Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Man Who Didn't Know When to Comply, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... Cody Fayden had a problem. He was addicted to decadent fittings and breaking the Code. Agent Nicolas Dupre aimed to cure the carebear by repeatedly ganking him. After each loss, Nicolas taught Cody something new about the game's mechanics. Cody was learning, but slowly--and at the cost of two blingy Mackinaws and two blingy Tengus.
From: Cody Fayden
Sent: 2015.04.08 12:06
To: Nicolas Dupre,

I'm not a fan of PVP. I'm not really good at it and it does not interest me too. Of course I'm mad at you. What you´ll probably understand. And what you probably pleased. I must confess, what do you do you do well. Tactically, efficient and well thought out. Just why do not you do it in low or nullsec where people like you are. People who like PVP. Or people want to take the risk for more profit to be in danger. I just want to from time to time leisure of my work, my family and my life. Few missions, some ores, little research you know? It´s probally not fun for you but for me. But I can not do. because as you take my fun and I constantly have to fear being killed in hisec and loose my hard earned money and equipment ... so it does not make any sense for me anymore, and if you look how many people have left the game because of Gankern you should agree with me actually. Well ... would you even if you do not do it for me would probably get some other and make it ... so it's not matter anyway ... now I am going to be a bit of miners and probably sometimes afk ... So come and get your next Kill Tough Guy
Sorry for the English, i´ve not many time atm so i used googletranslate
Cody made it perfectly clear that he would never obey the Code. The rule against going AFK was a deal-breaker. Cody loved to go AFK while mining or even sitting around in a blingy mission-running ship. Previously, Nicolas earned a kill right against Cody because Cody forgot to activate his own kill right before attacking Nicolas. Then Nicolas used the kill right to destroy one of Cody's Tengus.

Now Cody was safe. Right? Flashback.....
Nicolas Dupre > So you have one option to make this better
Nicolas Dupre > You could eject
Cody Fayden > how?
Nicolas Dupre > Right click your ship
Cody Fayden > but i dont loose sp
Nicolas Dupre > See? That helps
Cody Fayden > why? why did you do that? help me to understand this?
Nicolas Dupre > Well, basically because it's fair play
...Not quite safe. When Nicolas used the kill right to kill Cody's Tengu, he talked Cody into ejecting first. This spared Cody the loss of skillpoints, but it had a side effect. Nicolas had the opportunity to teach Cody about another quirk of the game mechanics: If someone ejects from a ship, you don't exhaust your kill right when you blow it up. Therefore, Nicolas still had a kill right against Cody. How unintuitive!
Nicolas Dupre > Hi again
Cody Fayden > hey
Nicolas Dupre > I'm afraid I might have to kill you again
Cody Fayden > then do ..
Nicolas Dupre > Really? You're that resigned?
Cody Fayden > sure
Nicolas Dupre > You don't want to come up with a clever plan to live instead?
Cody Fayden > nope... i give up that things... you got a kill right and i wait for the day that you come
A week later, Nicolas caught up with Cody. The carebear had gone AFK in yet another Tengu.
Nicolas Dupre > Okay. So want to do this with SP loss or no SP loss?
Nicolas Dupre > I'm fine either way
Cody Fayden > destroy me
Cody Fayden > shields are down
Nicolas Dupre > Okay then. I might bring some friends who are around though, you know, we like to get on killmails ;)
Cody Fayden > sure... i looked and shoot you so is isn´t to bouring... i´m afk... see ya
Nicolas invited Cody to eject again, but the carebear simply had no fight left in him. He awaited the destruction of his ship.
Cody Fayden > re, why i´m not destroyed ?
Cody Fayden > come on hurry up ;-)
Nicolas Dupre > Well we're not in a hurry, just seeing whether we can get someone else here
Nicolas Dupre > Expensive implants?
Cody Fayden > nope..
Nicolas Dupre > So no high-grade crystal set or such?
Cody Fayden > i think not.. and when it´s hmm dont know the word... Egal
As Nicolas invited others onto the imminent killmail, Cody returned. He spammed warp just after the Tengu popped. At least he didn't lose his pod.

