Friday, September 23, 2016

Why You Are Dead, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping...

Micheal Cardineal considered himself "ready to handle any combatant," but he hadn't counted on the fierce might of elite PvP'er Agent Semtex Attor. Micheal's fail-fit Tayra was lost, along with some mining equipment. The carebear demanded reimbursement and denied being a miner. Engaged in a chat in the "Why am I dead?" channel and an exchange of EVEmails with Semtex, Micheal's vaunted verbal skills began to fail him, too.
Galaxy Duck > apparently there's a deal in the works to sell you back your yacht
Galaxy Duck > with a permit included
Galaxy Duck > I'd take it, personally
Micheal Cardineal > I dont even have 20 million, how is that a fair fucking deal???
Micheal's Tayra had been hauling his most prized possession: A Victorieux Luxury Yacht, which survived the gank and was recovered by our Agents.
Galaxy Duck > can't you borrow some ISK?
Micheal Cardineal > No i can't, I don't know anyone to borrow from
Galaxy Duck > that sucks
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > You need some good friends.
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Let James 315 become your friend.
Galaxy Duck > ^
Highsec miners tend to be solitary. Then disaster strikes and they need help from someone. The Saviour of Highsec is that someone.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:34
To: Semtex Attor,

Two of the ships, including the one you just destroyed, were Haulers, and another was a second Retriever that I lost to a second player gank, just as I did the first, and under similar circumstances to the first Retriever I lost
Despite claiming not to be a miner, Micheal confessed that he'd lost two Retrievers while mining in highsec. The pieces were all coming together.
Galaxy Duck > The New Order always has it's arms wide
Galaxy Duck > ALWAYS
Micheal Cardineal > Wow you guys are a piece of work
Micheal Cardineal > "here, imma blow up your ship, take your stuff, hold it for a permit ransom, then offer friendship"
Micheal Cardineal > and even better, your so damned smug about it
Micheal Cardineal > its the sickest joke i've ever seen
Micheal was in need. The New Order offered its friendship. The offer was rejected.
Galaxy Duck > I don't mean to be smug, only friendly
Galaxy Duck > just because we blew you up doesn't mean we can't be buds
Galaxy Duck > I mean, you flew through our space illegally, and we're not holding it against you.
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > No one is your real friend in EVE before they've blown you up a couple of times, after all.
Galaxy Duck > ^
Our Agents supplied Micheal with emergent content and good advice. Everything he needed, really.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:38
To: Semtex Attor,

I'm aware of the specs, but I don't deal in small shipments, I deal in several 1000's of m3 of goods. that Yact was more of my relaxation ship. I got it for purchasing a long term subscription, so I like to look at it in station because it's pretty.

I would never take it out into space unless I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn't lose it, and now I'd never take it out if I still had it.
Micheal wasn't interested in friendship or learning how to play EVE. He was obsessed with glittering material things. He owned a yacht for the sole purpose of "relaxation". He was an isk-hungry, decadent carebear. And yet, in the long run, going down that path had only led him to poverty.
Micheal Cardineal > Here's the thing.
Micheal Cardineal > I've been living in High Sec a long time now
Micheal Cardineal > and not ONCE have I EVER heard anything about this
Micheal Cardineal > never been ganked in high sec
Micheal Cardineal > never got a memo
Galaxy Duck > have you been living under a rock (in highsec)?
Micheal Cardineal > but i get on this week and lose three ships in the last week in high sec
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > It's never too late or too early to learn about the Code.
Micheal cursed the injustice of it all. It's true that highsec is not yet perfect. However, a perfectly just highsec requires that everyone is 100% compliant with the Code. Micheal's refusal to buy a permit wasn't going to make the world a fairer place. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Re: Notice of Service
From: Micheal Cardineal
Sent: 2016.09.19 20:42
To: Semtex Attor,

Had you, instead of blowing up my ship, just held me in place and told me about this, I might be a little more apt to do the whole permit thing. Maybe.

But no. Without warning, you simply blew up my ship and took my stuff.
Meanwhile, other carebears are begging CCP to remove bump mechanics that allow us to hold people in place (sort of) and tell them to buy a permit.
Galaxy Duck > I will say that it is indeed an oddity that you've never heard of us, especially living in our domain for so long.
Galaxy Duck > but now that you have, we can move forward
Micheal Cardineal > Move. Forward??
Galaxy Duck > well sure
Micheal Cardineal > You think I wanna pay 10 million ISK just so I don't get ganked in any space??
Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri > Sounds like a good deal.
Micheal's patience ran out. He left the "Why am I dead?" channel and stopped exchanging EVEmails with Semtex. With nothing but his empty pod, Micheal slowly traveled back to his home base. A few minutes later, Agent Molly Klinker popped the pod.

Micheal's story might have ended there. But then someone told him about this series on MinerBumping.

Micheal renewed his correspondence with Semtex--to thank him.

Before, Micheal considered the Code to be a sick joke. Now he had mixed feelings. Progress!

Once again, the combined efforts of our Agents--and a timely MinerBumping article--helped an EVE player expand his horizons. The New Order is making highsec a better place with better people.


  1. \o/ I liked it!


  2. "First the blade and then the ear,
    Then the full corn shall appear..."

    I've every confidence that our unwitting subject shall, in the fullness of time, be ready for harvesting..

  3. I dunno if it was mixed feelings so much as a solid stance and gained knowledge.

  4. Either way, good for him for learning from his mistakes.

  5. This carebear has the ability to change for the better, now we see if he has the will.

    Nullsec recruiters reading this could do worse than chatting this guy.

  6. Dunno, same stuff different day....code are just the little dogs of a sycophant master. Who like to hump hump and hump miners all the time.
    Blog should be call miner humping because miners get Fcucked up all the time

    1. after reading this comment, I imagined you as one of those little yipping dogs, that doesn't get to go outside and spends its life barking at the world going by from behind a glass door.
      if by same stuff you mean, saving the game every day...yeah, that's why people like you still get to play...even tho all you do is whine on our blog.

  7. wish you would pleb. at least make a burner char and say hi
    its hard to visit you when you drop off the face of the planet, jerk.


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