Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Most Powerful Reputation in Highsec, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Australian Excellence witnessed the awesome power of the CODE. ticker when he spoke in local and was immediately accosted by Nexeroff Severasse, who went on an epic rant about the alliance. Nexeroff condemned anyone who would even consider joining CODE.

Like so many other carebears, Nexeroff dressed up his irrational hatred of the New Order as some kind of pro-newbie stance.

With only minimal encouragement from our endlessly patient Agent, Nexeroff continued to fill local chat. By this point, his anti-Code lecture had already gone on for more than half an hour.

Agent Australian briefly interrupted the speech to inject a little common sense. Obviously freighters without permits are going to be ganked when they jump into Uedama. That's been the case for years. But Nexeroff couldn't accept it.

Nexeroff felt he had some special insight into the New Order. Strangely, though, this seems to have been his first recorded interaction with one of our Agents. It's possible that he's been ganked and lost ships on an alt, much like the anonymous commenters who say, "I've never lost a ship to CODE., but I hate them."

Then Nexeroff revealed his secret: He was an expert psychologist. And he'd found psychology--right there in the Code itself.

Nexeroff's credentials grew more impressive by the minute. He'd used his psychological expertise to analyze hackers. He was good at it, too! On Nexeroff's watch, the Gibsons had been safe. It's unclear why he quit, but whatever the reason, he had plenty of time now to rage in random highsec systems about CODE.

The Code itself fell under the sharp gaze of Nexeroff. Employing his own special methods, he tested the Code to see if it held any value.

Nexeroff discovered flaws in the Code. For instance, our Agents police highsec and tell Code violators to stay out, but our Agents don't stay out of highsec themselves. This made no sense to Nexeroff. It would be like security guards telling someone to leave a building, but the security guards often stay in the building. What a bunch of hypocrites!

The anti-Code activist couldn't be persuaded to embrace the Code. Australian's ability to continue screencapping the conversation was becoming severely taxed.

Then things took an interesting turn: Nexeroff proposed that the Code should be judged based on empirical evidence: Data, math, numbers.

Nexeroff was absolutely certain that the empirical evidence would back up his claims. He didn't actually present any data, math, or numbers, but still.

In any case, Nexeroff had set the terms. His argument with Australian would be decided by the empirical evidence. It was the moment our Agent had been waiting for.

The result was devastating. After nearly an hour of listening to Nexeroff beat the drum about new players quitting EVE, Australian finally played his trump card, citing CCP's own studies which proved ganking improves new player retention. Ironically, it was carebear theme park advocates who had encouraged CCP to conduct such studies in the first place. They've regretted it ever since. All the empirical evidence has supported the New Order's position on ganking, not the carebears'.

Nexeroff had a sudden and unexpected change of heart about the value of empirical evidence. He summarized his earlier remarks and promptly terminated the conversation. Another victory for the Code! Nexeroff had been humiliated in local chat, but there was a silver lining to it: At least now he had a reason for his grudge against CODE.


  1. I can’t help but wonder what a real psychiatrist would make of his one hour rant, whereby he bemoans the fact that imaginary spaceships are being destroyed in a video game about destroying imaginary spaceships.

    The pseudo-intellectual miner, and the illiterate miner, are merely two sides of the same coin. Both must be destroyed, before we can bring order to Highsec.

    1. I disagree. This game is clearly about trade (or to be more precise: making ISK)
      Just happens so that destruction of assets propels trade (otherwise no one would be buying new ships which would cause economy to stagnate; this implies that CODE is saving economy <=> CODE is good... but I suppose this is nothing new).

    2. EvE is clearly about PvP. Nothing more, nothing less. If you cannot see this, you are part of the problem.
      Gankers are part of the solution.

      Ship up and fight or gtfo, you dont deserve EvE if you are not willing to PvP for it.

      Everything pve related in EvE exists solely to provide content for PvP'ers, as was the original intention.

      CODE and independent hisec gankers are the only people fighting to save EvE.

      EvE would die if we left carebears to populate hisec. I mean just look at the volume of evidence on this blog that proves carebears are a disease.

      Are you doing your part?

  2. Nexeroff, if you're reading this your safe space is in WoW. Can we have your stuff, snowflake?

  3. Unbelievable drivel Nexeroff. 'Imperical'? 'Meglomaniac'? From a Psych Major?

    The egotist, the liar; all there for the serious psychology student...

  4. Replies
    1. That post has been repeated so often I must be coming from a bot-aspirant...

    2. antigankers fail so much they could be bot-aspirants!

    3. A story for the kids and grandkids for sure! But why trust a guy who lost over 40 billion ISK what a fail boat!

    4. why post anonymously when code is still ganking like theres no tomorrow XD

    5. Marital problems already son?

    6. Dante Fasttackle, United Ganker College FundSeptember 15, 2016 at 2:45 AM

      One time an anti-ganker pm'd me in Uedama acting like he had saved me from having my DST ganked, and I literally vomited.

      I went on a solo enforcement mini-rampage in Allamotte just to cleanse my palate. I think I got like 3-4 pods, an extremely illegal multi-ORE-extender-fit Iteron V (I caught it warping into an belt that no cans or any reason for it to be there at all, so immediately locked and killed it). Worse - they never scooped their loot. I got it hours later after I read the killboard:


      (While you're there, check out the bravest Phoenix pilot in the game, all the way at the bottom. My first kill after resubbing a month ago with a brand new toon and it was a dread!)

  5. Taylor Swift shocked face is so win!!!

    Another bear feels the keen sting of being wrong. Stick to hackers Nex.

  6. Watch out for your schedules guys. Nexeroff says he reads CODE with an open mind.......

  7. Replies
    1. Surprised your wife let you use her credit card to sign up again. New IP, wife's name, you're a whole new you!

    2. I thought his wife left him?

    3. Awwwwww very sad for you Bro. Sorry didn't know.

  8. But where oh where is Ming?

  9. The ammount of ag fail is unbelievable. Surely ag are just CODE alts sacrificed to James for our reading pleasure!?!

    If not, oh man. What a downzy bunch of carebears. "Special" forces, if youz knowatimean.

  10. Dante Fasttackle, United Ganker College FundSeptember 15, 2016 at 2:18 AM

    A Master's in Psychology is the professional equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree in Law in the USA - not worth the paper it's printed on. It's also illegal to use it to practice without the supervision of a Psy.D. or PhD.
    Source: I have a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and a Doctorate in Jurisprudence (omgherd just like ~~~~~~~~the Mittani!~~~~~~~~~). But none of that matters quite so much as the fact that I follow and serve the CODE.

    Hisec will become Utopia. And James 315, is going to lead us there.

  11. You know how all your friends are getting married, having sex and all?

    You ever feel you're missing out?

  12. It was a private chat room that Australian Excellence previously was invited to prior to becoming a CODE crony. The background is not in psychiatry, which is more about altering brain chemistry by the use of drugs. It is instead a background in Psychology.

    It makes me laugh that this obviously was something that bothered CODE to such a degree, that someone felt the need to post several times about it here. It's laughable really. I think it's amusing at the very least, specially how hard someone tried to twist meanings and relevant information but even still the truth is there for everyone to see now.

    Well, that was worth about 5 minutes of grinning from ear to ear. I hope all the CODE sheep got a kick out of it as well.


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