Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Parenting by the Code, Part 1

The rebels hate the Code, and they especially hate it when other miners buy mining permits.

Our Agents aren't shy about confronting miners and instructing them to buy permits. But to the rebels' great regret, a large percentage of permit purchases actually come from miners who approach our Agents.

Neil Muutaras spotted Agent Alt 00 in local and inquired about buying a permit. Then, at the moment he was about to transfer some of his isk, he got cold feet. This is a symptom of a miner who's having trouble letting go of his greed.

Neil couldn't decide what to do. He didn't want to part with any of his money, but he also knew that without a permit, his next mining ship was as good as dead.

Chatting in local didn't help Neil make up his mind. He had a trustworthy Agent telling him one thing, while rebellious carebears told him another.

The true character of a man is revealed in moments of crisis. When Neil came to a fork in the road, he stabbed himself with it.

Alt 00's demeanor was dignified and graceful as usual, but she was taken aback by the miner's sudden transformation.

True, some warning signs were apparent even when Neil first came to our Agent to buy a permit. Still, Neil had been the one to approach Alt 00, not the other way around. The miner descended a downward spiral at breakneck pace.

Moreover, Neil had gone off the deep end so abruptly, and for no apparent reason.

The miner's anger only grew. He became a volcano of rage. Even the local rebels were embarrassed by the display.

Neil vainly cursed the name of the Saviour of Highsec. Could this really be the same mild-mannered fellow who meekly asked about buying a permit? It was as if a lifetime of bottled-up resentment found itself uncorked for the first time.

Sometimes anger brings out honesty in people, but it can also carry with it delusions. Neil wrongly believed that AFK mining in highsec is "hard work". He also wrongly believed that AFK mining in highsec is a good way to enjoy EVE.

Just when it seemed that Neil's fiery tirade would never end, another abrupt swerve threw everyone in the system for a loop:

To be continued...


  1. Well that was rather unexpected

  2. Meh, definitely fake. Jamey and his CHODE. slaves are hard up for content again.

  3. Ah the old, "I-just-had-to-leave-the-keyboard-to- mow the lawn/attend an AA meeting/go shoot up/join the Marines -and-my-son/cat/dog/mutant neighbor -accidently-typed-something" excuse.

    fails every time....

    1. Mutant neighbors, I call them morlocks, very much akin to highsec miners. Unfortunately they are very real. XD

    2. An excuse that's also an admission of guilt. Poor troubled miners. I hope soon all of them will know the serenity The Code brings.

  4. Bingo! I think its a bingo square, anyway.

  5. A miner told me the other day that I only gank because I am too cowardly to kill people IRL. I shit you not.

  6. The ole follow the code scam, then you gank them anyways after claiming they didn't read the rules.

    Just the same carebears trying to act like bad-asses while hiding in high sec.

    Stay salty and tearful children, that's all you will ever be.

    1. Comes to MinerBumping blog to anonymously complain in the comment section about not understanding the Code, says Code is a scam, calls us children and carebears pretending to be bad-asses.

      Then says WE'RE the ones that are salty and tearful! XD

      Please post your loss miner. Then contact an agent about purchasing a permit.

    2. Did my first 2 ganks this week, it felt very liberating.

    3. Whos complaining, I get much entertainment from a bunch of carebear pirates who kill kids and shitheads and think it makes them elite.

      Keep crying carebear code.

      The real elite is out in null where you're kind fears to even look.

      Stay salty children.

  7. That plot twist at the end. This is one of the times when a Skyrim pic with *SPEECH 100* would come in handy. Clearly, this guy is on another level entirely.

  8. Even carebear ag shitlers know they sound like 14year old PHags.

    Get a permit or get outa highsec or get rekt! So simple, yet so many carebears have a hard time realizing why they fail.

    1. you fail everyday when fake stories are written.

  9. Gotta love that all caps. XD


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