Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Most Powerful Reputation in Highsec, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Australian Excellence entered a highsec system and gave everyone a casual reminder about the need to buy a mining permit. Suddenly, an unruly carebear named Nexeroff Severasse went on a tirade about CODE.

People in highsec tend to define themselves based on their support for or opposition to the Code. Just as Agents and Gallant miners write about the Code in their bios, Goofuses fill their bios with anti-Code messages.

Australian Excellence was new to CODE., so Nexeroff felt it was important to warn him about the alliance's reputation.

Australian was worried about Nexeroff's anger issues. Nexeroff was worried about Australian's entire life; he could only imagine the horrors that would inspire someone to join CODE. Nexeroff was so busy typing out his reply that he didn't respond to Australian's point about James 315. But the mention of my name rarely goes without answer, and Nexeroff soon had something to say about the Saviour of Highsec:

The carebear leveled a scurrilous accusation against me. He had nothing to say about the "bigotry" of miners who stay in highsec while telling gankers to go to low/null.

Nexeroff's anti-Code speech finally reached its dramatic conclusion.

...Or had it?

Though he'd just finished venting a greater than average amount of carebear anger, Nexeroff still felt motivated enough to continue ranting.

Australian tried to steer the carebear toward a better understanding of CODE.'s role in highsec.

But Nexeroff was convinced--against all evidence--that the New Order is responsible for the last few years' dramatic decline in EVE subscribers.

Nexeroff kept local chat scrolling. Fueled by his hatred for CODE., he showed no sign of slowing down. He was willing to accept gankers in EVE, but not if they flew under the banner of CODE. and sold mining permits.

According to Nexeroff, all the world's problems could be traced back to the kind of people who would join the CODE. alliance--and Australian Excellence was one of them! That, in Nexeroff's eyes, was the ultimate crime.

Like the people who say "CODE. is worse than Goons," Nexeroff pointed out the other "villains" of the game and contrasted them favorably to the hated New Order. But what was the basis for Nexeroff's opinion, and what qualified him to make such an assessment?

Next time, on MinerBumping:

Secrets will be revealed...


  1. Welcome, ganker idiot.

    If you have never been here before just remember, you are supporting the wrong type of game play.

    Real EvE players dislike you. You are lol'd at and belittled constantly.

    If you seriously cared about EvE you would stop shitterganking/ganking/failganking/careganking, or leave.

    1. Welcome miner,
      As a real EvE player I have to admit it - I love CODE :)

    2. 640 got triggered.

      Too easy!

    3. 254 is yearning for relevance

    4. 428 triggered

      Quit while youz ahead ag

  2. Also don't forget Ritalin. Ritalin is easy!

  3. OMG!!! Do you think Nexeroff's expert profiling will reveal the CODE. schedules??

    1. The revenge of the Solar Spy master.

    2. Do you think he will tell us that if you shoot someone in call of duty/battlefield that you are prone to murderous tendencies in real life?

    3. Even if he don't say it, you know he believes it.
      Downsey ag fuks, they all the same.

    4. /hears "Criminal Minds" theme in the background
      Is this the same dude that claimed to be a LEO but was like a TSA flunky or something?

  4. lol, so my opinions (as someone who is "part of eve outside of CODE") don't matter... even my brother agrees - CODE saves markets and economy. If miners were left to their own devices they would strip mine every asteroid and simply crash markets... and still continue mining.

    1. I'm Nitetime Video and I approve this message.

    2. You saying you approve a message means it must be a shit message. Don't think. Just Ritalin. Ritalin is Easy!

  5. Jeezus

    He has downs, right?

  6. Did someone teach Foxbolt how to spell?

    Or is this not that tread?


  7. But where oh where is Ming?

  8. You guys need to understand a very simple fact about EVE online:

    the goal of this game is to kill players, period. No matter how you do it, or how you wrap the way you do that. CODE uses a game exploit left behind by CCP on purpose to carry on their activities which hurts the peripheral activities of the game (mining and hauling for example). CODE existence relies on this exploit and they use it because they like playing this way. So be it.

    If you don't want to understand and accept this fact, either quit the game and uninstall it from your PC, or fight them with the same weapons they use.

    Hope this help.

    1. No. There is no goal in this game. You do whatever you want. Be it mining, pvping, being asshole, tycoon or whatever else you come up - including being police that enforces set of laws [which is what CODE does]. For me goal of this game is to make certain system main trade hub - goal as good as any other, but at least it is not trivial to achieve.

      Also CODE doesn't use any exploit.

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