Saturday, March 31, 2018

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #154

Uh-oh, you know what that means... It's time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

That got dark in a hurry, even for the Grab Bag. On the bright side, Maken111 will probably clarify his remarks by saying he was referring to in-game activities only.

...Or not. In case you were curious, the ship Maken111 lost was a 34 million isk Tayra.

I was wondering when you'd show up.

Instead of pretending they're all helpless newbies, the carebears who want a risk-free highsec now refer to themselves as "new and returning players", as if that should be a protected class. The line between a regular player and a "returning player" is particularly fuzzy. Regardless, if EVE is a dying game, why do they want to grind money in it?

I suppose Delaron Eraborn was one of those returning players who should get gank immunity. He was (auto-)piloting a 9.8 billion isk freighter. At least he took the loss better than the guy hauling 34 million isk.

Agents of the New Order are advised to periodically review their contact notifications. They're a commonly untapped source of miner tears.

Svipull and his fellow Anti-Gankers have been reduced to writing manifestos in local chat. Don't worry, the New Order will never allow the rebels' nightmarish vision of highsec to become a reality.

From profanity to confession in three EVEmails. Our Agents are exceedingly efficient at getting to the truth.

Not every carebear is as forthcoming, though. This one was piloting a freighter with a collection of plastic-wrapped packages. Very secretive.

Oh good, another returning player. Maybe CCP could send players a link to the Code whenever they reactivate an old account?

Between my Agents and these filthy miners, I'm pretty sure I know who's doing things the right way.


  1. Wow, the knife comment... Especially vicious, even by highsec miner standards.

  2. Hey you illiterate carebear shitters, it's time you ignorant spergs learned a few simple rules.

    A) The Code always wins, always, and CODE. is a player alliance dedicated to removing your ilk from highsec, and maybe even the game.
    B) they're vs there
    C) your vs you're
    4) Get a permit or gekt!
    E) Real Life should be left out of game, Always! Your threats of RL violence only means you are stupid as shit. (That's why we call you shitters)

    And, CCP dislikes risk-adverse carebears as much as the gankers, that's why you are valid targets and will always be primary. Always! Even the Great and Powerful Hilmar once said that there were certain types that were not wanted in EVE. He was talking about violent highsec carebear shitters that get mad and lose their shit after getting pvp'd in a pvp game. And yes, that gigx shitter is considered a highsec miner, 'judging' by his lack of self control.

    Looking at you grathPHag. Nobody cares if you spent half your adult life being a cock sheath for a giant black prison dick. If you were not such a piece of shit IRL you wouldn't go to jail. Not your fault though right? It must be the way your crack whore raised you. Why would any self respecting man brag about your life? Not very smart.

    EVE was much more popular before certain "devs" (carebear lovers) decided to pander to the masses. Too bad the masses are mostly simpletons. How could adding more safety ever "save" EVE? Since when does natural selection not help the species?

    I remember when EVE was hard. That was before riptard teg waved his bleeding vagina to the world and cried like a bitch in a thinly veiled revenge plot against a player that was at the top of the food chain. riptard was envious, and unable to control himself, typical cowardly carebear shitter. CCP should have banned riptard for impersonation, of a real boy. Useless puppet.

    crysonbennington should be permabanned for his repeated attempts at harassing gankers and pvpers, and thomasinchastititity has endangered more new player subscriptions than any single players by being so bad that anyone who reads about ag, or the hsm "blog", will never want to play EVE, thinking everyone here is as ignorant as he is. A game for shitters only as it were.

    If CCP wanted to save EVE they would delete CONCORD tomorrow, turn off the petition system, and send all their employees on a tropical vacation for a month. When they come back EVE will be fixed, natural selection always wins!


    Wut? :)

  3. Wow! We've been ganking non-stop for almost six years and some carebears still haven't heard about us?

    Returning from a long break used to be an understandable (though unacceptable) excuse for ignorance of The Code. These days, in most cases, The Code is older than the character.

    It's borderline cruel that the NPE (and RPE?) don't explain how Highsec works, but tbh if the carebears featured today are representative of their species, they deserve all the cruelty that comes to them.

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