Monday, May 11, 2015

Bad Luck Bronies

In every highsec PvE corp, there comes a time when the leadership must choose to take the right path or the wrong path. There is no third option. Theirs will be either a corporation of Gallants or a corporation of Goofuses.
From: koiso Phoenix
Sent: 2015-04-14 00:39:00
To: Rots Mijnwerker

hey rots i need allience support what the requirements for joining your allience we are getting rape by merc corps

any adive
So it was with PwnySquad, a small but growing highsec industrial corp. In recent days, it had come under attack from mercenaries. This, on its own, was not enough to doom the PwnySquad to oblivion. They still had the ability to save themselves, or not.
New Order Permit Discrepancy
From: Kalorned
Sent: 2015-04-15 03:06:00
To: koiso Phoenix

Greetings Koisi,
It has come to my attention that you lack a New Order mining permit as required in THe New Halaima Code of Conduct - You must obtain a New Order mining permit for 10m ISK to continue mining in The New Orders space (All of High Sec).

Thanks for your time,
Enter the New Order of Highsec, in the form of Agent Kalorned. He'd heard through the grapevine that the PwnySquad was conducting illegal mining operations. In fact, no one in PwnySquad had even bothered to ask Kalorned for a permit. Perhaps koiso Phoenix and her fellow ponies were simply ignorant. If so, they now had the chance to turn things around. In following the Code, they might even gain the moral authority needed to deal with their pesky merc problem.
Re: New Order Permit Discrepancy
From: koiso Phoenix
Sent: 2015-04-15 03:09:00
To: Kalorned

eat a DIX
Alas, it was not to be. koiso made the fateful decision not to obey the Code. The PwnySquad would go it alone, spurning the New Order family it needed so desperately to survive. And the bad luck started almost immediately.

koiso was flying around aimlessly through Uedama in a tech II fit destroyer. As you might expect, her Talwar was quickly popped. However, you might assume this was a suicide gank performed by a bunch of Uedama campers. Well, not exactly.

In a shocking turn of events, no fewer than four members of the PwnySquad suddenly, and without warning, opened fire on their leader. In disbelief, koiso re-shipped.

koiso's Cerberus had no better luck. It, too, was awoxed. PwnySquad was racked by a seemingly endless series of betrayals. Somebody screwed up, big time. Who was responsible for recruiting all of these people?

PwnySquad was supposed to be one of the thousands of "drama-free", do-whatever-you-want industrial corps. Now it was all drama, all the time. Also, wait a minute, one of the recruitment officers was TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet?

Yes, it was Agent TheInternet, fresh off a successful stint as a director of The Sky Gods Fortune corp. TheInternet came to PwnySquad, eager to teach them about the joys of a corp ore buyback program. One thing led to another.

The PwnySquad corp changed so much in only a few days' time. koiso's anti-Code ideology no longer seemed relevant to a corp filled increasingly with young, Gallant recruits.

TheInternet was entrusted with leadership of the corp. A series of revolutionary reforms passed. Reparations were paid to Agent Kalorned, and the corp's formerly tense relationship with the New Order was repaired.

TheInternet became the most celebrated CEO in PwnySquad history.

But not everybody was happy with the changes. There remained a regressive element.
New Order Bullshit
From: Hateburn Crematorius
Sent: 2015-04-17 13:04:00
To: koiso Phoenix

So should we start another corp or something?
The reactionaries still looked to koiso for guidance, despite her disastrous reign.
Re: New Order Bullshit
From: koiso Phoenix
Sent: 2015-04-19 00:18:00
To: Hateburn Crematorius

im not restarting anything right now until i get some friend to educate me of the proper way to run a corp

Victory for the New Order! The Code violators in PwnySquad were punished so effectively that even koiso started to doubt her ability to lead a corp. Most carebear leaders remain totally confident, no matter how many corps they lose.

So it was that PwnySquad chose to walk the path of peace and prosperity. koiso was wrong about one thing, though: CODE people are much better than Nazi Germany.


  1. Tweeps is the best

  2. I'm beginning to think that "Code are NAZIS" should be a bingo square.
    Also, well done to Agent TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet for successfully infiltrating and bringing another carebear corporation over to the winning side.

    1. Eh... I consider it a continuation of the "Hitler" bingo square and use that.

    2. any excuse to reference your idealogical heroes, well done code.

    3. Anon 10:44PM -

      The agents do not reference Hitler, or Nazi Germany - it's always the laid back, friendly, definitely not AFK, nor bot aspirant miners that somehow believe Agents can't play their game, but they can play their own, in the same sandbox too no less.

    4. sorry but was it not ming tso who started the whole "subhuman " reference thing ......yes i believe it was

    5. or is it that code is trying to stop the miners from playing their way,
      i guess that depends on your point of view.

