Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Someday They Will Answer for This

Even our most implacable enemies can't fail to admit the growing power and influence of the New Order.

Thanks to the marvels of social media, you can watch highsec's healing process in real time! Agent Kalorned's @NewOrderGamis feed is always buzzing.

You might assume that by now, everyone in highsec is educated. It's true that there are a lot more educated folks in highsec now than a few years ago. Yet much work remains to be done.

The good news: Education isn't entirely voluntary. We can force people to learn, even if they don't want to. It's crucial, because the carebears who need it the most usually want it the least.

Every so often, another video in the "Code Is Forever" series pops up on the feed. Check out The Code is Forever #14 and be amazed.

Speaking of people who need a proper education, 1Mcnasty TheMcnastys made a real-life threat against Kalorned--and then warned him that things were going to get bad. It's not a good sign when a carebear's first move is to make a real-life threat. Historically, it's a bad jumping-off point.

Nevertheless, threats of this nature can be ambiguous. Was he going to use resources to find Kalorned in real life, or in the game? Are his "resources" locator agents?

Don't be too quick to judge 1Mcnasty. He merely wanted to stick up for his fellow miner.

...And maybe some other stuff. He promised to contact Kalorned outside the game (in-game).

Though the New Order has reigned supreme in the face of all opposition for years, there's always somebody who thinks our downfall is right around the corner.

It's easy to be skeptical of these carebears. As the years go by, the only thing that changes are the real-world comparisons. Who knows? In another few hundred years, maybe carebears would compare the New Order to terrorist groups run by rogue cyborgs? If there were still carebears, I mean. We will achieve total victory in highsec long before the AIs take over.

Then again, there's always some new danger out there. Fyr Inkunen thinks he might figure out a way to beat the New Order, after he learns more about EVE's game mechanics.

Our enemies believe that karma will catch up with us one day. But maybe it already has, and it's good karma? At any rate, it is the carebears of highsec who must answer to a power greater than themselves: Us.


  1. oh no !!! your going to blow some of my pixels up ....whatever will i do ....oh yeah i'll just ignore you and go get some more pixels rinse and repeat ad infinitum (or until eve dies at least )

    1. Touts lack of concern for pixels.. Posts on forum about pixels. Carebears are strange. ..

    2. posts on forums about pixels for own amusement (i mean who really cares about pixels ? seriously? )

    3. Yet your here whining and moaning about said pixels >.>

    4. once again (suprise suprise ) your wrong now aint that a shocker!!!

    5. Its okay, whenever you are ready to tell us what is bothering you (Probably a ganked mining barge) We will be here to listen and take your mining permit payment. We are forgiving people always ready to give anybody a second chance at redemption!

      The code ALWAYS win!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

    6. awww damnit i'm never going to saved !!! whatever will i do !!
      (ah well back to the pixels i guess)

      enjoy your imaginary victories.

    7. Wrong again! They are real victories in the imaginary galaxy known as New Eden. :D

    8. hmm "real " victories in an "imaginary " world ? and you say miners have issues ?

    9. Its a game fool. You can be victorious in a game. You can also fail in a game.

      Code wins and carebears fail.

    10. so what do you get for these victories then ( apart from a pile of pixels that is )?
      and what do you do with these victories? maybe take a screenshot?
      this all amounts to what exactly?

    11. Making the game and High sec a better place to be in by reforming the carebear? The pile of pixels and tears are just icing on the cake, but our real enjoyment comes in making High sec a better place for all to be!

      You would know this if you actually bothered to read the code >.>

  2. Please provide proof of such "shooting," like the New Order does, so that we may verify that you are indeed "for real," and not one of the hundreds of other miners who is full of nothing but hot air.

  3. a thousand pages
    of very angry miners
    the answer is here


  4. Meanwhile, actual CODE kill numbers at their lowest for more than a year, they're down several months in a row, and May isn't looking too good either.

    And that's where a single CODE ganker isn't just a leech on a miniluv fleet.

    You must be running out of targets, I guess. Final victory in sight?

    1. Nope.

      You're just making the classic mistake of thinking that the New Order = CODE. alliance. While the CODE. alliance is a well respected and awesome group of players, you must not forget there are thousands of pilots, corporations, and alliances that enforce the iron of the Saviour of highsec.