Cody hadn't lost his addiction to decadent fittings. It cost him another 2 billion isk Tengu. That was the third blingy Tengu he lost, all resulting from his original failure to activate his kill right against Nicolas before opening fire.
Cody Fayden > at least the kill right is away...
Nicolas Dupre > Yup
Cody Fayden > you are looking for other victims now? you now have cost me already 10 billion, ok, now is not so much, but still a bit annoying =)
Nicolas Dupre > 10?
Cody Fayden > yeah round about
Nicolas Dupre > I think it was more like 8? Well I'm not really counting
Cody had learned so much from Nicolas over the past several days. Or had he?

Only a few hours later, Nicolas caught Cody AFK mining in a 778 million isk Mackinaw in the same system. Cody, with 4 years in the game, was still mining in 0.8 security space. The gank required two Taloses, but it was well worth it.

Two Taloses, and a Thrasher to pop the 2.9 billion isk pod. Of course Cody had a blingy pod.

A pod which did, in fact, contain a crystal set.
Nicolas Dupre > o/
Cody Fayden > oh, im dead again... k
Nicolas Dupre > You weren't entirely honest about not having HG crystals, were you? :)
Cody Fayden > no, i were not, but as i say it does not matter
Cody suffered greatly at the hands of Agent Nicolas, who personally saw to the destruction of three blingy Mackinaws, three blingy Tengus, a blingy pod and a 1.2 billion isk bounty--for a total of about 12 billion isk.

Cody finally decided he'd had enough. Highsec was too dangerous for him. How else can you describe a place where you can lose that much isk in so little time? The very next day, Cody left highsec and went to wormhole space, which he assumed couldn't be any worse.

And, naturally, once he made his way into a wormhole, this was the result:

Cody still had a lot of learning to do. This, his fourth Tengu, was the most expensive one yet.

And he hadn't lost his taste for crystal implants.

Cody Fayden remains a work in progress. I hope one day he can be satisfied with cheaper, more practical fittings. I hope he gains the wisdom to comply with the Code. Until then, I fear that EVE players in search of expensive killmails will continue to target Cody.


  1. Motoko NishizawaMay 7, 2015 at 7:14 PM

    Seems like a whole lot of winning

  2. "I'm not a fan of PVP."

    Said while playing a PvP game.

  3. But, why the need to continually fit all the blingy bits? Ego?

    1. I'm still of the opinion this character was bought on the character bazaar by a newbro who has more cash to buy plex then he has sense. Someone 4 years old into the game would have known simple kill right mechanics, how to eject, ect even if he never fired a weapon system in those 4 years.

  4. Look here, I'm a lawyer and what you are doing is harassment plain and simple. This miner only wanted to make some isk and not get wrapped up in user made content. This is no different then bumping a freighter so he can't warp off. Also until your intervention this miner was happily bored and socially isolated, now look what you've done to him - I'm appalled.

  5. It takes true wisdom to see the code for the bullshit it really is and ignore it...being code compliant means you are giving up your freedom to a bunch of old biddies that are so wrapped up in perceived risk vs reward imbalances that they have to stick their gnarly noses into other people game play...

    1. So are you telling me that the risk Vs reward for high sec incursions isn't broken. I can make 32m and earn 7k LP per incursion site in about 10 minutes or so, with basically no risk what so ever. How is that not overly OP?

    2. Why does it matter, I do my thing (not incursions) and have no problems, it is you lot that have your knickers in a wad over the whole what if they make more than are reaching for excuses for your own bad behavior...

    3. No, you said "perceived risk Vs reward imbalances" I just provided you undeniable proof that it isn't perceived, but fact. You can't sit here and tell me that a completely safe high sec wouldn't be OP given the sand-box nature of this game.

    4. eve was here before codies and it wil be here when they are gone too.

    5. How stupid are you really asia, that was not proof, but opinion...

    6. So says the anom who is too chickenshit to post on his main... gotcha. If you don't understand how High sec incursions are broken, you don't understand eve.

      See, this is how it should work... High sec is the "safest" so money making ventures should be the lowest there. WH space being the most "dangerous" and should be paying out the highest.

      Low sec should then payout higher then high sec, and Null sec should pay out more then Low sec. More risk=More reward. The problem here is that the payout of both high sec and low sec is so broken (High sec paying out too much, and Low sec paying too little). Even High sec incursions and some Level 4 missions out-strip Null sec content for income.

      Simply put, big isk should equal more ISK, more "safety should equal less isk"

    7. * Simply put, big isk should equal more risk, more "safety" should equal less ISK.

