Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Man Who Didn't Know When to Comply, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Veteran miner Cody Fayden lost a series of increasingly blingy exhumers to the New Order, but he refused to buy a permit. Cody accidentally CONCORDed himself by failing to activate his kill right on Agent Nicolas Dupre, costing the carebear a blingy Tengu. Fearing even more expensive losses, Cody finally purchased a permit.
Cody Fayden > why do you scare me? =)
Nicolas Dupre > Checking up on how you're doing, you seem awake ;)
Cody Fayden > ah kk... my heart...
Several hours later, Nicolas paid a surprise visit to the carebear, who was running missions in a brand-new Tengu.
Cody Fayden > i didnt know other people can join my Missionplace
Nicolas Dupre > You didn't? I saw a kestrel
Cody Fayden > yeah its in my fleet
Nicolas Dupre > Ah well you don't have to be in fleet
Cody Fayden > so everyone can come into my mission places?
Nicolas Dupre > Yeah
Despite four years of playing EVE, Cody had no idea that others could find him while he was grinding away in his highsec missions. Once again, only an Agent of the New Order bothered to help him learn the game.
Nicolas Dupre > Hasn't anyone come before?
Cody Fayden > nope... or i didnt see it
Nicolas Dupre > Okay, I'll just check up on you occasionally, it's good for your education :)
Cody Fayden > i dont know what the word occasionally means
Nicolas Dupre > Every now and again? From time to time?
Cody Fayden > ah i see your chat in the local now
Nicolas Dupre > Right, having local open is good
Nicolas cautioned the carebear to always pay attention to local and obey the Code. You would think someone named "Cody" would remember the Code! But within minutes, Nicolas was shocked to see Cody go AFK. The carebear had relapsed.

Nicolas considered how to punish Cody for his crimes. He couldn't suicide gank the Tengu. Nor could he plant another awox alt into Cody's corp, most likely. A wardec would give Cody warning that he didn't deserve. Thankfully, there was one more option.

In an effort to make highsec safer, CCP created kill rights to be exercised by carebears who get killed by gankers. To make highsec even safer, kill rights are earned even by failed gank attempts. Remember when Cody shot at Nicolas without activating the kill right first? It gave Nicolas a kill right against Cody.
Nicolas Dupre > I do in fact want to kill you again
Cody Fayden > k, tha do what you have to do...
Nicolas Dupre > Well I will give you one option
Nicolas Dupre > If you die you lose SP too
Cody Fayden > i know
Nicolas activated the kill right and surprised Cody, tackling his new Tengu. Now it was time to kill the Tengu and see how blingy it was. However, Nicolas couldn't help but see the carebear in a new light. He'd grown used to being Cody's mentor.
Nicolas Dupre > So you have one option to make this better
Nicolas Dupre > You could eject
Cody Fayden > how?
Nicolas Dupre > Right click your ship
Nicolas Dupre > It's an option there
Cody Fayden > ah ok
If you die in a tech III ship (such as a Tengu), you lose skillpoints. Nicolas taught Cody how to eject from a ship and save his pod (and skillpoints). After four years of playing EVE, Cody had no idea this was even an option.

Cody ejected, and then Nicolas invited some other players to join in on the Tengu kill. Cody really hadn't learned his lesson; the Tengu was even blingier than the last one. It was worth 2 billion isk.
Cody Fayden > but i dont loose sp
Nicolas Dupre > See? That helps
Cody Fayden > why? why did you do that? help me to understand this?
Nicolas Dupre > Well, basically because it's fair play
This loss was the most expensive yet. Even so, Cody was impressed by how helpful the Agent was in teaching him game mechanics.
Cody Fayden > you killed me often enough i think... now i doesn´t have any money... thats it for me
Cody Fayden > and obviously your not man enough to do it 1:1... in fact your an Ganker i think...
Nicolas Dupre > Well I just invited friends for this one because I wanted to share the joy
Cody Fayden > ah and all off you can fap now on my Tengu Wreck =)
Cody Fayden > than good fly and have fun to ruin that Game Kiddo, I get back to the Real Life and search for a other Game. A Game where aren´t Gankers like you and your little hard Boy Gang. Greetings at those
As the reality of the loss set in, Cody became increasingly focused on all the money he had lost at the hands of the New Order. He cursed the state of highsec and threatened to quit (again).