      The CODE. alliance enforces the will of James 315, father of the New Order. The CODE. alliance is NOT the New Order itself. An agent is simply any pilot who takes action to make high security space a better place for everyone, and that is bigger then any alliance.

    2. well respected and awesome group of players,

      is he really talking about code???? i mean really though lol ?

      An agent is simply any pilot who takes action to make high security space a better place for everyone,

      hmm the best thing these so called "agents" can do then is leave code and then biomass all their toons, if they really want to make high sec a better place.

  5. It is also a crock of feces...

  6. Whoring on concord KM's sure does take alot of skill. I wish I had as much skill as you. Please do teach me to be as good as you at this game. I want to win EvE too...

    /end sarcasm

  7. Finally, someone who didn't resort to Nazis.

    The ISIS comment is more fair. Code is beheading miners (in-game) for not accepting their view of Eve Online.

    1. purging the infidels with holy anti matter

    2. @anon10:47
      Actually, your comparison of the New Order to ISIS is completely incorrect.
      The New Order can be placated with the small sum of 10
      Million Isk. Any miner can easily avoid the wrath of the New Order of Highsec by simply asking any Agent to sell them a permit, and comply with the Code. That's easy.
      By comparison, ISIS is implacable, demands outrageous sums of money for it's operations, (remember the 200 million ransom for the Japanese guy?) and doesn't honor its word. The New Order can leave individuals alone for the real-life equivalent of $0.02.

      Honestly, hypochondriac carebears want to artificially inflate the so-called "negative" image of the New Order to colossal levels through their huffing and blustering, but Agents set the record straight. We aren't terrorists. We are pious, hardworking folk who know how to defend our space from unrepentant lawbreakers.

    3. it's not a "so called " anything you lot have a worse image than even goons, and that takes some doing

    4. We have a worse image than the single most powerful political bloc in the game?

      I guess it's true what people say: people do always hate the government. Which is fine, as long as they obey our Law.

    5. no we like concord and most of the real sov holders (except goons of course)
      it's just code we don't like the "real" government is fine .

    6. and we do obey the law . concord that is.

    7. Honesty, in listening to/reading CODE literature, I have sometimes noticed some similarities to Nazi ideas, and I found it unsettling, even though I think some of the CODE's goals are interesting.

    8. @Herr Knochenbruch
      Which similarities are you referring to?

      Racism? Exclusionism? Blood purity?

      The Code is none of these things. Anyone can join the New Order and be Code-compliant for a pittance. We take everyone, provided that they read and understand and follow the Code.

      By contrast, The Nazi philosophy doomed everyone whom it condemned. It offered no possibility for redemption, because it condemned based on race, something that nobody was able to change or fix.

      Think of it like this- The Star of David, which the Nazis required Jews to wear, was a deathmark. Its sole purpose was to identify which individuals were to be exterminated.

      By contrast, The New Order Mining Permit, which we require all carebears to carry in their bio, is a mark of salvation. Its sole purpose is to identifiy which individuals are to be left alive.

      If we want to get more technical with it, we could compare it to the Mark of the Blood of the Lamb, which was put above the doors of Jewish families in Ancient Egypt, so that when the Angel of Death came to claim the souls of the Egypt's firstborn, these families would be spared.

      As you can see, there is very little similarity between the Nazi ideology and that of the New Order.

    9. maria your organization is by no means a government, it is a terrorist group at best, and for your so called law I have seen better jokes, it is fit only for printing and used as toilet paper...

    10. Oh hai, PoopAnon!

      Out of rather morbid curiosity, have you actually done that? Printer paper would be most uncomfortable in that role, and it wouldn't flush. Just how far are you willing to go to demonstrate your anarchic disdain for local government? And if that's not a thing you're really doing, why do you talk about it every day?

    11. @Ming Tso
      You're right that those similarities are not present. The similarities that I noticed were not major, but it was mostly in the kind of rhetoric that James was using in the Manifesto II. The way he was claiming that the Hisec miners "killed nullsec pvp" and are otherwise at fault for the bad state of Eve, and why they should be persecuted (my word, not his). It just struck me as similar to the way the Nazis blamed the Jews for the bad state that Germany was in.

      It's not a large similarity, and believe me, t's not really what bothers me most about the Code, but it's just something I noticed.