      LOL, unable to type today :P

    8. I never said I did not understand, fool, I questioned the mentality of you idiots that feel compelled to stick your noses into it, there are better things in this game than to run around yelling "he is making more than me, and has less risk, I must ruin his day for that sacrilege" code monkeys in the end are a bunch of LOOSERS...

    9. So says the guy who mines afk and expects nothing bad to happen to them, because high sec should be safe, and you should be able to do whatever you want without consequences what-so-ever.

      I think I understand your point of view now, no matter how wrong and misguided it is. Don't like it? Go play WoW where you can go about your business without interference. EvE is not that game.

      Have a nice code compliant evening :)

    10. I am having a nice evening, but there is no code compliance in my life, that is for the weak that won't stand up to you buffoons...

    11. 1:29AM

      So busy standing up to us that you can't even post from your main. You'll forgive us if we don't take your bravery very serious.

  6. Nope, its actual truth. Why so angry? I trust you came here to buy a mining permit, yes?

  7. lol. No anger here missy. I'm just sayin what everyone is thinkin: you guys are a bunch of wacked out space nazis

    Near as I can tell your space mommies didn't hug on you enough and now you can't help but follow your space hitler with his mein code and try to impose your will on everyone else.

    It's too bad it's all falling apart eh?

  8. Hmmm... lets see.
    Picks a cool, dangerous movie character for an alt, picture and all. Check
    Whines about PVP I a pvp game. Check
    Mad at CODE. Check

    Looks like another irrelevant, self entitled carebear who was touched lovingly by a Catalyst.

  9. Wow! And to think 10M ISK and honoring the Code could have simply avoided it all.

    1. Revis, I believe your family tree doesn't branch out very far, if you know what I mean. Tell your cousins to stop lovin up on your ma!

    2. There is no honoring of bullshit, revis, it just needs to be disposed of in some out of the way pit...

    3. Hey Dildo... I mean Aldo. Sorry about that. I was just wondering what you call your dad? Dad or Uncle?

  10. There you go getting all creepy too. Yall are queerer than a 3 dollar bill.

  11. Near as I can tell your butthurt over getting your routine fit retriever ganked, and you think you can win by coming here calling us nazi's...amirite?

  12. You know if you did as much gankin as you do yappin your little Nazi friends might be doing better. Your just riding on the coattails of those who've stopped loggin in anymore.

  13. Oh, don't worry. I'm just awaiting to be resupplied (My alt is 4 days away from being able to fly a freighter) then I'll be back in the fight :)

  14. meh seems made up

  15. wow this cody is like an isk pinnata.

    1. And yet he wonders why people are constantly hunting him down. This series of articles alone probably resulted in half of eve having him on their watch-list. I have the feeling this won't be the last series of blinged out loot pinata's on his killboard.

  16. Words cannot describe how this MB post makes me feel...

    ... but emoticons can!


  17. Huh. I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, this is the way I think a game should be played: Emergent gameplay. If I consider the situation wherein CCP put effort into discouraging this kind of behavior, I can only imagine myself liking EVE less because of it.

    On the other hand, it's like watching someone kill a cat because it didn't like water, and laugh about it.

    1. wat

      killing domesticated animals due to drinking habits is bat shit crazy and results in possible jail time regardless of if you laugh about it or not

      shooting up a internet spacesships in a video game that sort of revolves around pew pew spaceship explosion and laughing about it seems like pretty normal gaming stuff to me.

      i think you are confused, anonguy and may wish to revisit your analogy here lol

  18. Hulkageddon is the best thing that ever happened to miners and James 315 along with CODE is the best thing that has ever happened to hisec. Just survived a griefer x 3 Catalyst gank attempt on my Hulk in an 0.5 system thanks to the solid tank. It isn't hard to get a permit and tank you know. In fact you'd be stupid to undock without those. Get a life Veers!

    1. tank you barges ...thats smart.
      put them on watchlist (after you set them red of course)..thats smart.
      buying a permit may as well quit the game if you do that because you just gave up, tell them to go fuck themselves and if your feeling adventurous move to null (it's fun honest). just don't go there without at least getting advice because it will end badly. (my advice is find a player corp that already lives there and join it) but above all remember to tell code to fuck off !!

  19. Word of the code spreads
    Hi Sec becomes free of strife
    The Code always wins.

  20. Oh wwwooooowwww.

    I am speechless. How can you be so bad? Just... how?

