses as to which past comments came from you.

    15. @ anon 3:57 PM

      You didn't provide one single citation or shred of evidence. I have shown how you exhibit exceptionally similar ideals and goals to the Nazis, just aimed at a different demographic. You failed to refute that. In doing so, you've just proven that you accept that you are a Nazi. Check my facts, and then come back and tell me how right I am.

      @anon 3:58 PM (otherwise known as Ming Tso's alt? Evidence = None required. I'm using your logic again you see)

      The burden of proof lies with the person making the claim. That's you btw so you need incontrovertible proof.

      Believing that entering fictitious names into a comment form somehow lends credibility someone's comments isn't just naive, it's outright foolish and bordering idiotic. Please grow up a little.

      btw, you've made many grave assumptions, your biggest being that you believe you did some sort of "educated" guess. I think we can all spot where the problem lies in that one.

      p.s. using your logic again, you need to prove that you aren't a paedophile, which you haven't done. Presumably there must only be one conclusion to that.

    16. Miner, I'm going to need you to "calm down."

    17. "Nazi", "pedophile"...yup, I'm with Ming on this one. Miner, calm down. Maybe go outside or something, I'm sure you can think of better uses for your time than calling strangers on the internet Nazi pedophiles.

    18. Miner, calm down.

    19. Miner, calm down.

    20. @ anon 4:36

      I would've hoped that you could find something better to do than calling strangers on the internet highsec carebear miners. But the evidence in the pages of this website say that you can't. Maybe try going outside sometime.

      @ anon 4:45 PM
      Ming Tso and his alter ego Maria Malukker get very upset if you point out their obvious traits. It's almost as if they dislike or are secretively ashamed of what they have become.

    21. @Maria Malukker

      thats it try and make light of one of the vilest things i have read in years,you bunch of sick individuals
      if you support that statement for even a heartbeat you are every bit as bad as he is.
      if you think that statement is ok then people are right to call you nazis because thats exactly what you are.

    22. Miners, calm down.

    23. Maria Malukker is exhibiting bot behavior. CODE bot aspirants are allowed out today it seems.

    24. I'm trying to save you miners from yourselves, following the example of the Savior of Highsec, James 315 himself. Through the soul-destroying grind that is EvE highsec pve, you've degenerated to the point where you are calling strangers online Nazi pedophiles. Literally, you're calling them Nazi pedophiles. Once someone has fallen to such a low point, they are not considered capable of conversation or critical thought any longer. I'm trying to help you regain whatever mental faculties you may have begun with, by politely requesting that you calm down. Get off the computer for a few hours, maybe take a nap, and then think about what chain of poor choices led to you raging daily on the minerbumping comment sections, calling strangers Nazi pedophiles.

      Where did it all go wrong, Anon? How did you come to this?

    25. @ Bot Aspirant Maria Malukker

      I pointed out the similarity in Ming Tso's sensibilities and those of the Nazis i.e. treating a certain demographic of people as being subhuman.

      It's a fact. Why are you so afraid of reality and facts?

      I said you are unconvincing in coming across as not being a paedophile. Just like I am as not being a highsec miner apparently.

      Why are you so butt hurt over someone else using your "logic"?

    26. I'm sorry Anon, you seem to have mistaken me for someone interested in debating whether or not they are a pedophilic Nazi. I'm only interested in saving people like you from themselves, and in saving EvE from people like you. So how 'bout instead of trying to tell strangers online that they're Nazi pedophiles, you take a few deep breaths, count to 10, and calm down?

    27. I am going to request again that the upset miners in this thread calm down, be silent a moment, and enter into a moment of retrospective thought.

      During this moment, I would ask the miners to reflect on the cause of what made them entertain thoughts that Agents of the New Order bear any any resemblence to the Third Reich and its stated purpose for the extermination of Jews, or child molesters and their despicable acts, and understand why they are not socially acceptable, and lo, exactly why both comparisons are completely deplorable and reprehensible.

      I would also like to ask the carebear if it understands that the New Order's goal is in fact to forcibly scour these unfortunately common mischaracterizations from the damaged and depraved carebear mind.

      Unlike "Ethnic Cleansing," or "Purile sexual gratification," The goals of the New Order simply represent the efforts of all Highsec residents to protect itself from those who would damage the public with the above vile comparisons.

    28. You're exhibiting bot behavior yet again Maria Malukker. In doing so, your repetitive nonsense is indeed becoming tiresome and boring.

      However, it is my duty as a good citizen of this world to expose Nazis for what they are, along with paedophiles and many other truly despicable people.

      It comes as no surprise to me that you are deeply affronted by me doing this.

    29. @Anon5:37
      I think that the average person on the street would be deeply affronted by you going around calling everybody Nazi pedophiles.

      Don't forget, Anon, you started this. Not us. We're trying to help you. You're resisting.

    30. Ming Tso quotes from this thread:

      "the New Order, who are the only people who post on this site that are people."