Disgusted, Cody threw away another 1.2 billion isk. In days, he'd lost over 6.5 billion isk. It was enough to knock sense into even the most hardened bot-aspirant. Still, Cody was addicted to bling and going AFK. If he fell from grace yet again, Nicolas would be there to catch him. He hoped he wouldn't have to. Another lesson would be costly indeed.

To be continued...


  1. Wow.. I bet if there were blingy rigs, he would have fit them

  2. Replies
    1. you would really think one would learn his lesson after this point.

  3. I just found this little gem in his corps killboard.


    What is it this corp actually does, other then fly fail-fit ships...

  4. Words fail me. Cody has lost over 9B in just over a month. This pilot really needs to either quit this game or find someone to teach him how to play, because right now, he has more ISK then sense.

    1. If you ask me, this has all the making of a newbro that bought a lot of plex then bought a character off the Bazaar. No one 4 years into the game can be this dumb. Not even a bitter vet carebear....

  5. How can one man play the game for 4 years and still be that stupid?

  6. Look in a mirror, dude...

  7. All our Agents without exception are selfless and benevolent, but some of them stand out with their self-abnegation and charity. Not only did Agent Nicholas refuse to take the bot-aspirant Tengu as a well-deserved prize, but he also shared the kill with others. Even Agent Circadian Seeker managed to take a shot!

    Personally, I would have secured the Tengu for myself. Agent Nicholas sets a fine example of chivalry to be followed by Agents of the New Order and other great EVE players.

    1. Yo, salah, you are contradicting yourself there...that is one of the signs of a liar...I see that all over this board from you code monkeys...

    2. Deceitful carebears claim that the honorable Agents of the Code contradict themselves, yet fail to specify any actual contradictions. I see this all over the board with carebears.

    3. You code monkeys are too stupid to recognize the proof or you would not be repeating it as frequently as you do...so why should I provide it??? You already did provide it and you don't even recognize it, nothing for me to do...

    4. Who's more stupid? The Agents who enforce the Code? Or the carebear who comes to minerbumping.com thinking somehow they are going to stop the New Order by stamping their feet at us?

  8. meh... my Mach is twice the price of that tengu

    1. Please do let us know the next time you un-dock it :D

  9. Realistically I get a thrill out of most code blogs but this is borderline griefing. Continuously targeting a player who actually has a pretty good attitude is a bit much.

    1. Carebear exercises killright = Revenge.. Agent exercises killright = Griefing? You should reconsider your thought process. Perhaps, Anon 1039, you should meditate on the Code some more. You might find a way to shed your bot-aspirant thoughts and be enlightened!

    2. Maybe it is you that should be thinking about the thought process there nitetime....but that would require you to think and we all know that code monkeys have to check their brains in as a requirement to joining the new order...

    3. @Anon11:08
      Hmm... Nitetime responded to your statement with a valid argument. You responded with insults and nothing else. Typical angry self entitled carebear attitude.

    4. History of flying loot pinatas - Check
      History of being AFK while flying said loot pinata's - Check
      History of being non-compliant - Check
      History of failing to learn from ones mistake - Check

      Why wouldn't anyone want to hunt this guy down?

    5. CODE is like nazi or muslims - check

    6. Miner bingo square clicked - Check

  10. "now i doesn´t have any money" . . . then he places a 1.2B bounty.

    James 315 is right: all carebears are congenital liars.

    1. It would be so interesting to have some way of seeing the history of characters redeeming PLEX. I wonder how many carebears have found themselves broke and have bought a couple PLEX from ccp to throw away on bounties on our Agents.

      The New Order: helping CCP make a profit!

    2. Maria pls :D you buy character from market and you say you helping CCP :D :D :D stop so hard joking :D:D:D

    3. Well that's a new one to me. I didn't buy this character, friend. So far I've created and developed every character I use. But I suppose you'll say whatever you want, Anonymous Miner @ 1:21.

  11. Safety set to red
    Carebear shoots with little thought
    Permit is better?

  12. meh seems made up....oh and I bypass your silly reCAPTCHA

    1. Safety is for the weak anyway Nitetime.

      -Galaxy pig

    2. You can tell this is an imposter me from the lack of proper punctuation. :D


  13. Anon and galaxy pig.. those haikus are terrible


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