    13. @Anon3:51
      Okay, so by your definition:
      Miners are more similar to Nazis than CODE., because they think themselves superior to CODE. Agents,
      CODE. is similar to Pandemic Legion, in that they also used the word "subhuman" to describe EMP Alliance while they lived in Cobalt Edge,
      CODE. is similar to the Catholic Church, since the Catholic Church fought to force their ideology upon others,
      CODE. is similar to the United States Government, since it rightfully seeks to control the populace of its sovereign borders as it sees fit,
      And CODE. is like Alcoholics Anonymous, since it seeks the complete reform of a particular type. (The Bot-Aspirant Miner)

      Hmmm. Sounds like an organization that combines all of the aspects of Pandemic Legion, the Catholic Church, The Unites States Government, and Alcoholics Anonymous would be a pretty powerful and kind of weird organization, but not one that would be intrinsically evil.

      Kind of like the New Order.

    14. miners just want to be left alone by code... no nazi resemblance there.
      the delightful pandemic legion eh.... another well liked establishment lol.
      comparing yourself to the catholic curch ...really??? have you heard about the catholic churches extremely bad activities over the last few decades never mind lately...although there are a lot of people who despise them too (so your not on your own at least )

      i don't see code allowing many miners their own life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. or stating that all men are created "equal and "independent" do you ?
      oh by the way code has no sovreign borders it owns nothing (blah blah proxy vote blah blah )
      and alcoholics anonymous actually does good things (everyone believes this)
      you only think you do good things (there are a lot more who agree with that than don't ).

    15. One of the first things that people understand about carebears is that they are extremely fast to lump something that they don't like together with something else they don't like or percieve other people don't like, without any sort of "care" or precision to the differences that those two things might have, due to its impatience. New Order Agents, on the other hand, are absolutely articulate in their diction and drafting of drawing distinction.

      Take for example, this carebear's description of the Catholic Church. Sure they may have had their stumbles back in the past, but now they have Pope Francis!

      Go ahead. Say something negative about Pope Francis.

      And secondly, let me complete and correct your horribly butchered, misquoted, and cherry-picked statement. The complete phrase you were referring to was:

      "All men are created Equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights... And to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

      The very quote you referred to points refers directly to the unanimous election of the Supreme Protector three years ago. Of course governments are established among men. The New Order is, indeed a government, rightfully established, with a Code of Conduct. (Called "Code of Laws" in other jurisdictions- U.S. Code in the United States.)

      Finally, appealing to the "miner population" as the sole source of your information as to whether or not the New Order only does "good" things is going to skew your results significantly. Note that the nullsec population of EVE (Think Pandemic Legion, whose members outnumber highsec miners 7:1) thinks Highsec Miners are absolute scum, and would probably treat the highsec miner in a similar fashion that CODE. treats non-compliant miners- with justice and righteous antimatter, taking the remains and posting them on internal forums to provide their corpmates for a laugh.

      So no, your comparisons are objectively proven wrong.
      Because the Code ALWAYS wins.

    16. TL;DR
      Wall of text from a code cheerleader who is not important.

    17. "All men are created Equal, endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights... And to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

      you have no "consent " your ridiculous claims of "proxy " votes is a complete fallacy. (there was no vote..ever )also according to code (but especially you ) miners are not your equal you take great care to point this out.

      they may have had their stumbles back in the past,(understatement of the century )

      Finally, appealing to the "miner population" as the sole source of your information as to whether or not the New Order only does "good" things is going to skew your results significantly.
      again you assume everyone is a "miner" i have played long enough and spoken to enough people to know you are viewed with (at best) indifference,
      and at worst flat out hatred.
      and you using the word "justice " applied to the silly operation you call code is plain fantasy.

      and as always the code wins nothing (and never will)

    18. @Anon7:12

      First, there was a vote. One that you apparently did not participate in, so according to the rules of the vote, you allowed your proxy to be used. Denying this does nothing to help your case. The rules were followed to the letter. James 315 was elected fair and square.

      Second, it is indeed true that Men are created equal. But then they choose to become non-compliant miners, the same way that normally equal men choose to become criminals. Becoming unequal, as I think you can agree that the miner is, is a choice that the miner (or criminal) makes for itself. Just like the Miner can choose to follow the Code and comply. Criminals are Rightly and Justly punished in the real world, just like non-compliant miners are Rightly And Justly punished by the intervention and enforcement of New Order Agents.

