Friday, May 15, 2015

The Grace of the Code, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Luiz Zirud made a horrific killmail of himself when he was caught hauling two PLEX in a shuttle. Agent Tisiphone Dira promised to return the PLEX if Luiz sent her his three remaining ships. After the first two were transferred, Tisiphone prepared to give Luiz the PLEX--but then she noticed that Luiz lacked a permit.

Only minutes earlier, the carebear had been carting around PLEX in a shuttle. Now something was different about Luiz. He felt lighter, somehow. Perhaps it was the effect of liberating himself from his only mining barge.

Tisiphone was greatly encouraged by Luiz's new attitude. She felt more strongly than ever that Luiz would be able to experience the grace of the Code--despite having been a vile offender in the recent past. Luiz's desire to view the Saviour of Highsec was a great sign.

Though Tisiphone had already acquired a full API from Luiz, she asked him to post a screenshot of the isk transfer. Our Agents are always busy. There's never any time to waste.

Luiz made good on his promise. The majority of his remaining money was safely invested in a mining permit.

The former PLEX owner continued in the spirit of compliance. He copied a sample mining permit into his bio. Later he would need to correct the dates listed, but otherwise, things were going well.

However, before Luiz could benefit from the Code's mercy, there were some bureaucratic hurdles left to jump.

Unexpectedly, Luiz Zirud found himself in a full-blown trial--Judge Lament von Gankenheim, presiding.

Luiz was confused by this turn of events, but he had no opportunity to ask questions. The intimidating environment kept Luiz's attention fixed on what he was supposed to do. There was no mistaking it, Judge Gankenheim meant business.

In the presence of the awesome power of the New Order, the carebear could only show respect and hope for the best. With any luck, the day would end with Luiz receiving PLEX. For now, it was best to simply go along. Luiz told the court how he'd been ganked and handed over an Omen and a Retriever.

The New Order seemed to be omnipresent in highsec. Its Agents, collectively, were all-knowing and all-seeing. The only option was total honesty. Luiz even volunteered to get more money from friends, if that was what the court required of him.

Though honest and currently a permit owner, Luiz had to admit his shortcomings. The whole business about the PLEX in a shuttle left a bad taste in Judge Gankenheim's mouth. But if Luiz behaved as a Gallant from now on, maybe he could still have a bright future ahead of him.

Everything was going fine until Luiz made a mistake. A dark cloud loomed over his testimony. Yet Tisiphone Dira still had faith in the unlikely bot-aspirant's recovery. She wasn't ready to give up on him.

To be continued...


  1. The code ALWAYS Wins!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!

    1. Shakes fist, rages at Wolf. :)

  2. At least this miner is taking it well. Maybe he will find peace with the code after all?

    The Code ALWAYS wins!!! ALWAYS!!!

    By the way AG, Get good the next time you want to try to stop freighter ganks... Last night was just humiliating for you :) Code wins again!!!!

  3. This beats any court TV show. I am ok the edge of my seat.

    The Code always wins!!! Always!

  4. INB4 CCP suddenly decides the people in the court channel are being tortured and bans all those involved, or just watching.

  5. let the purse snatching commence.

  6. CODE: Chicken Out, Deny Everything: The Islamic Terrorists of Highsec. The blow themselves and others up to get their point across, otherwise nobody would even listen to them.

    CODE: Ran from a legitimate fight with RvB in last year's AT and became the laughing stock of New Eden. Then CODE was subsequently banned from all future ATs. Their reason? They were ganking Clockwork Orange's freighter which had their AT ships.

    A win? I don't think so, and neither does the rest of the EvE community.


    1. Oh powerful one, Please do tell me more about how afk mining wins eve. I bow to you power and intellect. I want to become more like you and win EVE...

      /end Sarcasm

      The Code ALWAYS wins!!! ALWAYS!!!

    2. asia want to win eve like code won the AT lmao !!!

    3. What exactly have you won there Mr. Anom-shitposter #44875620078358

    4. about as much as code ever has .

    5. and what is an anom by the way? shouldn't it be anon ? mr i like to think i'm better than you but i'm really not .

    6. don't worry it's better to be an "anom" than a nob

    7. not so gobby all of a sudden eh ?