      "carebears are subhuman"

      Not only does Ming Tso confuse in-game with real life, he also gets very upset when someone points out that he has Nazi style beliefs and ideologies. It's not surprising that he was attracted to a group that voluntarily called themselves the New Order.

      It's not even debatable that Ming Tso very much aligns himself with the Nazis.

    31. Please stop trying to take advantage of a horrible tragedy and attempted genocide in order to try to score rhetorical points against opponents in a video game, Anon. It's disgustingly disrespectful to the dead and their families.

    32. @Anon5:46
      Carebears are indeed subhuman. This is the entire reason for the Code. To help them to -not- be subhuman.

      But unlike the Nazis, you will notice that there is no provision in the Code that allows for indefinite and unconstitutional internment of carebears in concentration camps. Nor is there the required gassing of their real-life human counterparts as is required of by the Third Reich.

      The Code simply requires that those who would engage in Highsec PvE activities to pay a 10 million isk fee for a permit, and not be AFK- and if these conditions are not met, the only penalty is the destruction of the offending players' property, which is easily replaceable.

      In fact, I'm certain that if Nazi Germany had followed in CODE.'s footsteps, and offered the Hasidic residents of Germany the opportunity to pay the equivalent of $0.02 for a permit that would forgo them being sent to the concentration camps, they would have sold a lot of permits, and the word "Nazi" probably wouldn't be such a dirty word to so many people. So many people would have lived. And so many ignorant carebears such as you would be prevented from using their name as a cudgel.

      As you see, the New Order is not just merciful, but following the Code is actually good PR for one's organization. It definitely gets that "genocide" label off, right away.

    33. @Ming Tso. I can see I touched a nerve. But do please try to be adult, calm down and stop the name calling. It's very childish.

      Now your argument is 100% fallacious. You basically boiled it down to "I haven't committed mass genocide so therefore I can't possibly be aligned with Nazi idealism". The fact that mass genocide in real life and in EvE is out of your grasp is most likely the deciding factor. Nice try, but your rhetoric is just digging you deeper and deeper.

    34. It's definitely fantasy on your behalf Bot Aspirant Maria Malukker.

      Nowhere have I called anyone a paedophile. I also haven't called anyone a "Nazi pedophile". That's a doing of yours and Ming Tso's. But that won't stop you from pretending I have, such is the level of your delusion and dishonesty.

    35. @Anon6:30
      If you say that "it's incredibly unconvincing that someone isn't a pedophile," then, by the law of double negatives, you have, in fact, called them a pedophile.

      But I digress. You're off the rails. And you should calm down. New Order Agents are empowered with the ability to compel you to do so.

    36. @ ming
      In fact, I'm certain that if Nazi Germany had followed in CODE.'s footsteps, and offered the Hasidic residents of Germany the opportunity to pay the equivalent of $0.02 for a permit that would forgo them being sent to the concentration camps, they would have sold a lot of permits, and the word "Nazi" probably wouldn't be such a dirty word to so many people. So many people would have lived. And so many ignorant carebears such as you would be prevented from using their name as a cudgel.

      do you actually read what you type??? wtf is wrong with you????
      your talking about one of the worst crimes against humanity ever inflicted upon humanity like it means and meant nothing.
      there is something deeply wrong with all of you.

    37. someone should just shut this blog down. it's repulsive.

    38. @Anon7:29
      I absolutely agree with you that the Holocaust was one of the worst crimes against humanity ever perpetrated.

      And You, Anon, are the one who is comparing actions by the New Order in a video game to Nazi Germany. Not us.

      What I am doing is contrasting the Truth of the Code and the New Order with that of what you are calling us, (no matter how you obfuscate it.)

      If the Code is strong enough to reform even the Third Reich so that the Holocaust might have not happened, then it is strong enough to reform you. As well any carebear, no matter how vile, angry, insensitive, or broken that carebear might be.

    39. i suppose your not the one using the terms "subhuman".
      and stating that the third reich should have followed your model and been more sucessful?( i seem to remember the nazis forcing the jews to buy their freedom at one point by purchasing boat tickets to leave germany with their money and gold and even property).

      i'm not comparing anything, you used the word "subhuman" not me.
      more than once too, do you not see the wrong in that?
      your contrasting nothing what you are doijng is echoing extreme sentiments in a video game and dressing it up as "role play"
      your stupid "code" is not reforming anything it perpetuating thats what it's doing by using those words.
      and since it is you and your code that is using them then it follows that it is you and your "code" who is vile,angry,insensitive, and deeply broken .
      and i fully agree with anon 7.32pm this blog should be shut down.
      i hope i didn't "obfuscate " that.

    40. @Anon8:02

      I'm sorry, I wasn't aware that the Third Reich owned the copyright on the word "subhuman."

      I also didn't understand that it was automatically implied that every time someone used that word, that they were intentionally invoking Hitler's Germany.