      Third, I'm still waiting for you to make a dig on Pope Francis. Since you are not, I'll take it that you agree that the Catholic Church is beyond reproach now that Pope Francis is leading it. Whatever they did in the past is "water under the bridge."

      And finally, I do not "assume" that "everyone" is a miner. I assume that a very small population of Highsec actually mines, and that very small population grows smaller every day, as the New Order racks up victory after victory against these unrepentant carebears. I also assume that everyone that you listen to, since "everyone" you listens to dislikes the New Order, is a minority- and most likely a carebear, whose opinions, (due to the inequality that I mentioned above,) don't count, because they represent a tiny fraction of the overall EVE population, which overwhelmingly, is Code-Compliant.

    19. noun

      flattering or wheedling talk; cajolery.
      deceptive or misleading talk; nonsense; hooey:
      a lot of blarney about why he was broke.

      the second one applies to everything you just wrote.

    20. How droll. you came up with a funny way of saying: "nuh uhhh."

    21. yeah a shorter way of saying "nu uhhh" than all that bunkum you just wrote at least

    22. My argument was original and articulate. Yours was a poorly chosen definition.

    23. in your opinion of course it was.

      as mark twain said
      "never let the truth stand in the way of a good story"

    24. joe wilson ? am i supposed to know who that is ?

    25. Figure it out, nerd. You miners are so helpless.

    26. lol an "agent" of "roleplaying" organisation is calling me a nerd thats hilarious.

    27. the amount of grrrr gons hat gons reuin gaem in this thread delights me

    28. Says the guy who plays the same MMORPG that the rest of us play >.>

    29. at the risk of dissapointing you asia i leave the RPG bit of eve at the door sorry,there are enough of you here already.

    30. Your loss, Just like your retriever loss :D

    31. loss? what loss?

    32. You know, that retriever loss that you are currently grieving over. The one that is causing you to flood this forum with your tears ;)

    33. was that a flying pig i just saw???? ;)

    34. No, that was your imagination. I hear that people that are mourning sometimes see things that aren't there. Its okay anom, your retriever is in a better place now.

    35. oh you mean things that aren't there like the kill mail of a retriever (or any other ship) that i have never lost to code ? that kind of thing i guess.
      good to know thanks

    36. Still sticking to that story, huh? I bet you don't live in high sec either? Denial is the first step in the healing process :) I'll be here to help you through your terrible loss :)

    37. you may need to at least pack some rations that's going to be a very long wait.

    38. It's okay, I'm here for you :)

      * Hugs Anom *

      There, there stop crying, it will be okay :)

    39. your hugging the wrong anon for gods sake !!! whats wrong with you ? thats not me, i told you to wait :)

    40. ming how is what some members of the catholic priesthood have done to multiple children and suffered almost no sanctions "water under the bridge" .
      would you say that if it was you or one of your children that they had harmed?
      "water under the fucking bridge " thats outrageous.

      messing about on this blog and giving each little digs for fun is one thing, some of the things you say just leave me incredulous.

    41. Not our fault you didn't show up to vote >.> Be at the keyboard next time and you will know whats going on in the game around you...

    42. can't cast a vote for an event that never happened.

    43. @ Anom 2:11

      How would you know it never happened if you were AFK?

    44. wow asia are you actually supporting that statement ?????

    45. i'm never afk it never happened .

    46. Just because "Some" Muslims decide to strap bombs to their chest and blow themselves up while taking down as many around them doesn't mean they are all bad.

      Muslims shouldn't be outlawed or demonized, because a small percentage are radicalized imbeciles... That was the point I was making about the Catholic's. Just because "Some" may be child molesters doesn't mean the whole religion is bad, nor should it be demonized.

      But I think you know what I really meant. You are just trying to get us to hang ourselves on something. Never going to happen!

      The code ALWAYS wins!!! ALWAYS!!!

    47. @Anon3:38
      Miner, calm down.

      It is not the New Order of Highsec making such accusations, it is you.

      Miners, including yourself, were the ones who started this by calling Agents of the New Order "Nazis," even though we bear no resemblance to the Nazis as we have clearly proven.

      We are Agents that play a video game and gank miners ingame. You are someone who is clearly getting angry about this, and your anger is confusing you, and making you mix up real life behaviour and that that commonly happens in a video game. So we demand an apology for your senseless comparisons and accusations.

