Monday, May 4, 2015

The Man Who Didn't Know When to Comply, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Cody Fayden spent four years mining in highsec. In that time, he grew to love two things: unnecessarily expensive modules and AFK mining. His forbidden loves cost him dearly. (As they usually do.) In a matter of days, he lost a 404 million isk Hulk and an 862 million isk Mackinaw to suicide ganks. Then Agent Nicolas Dupre sent an awox alt into Cody's corp and killed his new 929 million isk Mackinaw. Seeking revenge, Cody brought out a Tengu. At first, the fight against the awox alt went well, but then he directed his fire against Nicolas' Augoror--without activating the kill right first. Cody was CONCORDed, costing him his 1.3 billion isk Tengu.
I Feel Sick > You thought you had me for a minute though, didn't you? :)
I Feel Sick > Wasn't that a bit of a rush for you?
Cody Fayden > no, or yeah... but i wanted to let decide yu pull out my stuff... but honestly.. People like you are people like you... i hope you feel good now... now go and gank other people
Nicolas' awox alt encouraged Cody to appreciate the thrill of PvP. Hadn't Cody enjoyed the battle? At least the part when it seemed like he was winning?
Cody Fayden > just to bring back my things
Cody Fayden > and now go
I Feel Sick > Got anything else to bring out?
Cody Fayden > nope... nothing against pussys
I Feel Sick > You sure you didn't get at least a little rush from nearly killing me? :)
Cody Fayden > whatever you say... now you have what you want i´ll quit this game... with guys like you it isnt fun
The carebear was a true bot-aspirant. He denied himself the pleasures of human emotion. He only "enjoyed" safely mining in highsec. Without a guarantee of total safety, he'd rather quit.
Cody Fayden > and that is it... just a game... for you little kids it is real life ^^ in school nothing and here big =) its ok
I Feel Sick > I'm sure you had a little fun really :)
I Feel Sick > It's more exciting to have some pvp in your life
Cody Fayden > what i say... if you say
Cody Fayden > I think you are this dupre guy with many many accounts and fap off when you did this to other guys... well it was a good trap...
I Feel Sick > Not that many accounts :)
Cody Fayden > i think maaany... what should a guy with no skills and lot of mommys money do otherwise
With a few parting insults, Cody prepared to leave the convo. But then something stopped him.
Cody Fayden > can i ask you 2 Questions ?
I Feel Sick > You cana ask me 20 if you like, I might not answer all of them
Cody Fayden > k
I Feel Sick > First question? :P
Cody Fayden > Why killed Concord me? Dupre killed me first 2 times... also i have a permission or not?
A little spark of humanity flickered within the carebear. He was curious about the game mechanics. He wanted to know why had he'd been CONCORDed when taking retribution against Nicolas.
I Feel Sick > Ah, killrights have to be manually activated.
Cody Fayden > ah .. fuck... i didnt know that
I Feel Sick > I can show you how if you want
Cody Fayden > no thanks... i just wondered
I Feel Sick > Well it's good to know. I'll tell you where to find it anyway
Cody Fayden > no... how i say you are the first player in 3 and more years that i attack
Cody Fayden > bu thanks for the answer
Cody spent more than four years in EVE. Until now, until encountering an Agent of the New Order, no one had ever bothered teaching him how to play the game. No one cared about him; he was just another silent highsec miner. The New Order Agent was the only one interested in helping him.
I Feel Sick > You had another question, didn't you?
Cody Fayden > how did you find me again again again?
I Feel Sick > Ah, well you're familiar with agents, yes?
Cody Fayden > yepp
I Feel Sick > You must surely have noticed that some have another button in addition to requesting a mission?
Cody Fayden > no not really
In addition to mining, Cody passed some of his four years in EVE by doing missions. Now the friendly New Order representative taught him, for the first time, about the concept of locator agents.
Cody Fayden > what now, i´ll pay you 10 million and you leave me alone or what ? Or you do not care and you 're always on?
Cody Fayden > because the fucking mack andso isnt so cheap... and I have no desire to buy me again and again
I Feel Sick > Ah, the mining permit? Well I'd certainly recommend getting one and following the Code, though understanding the Code is more important
Cody Fayden > uh yeahh its sooo important
Cody Fayden > go on
Cody Fayden > You know that is extortion and its illegal?
The helpfulness of the stranger made Cody curious about the Code. He considered making the first emergent gameplay-fueled purchase in his life.
I Feel Sick > It's just a game :)
Cody Fayden > yeah is it so? k... yeah it´s just a game... but extortion is extortion... anyway... better 10000000 as... uhhm let me calculate
I Feel Sick > 10M is certainly cheaper than your losses so far
Cody Fayden > yepp...
Cody Fayden > uh... 3 min. afk... my wife is coming i must help carry things
The carebear hated the idea of being "extorted", yet he couldn't deny that buying a permit was economically rational. He'd already lost 3.5 billion isk. If he violated the Code, he knew, he would lose more.
I Feel Sick > Going AFK is the worst possible thing for your survival odds
Cody Fayden > yrah i read this at your site
Cody Fayden > i dont miner afk... except toilet or the woman / child calls
I Feel Sick > Well you don't have to continue mining on those occasions
I Feel Sick > Quitting EVE is just a few key strokes
Cody Fayden > Although it is annoying to have to log in again but if it must be so and its a fun fact have other people to blame the game
The miner and his pursuer established a rapport. Cody felt he could be honest, even about his crimes.
Cody Fayden > uhh i have another question... are you this james 351 or so i read from in the inet? or just a follower?
I Feel Sick > A follower
Cody Fayden > must i pay at you or to him?
I Feel Sick > Sending the ISK to nicolas would be fine
Cody Fayden > kk i do...
Cody Fayden > can you send me the code pls... i must check your rules
Even in the darkest, most bot-aspirant corners of highsec, the carebears have all heard of me. My name is whispered in the shadows. I am everywhere, and I am nowhere--but mostly everywhere.
Cody Fayden > how do you know im afk or not... you dont chat with me first
I Feel Sick > I literally sat next to you for a full minute on the first occasions :)
I Feel Sick > With you locked
Cody Fayden > Change diapers afk
Cody Fayden > so, now i have your permit and you have lot of my money can you leave the corp? =)
I Feel Sick > Sure, I was going to do that anyway :)
Cody Fayden > thx
Finally, Cody paid his 10 million isk and promised to obey the Code. It was extraordinary: A permit sold to someone who only days before had bought 6 ORE Strip Miners! Always true to his word, Agent Nicolas Dupre had his awox alt leave Cody's corporation. He was deservedly proud of his victory. And yet, he knew that it was important to check up on the miner to make sure he didn't relapse. Because if he did, things would get really, really ugly.

