Friday, March 23, 2018

The Anti-Ganking Debate

In the lead-up to the great Burn Jita event of 2018, the Anti-Ganking "community" was hard at work. Only with extremely thorough preparations would they be able to prevent the mass ganking of freighters.

...But remember, these are Anti-Gankers we're talking about.

Rexfelis Jumper quickly took command of the conversation. He was sure he'd read somewhere that the mighty CODE. alliance was dead. In fact, CODE. had just surpassed 2 trillion isk in monthly damages for the first time, and was in the process of breaking its all-time record again as Rexfelis spoke.

Over the years, however, the rebels have found it much easier to pretend the New Order is dead than to actually combat its growing power. The downside: It's more difficult to recruit Anti-Gankers if you pretend that no ganking is going on.

From the beginning, carebears have been enamored with conspiracy theories about CODE. being controlled by Goons, or vice-versa. This applies to any other alliance viewed as dominant in nullsec. Back when TEST was seen as a rival to GoonSwarm, the miners spun similar theories about them.

The reason for the conspiracy theories is simple: The Anti-Gankers struggle to understand the power of the Code. By contrast, they get why Goons wield influence in nullsec: Numbers, infrastructure, etc. So the carebears simply imagine that a nullsec power must be responsible for CODE.'s success.

Rexfelis was supremely confident that he understood Goons, CODE., and anything else that might come up for debate in the Anti-Ganking channel. Anyone who disagreed with him would soon face his wrath--fellow rebel or no.

Keldain attempted to push back against the conspiracy theories. Still, he was only an Anti-Ganker. He flunked the "praise James" test.

In truth, many nullsec entities support the Code--even if those entities fight each other. Smart people recognize that the Code is an absolute necessity for highsec, and good for EVE in general. But the source of our power is the Code, not nullsec wealth. That fact never fails to mystify the Anti-Gankers.

Rexfelis was eager to get Keldain to concede. The debate would continue, however.

In fact, nullsec line members know better than anyone that the New Order engages in elite PvP. We play the EVE endgame. Nullsec pilots merely press "F1" and hope their enemies make more mistakes than they do. Gankers have a much narrower margin for error when contending with CONCORD, and faction police force a time limit that necessitates precisely scouted warp-ins. And, of course, anyone from the teeming masses of highsec may attempt to intervene in the gank. Throw in the challenges of multiboxing and manually piloted bumping, and add a layer of dodgy, undocumented, and frequently changing aggression mechanics. Our Agents do all that and press "F1". Bravo!

In the end, any debate in Anti-Ganking must result in the rebels turning against each other.

Paranoia and a uniquely toxic atmosphere make the Anti-Ganking channel good for a few laughs, but it is still a tragic place.

The rebels are right about one thing, though: When it comes to good, quality artwork, CODE. and the Goons are both united in favor of it. Agent Globby painted this fresco to commemorate recent triumphs against enemy freighters. Click here for the full-size version.


  1. Praise Mittens 315, the Savior of Nullsec. The Goon always wins! Always!

    Wait, silly ag confused me. Those guys are so clueless that I often think it would be an improvement for them if they were just highsec miners. Probably. Possibly. Or I'm just still confused - that chat numbed my brain.

  2. Keldain > I would also look them in the eye while crushing their windpipe.

    Now thats salty XD

    1. No. When you were born you were so ugly that the OB smacked your mom in the face. You are the person that fell off the ugly tree inside the womb hitting every branch on the way down.

    2. Shitter916, what are you, 13? EVE is for adults, you don't qualify.

    3. EVE is for everyone no matter the age. Please tell your tin god that most of not all of the stories are fake.

  3. I had no idea this was such a difficult thing.

    There is the Imperium coalition, of which Goonswarm Federation is the primary alliance. They all live in nullsec and recruit via API-vetted applications. Most of them see highsec as a place for pubbies and market alts and give it no further consideration.

    There is a special interest group called Miniluv that operates in highsec and is open to all Imperium members. They primarily concern themselves with ganking freighter traffic belonging to entities hostile to The Imperium. They will also occasionally shoot a juicy neutral target if there's good chance of profit. They use a small number of high-skill, multiboxed pilots to accomplish this.

    Once a year Miniluv organizes Burn Jita, encouraging the entire Imperium membership to bring an alt to Jita to kill freighters in huge fleets of 150+ low-skill solo pilots. It's a publicity event designed to showcase Imperium might and to remind highsec pubbies that they are bad.

    Then there is the New Order meta-coalition, of which CODE. is the primary alliance. The New Order is headed by James 315, the father of The Code and author of this blog. The New Order concern themselves entirely with Highsec, where they function in a leadership and policing role for the pubbies who live there. They use ganking and bumping to enforce their Law, which is The Code. Principle is the focus over profitability here, since gank ship expenses are reimbursable, so many Agents choose to focus on miners, haulers, and autopiloters of all sizes. The New Order recruits by word-of-mouth and lets CONCORD do its vetting. It is a coalition of alts, in which individual members usually have ties to one of the many corps and alliances residing outside of highsec. The reimbursement program is supported entirely by donations from wealthy benefactors who see value in the work that the New Order does.

    The Imperium and The New Order are independent entities that share nothing in common except for a sense of disdain for the common highsec pubbie.

    1. If your reading comprehension skills really are as limited as you advertise, it will only be a matter of time until our Neutron Blasters demonstrate Lawrence's explanation to you in very simple terms.

    2. tldr: Everyone knows that highsec miners have a deep aversion towards reading or they are downright illiterate. They have zero chance to extract the important secrets from the above writeup.

    3. A good read, Prof. Lawton, and succinct.

      The response 'tl;dr' is the refuge of the gutless teen, (rather too) desperately trying to adopt 'kool'.

      Between those and the carebears, Eve is surely being killed off. When its term expires, my only regret will be the disappearance of this marvellous blog!

    4. Thank you agents! I'm tempted to register the 'Koolest Anon' nick. But I like the current one too much.

    5. Thanks, Prof., also, Highly amusing and relevant comic strip.. (for the Time micromanagers among us..)

  4. I feel that The Code will outlast EvE.

    1. It's already a thing in other games, so yea, the Code will Always Win!



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