Saturday, July 1, 2017

Venture of a Lifetime, Part 4

Previously, on MinerBumping... The Algogille system received the unexpected pleasure of a visit from Agents Lewak and Shilliam Watner, who slaughtered a bunch of Ventures there. The alt of one of the Venture pilots, VsUK Cammack, squawked up a storm. But try as he might, he couldn't out-argue our Agents--or stop them from ganking more Ventures.

As the Venture death toll rose, so did the tension in the system. Other rebels--now deprived of their mining ships--began to speak up.

VsUK decided that if his words were ineffective, he would need to take action. He announced his intention to engage in anti-ganking.

The resistance grew. Could they succeed in shutting down our Agents' operation?

Agent Shilliam brushed off the unfounded attacks on his courage. He helpfully explained EVE game mechanics, such as the mandatory 15-minute wait between ganks.

Shilliam zeroed-in on VsUK's problem. The miner had lost a pair of fail-fit blingy Ventures, each one worth almost as much a Retriever. No wonder he held such a grudge against our Agents.

Shilliam's GCC timer ran down, freeing our hero to kill another Venture. VsUK was still griping in local.

Gallente Ambrye, a permit-carrying miner, criticized VsUK for losing blingy Venture modules. It was then that VsUK realized that his credibility as an anti-Code voice was in serious jeopardy. If people knew about his losses, they might not respect him enough to follow him into battle. He needed to act quickly:

Whoops! VsUK over-corrected. His alt-bragging backfired badly, causing him to lose even more support among Algogille residents.

While VsUK licked his wounds, the locals turned increasingly to the pro-Code faction to get their information about the game.

VsUK seethed. His opportunity to build a mass resistance movement was slipping away.

There was no sense in dialing back the bravado now. VsUK declared his absolute seniority, claiming to have played EVE for 15 years. (That's a lot of highsec mining!) Since the miner had been unable to find an opening for any anti-ganking actions, he resumed his war of words. VsUK was determined to find a flaw that could unravel the Code.

True, VsUK seemed to be going a little cuckoo. He was under a lot of pressure to find a way to fight back against the Code. But if he succeeded, he would make sure that the Code was never again enforced in Algogille.

To be continued...


  1. No snarky reply from me today! Happy Canada Day!

    1. This isn't Canada. And you have no mining permit.

    2. I think she meant 'Happy Canada Day, Dom!'

      A Permit often helps avoid such slips...

    3. Alt 00, it is Canada where I am and we'll talk about permits when I come back from my BBQ tonight and re-enter New Eden. 😄

      Rob Thompson, looked up Dom in Urban Dictionary. That is not the kind of relationship Alt 00 and I have.😐

    4. Rob, far be it for me to attempt to pick up on your wording, but did you not mean 'Don'?

      The later is more reflective of the relationship I have with Ehnea, whereby I am the teacher, and she is the eager pupil.

    5. Now now, you two! Happy to clear that up: Dom Arkaral, renowned Canadian, organiser of meets, and long-term New Order cardinal.

      Tut, tut.

      To Ehnea - hope the BBQ went well; though, if you don't get a Permit you'll likely find yourself in for a different kind of roasting...

    6. Yea happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors! Hope your BBQs were fun!

      How was the grilled moose?

    7. Happy Canada day Ehnea.

    8. Alt 00 Oh so you like that kind of relationship. Nice, I can refer you to a few friends who like to tie up little bitches and give em a good flogging.

    9. Alt 00 I think of our relationship, at least on the level of testing of wills, like a fencing match.

    10. I think she likes being tied to a Saint Andrews Cross and whipped.

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  3. VsUK is starting to sound like a true ag. How can someone not see that their crying over PvP in EvE only makes them look like whiney idiots?

    You could remove the names and this convo would look like any of a thousand others that we have seen spouted from some overinflated carebear's blowhole.

    Anyone that ignorant need to go, EvEolution demands it! For the sake of the game AND the community, shitters must be forced out.

    Do your part, kill some carebears today! ;)


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