      If you can't tell the difference between Nazis and the New Order, then what's the difference between that in the fact that we bear resemblance to the Catholic Church under Pope Francis? A loving benevolent organization whose sole purpose is to forcibly spread our ideology so that all may learn and benefit??

      You're the one who's being all hateful up in here, mister.

    48. you can demand whatever you like your never going to get any kind of apology from me.
      especially you, the one who calls people "subhuman" "it" "backwards" and now claims that decades of child abuse by the catholic church should be considered "water under the bridge"
      once again you try to spin your way out of the very things you say.
      the fact that you are so glib about your words is repulsive.
      "water under the bridge" really?
      ask the victims if it's water under the bridge ?
      as for the "game" i am well aware eve (what you said has nothing to do with eve) is a game, i am also well aware that some of the things you say have nothing to do with "playing".

      how is children as young as 3 being abused by clergy "water under the bridge"?
      some cases going back 50 yrs , how the fuck is that going to be considered "water under the bridge" what is wrong with you ???? what you wrote is appaling and it is YOU who should appologise, not me.

    49. @Anon5:11
      As everyone reading this can clearly see, it is the inconsolable miner here taking the "low road" and bringing up all these horrendous details about 3-year olds being abused by Catholic priests. By contrast, it is the noble New Order Agent who takes the "high road," and is above exploiting child abuse victims by making such emotional appeals. Such is the moral impeccability of the New Order Agent that obviously separates someone like myself from filth like this "miner."

      As it can see, I only brought up the Catholic Church, post Pope Francis, as an example of how Code actually acts, as opposed to the vile Nazis that this "miner" accused the New Order of acting as. Frustrated at the inscrutability of the New Order's moral invulnerability, the Miner attempted to "muddy the waters" and delve into the Catholic Church's past endeavours, of which to any reasonable person, I was clearly not speaking of.

      Thus, it has been proven that this miner is not above using the horrible spectre of "child rape" to try to take its revenge upon the New Order, and sully our good name.

      We are above such desperate and immoral attempts. The word of our Saviour acts as Our Shield against such disreputable attacks, and the Code acts as our Sword by which we cast down such invidious and detestable language.

      Miner, please go use the spectre of child rape to attack something else. We have no room for that type of filth here at the home of the New Order of Highsec.

    50. Whatever they did in the past is "water under the bridge."

      your words not mine "water under the bridge".

      you have no" higher ground"
      what you wrote is detestable in the extreme. to blithely dismiss those past events as "water under the bridge " is appaling, hide behind your pitiful roleplay
      it's the only place you have to hide.
      there is no "playing " in the things you wrote.... you offend,(deeply offend) and cower behind your fantasy "agent" status, this has NOTHING to do with eve or this pathetic blog or your childlike attempts at dismissal....you made reference to very real events in a very real world that have and are still doing unbelievable amounts of damage to REAL people, and you don't even have the decency to appologise for it.
      of all the people who come here(you often boast of the millions who do) do you really think, that none of them have experienced all kinds of things in the real world ????
      you are deeply, deeply, offensive you should be ashamed of yourself.
      actually i rephrase that ...you have deeply offended me, others may not be as vocal.
      this is NOT about this game.

    51. Anom 3:38

      Please quote where I say I'm excusing the guilty individuals. I was talking about the religion as a whole not the guilty individuals in said religion. Do please try to keep up if you wish to talk with the adults >.>

    52. Miner, I'm going to need you to calm down. You sound like you're on the verge of real-life violence, (which, if it happened, you would be completely responsible for.)

      Nobody is hiding here except you. You, the insipid thing that you are, is, even now, disrespectfully attempting to set up a straw man and attack that, argument, instead attempting to attack the words I actually said, in the context that they were intended.

      You are the one who needs to apologize here for using the very real pain of very real people to attack someone who made you angry about a video game. That is the thing that is extremely offensive. Not anything I said. You are the one taking words out of context and actually saying the words yourself while putting them in my mouth and then having the outright gall to demand that I apologize for them!

      To say that the behavior of the miner is shocking is an understatement.

      And of the literal millions that do come here- (check the counter, that's not a joke, over 3 million people have visited Minerbumping.com) I have no doubt that some of them have experienced this. But I know that most of them would have the dignity to not lose their shit about it in public on a website.

