Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why You Are Dead, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Micheal Cardineal was shocked when Agent Semtex Attor told him he'd been ganked for failing to get a permit for his Tayra. He was skeptical, but the Agents in the "Why am I dead?" channel confirmed it was all true. Micheal was bitter about the whole experience and claimed no one had told him about the Code. Moreover, he denied being a miner despite having been caught with mining equipment in his cargo.
Galaxy Duck > It's a crime to fly in Highsec without James 315 giving you the go-ahead.
Micheal Cardineal > wow
Micheal Cardineal > im
Micheal Cardineal > im speachless
Galaxy Duck > this is all old news, friend
Galaxy Duck > 4 years now
The Code is long-settled law. You'd think all the carebears would've gotten with the program by now.
Micheal Cardineal > im speachless that you guys have the audacity to kill players and take their shit because you cant earn you money the honest way
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > What's the "honest way" in this game, anyway?
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > The entire production carried out by players is military industry.
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > We are all death dealers here.
Micheal received sage counsel whether he wanted it or not.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:07
To: Semtex Attor,

Again, I'm not a miner! How many times do I need to tell you!
Meanwhile, Micheal continued trading EVEmails with his new pen pal.
Micheal Cardineal > I make my honest living in this game by trading, but since you guys blew up my hauler, i am now out of business
Micheal Cardineal > on top of that, all of the rest of my gear is back in Arlek, and, according to yall, i can't get to where I was trying to now without a permit, so if i try to fly the rest of my stuff there, ill lose it too and be even worse off
Galaxy Duck > you need a permit, buddy
Galaxy Duck > don't worry, they're cheap!
Thanks to Semtex's perfectly executed gank, Micheal was nearly broke. It suddenly dawned on Micheal that things could get even worse: What if he got ganked again when he went to retrieve the rest of his stuff?
Micheal Cardineal > Cheap my ass! I dont have that much money at the moment becuase I have to get a new ship and gear for it now! Thanks to you guys!!
Galaxy Duck > Sorry friend, but as law enforcement officers, we can't make special considerations and play favorites
Galaxy Duck > The law is the Law.
Micheal Cardineal > So does this "law" extend to Arlek?
Micheal Cardineal > Cause if so, I was already leaving there anyways and want to get out without having any further issues.
Knowing the extent of the New Order's reach was crucial. If our Agents patrolled Micheal's home system, he was in danger of losing everything.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:13
To: Semtex Attor,

I really think you are musjudging me in your attempt to get my money. Now, I want my stuff back free of charge. I am already going to have to replace my ship and all of my mods on it, which will cut into my availible funds for trading.

So I would appreciate it if I could get my stuff back. At minimum, the Luxury Ship, as it is very important to me.
While Micheal peppered our Agents with questions in the "Why am I dead?" channel, he played hardball with Semtex. He demanded immediate reimbursement. As leverage... something something.
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > New Order of Highsec only governs the highsec systems. You should ask around about the local laws and regulations in your home system separately.
Micheal Cardineal > So this is all of High Sec??
Micheal Cardineal > Seriously?
Galaxy Mule > Micheal Cardineal I understand that you're frustrated, but you'll have to come to terms with the socio-political situation in Highsec.
Galaxy Mule > the New Order isn't going anywhere. We
Galaxy Mule > We're here to stay.*
The other shoe dropped: The Code applies to all of highsec. Micheal was completely surrounded.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:17
To: Semtex Attor,

How far does this "law" reach?
Before throwing in the towel, Micheal asked Semtex for confirmation of the bad news.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:19
To: Semtex Attor,

So you mean to tell me that if I tried to leave Arlek right now with the rest of my stuff to go to Low Sec, theres a high possibility that I would have that stuff confiscated too??
The carebear's mind was racing. Danger lurked behind every stargate. If only he'd purchased a mining permit.
Galaxy Duck > Micheal Cardineal you there?
Micheal Cardineal > yes -_-
Galaxy Duck > how are you doin' bud?
Galaxy Duck > chin up
Micheal Cardineal > If I return to Arlek right now and gather what little i have left
Micheal Cardineal > and attempt to go to low sec
Micheal Cardineal > will you guys show up again and take the rest of my stuff?
Micheal Cardineal > or are yall gonna let me leave freely?
As long as Micheal was in contact with some Agents of the New Order, there was no harm in asking about the possibility of safe travel. Even if they lied and said he was safe without a permit, it would be a comforting lie. Micheal would be able to calm down, at least for a while.
Galaxy Duck > we will most definitely gank you again
Micheal Cardineal > oh
Micheal Cardineal > oh that
Micheal Cardineal > that's just great
Micheal Cardineal > cool
Micheal Cardineal > been living here for over a year, never heard of you, but the second i find out and want to leave peacefully, im effectively stuck here
Micheal Cardineal > cool
...But our Agents never lie.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:29
To: Semtex Attor,

I've lived and operated in High Sec for over a year and have had 0 issues. On top of that, I've traveled more than 30 jumps away from my home station and never had an issue in High Sec before this week. So if you guys are as omnipresent as you proclaim to be, you either have shitty lower management or are a bunch of pompous trolls who love picking on little guys for no reason.
Now Micheal Cardineal's whole future in EVE was in doubt.

To be continued...


  1. Agents, I have one request to make. When you get the next sniff of this guy, and others like him, please please please make sure he's on Teamspeak and Record is on.

    Thanks in advance,

    The Eve community

  2. As usual you guys are fucking pricks, A cancer to Hi-Sec ,It's to bad no one wants to put the efforts in to tracking worthless cats all around ....unfortunatley for us or much more fortunate for you it is much more profitable to watch local and do what we do and play how we want, Carebears are those that cater to your Extoration. /SAD

    1. Calm down, miner.

    2. Jeezus 642.

      They let you online all by yourself? Youz moms not standing there wiping some drool is she?

      Bless your heart ;)

    3. That's why you fail...well, among the many reasons. Someone else should put in the effort to fight CODE while you mindlessly farm ISK. Oh, and if you were actually watching local, you probably wouldn't get ganked.

    4. zopiclone was the only player with cancer in high sec hope hes all better now

    5. Anon642, my tear jar runneth over. Please don't be a Goofus.

      All over New Eden capsuleers face the choice of either fighting back or running away. It requires a great deal of effort to interfere with us and doing so results in you making zero ISK/hr. We win. The Code always wins, because miners are lazy and greedy and the Code is all about smart piloting. If you're in any doubt, just assume we've already won.

      The next step is to buy a New Order Permit so you may reside in James 315 territory as a citizen in good standing instead of camping there like a angry, entitled squatter.

    6. Praise Zopiclone!

  3. Anon642.

    Thank you for your tears spilled over a PVP spaceship combat video game. Have you not heard? Hi-Sec is not totally safe by design... working as intended.

    Now, HTFU.

  4. I like this series! -and not just because I'm in them. :)


    1. The Galaxy Farm is a credit to the Organisation; you've earned your spot here; enjoy it!

      ps I'd be grateful if you, Конфетный Тролль and Winnie Po0h would leave me something to gank in Tarta...

    2. lol, Rob Thompson -- they are efficient, aren't they?
      Don't worry, as the Savior might have said "There's a Goofus subbed every minute." There will be one coming along for you to gank in a moment.

      - Sun-Tzu

    3. Hehe sure thing Rob o7

      -Galaxy Pig

  5. But where oh where is Ming?

  6. I've been mining in hi-sec all week, about 6-8 hours a night. No hint of the new order.


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