Monday, September 26, 2016

Highsec the Bountiful

It's hard to believe these days, but once upon a time the carebears widely believed that the Crimewatch bounty system--implemented in late 2012--would somehow destroy the New Order. They were wrong. In fact, most people consider the current bounty system to be pretty worthless. But it does have its uses.

New Order scientists discovered that carebears have an adverse reaction to having bounties placed upon them. They are particularly sensitive to bounties of 315,315 isk, or any other amount that ends in 315. The carebears of highsec know that it is the number of my name.

Agent Galaxy Mule successfully infiltrated the Anti-Ganking channel using an alt. (The name of that alt will be kept classified for the time being.) The spy gathered the names of Anti-Gankers in the channel and Galaxy Mule began placing the mark of 315 on them.

Galaxy Mule set a bounty of 315,315 isk on Size. He complained about it to his fellow rebels. In a rare display of generosity, Anti-Ganker pajedas offered to spend up to 184,685 isk to change his bounty!

The spy witnessed pajedas interfering with the bounty. Now pajedas was marked himself.

Anti-Ganker chieftain Dracvlad sympathized. A grizzled highsec veteran, he'd witnessed many Anti-Ganker defeats and had grown bitter. I often say that the Anti-Gankers see the world in reverse. Dracvlad was no exception; he felt CCP has done too much to buff ganking over the years.

pajedas agreed. CCP keeps making highsec more and more dangerous.

pajedas tried to cleanse himself of the mark of 315, but Galaxy Mule restored it. In another example of the twisted prism through which Anti-Gankers view the world, Shalishaska Laoch complained that CCP is biased when it comes to policing players' language--biased in favor of gankers!

Dracvlad coughed up a small amount of isk to modify pajedas' bounty again. But the problem of Galaxy Mule's spy alt remained. As long as he was present in the Anti-Ganking channel, the bountying would continue.

Moderator Jennifer en Marland hunted down the spy and banned him from the channel. Jennifer assured everyone that the channel was safe again, all thanks to her superb detective work. Finally, a victory for the Anti-Gankers! But something wasn't quite right. Anti-Gankers are incapable of victory; they only know how to fail. Besides, if Galaxy Mule's spy alt was kicked out, then who took that screenshot?

As it happened, Jennifer didn't find the spy. Instead, she banned one of her fellow Anti-Gankers from the channel by mistake. The toxic, paranoid atmosphere of the Anti-Ganking channel asserted itself once more.

As for pajedas, he continued to struggle with his bounty. Let the carebears of highsec beware: The mark of 315 may come upon you at any time!


  1. ag failing daily! Always!

  2. Pandemic Horde anti ganking militiaSeptember 26, 2016 at 4:14 PM

    dracvlad! join us today in the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia!
    We can see by your bio and EvEO forums posts that you are one of us.

    On countless occasions you have posted ideas on the forums that are almost identical to ours. PHags always think alike. Always!

    dracvlad friend, you should contact our Hisec Online Moderator and Operator, kip winger. As a Hisec Moderator and Operations officer kip can school you in the ways of the PHag.

    And who knows, after some long, hard lessons with kip you too can be one of our top H.O.M.O.'s

    PHags for lyfe!

    1. this must be the work of salty ben li.

    2. anon548,

      Thanks for your application. It has been approved after reviewing your display of PHag-ish behavior.

      Don't forget to sign up for the Hisec Online Moderator and Operator training sig. I can tell that you got what it takes to be a class A H.O.M.O.!

  3. Those poor AG. What a sad collection of control freaks, bound together by their misguided conviction that PvP should be limited in a PvP sandbox.
    I sometimes wonder what keeps them together. Is it their tolerance of incompetence and failure, or their culture of bitterness and hatred?

  4. I used to love doing this to carebears that were especially ragey... Totally worth the ISK spent!

    1. Hi Alyssa, I still do it; go right through the chat list spreading the word (well, number).

      Nothing has changed; there's still that wailing and gnashing of teeth...

  5. What is there to spy on in AG channel? It's just a bunch of splerg lords complaining about CODE, giving out bad advice, and accusing anyone that doesn't think high sec should be 100% safe of being spies.

  6. ANOTHER failure for antiganking.

    since Kalynn shardani left they have become even MORE toxic.

    1. Pandemic Horde anti ganking militiaSeptember 26, 2016 at 9:14 PM

      We at the Pandemic Horde anti ganking militia would like to add Kalynn to our hall of fame.

      Kalynn showed true PHag qualities when he saved his child from becoming a ganker, PHag style!

      Kalynn will always represent the best of the hisec PHags. He will be missed by other PHags.

    2. Wow.

      Takes a special kind of person --using that term loosely here-- to actually rejoice, smirk and snark over, and use as propaganda the real-world death of an infant.

      Well done.

      Well done indeed.

    3. takes a special kind of person to defend someone who would murder their own child and then kill themselves... just saying

    4. "takes a special kind of person to defend someone who would murder their own child"


    5. "takes a special kind of person to defend someone who would murder their own child"


  7. Lol leave it to AG to turn on each other and never even find the actual spies. I still have that same character in there, relaying names what fer bountyin'.

    -Oink, I mean, heehaw.

  8. sure is a good thing that we have both csm AND ccp staff constantly making ganking easier.
    no one ever could have discovered the obvious benefit to highsec pvp with 135k extra ehp on a freighter for 10% of that extra hp on a wrecked hull, without great internet detectives like dracvlad. I bet he has an autographed photo from ripard teg on his computer desk.

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