      I mean I would make a joke about "show me on the doll where the bad Agent touched you" but not even I'm bad enough to do that right now, given the extreme level of your indignity and butthurt over things that you didn't personally experience. (because if you did, you would have admitted as much by now.)

      And it is not me that is deeply, deeply offensive. It is you. You are the one who attempted to use child rape as an insult against people in a video game. And you are the one who owes all of us, and especially the Catholic Church, a public apology, for your needless and ignoble disrespect and thoughtless outright libel.

    53. hide behind your "roleplay" you pernicious little individual you.
      you can't libel the truth. (it really did happen)
      stay in your role as an imaginary "agent"
      and continue to seek to offend as you do.
      and once again, i repeat this has NOTHING to do with a game (you conveniently overlook this). because you have to stay in role and hide.
      and the fact that you even mention that you could make a "joke" about it once again confirms to me that i'm right.
      and if ever there was anything wrong with the internet, it's your kind.
      those who think they are at liberty to say whatever they like however vile or offensive and then try to spin their way out of it by calling it "roleplaying"

      i have been coming here a long time and have had much back and forth with many people and it was always fun ....always.
      until you showed up,with your own "special kind " of "roleplay" this is just one more nail in the coffin of new eden , the likes of you. the sooner it's demise(and this blogs) arrives the better.

    54. What I find amusing is he is demonizing Ming over what he said yet he makes jokes about comparing us to Hitler and natzi's which did pretty much more harm to the human race as a whole then any other group or organization ever did.

      Pot meet kettle, yes?

    55. what "jokes" ?
      others may find humour in calling someone "subhuman " or saying huge child abuse offenses are to be viewed as "water under the bridge" or just acting like an idiot"
      i see no humour there at all. and if you use words or phrases used by those who commited the crimes (i.e the nazis) you are asking to be compared to them . and there is no right "context ". to do so either, especially not on a blog supposed to be about a video game. unless your whole intent is to offend (which i'm beginning to think it is ) if you find any of this amusing you have my sympathy.

    56. @Anon7:57
      For someone like you, I guess that's like saying someone who wears a pretty red skirt is "asking" to get taken advantage of in a back alley, when the real intent was just to look fashionable. Can't you just appreciate the words for what they are and not attempt harness them with your own twisted meanings?

      You are taking who you "think" we are, (nazis) and treating us as if we were them. There is indeed "correct" context- context that you wish to ignore because your mission is to demonize the New Order at every corner- simply because we are always right and defend the Code, which you are incorrect for disagreeing with.

    57. Please tell me where exactly I ever used the word "subhuman" idiot. Also I wasn't aware that the nazi's had the patent on the word "subhuman" or "it". I missed that somehow.

      And yes, only idiots and monsters of the highest degree would harm a child in RL (or anyone else for that matter) so my statement stands. Once again I think you know what I meant by my statement. Nice try though :)

    58. someone like me ? you mean someone who feels that calling someone "subhuman" has no place, anywhere.especially not in a video game?
      or someone who thinks that saying horrendous crimes that people are still being affected by as we speak , should be classed as "water under the bridge" or just " acting like an idiot" are unbelievably offensive,
      or someone who actually has empathy, and realises these things are just best left alone?

      my name is ming tso ,and i can say whatever i like however cruel, or offensive, because i do it while "roleplaying " an "agent " in a video game.
      i don't care if what i say may actually cause real offense because i am superior than you and your all idiots who take everything out of "context" beacuse i said so.

      as i have repeated i could give a flying fuck about your ridiculous new order.
      this is about simply being a decent individual who know there are lines it is best not to cross, and does not cross them.(not even if you "roleplaying").

      and right at the end you prove my point for me

      your mission is to demonize the New Order at every corner- simply because we are always right and defend the Code, which you are incorrect for disagreeing with.
      still hiding behind the "roleplay " that allows you to say whatever you like .

    59. Please tell me where exactly I ever used the word "subhuman" idiot.

      You can't demonize an entire religion just because a couple of people from said organization acted like idiots.

      a "couple " of people "acted like idiots " (in reference to decades of child abuse in multiple countries ) really ?
      not using the word subhuman (that's ming)
      but just as offensive. (and i'm the idiot)

    60. You really haven't actually read my posts and comprehended them, therefore yes you are a moron.

      Try reading the whole post and comprehending it before replying. It will make you seem a lot more intelligent and a lot less like an angry 2 year old pounding on the keyboard.