    1. yeah it's pretty mindblowing

      myself and some friends have seen things like a 4 bil pod coming out of a untanked and afk retreiver in 0.5 this week, but this dude kinda takes being bad at a video game to a whole new amazing level. he's getting to the point where the epic fail will become so strong that it's actually a epic win.

  21. At least Aldo has a genuinely good gimmick for his shitposting! :D

  22. Stan vanderVilleMay 8, 2015 at 6:40 AM

    I still don't get any idea, why someone plays a game while totally uninterested in the game itself. Everewhere you hear or read about eve you get the clear message: You are never safe! Why can one enter this universe, bling his stuff and never inform before about how to avoid danger?
    The one who is not interested in eve, like cody, deserves to be educated, i.e. by code, or deserves to be killed (ingame) for stupidity.
    Stan offers extended ship insurance for highsec players! Contact me ingame!

    1. That... doesn't really make sense. If someone is mining, making ISK, buying equipment, etc., they're obviously playing the game, and enjoying it. No miner needs to be "educated" about being killed anymore than you need to be educated about mining (mind you: this "education" consists of being killed for no other reason than "We've been killed. You should be to—otherwise you're not playing the game right.")

      I've noticed this weird, almost obsessive culture in EvE that tries to force everyone into playing the way it wants them to. Then, when anyone speaks out against it, the high-road is taken. "You're not playing the game like you should!" "This is a PvP game, get to PvPing!" etc. Slowly "emergent game-play" becomes "some people are kind of dicks and want everyone else to be, too."

      I don't understand.

    2. let me help you understand

      when we talk about "educating the miner" and things like that, what we are doing is roleplaying and making a amusing story around the totally normal and 100% working as intended and totally sanctioned by CCP thing we do in eve. sure, the code agent could shoot someone in highsec and say "hi i just killed you for no reason at all have a nice day dude" but that's sure a hell of a lot less fun then adding some story line and roleplay to it, don't you think?

      shooting up a internet spaceship and blowing escape pods in eve does not mean someone is kind of dick, being kind of a dick makes you kind of a dick. shooting up the spaceship is just part of a videogame mr anonguy, it's cool.

    3. If you think that starting a mining laser and walking away is "playing the game" no wonder you don't understand.

    4. @ anon 8.34 pm
      your first impressions are correct they are a bunch of dicks trying to force their way of playing on everyone.
      don't listen to all their pitiful attempts at defending what they do ,they are quite simply a bunch of douchebags who get off on pissing in other peoples cornflakes and they love it .

    5. @Anon4:07
      I wouldn't say "we love it." But I would say "we are drawn to it out of a sense of moral responsibility."

      There are a lot of hideous things that go on in highsec because of the amount of "safety" people think they are entitled to; this blog is the daily retelling of that hideousness. The Code fights that hideousness every single day.

      There is a simple way to avoid being ganked by Code- and that is "Go to Lowsec, even if you don't like it."

      Because you will like it more than fighting us, I guarantee it.

    6. @ anom 3:34, 4:07

      You are missing the point, as usual. If someone wants to max out their mining yield or maximize their mission running capabilities that's great. You can play that way.

      The problem is that anything you do in EvE has consequences. The consequence being here that if you have a history of flying blinged ships AFK, you will have a lot of people adding you to their watch-list for a chance at a big payday.

      Either HTFU, or play WoW

    7. they aspire to goodness yet bring only tears
      and crow about triumph that's taking them years
      they preach their opinion as if it were truth
      and shoot all the things as if it were proof.
      they call themselves code,and claim to be knights
      when everyone knows, there no chivalry lies.

    8. "Not winning fast enough" cries the carebear
      As it docks for the Agents that soon will be there
      It whines for its right to mine AFK
      But New Order Agents come and carry the day
      In combat or discourse, we see that the trends
      will Point to one truth: The Code ALWAYS Wins!!!!

    9. the code ALWAYS wins!!! is what they do cry
      when everyone know it's naught but a lie
      they grief and they bother,from dusk until dawn,
      everything they do covered in scorn.
      the victory they seek if as far of as ever
      100% compliance, when will this happen ?
      NEVER !

    10. @Asia Leigh

      Hahahaha! Missing the point? What is this, Catch-22?