To be continued...


  1. I was hoping this was the end of the story... Carebear buys permit, accepts the Code, starts getting curious about PVP mechanics, eventually stops mining, and voila, another bot-aspirant saved by the New Order.

    But then, the " to be continued " jumped up right there.. It seems that this miner is about to do something dumb again.

    1. Oh, he does... But then again I cheated and looked up his killboard :P

    2. You had to cheat? "Carebear" and "dumb" are synonymous. :P

    3. That's true, but some reform. I like to give the benefit of the doubt, but this guys killboard is hilarious at best, criminal at worst.

  2. Like me this guy is bored and socially isolated, unlike me he might have a chance to redeem himself. About a year ago I took the unfortunate route of defending carebears and lazy miners which devolved into me trolling the C&P forums and making truly idiotic suggestions to CCP to "fix" the game; such as having concord blow up any ganker who tries to bump a freighter more then once. I want to reform myself but by now I have such a bad rep in game all I can do is log in and spin my shinny mach a few times. I used to do incursions for isk but even carebearing FC's learned how god aweful i am at game mechanics and they gave up on me. This guy might get ganked again but he still has a chance to get it right.

    1. 9/10... you are cute when you are truthful

  3. I hope it doesn't go really, really ugly. But we've seen former carebears seduced over again by their opiate of pointless amassing of ISK and shooting of red crosses.

  4. " I am everywhere, and I am nowhere--but mostly everywhere."
    That made me lol at work. Now my boss thinks i am laughing at his shirt, thanks James.

  5. meh seems made up

  6. This horrible writing made me feel sick.

    1. Ahh.. I was wondering when the bears were going to return to their keyboards. Welcome to the conversation, Anon 728 and Anon 531. (Lol.. even their names sound like robots)

  7. The whole of Hakeri and Panorad, are failing to comply with anything CODE stand for. There is nothing you lot can do about it.

    1. I wonder where you live, miner. Certainly not in Hakeri or Panorad.

      Well, it's not like it really matters. You'll continue to receive enforcement as we see fit, and no amount of transparent lying will relieve you of your obligation to obey the Code.

