Friday, March 2, 2018

Over One Trillion Five Hundred Seventy-Eight Billion in Shares Sold

Good decisions are the hallmark of the New Order Agent.

See what I mean? This guy is on his way.

Speaking of good decisions, Nathan Deville purchased 250 shares, which took us past the 1,578 billion isk mark and earned him a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. This guy's on his way, too. This is how civilizations are built.


EveDataRules posted a provocative thread on the official EVE forums (yes, there are still official EVE forums): "Where are new characters getting killed?"

Said poster collected a bunch of data and made a chart. It speaks for itself:

We've long known from CCP's own studies that new players who get ganked are less likely to quit EVE--to the lasting chagrin of carebear apologist theme parkers. Now the nerf-beggars who insist on highsec safety to protect "newbros" (like the newbros who fly blingy jump freighters) are forced to swallow another feathery serving of crow.

Here's a permanent link to the chart, which is sure to generate tears from theme parkers for years to come.


Agent Amanda Rekenwhith posted an inspiring thread on Reddit: "Flying CODE. compliant in Northwest Ohio."

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "bumper sticker". And I'm fairly certain that anyone who puts this bumper sticker on their vehicle is 99% less likely to receive a speeding ticket. (Anyone in law enforcement who reads this is probably nodding his head in agreement.)


Agent Trump The King forwarded this video clip from 0pec:

Our heroes always enjoy a good stream snipe. Stream snipes attract the right kind of players to EVE and repel the wrong kind. As nature intended.


  1. Epic! XD

    Praise James! \o/

  2. "As nature intended."

    Fuk yea. Natural selection hates highsec shitters too.

    1. Yet your still here shitter.

    2. making you cry shitteranon314, try not to gank yourself IRL due to impotent rage, PHag.


    3. Wow got a code baby to cry

  3. Twitch streamers are cancer.

    1. SO are you, what's your point?

    2. Shouldn't you be begging for a donation on Twitch somewhere?

  4. "As nature intended."

    Fuk yea. Natural selection hates highsec shitters too.

  5. Thanks for the pie chart. Just goes to show how utterly irrelevant Jamey and his cadre of ganking CHODE. slaves really are to the vast majority of EO players.

    1. Relevant enough for you miner. Why are you here?

  6. Wow antigankers are having a meltdown currently over burn jita and they are unable to save freighters.

    1. Yeah it's here! \o/ \o/ \o/


    2. Re: Burn Jita
      From: Thomas en Chasteaux
      Sent: 2018.03.02 01:01
      To: High Sec Militia, Kia Lafemme2,


      The Burn Fleets will be in excessive of 100 piilots/toons, with Manya Machariels from Niarja to Uedama to Jita.

      So far, things are good.

      I have Ospreys and Augorors stationed in 3 systems, as well as spare shield/armor/hull drones.

      Now is the time to finish up training as BJ2018 could begin as early as tomorrow.
      With luck, we have another weel of training logi skills. :)

      I plan on paying 5M spot bonus per freighter gank prevention.
      and 10M spot bonus per jump freighter gank prevention.

      If it takes the goons a 2nd or 3rd try, then OP Success.
      Then that means we slowed their destructive pace down.

      Our focus must be on Reps.
      We could use 1 or 2 counter bumpers to help negate the gank fleet optimal ranges.

      Counter looters is secondary.

      If you can fly a T2 Guardian, I can get you a spare hull to use for the event.

      Due to a donation, the HSM has 15 Guardian hulls on hand.
      We just need the pilots. :)

      If you know any Logi pilots, ask them to come out and give us a hand.

      See you on grid.


      Burn Jita
      From: Kia Lafemme2
      Sent: 2018.03.01 10:33

      I't seams like the Burn Jita is already startet, after the intel i have gotten.

      Be safe out there

    3. Wow only 5 mil for saving a freighter????? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Its like beggars trying to stop UFC fighters

    4. Hey Loyal, you wouldn't happen to know any Logi pilots would you? We don't have anyone to pilot these ships someone donated to us.

      Grand Design has scared off any players that would ever want to fleet up with us. Plus you know it's hard to find people who enjoy failure as much as I do, plus most people in the ag channel are afk...

      Anyway, if you know anyone please send them my way.


      Thomas en Chains

    5. You stopped praying to your favorite child killer and code agent.


    6. Never forget shardani. It literally can happen to you.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Oops.. looks like another anon shitposter accidentally posted while logged into Google.
      Remember John Pirtle? He tried to cover it up but failed.

    9. Uh oh they praying to their favorite child killing agent again.

      Relapses are just signs that your weak.

    10. Calm down, Alex

  7. Just look at the twig arms on that soyboy streamer

  8. Guys, Burn Jita has been called off, due to a carebear restraining order. X'D

    1. That post made me smile.

    2. Ganks don't even rank a full 5%.

      Code doesn't even make up all ganks so that means you guys are a tiny blip in the EO universe.

      The saddest HS retards scream the loudest.

      Stay sad my bitches.

  9. Code just got several of their ganks blocked by AG
    HMMMM Not so elite after all.

    1. proof or gtfo impotent ag shitters

      we are dunking all over your face :)

  10. The burn jita event has kicked off and its already like code is a no show.
    They been getting bumped themselves and AG been stopping lots of ganks on day one.

    Code is dying out there.


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