      Yossarian: I'd like to try to maximize my mining profits. That's the way I like to play.
      Asia Leigh: You really shouldn't play like that. I mean, you can, but you shouldn't.
      Yossarian: Why?
      Asia Leigh: Anything you do in EVE has consequences. For example, if you do that, I'll blow you up.
      Yossarian: ... Because you don't think I should play like that?
      Asia Leigh: No—I'll blow you up because everything in EVE has consequences.

      The reason EVE has those particular "consequences" for someone like Cody is because you're forcing them on him (maybe not you, personally, but you know what I mean). Don't use "EVE has consequences" to justify consequences you force on someone else—that's retarded.

      Yes, I see that this style of play is allowed. Yes, I'm ok with it not being discouraged by CCP. Yes, I like that this game has that potential. Yes, etc. But, as a pretty reasonable person, I recognize that this behavior constitutes being a dick.

      Sure, it happens. Sure, you guys might like that it happens, and it might be a bunch of fun. Everyone has their thing, and some people just have fun doing things like this. It can be especially fun in a videogame or over the internet, but don't seriously sit there and try to defend it as if it isn't being-a-dick behavior.

      That's just sad.

    11. Like I said don't like it WoW is that way ---------------->

    12. asia . i'm happy you know where WoW is all you need to do now is go there . thanks

  23. i'll rate 6/10 on half decent gimmicky shitposting, not bad.

  24. You can walk away from a situation you find boring,
    but you can't walk away from our judgement.

    Veers Belvar for president!!!

  25. Hi there,
    I´m Cody =)
    First, let me apologize my english, the most of it is from google translate ^^
    Someone in Eve let me know, here is there Story about me, so I come here and read this... It´s a funny Story, and I think 50% of the Story are true. It seems to me like a cheap journalism, where all Things are packed so, that it sound nice.

    some clarifications: I don´t play for 4 Years Eve, I created that account 2011, played ca. 8 Months, now I reactivated my account a month ago ...

    I didn´t were afk all the Time i was ganked. Ganker typical, I was in the middle of a Mission or mining. And even if... thats my matter... Not the matter of Ganker who search for the easiest way to get isk, because they simply nothing else can do.

    No, I didn´t know that there are Locater Agents, why? Because I don´t need them.
    No, I didn´t know how to activate a kill right, why? Because I didn´t do it ever before.

    Nicolas wrote a mail to me:
    quote: "I hunt in highsec for a few reasons, but ultimately I suppose if you ask why the primary reason would be... because it's a natural niche. Where there is prey there should be predators, and there is a lot of prey in highsec." Sounds to me he steal Lollypops from Kids and beat homeless, because he is the Predator ... xD I laughed so hard at this Point.

    I did many mistakes i know ... I leaved my Tengu with selvdestruct becaus i didnt want that that Kid get my Tengu... In this moment i forgot the killright and I was a few days upset that i forgot this =/ so what ... doesn´t matter. I know he will come anytime with his other accounts and kill me ... the the killright is away... and so it was then.

    In every Game there where Ganker who can only survive when they have weak Victims... so it is, so it will always be ... Let them simply feel tough, ignores the dirt, Pity them, they do not dare to go to the low/nullsec, because they would not survive there

    So tough Kiddies, go ganking =)

    Your Cody =)

    1. Why do you call yourself weak?

    2. Priceless. My favorite bits were:

      "I didn´t were afk all the Time i was ganked. Ganker typical, I was in the middle of a Mission or mining. And even if... thats my matter..."

      "Pity them, they do not dare to go to the low/nullsec, because they would not survive there"

      Cody: put the damn credit card down, stop spending large amounts of cash to buy PLEX to fuel these insane fits, and take some time to learn how to play EVE. If anyone needs to spend some time in "the low/nullsec", it's you,(Remember: all gankers are just Goonswarm alts, it's required!) at least there you will learn how the game actually works man lol

    3. tl;dr he is a homeless kid with loliypops

    4. Cody,
      Take that credit card, and buy ONE plex, then cash it in, and build 10 of your favorite T1 fit, then take it out to lowsec and try to kill someone. Then ask someone why your fit doesn't work. Or kill people with it until you get killed. This is how you learn about mechanics. For example, it took me losing a Thorax to learn not to shoot back at people on a gatecamp if I was going to try to crash it to get out of danger. I learned that lesson for 15 million isk. You can learn lessons about EVE for cheaper. Just stop being a carebear!

    5. well aren't they just precious, they go around attacking people for absolutely no reason (other than they can) then they make various ridiculous demands of their victims, and to add insult to injury they try to give advice as to what they think you shoul do. (like they are your friends ) lmao you people are truly ridiculous. douchebags .