  8. That goes both ways there maria, no amount of transparent lying on your part obligates me to follow your code either...really, you expect people to follow that feces???

    1. We say "obey our Code or we'll shoot you". When people don't obey the Code, we shoot them.

      It doesn't matter whether you like the Code or not. It certainly doesn't matter to anyone if you fantasize about feces while hearing about the Code (you perv). All that matters is that we demand your compliance if you're in highsec, and we'll violence you repeatedly if you don't. So yes, I expect you to follow the Code. Or I expect you to die, repeatedly, and then follow the Code. The choice is yours, but no choice other than unsubbing will change the eventual outcome.

    2. Actually, we do have that right. You consented for it twice. One when you voted for our Lord and Saviour, James 315, and second when you decided to undock your ship. When we decide to get you, we will get you. And there is nothing you can do about it, except for pay for a permit and follow the Code, or quit the game.

      We may decide, at our discretion, to let you live, but rest assured, that is our decision, not yours.

    3. When carebears are forced to post with their in-game names, it turns out they've all lost a barge or two to our Agents. But when they're allowed to post anonymously, they've never lost a ship to us, they're not miners, they don't live in highsec anyway, actually they don't even play Eve at all.

      It's curious how that works out.

    4. There you go lying again, ming, I did not vote for that buffoon, nobody did, and don't even try your proxy lie, he had no permission for all those proxies, the new order is trying to steal Highsec...and when I undock I am not concenting to anything, however things may happen...and the is a lot I can do about it, like anything I choose to do at the moment...there is nothing you can do to stop me...btw, ming, did you man up ad go after a fighting ship that had its pilot at the keyboard yet? Or are you still woosing out and following the party line?

    5. You consent to PvP every time you undock your ship in EvE. Not only Vs. Code, but Vs everyone who happens to be online at the time. EvE has always been this way. You don't like it? I hear WoW is still excepting subscriptions.

    6. Then why don't you head over there, asia, since you brought it up...

    7. elite dangerous has a solo mode thats great fun and no dickeahds to bother you either (and yes i do still have the cmdr tag ming ).you can choose when you want to play on the public servers too, it's awesome, bigger than eve too by a huge amount !
      and it's just a lot less toxic environment.

    8. Carebears want total safety, but they don't want to play the games which already have total safety. No, instead they insist on trying to ruin one of the few games which still allows some measure of risk.

      I'd be angry, but I'm going to be blowing up some of your kind later tonight. That helps soothe my frustration a bit.

    9. it really is a shame ccp allowed you to invent the "permit" to continue griefing, but thats just the way it is i guess.
      your still just a bunch of legal griefers though and you know it too.

    10. At least you accept now that this is how Eve is and will remain: dangerous. If you also think that preferring to fight other players instead of grinding for imaginary money all day is "griefing", then so be it.

    11. @Anon6:22
      It is my duty to enforce the Code. It is not my duty to hold your hand and recount the countless PvP victories that the New Order has against ships that are not only armed, but organized. And they still fall to the New Order. One only has to look at any of the notorious videos that our Knights regularly put out, such as Alara's recent destruction of an entire corp's worth of combat ships solo, to understand that your claim of the New Order only shooting unarmed ships is completely false.

      And we don't need to "steal" highsec. We already own it, as CCP has expressly endorsed our claims.

    12. without the permit ccp thinks it's griefing too maria.

    13. "If things were different ccp would think differently about it!"

      What's your point?

    14. my point is it is still "griefing " albeit allowed griefing .

    15. There is another lie ming, CCP has not endorsed your claim to Highsec...remember to man up ming...

    16. So you don't like pvp. And now you've been generous enough with your opinion to tell us that. Great.

      Now that we know you don't like spaceship combat in the spaceship combat game we play, is there anything else you'd like to inform us of?

    17. i believe i won that one lol

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. just when i start to think i get what you do i read some of the arrogance and smugness here and it just pushes me away from your code once again. it's a shame because i do think what you do has value,because the miners are horrid for the most part (and no one needs afk'ers or bots either) but i can't reconcile your outright arrogance and condescension with your claims of trying to help they are polar opposites to me unfortunately.

    1. Well, buying a permit and following the Code is a start. Shares of New Order Stock are also a great way to understand what the New Order is trying to do. If you buy 1,000 of them, you will recieve a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat.