      But please do continue to take my posts out of context while not comprehending them. Your tears are entertaining me.

    61. This comment has been removed by the author.

    62. as opposed to the intellectual with the double post you mean .

    63. I'm not sure why that keeps happening for >.>

      At any rate I'm glad to know that I'm right as that was the only thing you could complain about with my post.

    64. whats to comprehend? you blithely dismissed multiple crimes as a "couple of people " "acting like idiots". and by doing so you are making excuses for it.
      there is no attempt to demonize the catholic curch.
      i am and will demonize the individuals who perpetrate these crimes, whatever organisation they may be in.
      and unlike the code who it seems try to offend as much as possible, while sounding all pseudo-intellectual and superior, i couldn't care less if you think your more intelligent than i am (as you obviously do).
      and the fact that you describe something so offensive as "tears" once again proves my point.

    65. @ Anom 9:55

      Please quote me where I say that the crimes were "tears" please. I'm describing your angry posts as tears. (And they are glorious indeed).

      You obviously have no idea what you are talking about if you believe that my statement meant "blitherly dismissed multiple crimes", or that my use of "tears" described the crimes themselves and not to describe your idiotic rants.

    66. lol and you obviously have no clue if you think my "tears " reference is meant to include anything other than your view of everything except what you (or your "roleplaying cronies )say.

      the idiot here is you.
      i quote "just because a couple of people from said organization acted like idiots"
      it doesnt get more dismissive or blithe than that . the "couple " you refer to was multiple individuals.and the "act like idiots" diminishes what they did from horrendous proportions,to a mere misdemeanour.

      my use of "tears" described the crimes themselves
      does it really ?
      funny how you make no mention of "tears " until you say this

      But please do continue to take my posts out of context while not comprehending them. Your tears are entertaining me.
      while informing me you think i'm not getting the "context".
      so much for my "idiotic " rant

      it's quite clear you see no wrong in what you say, and i'm not fond of banging my head against walls of ignorance and arrogance, just go right ahead and offend as you please while lurking in the shadows of "roleplay"
      it's clearly what you enjoy, and i have no more time or pity to waste on your kind.

    67. Ugh... Arguing with you is like banging my head up against the wall, and about as painful.

      Despite clarifying to you what I meant by the statement multiple times you continue to take it out of context. Not sure what the hell I can say to clarify anymore then I already have....

      Actually I think banging my head against the wall would be more fun then arguing with you...

    68. Also, please learn to format your posts correctly...I'm going to get eye cancer trying to read them >.>

    69. Please quote me where I say that the crimes were "tears" please.

      I'm describing your angry posts as tears. (And they are glorious indeed).

      my use of "tears" described the crimes themselves

      all these sentences are in the same post i might add.
      some clarification that was.

  8. 1Mcnasty TheMcnastys has made unacceptable RL threats. He will answer for them.

    1. i can't stand code, i mean i really detest you. but i wholeheartedly agree with you alan charen-teng that those real life threats are completely unacceptable and someone should seek legal advice about them .(and i'm talking real life law )

    2. I'm going to have to agree with you on this one Anom (Not the part about standing code, but the rest of it) I can see being upset over being unexpectedly ganked, but why do some people have to bring in the IRL harassment/Threats?

      Yes, being ganked is not someone's high point of the day (being high sec or otherwise), but there is way ingame to either make your attackers life miserable or fight back that doesn't break the EULA or IRL laws.

      I respect the rebel who will post propaganda against us, or actively try to fight and stop us then the ones that go straight to going to "I will hunt you down IRL" I welcome the content involved with someone contesting my claims and actions in game, I detest the former...

    3. "i can't stand code, i mean i really detest you. but i wholeheartedly agree with you alan charen-teng that those real life threats are completely unacceptable"

      I'm glad to see we agree on this matter.

    4. glad that there is at least 1 thing we can agree upon i do actually care about my fellow man. (ok enough soppy stuff back to code bashng with pride) :)

  9. meh seems made up

    1. I'm giving you a 95% probability of being a Veers Alt.

  10. Ming Tso: not one of the hundreds of other miners who is full of nothing but hot air.

    Instead of ming who is full of hot air?
    How is that killboard there ming?