      But I do believe that you had ground to gain by pushing that assumption. That's why you're the one at fault here. It was your mistake, and I accept your apology.

      To clarify my statement, , yes there are subhuman people in EVE. You are one of them by your rejection of the Code.

      I would say that it is certainly ironic that you would conveniently manufacture that assumption and then foist it onto us, given the fact that you're the one who wants to see the New Order shovelled into gas chambers, but I digress.

      But I will meet you halfway.

      I too, wish this blog could be shut down. I wish for nothing more than for carebears like you to be reformed in the Light of the Code.

      But this blog will not be shut down until the New Order achieves 100% Code Compliance in all of Highsec. Currently, the Saviour has said it will take six more years, but you can help us achieve that goal by buying a permit and becoming Code-Compliant.

      And if you want to achieve that goal faster, you can become an Agent of the New Order yourself, and help us speed that along.

    41. i care nothing for your "code" nor your feeble attempts to spin your way out of calling people "subhuman" those words go way beyond "roleplay" you are obviously ignorant of all that word implies or you never would have used it. the fact that you do shows me who you are and now i see who you are i have nothing more to say to you or your "code" make all the excuses you like you have gone too far and i for one will not post here or read your bile any longer.( i am well aware that means nothing )
      i'm going back to the "game" i "play" you can keep your poison to yourselves i want no part of it this blog has ceased to be a place of fun and banter and become a place that should be avoided at all costs along with your code.

    42. @Anon9:58
      Who's trying to spin their way out of calling you 'subhuman?' You are subhuman. And the implications you put on that word are entirely your own, and your attempts to assume that they are universally implied have been met with failure. As for myself, I have never made any statement disguising my identity as an Agent of the New Order, sworn to uphold the Code and the Words of the Saviour of Highsec, James 315. So if you didn't think you saw the "true me" before, then you may look upon me now, and realize that while you might shift in the tides, my foundation is solid as a rock.

      As for our conversation, I believe it is undeniable that the Code has won a fine victory this day; we have caused a carebear that walks around calling everyone "Nazis" and "pedophiles" to quit. Hopefully, they should never again bother our pious community of Code-compliant readers and Agents.

      However, as I have stated before, the carebear is notorious for being "less than a person" of their word. Therefore, I should caution readers that, like with EVE, I do not believe that this will be NaziAnon's last visit to the comments section.

      But for today, I can truly say it:

      The Code ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    43. you do know they are quite clearly not the same person don't you ?
      just lump them all in together why don't you ....not the brightest are you ?
      monkey see monkey do i guess .

    44. They might know it's a different person, but will lie and make stuff up and pretend it isn't because that fits their narritive. Or they are so retarded they cant tell its a different person. Either way, it's not good for them.

    45. yep monkey see monkeydo

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Carebear decadence
    and arrogance in Highsec
    is punished by death

  9. Yawn Yawn Yawn@ Maria Malukker Hakeri awaits some rough justice.

    1. @Anon3:18
      If you would have read the Code, you know that when and where the Knights of the New Order enforce its precepts is a decision that will be made only by those Knights. If your system is not included in their daily rounds, it is because Agents have deemed your threat too insignificant to require the injunction of a Code-Compliance enforcement team.

      Hear now the words of James 315 that are the most relevant to you:

      "Consider that I cannot bump all miners simultaneously. Since many miners will not have purchased their indulgences, I will usually have more than one miner whom I could choose to bump. So how should I prioritize? Again, the Code provides the answer. Those who consistently violate the Code will be at increased risk of bumping. Moreover, to ensure the New Order community lives up to my expectations, those who already have purchased indulgences may forfeit their place of honour if they violate the Code."

    2. @Min Tso save us your diatribe, hey here is new idea why don't you donate more money to the new order lmao. You imbecile.

  10. Robaeus is the model Eve player (despite not being code-compliant). A loss many orders of magnitude the size of the average care bear barge that gets ganked- and yet he never loses sight of the fact that Eve is just a game. A PvP game.
    Consider the torrent of tears the average care bear emits after losing some miserable barge, their inability to remain civilized, the sheer damage it does to their ego in real life...then see Robaeus shrug off a monumental loss as simply part of the game.
    If the worthless herds of high sec care bears were more like Robaeus, Eve would be a much better game to play. Cheers to the player that accepts that Eve is just a game, and has the mental maturity to enjoy a game, even when he loses. Remember that- if you are only having fun when you 'win', then the problem lies with you...not the game or the other players.

  11. umm I haven't gone anywhere. take for example Johar Dudaev he is a Veers alt.

    You can tell a Veers alt meme is brewing again by the fact that when i'm gone a few days the code people get all bent out of shape that thier leaders arent spreading the meme around. I for one know this as a veers alt

    1. Nope, you've just replaced it with "meh seems made up."
      But I have no doubt that you'll probably start doing both, although both will appear half as frequently.


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