      We do what we do because James 315 is the most honourable person in highsec, with a reputation that outstrips even Chribba. His record of staying true to his word and not being tempted by money or power or laziness is an example which all Agents of the New Order strive to follow. If you are someone who is not tempted by money, or laziness, but have an extreme desire to punish those who are, then the New Order is for you.

    2. that doesn't adress my concerns about the arrogance of code members(some not all).
      it just does not sit well with your supposed goals(or am i missing the "roleplay" )?

    3. There goes another few lies ming...

    4. @Anon7:25
      The New Order is not about roleplaying. It is a celebration of might, and standing up for everything that is right and correct about the way EVE operates as a game. It is an organization that protects the rights of EVE players from those that would systematically deny them the ability to engage in non-consensual PvP.

      It is a place where wisdom and bravery rule, and where cowards retreat, ineffectually hissing at us as we, both ingame and on the forums, beat them back into the holes they slithered out of.

      If you are someone who agrees with the concepts of "staying at your keyboard as you play EVE Online," and understand that "PvP is awesome" and "Mining is not," or even if you are someone that understands that "Lowsec is better than Highsec, and everyone needs to know that," then you are qualified to pick up that badge and call yourself an Agent of the New Order. And unload everything you have onto non-compliant miners, for the good of this great game.

    5. That is certainly a wall of arrogant lying bullshit there ming, just because I don't play EVE your way does not mean either of us is playing wrong, you can believe your bullshit if you want, but I will do whatever I want in this game even if it is mining in Highsec...

    6. @ anon 9:46
      Dont mind ming, he just thinks eve is real life. He still cant understand the difference between real life and game. Its kinda sad really.

    7. one question..... would code be allowed to do what it does without the "permit" ?

    8. Sure, as any other number of groups outside code. participate in war decs and suicide ganking. We just wouldn't be able to sell shares as it wouldn't be a business venture.

      The mining permit is what allows us to sell shares into code. This is the reason CCP required us to sell mining permits iirc.

    9. i believe ccp told your boss he had to make something from his he had to make some kind of financial gain (however small) to be allowed to continue with said without some kind of monetary demands it is simply harrasment or griefing

    10. So I guess your point is that you believe that without charging for permits, what we do would be griefing. But since we do charge for permits, it's not griefing. So you're passionately arguing that we're not griefers, but if things were different, we'd be griefers.

      I'm still waiting to see if there's an eventual point to all this. Does the story end with you realizing we're (by your own logic) not griefers, buying a permit, and getting right with the Code?

    11. I think what this miner wants is for us to admit that we are griefers. And the facts are: we are not. We are simple Code enforcement Agents, and any damage we inflict is sanctioned first by the Code, and secondarily by CCP, as explicitly "Not Being Griefing."

    12. But if things were different from how they are, then some people might call it griefing! That means it actually is griefing, because #minerlogic.

    13. Ming says: We are simple Code enforcement Agents

      All one has to do is look at ming's killboard to see he dosent do any enforcement beyond running his mouth.

    14. @Anon6:28
      At least I have a killboard, unlike common Anons who don't.

    15. @ anom 6:28

      Your assuming Ming doesn't have ganking alts. You know what they say about assuming right?

    16. no my point is what you do IS griefing (sanctioned or not ) it is one and the same thing.
      i'm gonna blow you up,because i can......griefing.
      i'm gonna blow you up, because i can,then demand 10 mill isk ....griefing with perks

    17. If you think blowing people up for fun is griefing, you are most certainly playing the wrong game, friend. Why not try playing a game which isn't 100% about pvp? You'd almost certainly fit in better in the other MMOs than you would in Eve.

    18. if i blow someone up it's because they wanted a fight, they are war targets, or are red in the blue space i live in, that simple, otherwise i leave folks alone.
      you on the other hand foist yourselves upon anyone you feel like, mostly unarmed folks i may say ,spout a load of old bollocks (and lies about some "proxy" vote) about your stupid code to justify it then try and say it's not griefing, it is.

    19. "if i blow someone up it's because they wanted a fight, they are war targets, or are red in the blue space i live in, that simple, otherwise i leave folks alone."

      And that is how you choose to pvp. I choose to pvp differently. Eve allows and encourages all forms of pvp, not only those you personally like to engage in. And no form of pvp in this game is, or can be "griefing". Might as well call your opponent in chess a griefer because they prefer to castle when you prefer not to.

