Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kills of the Week

Highsec pride is a thing now. As in, "Highsec: Do you have what it takes?" Maybe not. During the week of April 26th @ 00:00 EVEtime through May 2nd @ 23:59 EVEtime, a lot of carebears and bot-aspirants turned out not to have what it takes. Welcome to the big leagues.

Some freighter pilots try to get away with murder. pink hunter tried to get away with genocide--transporting over 60 billion isk in compressed ore without first obtaining a 10 million isk license. Because of the scale of the crime, Agent Chocolate Mooses didn't lead a gank fleet; he led a gank armada: JohnCrichton, Fievel 08, Rakeris, Zorses, Imawuss, Tugger head, Twizzlespark Celes, Martin Peterson, Governer Shreds, Oryae Veris, Kaapee Torcan, Jiranika, Unfit ForDoody, Admiral Calm Down, Allannon kado, Melon Arbalabator, Private Joker, dude there's my-pod, Rana Vex, Twerk it Miley, Jay Amazingness, Morrigan Laima, Yojiro, Dragalis Miraxim, PuffPuff Passitleft, Freya Guinness, Korporaal Paling, Neofelis Nebulosa, cronus111, Salama Andrethi, Riley Foxx, Buhbye Rollard, and BAE B BLUE.

Agent Chocolate and his fellow gankers did highsec proud, bringing down the behemoth in a 0.8 security system. Local lit up:
pink hunter > fuk nigger fuk ccp
pink hunter > fuk you alll
pink hunter > eve finisch
Tugger Head > Thankyou from the Imperium
Dragalis Miraxim > Love Delivered
Chocolate Mooses > The Mittani and James 315 send their regards.
Another valuable lesson for all the carebears out there: You never know when gameplay is going to emerge.

Tirr Lerain assumed he was flying under the radar, surrounding himself with a bunch of low-rent Covetors in Kino. Agents Jaxi Wreckful and loyalanon brought out the smartbombs:

Approximately 1.2 billion isk was evaporated. It's rare for our gankers to field Megathrons, but when they do, watch out.

Blondieonsum is the latest pilot to follow the new trend of flying unfit ships around highsec. (See, e.g., this unfit Stratios.) The New Order isn't about following trends; it's about following the Code. Agent PV Rock K.O.'d the unfit frigate and was shocked by what he discovered:

3.4 billion isk in cargo, plus some weird little Yacht blueprint. Nothing gets past the New Order.
Re: Illegal autopiloting
From: Blondieonsum
Sent: 2015.04.29 20:13
To: PV Rock,

you fucking dick!
When a tearmail landed in his inbox, PV Rock explained that the carebear was at fault, and he received this follow-up reply:
Re: Illegal autopiloting
From: Blondieonsum
Sent: 2015.04.29 20:20
To: PV Rock,

lol fair play though nice to have someone to hunt for a while you scum sucking lemming. You ain't know pirate your the lowest of the low. See you real soon!
Nice try, but our Knights are not afraid of unfit frigates.

Speaking of knights, LalaZor was so proud of her new Paladin that she brought it out to fight in a wardec. She probably assumed that she was guaranteed to win, seeing as how the New Order never shoots ships that can shoot back. Wrong! We simply kill our enemies so quickly that they rarely have time to shoot back. Agents Cannibal Kane and Alana Charen-Teng won the battle and reminded the carebears of highsec that when the New Order wardecs you, it's best to dock up--and follow the Code.

Meanwhile, Anerlith equipped 3 illegal ORE Strip Miners and went to town on an asteroid belt. It is my wish that no one should mine with such decadent equipment. Some people don't care about the Code, and care even less about my wishes. But to Agents Noll Kion, Lisa Tears, Randu Nardieu, AeleDeux, and Jaxi Wreckful, they're common sense. Since the Agents brought the firepower, they won the argument.

Klorel Hakaari had a pod worth 2.5 billion isk. He wasn't concerned about protecting it, though. His only concern was getting from point A to point B with as little effort as possible. Agent PV Rock knew better. In highsec, there are no shortcuts. All roads lead to the Code--or to oblivion.


