Friday, September 30, 2016

A Bot's Worst Nightmare

Highsec is crawling with nasty little bots. Only one group stands against them: The New Order of Highsec.

Of course, the bot-aspirants protect the bots, surrounding them like human shields. By being as similar to bots as possible, bot-aspirants make it more difficult for gankers to target bots. And, I suspect, they make it more difficult for CCP to locate and ban bots (should they be inclined to try).

Agent Aaaarrgg and friends began killing some AFK miners. Our Agent killed the first of the group at 19:23 EVEtime. Far from scattering, they continued munching on the rocks as if unconcerned.

Our hero jumped through various hoops and finally got to a point where he could deliver a deathblow to the Orca.

Victory came with the destruction of the Orca nearly 2 hours and 20 minutes after the Orca's corpmates began dying. Obviously, this was a group of bots. And no one was willing or able to stop them until the New Order came along.

Another day in another part of highsec. A bot named Sir Dockington was called out in local and pounced on by a motley crew of gankers.

A random passerby named Farsi Caldoran convo'ed one of the gankers. He explained that he originally intended to take some potshots at the gankers, but changed his mind when he saw that they were targeting a bot. He then decided to help kill the bot, but he was thwarted by his safety. Once again the Crimewatch system only got in the way of anti-bot activity.

However, Farsi did manage to switch off his safety and get a little damage on the bot.

Farsi belonged to none other than Dirty Dogs Movers And Shakers corp, a member of the United Systems of Aridia. If that alliance name sounds familiar, it is because they were featured as villains in the Battle for Aridia series. As you'll recall, their main feeder corp turned into crows and disbanded. Even so, they cannot deny that our Agents are EVE's best and only hope in the fight against bots.


  1. Nice job, CODE agents!
    While I prefer that you did this type of activity most of the time, you are correct when you say that there are plenty of players acting like bots. Also, your killmails seem to indicate an epidemic of stupidity is running rampant in EVE: Bots and Bot-like behavior are the disease; CODE is the cure!.. Hey, get your CODE artist working on that for a poster.

  2. I didn't think high sec belt rats could out damage the regen rate of an Orca's shields. Must have been AFK since servers came back up after the morning reboot. Well done, agents!

  3. Dante Fasttackle, United Ganker College FundSeptember 30, 2016 at 8:21 PM

    Dead Orcas make my nipples hard. I've never killed one myself.

    Looks like my alt Daishiki Faginafang will be joining CODE!

  4. Dante Fasttackle, United Ganker College FundSeptember 30, 2016 at 8:26 PM

    BTW I see that United whatever alliance in the Forge a bit, and not just in Jita, but in losec too.

  5. The CODE always wins!

  6. Antiganking is failing INCREDIBLY hard right now

    1. We are doing your mom INCREDIBLY hard right now... ufffff

  7. This is what CCP thinks:

    This is not new or changed, that is how it has always been, and should always be.

    If you don't like it, gtfo.

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