    20. @ Anom 3:11

      Just because you live in provi doesn't mean that nobody else follow the NBSI method to Pvp

    21. again maria we disagree, your form of "pvp" is griefing as it is totally one sided and forced upon the victim.
      mine is between completely willing and equally (for the most part) armed pilots,i or they may be outnumbered but we are still up for a fight.

    22. asia NBSI space is fine but they don't lure noobs and the clueless in just to blow them up (there are exceptions to this of course lol) most who venture into null even for the first time are aware they may get popped and are ok with that fact.
      your victims want nothing to do with pvp or you, so it's a very different thing (yes i know by undocking they implicitly agree to being killed ) but they don't agree with that they just can't change it (yet).

    23. NBSI applies just as equally in High sec as anywhere else in New Eden. They may not agree with it, but the whole premise of this game is based on conflict. There are alot of games out there that allow players to do what they wish without interruption or consequence, but alas EvE isn't one of them.

    24. That players want nothing to do with PvP in a game based on PvP is a real problem.

      I'm not a PvP kind of person, either, but I recognize that players can shoot at whatever ships they want. I don't want to change EVE or the other players to suit me. I want to enjoy playing the game I already have and get along with the players that are already there.

      Right now, I live in hisec, but I don't think that someone should aspire to spend all their career there, even if they're PvP adverse. A safer hisec only contributes to people not exploring the game and not getting involved. That bit of adversity is what prods people into action and brings them together with a common cause.

      /Somebody/ should put a stop to CODE, I keep seeing. It's always "somebody", but never one's self. Certainly there must be a lot of you somebodies out there, and supposedly you make a lot of ISK doing things related to production and infrastructure. So why is there no infrastructure to support your defense?

      It's because, collectively, the carebears are only in it for their individual selves. Greedy, and lazy. Mining (and everything else) goes down the way the FCC would want:

      Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

      Exploding ships are very much a part of EVE's normal operation. Trying to tell people they can't blow things up is interference in this normal operation. Cursing at and threatening real life harm on players who are playing by the rules is griefing if I ever saw it. You are trying to get what you want by making other players miserable.

      I don't like misery in my games, and CODE treats me fairly well as a real person despite my differences with them. I think that's worth a 'gf'.

    25. That players want nothing to do with PvP in a game based on PvP is a real problem.
      why is that a problem ? there is lots of stuff they can do without engaging in pvp. why can't they do all the other stuff that eve offers? (like provide the pvp'ers with the ships and mods the want)
      because you say so i suppose?
      and i don't believe all carebears are the same, i know of "carebears" who can and do kill things in their barges (skiffs and procurors), i know of "carebears "who fly only logi,when not in a barge, (just to help corpies) i know of "carebears" who donate all their salvage, and loot , from their pve to help their corps. so you are most definately wrong about that .
      in fact i personally know "carebears" who have more honor and integrity than any "ganker " code or otherwise.
      what code does is driven by the desire for "tears" and the rest is smoke and mirrors to try and justify that.
      i don't like misery in my games either and i see code create nothing but misery everywhere they go.
      they too want what they want regardless of who they damage in the process.
      (in game of course)

    26. It is a problem because it infringes on another player's right to play the game their way. If CCP wanted hisec to be 100% safe, it would be.

      It's a problem because players who want nothing to do with PvP want to take the PvP away from players who want to play that way by lobbying CCP out of game.

      Initiating PvP is your choice. If you don't want to, you don't have to. If you want to try to avoid it, then try, but eventually it'll find you and you'd best be prepared to either defend yourself or accept the loss of your craft as part of the way the game is played.

      You say they just want tears, but I don't see it that way. Teaching people how to play goes against simple griefing where you'd want to make your your opponents never rise to anything higher. There are many who give Ming a hard time, but Ming has tried to help me, and there's no way he's not aware of my stance. Some members of CODE know my in game character name, but they do not hunt me down specifically or try to make an example of me.

      I do think they send some agents my way to test my morality. Some asking to join my corp, and some pretending to be new players. It could be my imagination, but if my suspicions are correct, that's an extra step they wouldn't need to take if all they wanted to do was collect tears.

      I don't think all carebears are necessarily bad eggs, but it seems that on the balance they're not that good. I feel that the nerfing of danger in hisec has made PvE players more demanding and indignant and less likely to take an in game approach to solve their problems, and this is bad for the game as a whole. I think we're all better off learning to cope with the loss of our pixels.