  1. lame....code has truly turned into a pathetic organization unable to make even a minimal impact on highsec play. Go back to checkers, folks.

    1. ^ This. These guys actually started out trying to make a real impact and do some good to EVE, but they've basically turned into thugs trying to ruin someone's day.

    2. @ anom 8:59

      Please tell me how anyone in their right mind would think that flying any of the above ships would be considered even a remotely good idea... If code didn't pop them someone else would have.

      @ Veers

      I bet you we made an impact on the pilots featured in the above article.

  2. That freighter was the equivalent of a titan!

    ELITE PVP!!!

    1. Thanks, Alana. For the glory of The New Order and the Ministry Of Love, it was decided that it must burn. Been a long time since a freighter kill actually made my hands shake a little getting the warp in just right, FCing that many people on a kill of that size was a bit intense.

    2. The fate of Highsec was resting on your shoulders... And you were more than equal the task. Congrats!


  3. wait... what? The hulk was fit with 3x ore strip miners, but also a warp core stab? It wouldn't be able to even target to the edge of a REGULAR strip miner with a core stab...

    I'm so confused.

  4. I lol'd at this..."our Knights are not afraid of unfit frigates."

    The Code, winning like there is no tomorrow!! \o/

  5. Oh hay look everyone, another Einstein that decided it was a good idea to put 1B isk on a Mining barge. Then defeat the whole purpose of his faction strip miners by fittling a warp core stab...

    Keep it up guys Excellent work this week!

  6. If you're seriously planning on transporting that much stuff, do it in small batches, and in a ship you can defend yourself in.

    This guy was just asking for it.

  7. hi you complain for ppl with absurd boosts on ORE exhumers , but today i watching MANY MANY of yours, your implants are more absurd then miners fits more expensive ETC........ so i think your logic is total no sence....
    btw its nice you see your reports of shotdown ppl, but only today i know about 16 ppl who escape you :) why you dont report this? your technic cloaked ships is so old.... and no efective more :-)

    1. nice reply so its true....

      Argumentum ad hominem

    2. Sigh. Ok, here, I'll help you clean it up so it's not physically painful to read.

      *Hi, *about, *people, *I, *was, *MANY, *than, *miners', *etc, *I, *nonsense, *By the way, *it's, *to, *people shot down, *I, *people, *escaped, *Why don't you, *Your, *technique:, *not, *effective, *anymore.

      And to answer your questions, random anonymous miner: we fit expensive implants in order to better combat bot-aspirancy, and we're perfectly fine with the possibility of losing those implants if that's how things shake out. Expensive equipment is not necessarily bot-aspirant, it is the spirit in which it's bought and used that determines its bot-aspirancy.

      We don't report failed ganks because failed ganks are just ganks-which-haven't-yet-succeeded. I personally have died too early trying to kill guys who I then killed later on. You can safely assume that every successful gank has a couple "failed" ganks behind it as the people ganking learned to become the invincible fighting machines they now are, and those temporary setbacks are part of the learning process. They're not failures, because they don't stop us from enforcing and they don't save the carebears in the end.

      And I think our killboard speaks for itself, as far as how "efective" our tactics are.

    3. I'm not sure how this miner says we use expensive implants. Each of my 2 gankers have a Surgical strike 3% and a small hybrid turret 3% whats that about 25m total. That is not expensive compared to some of the pod km I've seen some carebears have.

  8. @Anon3:04
    Hi Anon,

    Let me answer some of your complaints.

    First, Agents of the New Order are allowed to fit whatever implants are legal within the game, because Agents of the New Order are of greater privilege and heritage than that of the common miner. Think of it similarly to police cars being allowed to have more powerful engines than standard cars- Police are allowed to have better equipment due to the important enforcement action their jobs require; New Order Agents are no different.

    Second, no miner ever escapes the New Order unless we deign it in the interest of advancing the Code, similar to how it is more effective to allow one survivor to flee a massacre to spread word of the effective might of one's organization and the terror that organization may inflict at well.

    Third, this is the Home of the New Order of Highsec. And while it is indeed an unbiased source of news and information, in that everything we print is indeed true and we back it up from multiple sources, we do not print unsubstantiated rumors, like the ones you are referring to.