    6. Unfortunately the stories that don't make this hallowed blog include miners who actually talk to and learn from the Agents that form a dialogue after blowing them up or awoxing them.

      These people understand it's a pvp game and the best way to enjoy a pvp game is to understand fully what that means.

      Playing Eve solo is possible and valid, what isn't possible is totally cutting yourself off from everyone else, while trying to enjoy the economic benefits of a single server world that Eve offers.

      Eve - Everyone versus Everyone; likes you to team up and work together with allies AND enemies. Why should you work WITH your "enemies"? You both provide content to each other. The quality of that content depends on how you interact with each other. Now you could form a friendship knowing you're going to take their knowledge and stab them in the back a month or years down the road or you could try to ignore them and hope they go away. The alternative choice is of course to learn from them and take what you learn to other parts of the universe.

      If you want to see my employment list look up the character Sidrat Flush.

      I've been a carebear in high sec and null. I love doing the industry side of the game, but I can also (because CCP allows me to train every published skill in the game) PvP. I was flying hulls that cost less than my clone in order to learn how to do just that, and shooting red boxes in order to get a bit more isk up. Thankfully Karmafleet is an amazing organisation that pays out ship replacement isk on top of your insurance and has been an amazing learning experience for both pvp and how to pve in it's most efficient form.

      If I want to play a single player game I will, I don't expect to play an online game totally free from human interaction - unless I load up Elite Dangerous.

    7. elite dangerous is awesome!!

    8. eve is a big place (not as big as elite ) but it's big,.and code chooses to make a tiny part of it miserable in an effort to be superior to a bunch of newbies, thats not my idea of " human interaction "
      human interaction is supposed to be beneficial code is not in the least bit bebeficial to anyone except themselves, the blow them up, make demands for money, mock, ridicule, and attempt to humiliate (post them on here). thats "human interaction " i can do without thanks .

    9. @Anon2:51
      Unfortunately, you do not have the option to do without interaction from CODE. unless you leave highsec or quit the game. And interaction from CODE. Agents is beneficial to highsec as a whole.

      Consider the following:

      1. Less mining in general means less mining on the market for Code-Compliant miners to exploit.

      CODE. Agents keep the illegal miners from flooding the market, protecting the Code-Compliant miners' supply.

      2. Code-Compliant Freighters do not get ganked, and freely do business

      As compared to their counterparts who regularly lose their expensive freighters.

      3. CODE. Protects Code-Compliant Mission runners by not ganking them.

      A blinged-out mission ship can cost billions of isk, as we have seen from various recent articles. A mining permit would have paid for itself almost 200 times over, compared to the loss of a 2 billion isk battleship.

      As you can see, CODE. is an institution in highsec. There are none that are free, nor should wish to be free from their obligations under the Code. We demand compliance, loyalty, and 10 million isk from every miner, hauler and mission runner, which is shockingly a terrific bargain, considering the multitude of services we provide.

    10. Anon@2:51, you seem to completely misunderstand what it is that the Code does. We are not about making highsec miserable, we are about encouraging carebears to improve themselves through the time-tested methods of pvp and Code-compliance. What we do, we do for your own good.

      But let's pretend for a moment that you are right, and that our interacting with you is to your detriment. After all you currently believe this to be true, and I'm trying to be more understanding of mistaken viewpoints these days. Even then, you are wrong that "human interaction is supposed to be beneficial". Human interaction is only supposed to be interaction between humans. You don't have a right to expect that every person who you interact with in real life will have your best interests at heart or leave you better off than before you met them, and you don't magically gain that right when you start playing an MMO.

      If being shot at and expected to pay taxes in highsec is something you wish to "do without", then either play Eve outside of highsec, or don't play Eve. Part of what is wonderful about this game is that you cannot simply choose to opt out of interacting with us, if we wish to interact with you. You can block our convo requests, friend, but you can't block antimatter.

    11. ming. code does nothing but bring misery,

      i do however agree that mining in high sec is pointless (because it's worth less to do so in high sec).

      there are no illegal miners(because you say it is so does not make it so )
      code ganks whoever they feel like ganking (despite their claims not to).
      code are the ones that high sec needs protecting from (they are not the protectors) .

      and maria
      if your not about making high sec miserable then you are doing something wrong, because miserable is exactly what the area of space you lot are in is
      any interaction with code is to the detriment of the victim. you blow them up and thern make silly demands.
      as far as real life goes i choose who i interact with and also when, if someone chooses to force some kind of interaction upon me then i am more than willing and able to deal with it.
      and it may suprise you to know i have nothing against pvp but your idea of what pvp is, is completely different to mine.
      oh and i already have "opted out" of any interaction with code you have no influence on my game play at all never have had, i post here simply because i don't like code.

      you can't even call someone "friend" without being arrogant, and condescending it seems.