      Blowing up players when they're new teaches them to cope before they've invested billions in a stationary mining platform. Losses when you're new are fairly small, and some agents cover the cost of the loss for new players destroyed in enforcement. CCP says ganking new players improves retention, and maybe it's because they learn this lesson before they've become bitter enough to quit over a loss or two.

    27. your opinion is quite clearly the polar opposite of mine,and you are entitled to it.
      have a nice day :)

    28. It is a problem because it infringes on another player's right to play the game their way.
      that applies to everything code does

    29. A player can take any action within the game that the game's rules allow for. That goes for us, and it the same goes for them. You can't pick out rules in a game you don't like and change them. It's not the same game when you do that.

      Would you tell a football player not to intercept a pass because it was too easy to catch? Would you be the one to throw the ball knowing it was easy to catch, then complain when it was caught?

      Telling people they can't shoot non-combat ships because you don't want them to is adding a rule to the game that doesn't exist. This arbitrary rule infringes on a player's right to play the game by the official rules.

    30. everything code does is geared towards causing some kind of distress to others, (for their own amusement) everything, they actively use game mechanics to achieve the "tears " they seek. for no other reason than they enjoy it.
      you should maybe consider joining them your support for them is clear (and very vocal)
      code is a bunch of griefers allowed to be so by the creation of the "permit"(which ccp insisted on) nothing more, and as they say just because you can be a dick doesn't mean you should.
      their idea of "fun " is attacking the defenceless, and the clueless and calling it "pvp" and insulting their victims with ridiculous demands.(and this spiteful blog )

      (yes i know the carebears can be just as bad ) almost always after an encounter with the douches of code though (rarely before)

    31. When people do things we don't like or disagree with, there's a tendency to want to label them as evil or to assign other evils to them. There's a tendency to lump the entire group under that evil banner we invented, and in that simplified system justify our hatred of huge swaths of humankind.

      I don't particularly care for upsetting players, and so I'm not in love with what CODE does. I'm not a fan of the haughtiness, or the persona of the Savior of Hisec, James315. James315 has written a number of documents, however, outside of the savior persona that outline why they do what they do, and I bothered to read them. What they do is consistent with their mission statements, none of which are about collecting tears or griefing players to make them miserable.

      The permits were a thing before CCP. The change CCP enforced was that the permits could not be free. So, before CCP involvement, you could simply insert a permit in your bio for free. CCP's stance is more along the lines of saying "What? Free? That's not dystopian enough!" Killing freighters willy nilly is CCP approved, but giving freighters a free way to avoid being killed is not.

      My stance can be summed up with a somewhat famous quip: "I disagree with what you're saying, but I will defend your right to say it." I disagree with them, but I choose to leave it at that. I do not extend that disagreement to evil intent, and I will not hate or disrespect them because they think differently.

    32. the permit was forced upon them because without some kind of financial gain it's just griefing. (and ccp can't be seen to condone griefing..even though they really do...they just call it "player generated conflict")

      and the only saving high sec needs is saving from ol jimmy boy and his minions.
      i too have read the the same stuff you have and it's all smoke and mirrors,if you believe it thats fine but i do not.
      their mission statement amounts to doing stuff that they find fun at the expense of others, period, they make nothing better as they claim to do.
      and i too will end on a quip.
      "just because you can be a prick doesn't mean you should be"

    33. ps. it's clear we are not going to agree at all so this conversation has now become redundant.

  11. asia
    NBSI applies in high sec ? how does that work when high sec is where all the newbies live? who have no idea about NBSI,NRDS, or any other variation of the same? how can you apply those rules to someone who knows nothing about eve never mind it's rules. thats ridiculous.
    you do it to justify your poor behaviour in targetting newbies and those who are clueless.
    alas indeed.

    1. First of all most of the pilots featured on our blog are old pilots. This particular pilot featured in this particular article is 4 year old. I would hope by then someone would know what NRDS, NBSI, NPSI stand for. Nice try and blame shifting though. I'll give it a solid 6/10

    2. go read that pilots post on the other thread asia he is not 4 years old.
      so nice try.
      and he is only one of many you people abuse, for "tears" because they are soft targets.

    3. Okay, he is 8 months old. My point still stands

    4. Or could it because said pilot is too lazy to read up on the game he plays?

    5. wrong again minion, it's because he's playing the way he likes to play,not the way you say he should.


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