Saturday, September 24, 2016

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #115

You know what that means--time for another Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Darwin Arji thought of himself as some sort of narrator for his own gank. But his true colors soon emerged:

There isn't enough space to include the entire EVEmail here, but you get the idea. Darwin's the type of guy who would tell you, "I AM calm!"

Our Agents are righteous swords, though.

More than 99% of gank recipients lack a permit. The remaining <1% spend ten million isk on a permit and act like they're above the law.

I'm sorry, but owning a ten million isk permit doesn't make you some big-shot VIP or something. Not when highsec actually has people with genuine rock star status like our Agents do.

Frajer Alland felt so important that he violated the Code, went AFK, and showed insufficient deference to Agent Kalorned. And he thought he could get away with it because he once spent ten million isk.

Frajer didn't learn his lesson when he was ganked for non-compliance. Once again, a gank was just the thing to bring a miner's true colors to the surface.

Frajer was promptly booted from his corporation.

Why do I get the feeling that Rowdy - Yates also belongs to the Frajer Alland school of thought when it comes to permit ownership?

Carebears don't want to work for anything anymore. They PLEX for instant isk, they get skill injectors for instant skillpoints... Miners are getting so impatient these days. You can even see it in their (in-game) death wishes.

Ah, the nihilistic miner on full display. He sat in an asteroid belt just waiting for his inevitable gank.

People ask what the Saviour of Highsec does. Well, forgiveness is a big part of my job. And I hope all you highsec carebears out there realize that seeking my forgiveness is a big part of yours.


    Finally after two years Plugboi VC starts coming around...

  2. Well said, Anon1032. Tiered pricing would be a great idea. I propose that Carebears who still haven't found their way out of highsec after their first birthday should pay 100m ISK.

  3. CCP wants to please every one in this game, not only PVP'ers. It's called evolution for business survival. Null & Low-sec is for PVP'ers, and high-sec is for miners and mission runners.

    Hardcore Pvp'ers need to adapt or quit. There is plenty space for everyone.

    Sorry PvP dude, this is your new reality, it does not matter how much ISK you ask to miners, what matters is your personal experience and you need to find your territory. High-sec is definitively not yours. If you do not like how the game evolves, you have to quit, and nobody will miss you, this is EVE !

    You need to adapt, quit or be perma-banned.

    1. Anon1136, you have quite an imagination. Nullsec is for mining, ratting, complex-running, exploration, PI, reactions, and manufacturing, while following the owner's the rules and paying tax for the privilege of living there. Occasionally there are wars to decide the owner.

      Highsec is where you learn how to live in James 315's space under James 315's rules, so you can function in nullsec once you figure out how to play EVE.

      Lowsec is the space you travel through when you graduate from highsec and head out to nullsec.

    2. Wrong, CCP don't want to please everyone. Carebears are here just to kill. Hisec is for noobs and everyone else belongs in low or null.
      Quit being a shitter 1136, leave hisec or gtfo carebear

    3. "You need to adapt, quit or be perma-banned."

      Sounds full of conviction and authority. Impressive, until you note the complete absence of a recognisable identity.

      If you're not prepared to own the words you speak, Be silent.

    4. Hahahahah ..... anon carebear saying highsec is not for the PvP'er.

      It's definately not for the 10 year highsec shitterbot. Noobs only in highsec. There should be a 60 day limit to highsec. After a character reaches 60 days old they should go flashy red.

      This would fix EvE.

  4. If i had my way i would scrap permits entirely and when we are asked why we killed someone i could respond with - because i felt like it

  5. The first honest thing you have ever said wolfy.

  6. Lulzy, kip wanker got triggered.


  7. I think the first honest thing I said was many years ago when I uttered the words -

    antigankers failed.... AGAIN!!!!

  8. Why does kip winger claim to be hsm? I can find no such corp.

    He is lie.

    And why does he brag in ag chat about banging his 13 year old neighbor? Is that not illegal in his country?

  9. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it will always still be James 315, always.

    "And I hope all you highsec carebears out there realize that seeking my forgiveness is a big part of yours." - James 315

    Sorry James, you have failed. You are not the savior of anything. Only Jesus can save, and you are not him. Go read the Bible...specifically John 3:16, and John 14:6. Let Jesus into your heart and rejoice today.

    1. Another RL tard cannot seperate game from some book of fairy tales.

    2. Oh brother, let us pray for forgiveness and compassion.


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