Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Anti-Community, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Frenzier Unicum was skeptical about the New Order, but he chose to buy a mining permit to earn the trust of Agent Lawrence Lawton. Frenzier then informed Lawrence about a bot with a Hulk. Lawrence destroyed the pesky Hulk. Frenzier went to the Anti-Ganking channel to learn more about who the good guys and bad guys are in highsec.

To Frenzier's surprise, the Anti-Gankers were angry at him for reporting a miner-bot to Agent Lawrence.

Frenzier's experiences left him questioning his assumptions about the New Order and the rebels. He wanted to give the Anti-Gankers a chance to tell their side of the story.

Less than a minute prior to Frenzier's joining the conversation, the Anti-Gankers' paranoia led to them banning one of their own. Now Frenzier was under the microscope.

Almost immediately, however, one of the Anti-Gankers who called for Frenzier's ban came under suspicion himself. Frenzier was in the clear--for the moment.

Frenzier took the opportunity to pepper the Anti-Gankers with more questions.

Of course, the interview was frequently derailed as the toxic paranoia of the Anti-Ganking channel repeatedly bubbled to the surface.

In the world of Anti-Ganking, curiosity is tantamount to treason. Anti-Gankers aren't supposed to think.

Some of the Anti-Gankers vowed to block Frenzier so they would no longer be troubled by his questions.

However, some were willing to voice their honest opinions.

The hypocrisy of the anti-Code rebels on display: They complain that we don't target bots enough, but when we do gank bots, they complain that we should let CCP take care of the problem.

Years of continuously non-stop failing daily has taken its toll on the Anti-Gankers. Some have adopted a hopelessly defeatist attitude. Taking stock of the situation, Frenzier couldn't help but agree with them: The Anti-Gankers were utterly failing to make a difference.

As I've often said, the Anti-Gankers seem to inhabit an anti-reality in which everything is turned upside down. In the Anti-Ganker world, the rebels win victories and make gankers rage-quit. And freighters can't be tanked.

In contrast to the optimism and energy of the New Order, the Anti-Gankers toil under an oppressive cloud of gloom and malaise. Frenzier had seen all he needed in order to made his decision.

One bright spot in their existence: The knowledge that the New Order is always watching. They may resent us, but without the New Order, they wouldn't know what happiness looks like.


  1. Textbook cases of delusion, arrogance, ignorance and navel gazing all rolled up into the ag channel.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is why they continuously fail every day continuously!

    Hail James 315, long live the Code \o/

    1. Hi, James here

      I just love HAVING MY SHIT PUSHED IN

  2. Anti-ganking should be grateful that Agent Lawrence kindly and promptly removed the Hulk.

    Instead, they remain the epitome of failure.

    Praise James! \0/

  3. the antiganking channel - always good for a laugh xdxddddd

  4. AGers - still failing nonstop daily continuously repeatedly.

    1. It's still "agers". No need for caps.

      And that's how they should be treated. Dunked until they leave, if not they will kill EvE.

      That one dumb shit claiming to give back to newbros. Is he giving back the same bad advice some other willfully ignorant dipshit gave him?

      ag is fail concentrated, they are detrimental to the longevity of EvE.

      Long live the CODE!
      Long live EvE!

  5. The Ritalin commentary from Code is real. Ritalin I easy!

  6. I love how antiganking are super quiet when a post comes up showing logs from the ag channel.

    they cant say anything because of how retarded they would look defending more retards XD

    1. Retards defending retards, is a vicious circle.

  7. Jeezus, that's some lulzy downs in the ag chats.

    It's hard to believe anyone that "special" can function well enough to even be allowed on the net. Maybe they have some professional supervision, one can only hope.


    the antiganking leader even has a dedicated page for ag on how to be respectful that's some downzy autistic shit

  9. But where oh where is Ming?

  10. Even when i fly a lot with AG-Fleets....

    Killing a bot is ok for me, more than that...if i find a bot, i will gank itself, killing afk´s also, killing autopiloting freighters...well they deserve it!

    I´m not antiganking to stop all ganks, i do it for fun, for my personal fun, the chance i would have been joining gankers side wasn´t very small. without that pseudoreligous behavior of code and co. i would have joined.

    Also i do not agree with joe turnbull, who says HiSec should be free of gankers, without gankers, i would have left Eve maybe, because it´s boring.
    Mining i stopped in HS some month ago, it´s the most f...... Job in Eve,
    Mission running , or complexes are always the same, after some time doing it, antiganking is a must for me to get my motivation back, i don´t care, if we fail, or not, some of that autopilot pilots do not realize, when they look in their account, and we could save from ganking, why their armor, or hull is down!!!

    so why shall i care about their survival?

    For me AG is like some kind of sport, or like playing chess, i also like to see, when Kusion makes a perfect draw and fucked us up, or daxter is kidding us, when looting the wreck of a freighters, when we all wait to kill him if he goes FY.

    I watch it, i think "whow" and try again to do it better, try to stop him next.

    And really, be honest, will gankers not miss AG´s sometimes, because that easy kills are boring?

  11. No AG ever actually ever posts here its always just Code trying desperately to create any type of perceived struggle/content. Truth.

    1. That is groundbreaking news! Quick, someone notify Gorila Vengaza!

    2. 108 must be that same carebear idiot in the chats, just by posting here he disproved his own theory.

      That's some downsy fail there ag


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