  11. "Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty" - Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister.
    Sounds like code follows his advice.

    1. So how are we to answer the blatant reality that it is miners that mimic CODE. more than CODE. mimics miners without running afoul of your "Joseph Gobbels" rule?

      Does it just come down to who invokes Joseph Gobbels first then?

    2. miners mimic code ....when ? every miner i have ever met wants nothing to do with code never mind mimic them.

    3. @Anon6:41
      This site. Do you even.

    4. minger,what are you on !!!

  12. yeah asia like we all aspire to have enough skill to kill ventures and mining barges ,and freighters with a big gang of our friends just like you do (i bet that takes huge amounts of skill......not ) your really winning eve aren't you lol

  13. I think you are proving his point there ming...

  14. How is that killboard there Anom 4:05? Oh, wait you haven't posted it yet.

  15. Poet warrior,
    Counting coup means counting ISK
    His victory looms

  16. Anom 4:48

    Please tell me more about how AFK mining requires an abundance of skill.

  17. I was going to troll code. here but then I remembered it is not nice to pick on the mentally challenged.

    1. * Golf Clap *

      Do you have any other words of wisdom to share with us?

    2. Yes, I do...however I believe that the words of wisdom I have to share is so far above your intellectual level as to be a waste of my time to share it...

    3. and i suppose you never make mistakes at all (you being perfect of course). *smirk*

    4. Never said that I was perfect. Just pointing out that if your going to insult someone else's intelligence at least learn how to type and seem intelligent yourself. :D

    5. then if your not perfect who are you to point out faults in others? :)

    6. I believe it was you that said, "however I believe that the words of wisdom I have to share is so far above your intellectual level as to be a waste of my time to share it"

      Meaning you think you are more intelligent then me yet made a simple grammar mistake a 6 year old would pick up on.

      Also we have a case of "Pot meet kettle" here as well

    7. nope sorry different anon :)
      i even added a smile hoping you would not confuse me with that rather grandios poster

    8. another example of the infalibility of code i guess lol

    9. Or another example of the uniform failure the carebear to be infallible at spelling- which is how we tell it apart from pro-Code anonymous posters.

    10. and another example of code's ever apparent arrogance, and mockery.
      bothers us less when it's you though minger your just a mouthpiece. :)

    11. I am indeed a mouthpiece, of the New Order, and the Code. I speak the Truth of the Code, and of the New Order. I have never claimed to be anything but that, as it is my job to mock the shameful and anencephalous "Miner."

    12. So says the code cheerleader called ming.
      Please ming, i beg of you, do not ever wear a skirt....*feels faint* i do not think any of us could take a shock like that.

    13. I approve of Ming's statement!

      The code ALWAYS wins!!! ALWAYS!!!

    14. whats it like to have a permanently brown nose @ Asia Leigh?

  18. i tell you yesterday 14 belts and 4 escapess your friends you are poor :D :D you can kill only solo ppl you cant kil fleet. for this you fight in high sec because you cant own low sec how bad you are

  19. @Anon2:55

    Miner, We are the New Order of Highsec, not the New Order of Lowsec. Lowsec is of no concern to us.

    And, again- no miner has ever escaped a New Order gank attempt. But if you have proof of such a thing, please feel free to present it. Not like you will, because it didn't happen, because of the whole "Miners being habitual liars" thing.

  20. lol and thats the job of a code diplomat to "mock" and use big words "anencephalous"
    brainless is quite easy to spell you know mouthpiece? you really are an arrogant individual.

    1. Okay, I will come down from my high position and stoop to your level and use the words that you are capable of understanding.

      "It is my job to mock you, the shameful and 'brainless' miner."

      There. Now are you happy?

    2. ehh, you would have to climb a ladder to reach his 'low' level ming.
      A very very long ladder tbh.

  21. LOL, So much tears in this thread. Why is it that the Gamis posts get the most tears. We must be doing a good job out there.

    The code "Gamis Division" ALWAYS wins!!!! ALWAYS!!!!

  22. LOL so much bullshit in this thread. why is it that this blog is always full of so much bullshit.
    oh yeah i forgot it's the home of the biggest bullshitters in new eden. THE CODE.


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