    12. @Anon4:36
      Oh, so you're saying you want to fight us?

      CODE. has successfully stood victorious against multiple carebear uprisings single-handedly, and without effort. Daily we are infiltrating carebear corps and deleting their progress, emptying their corp hangars, and bringing their eager young newbies (and girlfriends) over and teaching them about The New Order, James 315, and the Code, as well as teaching them the abject joy that can be had by forcing the will of the New Order upon non-compliant "dicks" such as yourself. And for every carebear we kill, we rally more to our cause.

      Additionally, nobody cares that you can interact with who you want in real life. Duh. So can I. That fact isn't the point, and is completely irrelevant.

      The fact is, that you cannot choose not to interact with CODE. if we choose to grace you with our Divine Presence.

      To use your "real-world" example, you cannot choose not to interact with the Police in real life if they choose to stop you for committing an infraction of the Law. Ingame, in the area of Highsec, you may think of us as the "Police" who enforce the "Law" of Highsec. We are the ones who are going to tell you what you can and cannot do. And we are the ones who will punish you for not doing what we say. We have that right because we are the Designated Enforcers of the Elected Saviour of Highsec, and if you don't like it, you can take your whining non-compliant butt to lowsec where you can learn some manners.

      Carebears are so immediately violence-minded when told the truth. It's a wonder any of them ever managed to have any friends IRL.

    13. You don't have a right to expect that every person who you interact with in real life will have your best interests at heart or leave you better off than before you met them,

      hence my reference to real life. so it was relevant. "dick"
      and as far as fighting anybody in game goes you may want to start that yourself lol (last kill on your board was 2014).
      and i can and do choose wether i interact with you or not ( code and it's affiliates are on my watch list so i can avoid you at my will or not ).
      high sec police are called "concord" not code.
      and to put it palinly "you aint telling me shit mate "
      more "elected non existant proxy vote bollocks " does not make you right either.
      and my non whiney non compliant butt goes wherever it likes too and there really is fuck all you can do about that either (especially you mr "i don't pvp at all but i sure do talk about killing miners a lot")
      dick .

    14. @Anon7:42
      Every encounter with a New Order Agent will both have your best interests at heart (Following the Code) and will leave you better off than before you met them. (As in "Dead," if you weren't following the Code, and "alive" if you bought a permit and are following the Code.)

      You might think you are "worse" off, but that is because you are wrong, and backwards.

      James 315 is the light of the True Path of Highsec. I stopped fighting right after I joined the New Order to be a full-time diplomatic officer. As you can tell from my old killboard, I was quite a fighter at the time, and can likewise choose to begin fighting again whenever I feel like it. But I digress.

      When you choose not to obey the Code, Agents of the New Order will know.

      Sometimes this knowledge is gained directly, through interactions such as the one we are having now. Other times it is gained covertly, as James 315 has eyes all over Highsec who are undoubtedly watching you at this very second. "Omniscience" with regard to Highsec is one of James 315's many laudable traits he has collected over the years from studying the pitiable plight of the Highsec Carebear.

      And no. Concord is an NPC force who simply and robotically attacks people whenever they shoot non-suspects. It cares nothing for the state of the people they are policing, unlike a "real" police force. CODE., on the other hand, is a reformatory organization whose sole purpose is to "clean up" highsec from injudicious and unreasonable individuals such as yourself, who go around threatening people. Code's purpose is to change the very behaviour that makes you a "dick," by shooting you over and over and over again until you comply with the Code or leave Highsec.

      Permits are 10 million isk. I suggest you get one.

    15. You might think you are "worse" off, but that is because you are wrong, and backwards.
      your opinion which again does not make you right.

      I stopped fighting right after I joined the New Order to be a full-time diplomatic officer. (sure you did )
      i never threaten people ...ever. especially not over a video game.
      your a diplomat????? wtf !! the guy who calls people "it" and "subhuman" and "backwards" no wonder it's taken 3 years to achieve almost nothing.

      Concord is an NPC force who simply and robotically attacks people whenever they shoot non-suspects.
      no matter what you think they are, they are the law, you are not.
      you will go far to find a more reasonable person than me, until someone tries to force their way of playing or opinion upon me ,then i am going to be as unreasonable as i possibly can, thats the choice that freedom gives me, and as a "free" capsuleer in new eden i will continue to do whatever i like.

      and if playing eve the way i want to makes me a dick then long may i be a dick.
      better that than be the kind of "dick " that you are.

  3. One feels that could have been farmed for so many more tears.

    1. but code doesn't do it for the "tears" apparently.
      another lie revealed .