    6. @ Ming Tso:
      Why should he do this? When he don´t like to pvp, why should he play pvp? It´s totally stupid ... I agree with Cody, Ganker are scum and should stay in 0.4 or deeper. But than they would loose her Ships and Cry like Babys xD

    7. @Anon5:54
      Because the reason for his pain is: "Lack of knowledge about PvP mechanics." In EVE Online, the fact is is that beatings will always continue, no matter where you are, for fun and profit until carebears learn how to avoid them or fight them. PvP isn't optional.

      In the case of the New Order, our organization is specifically designed and optimized to cause the carebear the maximum amount of pain and damage to pay for its non-compliance and cowardice. We do this by taking advantage of the very mechanics that are "supposed to provide safety" and turn them around and use them against the carebear. We do this both to punish the carebear for its ignorance and entitlement, and to teach the carebear that the only way it can thrive is to abandon the "peaceful" lifestyle, as well as the area where CODE. operates, take its pain and hatred, and then go and risk something it can afford to lose trying to kill something of somebody else's.

      By accepting loss, over and over and over, the carebear will learn something each time- especially if it FRAPSes its fights- andto better control its emotions when it loses- and reflect upon why it lost. And maybe then it can find some real friends- friends that could watch its back, theorycraft, and maybe finally find victory.

      For example, a double-neut Atron with two blasters can surprise the hell out of a ship that uses energy for its weapons. I almost lost a blaster cormorant to one- just because it had me sucked dry and I couldn't fire my guns. (Until I learned to ungroup them and fire them individually.)

    8. @ Anom 5:54

      Confirming that suicide gankers are afraid of losing their ships >.> IDIOT

      @ Cody

      Please, for the love of god, please stop buying plex to get these insane fits. You can fly these exact same fits using standard T2 mods at a fraction of the price. As of right now, you are just a loot pinata for anyone needing ISK.

    9. i see the "paper tigers" are still mewling in high sec.
      null sec still thinks your puny by the way lol.

    10. @PaperTiger7:06
      And The New Order still warrants that the opinions of Null Sec regarding the Code to be irrelevant; since the Code does not concern them.

      When this changes, we will be sure to let you know.
      Thank you for your input.

    11. glad to hear that we in null are as irrelevant to you as the "paper tigers " are to us.
      have a nice day .

    12. @cody: Maybe you haven't heard of me, I'm Veers Belvar; I'm a rich lawyer and a tea party socialite in real life and in game I'm the biggest carebear of all time. I've learned how to run incursions afk (so i don't need to plex with my lawyering money) and I really like to troll the eve forums with insane ideas on how to protect people like you. For instance I once suggested every new player, defined as those who've been around less then seven years, be given replicated PVE ships of their choice. For me that would be a shiny mach, for you Cody you'd get a shiny new tengu everytime you are ganked - they'd come fit with all the blue and purple mods you lost to CODE. If I wasn't such a lazy tard i'd run for CSM and followup on my HS suggestions, but then again I don't really need to as afk incursions provide me with all the isk i'll ever need.

      Stay BORED!

    13. Cody... Whatever you do, DO NOT listen to the idiotic post above me, it will only get you in more trouble...

  26. @ 5:54pm
    They are babies, especially the new order...the new order is too wrapped up in how wrong it is for someone to make ISK with no risk...and that is really pathetic...when I play EVE I don't care what you do, I have my own thing to do, and it is totally non compliant with their code...

    1. Maybe they are Scientology ... Scientology also has a Code *rofl*

    2. So you admit to being completely self-absorbed, caring only about making meaningless money for yourself. And you look down on us, for caring about others and trying to help them?

      What warped morals you must have, friend.

    3. @ Anom 6:03

      "When I play EvE I don't care what you do"

      Then why are you here complaining about what we do then?

  27. Well.. aside from the terrible haiku attempts and obvious fail troll attempts; It will now be more difficult for our fans to imitate the illustrious and venerable Nitetime Video.
    Please enjoy the following authentic Haiku from yours truly,
    Nitetime Video

    John E Normus wins
    With elite PVP skills
    John for CSM

  28. Screw you pvpers and griefers - I'm going to relax and mine some ice! Woohoo!

  29. damn...i actually feel bad for this guy. imo ease off him


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