Saturday, March 17, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #153

It all began with bumping miners out of an ice field in Halaima. Agent Alexis Thermopylae made a pilgrimage to that sacred system and performed an impromptu historical reenactment.

Halaima miner tears still taste just as sweet all these years later. Welcome to the one hundred fifty-third edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Silly miner. Without rules, there is no such thing as freedom.

Unfortunately for Sharp224, even a single violation of the Code is enough to warrant a gank.

Ugetafix Wink thinks people shoot spaceships in EVE because they're too cowardly to murder people in real life. Not true. People gank because it's "relaxing".

HeavenlyHell sent an angry message to Agent Katy Melons. Was there any chance he could be reasoned with?

One can only speculate what obstacles prevent this miner from understanding the Code.

Miners, don't waste your breath. Our Agents have heard thousands of excuses over the years, and none of them are more persuasive than a penitent attitude and 10 million isk.

When bumped out of mining range, miners like to say "I was full anyway." The gank recipient's equivalent: "My ship did enough mining already, so it was ready to die."

Everybody complains about Russian bots. Only the Agents of the New Order actually do something about them.

Simple Kind Man initiated a convo with the Agent who had ganked him. His apparent interest in buying a permit was just a pretext. The miner had an ulterior motive for the conversation:

If Simple Kind Man would only apply himself, he could succeed at EVE.

Agent Jason Kusion had one of the most brilliant ganking careers in EVE history. It seemed nothing could stop him. That all changed the day he met dawook.

After countless kills, the Kusion family finally ganked the wrong carebear. Or did they?

No, dawook was definitely the right carebear to gank.


  1. Wow just wow antiganking is failing so hard right now.

    Also -

    What is Thomas doing with all the Isk considering his members are still flying around in shitty t1 fitted frigates and destroyers?? Its not like antigankers ever lose much ships.

    Also - only 15 guardians for burn jita??? out of 100 bil? XD

  2. These hisec miners need a good dose of The Code now more than ever.

  3. Why do people come to EVE and expect not to get shot? That would be like joining a Counter Strike server and expecting no-one to shoot you. It boggles the mind.

    1. They subscribe to the dubious theory that all play-styles are valid in the sandbox. Actually that's probably something they make up later to justify washing out of EVE and defaulting to a life of highsec mining.

  4. I wonder what "exploit" that shitter opened a petition over?

  5. A wise man once warned me not to try understanding Highsec miners. It can hurt cognitive capabilities.

    With that said, I'd say he feels that linking a third party website (like minerbumping) in the client is an illegal way of exploiting him.

    That wise man was right, right?

  6. Year after year, with countless articles and blogs warning then against it, thousands of risk-adverse cowardly carebear shitters decide to join EVE. When ganked they resort to illegan RL threats and tears instead of utilizing the in-game vengance and violence that's allowed.

    The EVE community nor the game needs people like that. I say it's ok in cases like this to "encourage" the carebear to find a game that makes him happy, for his own sake. Before his kid gets the ole shardani treatment.

    You can't truly convert a carebear, ever. One day he will snap on you and you will be forced to put him down. So why bother? Just kick them out when they go bad the first time.

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