    2. Absolutely not. We do it for the good of the carebears we save. Can you honestly imagine being in such a corp?

      Even if you hate the Code, you can't look me in the eye and honestly tell me you'd like to be in such a corp. And if you do, you're wrong.

      Honestly, The New Order did it a favor, and the change in leadership was a long time in coming and well warranted.

    3. the only bit of your statement that is right is this bit "hate the Code," (only in game of course) the rest is just more blah,blah, blah, .

    4. It is fitting that a bot-aspirant would only notice the words "Hate" and "The Code" in a string of text.

      Since that's what it spends all day doing.

    5. But if a bot-aspirant spends all day obsessively hating the Code, that must mean there's something wrong with the Code! There couldn't possibly be anything wrong with the carebear.

    6. just more bla,blah, code, blah bla, bot aspirant, blah blah blah.

  4. That was AWESOME. \o/ Well done Tweeps.

    The Code, winning one infiltrated Corp at a time.

  5. My brethren appears apoplectic

  6. It's a special level of fail to have 4 awoxers in a small high sec corp lol

  7. Ain't you the fancy pants? Using them big words.

  8. Do you really know that word or did you use your Nazi thesaurus?

  9. The take away: when you recruit check to see if the "seasoned" "veteran" players smell like horseshit.

    If they do they're probably Nazis. Take them to the airlock and show them the door...

    1. LOL! You said "airlock". How the hell would a "good ol boy" like you, who's father is also his mother's brother know about airlocks? You can't even find your way out through the barn door. lol

    2. Somebody likes to hear himself talk, LOL

    3. LOL! That's hilarious coming from a code monkey! :D

    4. Once again not a fan of code but at this point anybody that lets TheInternet into a corp deserves to be awoxed and to lose their corp. really people use your damn brain.

    5. Anonymous 10:50PM - This is why you ought to be a fan of the Agents of The Code.

      The majority of the agents will tell their victims HOW to avoid or at least dis-encourage the recruitment of awoxers if they are asked.

      Introducing people to the meta of Eve isn't easy. It requires homework and trawling through several sites and the use of out of game applications to look through the api keys of potential recruits. It won't cut out the brand new awoxer but with ten minutes of research you'll be able to reject the application and say hello to an Eve Celebrity at the same time.

    6. lol i'm sure code doesn't offer any kind of assistance until after the awoxing of course.
      much like the assistance offered after the ganking lol
      just the kind of assistance no one needs really .

  10. With this volume of badposting, I believe Aldo is prepared to take on Veers' former role around here. Only one question remains: from what university did he receive his degree in Space Law?

  11. Man oh man oh man...where to start....

    You know, I am all for carebears and their right to freely mine in highsec to their heart's content, afk or not...but...I'm not for stupidity.

    Yeah, I run a highsec corp. And I do a full API check, google them, and I use other tools to vet them. I also check their corp history and talk to CEOs of corps that there were in. But adding someone like TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet with NO vetting, api check, or even checking their character info is just asking for it.

    I'll admit, new players getting blindsided by the New Order preying on them, makes me feel sorry for them...but this CEO is from 2012 so I almost feel sorry for her...almost.

    This player should have known better than to invite code faggots into her corp. Which is why when I see a code bot monkey fag apply to my corp, I tell them that they drink too much diarrhea from James 315's glowing ass.

    Enough Said.


    1. BM,
      I notice you have an obsession with butts and "fags". I want you to know that I fully support your choice of lifestyle. However, please keep your language clean on this forum and try to calm down, miner.

      Enough Said.


    2. At least BM is consistent.

    3. I have read many posts from Mr. Anonymous on this forum, and he is never consistent and often self-contradicting.

    4. Butthurt Miner - you need to take your brand of recruiting to the masses, sadly I think we both know how that will make you feel and you'd probably get a more positive result if you did bang your head against a brick wall.

      I've long held the opinion that in order to create a corp there should be an online test covering game mechanics and knowing a few of the more visible community members are - high sec and null. If nothing else they'll start asking the right questions and can find the answers to questions they never knew they should start to ask.

  12. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed by CODE's ability to achieve absolute victory. This is one of those times. Well done, and thank you for your continued efforts to improve high sec life for us all.

  13. Good work TheInternet TweepsOnline TheInternet and the rest of the agents that saved the poor working class in that corp. More proof that High sec is improving!

    The Code ALWAYS wins!!! ALWAYS!!!

  14. Lolz!
    Aldo Belvar is so impotent.
    Hear him rage!

  15. i watched many freighters die today in front of the antigankers

  16. ... "creating content"


  17. Yes, content. Something most miners are unfamiliar with. It seems like this blog also created content for you real life anon 8:21 AM :)

  18. Miner Aldo, please calm down.

  19. meh seems made up

  20. How does a Cerberus lose against 2 T1 cruisers??


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