    8. Whats a "gobby"?

      Pot meet kettle, yes?

      It least mine was a simple typo. You are just making words up now :D

    9. I'm sorry Asia, but you are mistaken...

      The code ALWAYS loses, always. The code has lost since day one, and they continue to lose.

    10. Besides, I win every time a rock disappears.

    11. British Dictionary definitions for gobby
      adjective -bier, -biest
      (informal) loudmouthed and offensive

      hows this for made up "gobby" ?

    12. I don't live in Britain so... And what did I ever say that was offensive >.>

    13. You spew the new order party line...

    14. And what did I ever say that was offensive
      that list gets longer by the day little cry baby.

  7. #1
    - 2014-08-21 16:17:35 UTC
    Greetings everyone!

    Keeping everything crystal clear, I wanted to open a topic on this subject.

    CODE. did not show up for their scheduled match against Red vs. Blue nor did they make any attempt to inform the tournament organizers of their status. We have decided to interpret their actions as a sign of resignation from the tournament. As such they have been disqualified from Alliance Tournament XII and CODE. will not be able to enter future Alliance Tournaments.

    Circle-Of-Two will thus get a bye in their scheduled match against CODE. on Sunday the 24th and all subsequent matches that day will happen 20 minutes earlier than initially scheduled.

    Please keep discussions about this topic in this thread.

    now tell me you idiots won the alliance tournament ? go on lie some more.

    1. @Anon12:08
      We won the alliance tournament. And even better, we won it by our rules, instead of those made up by a make-believe authority.

      Never forget- CODE. did 11 billion isk worth of damage to alliance tournament ships during the AT, far exceeding many of the teams.

      And after all, when have you ever known CODE. to play by the rules that others set for us? Never. The New Order are not only the Masters of Highsec, but we are the Masters of our own destiny, and will blaze our path as we see fit. After all, that is our right.

    2. I would wager mings eyes are brown, because he is so full of it.
      Strange how this 'make-believe authority' has the power to ban members of code when they do not follow their rules?

    3. Not to mention that the code and new order are made up abominations based on lies...

    4. CODE. did not show up for their scheduled match against Red vs. Blue
      can't win if you don't show you idiot.

      made up by a make-believe authority.
      lmao.. ccp is a made up authority now is it.

      The New Order are not only the Masters of Highsec,
      your not even the masters of the stations you dock in doofus.

      and will blaze our path as we see fit.
      yes minger we all know your idea of "blazing a path "
      mr "wholesale slaughter" 1 barge and 9 industrials. LOL
      but please do drench us in you tears some more.

    5. Never forget- CODE. did 11 billion isk worth of damage to alliance tournament ships during the AT,

      (what he really means is) those nasty people banned our favourite ships and now we don't want to play with them anymore...and we are going home to cry ouselves to sleep.booo hooo !!! LOL

    6. enter a pvp tournament
      gank a freighter full of ships meant for the tournament.then claim you destroyed them in some kind of

      and then....claim you won said tournament after you get banned for running away in a tantrum like the sissies you really are, on the strength of a freighter gank ...code logic.

    7. @Anon4:45
      Indeed, of the 1,547 kills that you found on my killboards, it appears that only 10 of them were unable to defend themselves.

      It would appear that I am quite fearsome in my PvP. According to you.
      (Who has zero kills.)

    8. hahahaha minger are you really still trying to spin it to make yourself look good LOL
      awww did i hurt your fellings when i found out you never even knew what "wholesale slaughter " even was never, mind take part in it lol.

      hahahahah minger thinks hes "fearsome" more comedy gold ...more tears please .

    9. waah waah i am a pvp'er waaah waaah why don't you believe me waah waah
      loving mings tears.

    10. Attention!!: Next up for sale, bottles of whine, farmed strait from ming himself.

  8. Perjury! Well, I guess some bot-aspirant and miner habits die hard, even when they're in recovery. I hope our Dear Savior blesses the Most Honorable Judge Gankenheim to dispense a little mercy with stern justice! Can't wait for the next episode!

  9. Talks are commencing at a rapid pace, looks like CODE will be getting some more bad news pretty shortly. Stay tuned, more info coming in late this evening as far as we understand it.
    Fly Safe all.
    Regards FSOP


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