    If you happen to have proof of such claims, please send them to James 315, where he will make sure that such counterevidence to the Code and the New Order is rightfully inspected and verified, so that the New Order may "fix" whatever the problem is.

    1. you said this

      "Second, no miner ever escapes the New Order unless we deign it in the interest of advancing the Code, similar to how it is more effective to allow one survivor to flee a massacre to spread word of the effective might of one's organization and the terror that organization may inflict at well. "

      and this is not true i said you today, i see more then 16 ppl escape. your actions are no more so effective because our system is better from now.

      "close friend can become close enemy"

    2. @Anon 5:28
      While impetuously stumbling to blurt out your "version" of events before you finished reading my entire comment, you missed the most important part of said comment.

      This is a news site. A News site's popularty is based on their ability to tell true stories. is no exception.

      James 315 inexorably vets every report that He recieves from His Agents, backing them up with links, killboard stats, API Verified fits, chatlogs, the whole nine yards. So when James 315 speaks, you know without doubt that His words are true.

      By contrast, what you are saying is that 16 miners escaped New Order Agents somewhere, with no evidence, no links, no video, no chatlogs. You don't even provide a system name. So in essence, what you're saying roughly translates to: "Blah Blah I hate James 315 you guys aren't effective Blah Blah."

      And as I said before, we don't print false garbage on this site. We're too good for that.

    3. Ming @ 7:29pm said we don't print false garbage on this site.
      Quite true ming! Code prints high quality garbage on this site.

  9. @anon 5:28 What ming is trying to say when he writes walls of text is that the new order fears players knowing the truth about how effective they are, thus the many many failed ganks will never be reported. Why arm your enemies as ming would say. Besides, if code would report all the failed ganks, they would not have time to report any of the few ganks that work.

    1. That seems to be an awful amount of tears for someone who claims we fail... May I ask you how many times the New Order has ganked you? How about some killmail links to go with that?


    3. You know what's funny? I actually ended up isk positive in that fight. Nice try though :)

    4. @Anon11:19
      What I am actually saying is that New Order Agents just show the truth about how effective we are, we do that daily, and that settles the argument, in our favor.

      There has never been a time in history when a carebear has been proven to escape from a New Order Agent. Argue with it all you want; it hasn't happened. And the reason why this has never happened is because nobody has ever seen it happen, or provided fraps, screenshots, or any kind of proof to back this up. Not that a carebear would have access to Fraps, considering how parsimonius and penurious it is.

      But It would seem that the carebear has answered the age-old question of whether or not a tree makes any sound if it falls and nobody is around to hear it. The answer is, there is no sound, because there was no falling tree- a carebear was simply lying about it.

    5. man sorry but rly i dont have so many space on my HDD, i cant record 18 hours mining all day.... its not posible for 5 monitors same time...
      and second i cant tell you how we detect you on gangs :-)

    6. you are as effective as "paper tigers " can be.
      so not very effective at all really,keep on mewling though.

  10. Asia Leigh
    You know what's funny? I actually ended up isk positive in that fight. Nice try though :)

    i thought it was only the terrible carebear who was concerned about isk ?
    once again code lies .

    1. Did I say I received any ISK from that fight? I was just commenting that my killboard was green for that particular fight. Please do cry some more though.

      I also find it funny that you carebears had to search for a loss of mine in an attempt to humiliate me and the best you guys could come up with was an Eagle I lost in a strat OP, in a fight that my killboard was still green after the fact.

      Keep trying though.

    2. that was not my point.
      you used the words "isk positive" like it meant something to you because it does.and now your trying to spin your way out of it.(suprise,suprise)
      and as for that "carebear" trying to" humiliate" you he's taking a leaf out of codes book you lot try it all the time.

      good effort though .

    3. Okay dumb ass let's try this again.... Killboard stats does not equal actual isk. You may try and spin it any way you want, but it is what it is. The carebears quest to amass the biggest stockpile of isk for no other reason then just to have it in no way equals simple killboard stats. Not even a little bit....

      Why am I arguing with you across multiple threads for other then it is amusing me?


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