Friday, March 9, 2018

Over One Trillion Five Hundred Eighty-Three Billion in Shares Sold

Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri is among the most storied Agents of the New Order. In recent times, he has become a controversial figure due to his unorthodox personnel management practices while a director of New Order Logistics. Salah's decision to kick the corp's entire membership overnight raised a lot of eyebrows and ultimately led to his resignation as a recruitment officer.

Isk is isk, though. Salah purchased 5,000 additional shares, which took us past the 1,579, 1,580, 1,581, 1,582, and 1,583 billion isk marks and earned him a Quintuple Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™. Kudos.


Burn Jita came to a close. It brought many killmails in its wake--and many tears.

(Of course, the extent to which CCP welcomes such tickets is up for debate.)

Carebears never miss a chance to shed tears, even in the midst of such a joyous occasion as Burn Jita.

Usually it's the Agents of the New Order who are called upon to correct the carebears' misconceptions about the rules of EVE...

...But a CCP dev will do in a pinch.


Agent Pure Whyte sent a full report on Burn Jita, with plenty of links to videos and images of the event:

Here's some videos and screenshot galleries as well as some stats...

Video made by Shingly
(a streamer that tried to bait us then got made we shot his pod)

Anti ganker Riskofshock telling us how bad they are at saving freighters

Gallery Day 1

Gallery Day 2

Gallery Day 3

A graph of kill value over time for BJ

We had over 1700 characters attend this years Burn Jita
We killed over 580 ships and pods totaling over 710b (currently don't have stats on actual freighter or jump freighter numbers, only total kills)

Some kills:

We ended the weekend with a SLYCE Rhea that logged off
Kill: WuZetian Nvdi's Rhea

An autopiloting Nomad
Kill: Hertzsprung Russel's Nomad

A battle orca concording themselves just as the fleet landed
Kill: Mining Andres's Orca

Ripley222 Ellen lost 2 freighters within the space of 1 hour
Kill: Ripley222 Ellen's Charon 2nd
Kill: Ripley222 Ellen's Charon 1st

goodluck aaaaa did not have good luck
Kill: goodluck aaaaa's Charon

Burn Jita has been an annual event since 2012. The carebears still haven't learned. Why? Because they're bot-aspirants, that's why.


  1. CCP Guard laying the smack down on the cry babies. Glorious.

    1. Yeah, I love it when Guard reminds them there are players they (the devs) Do Not Want in EVE.

      Like the millennial scum that have seemed to pop up in droves lately, and think hisec is safe.

      It ain't, and it was never supposed to be.

    2. I believe you mixed up generation Y with millennials, a common mistake.

  2. "The carebears still haven't learned. Why?"

    It surely isn't Burn Jita, which happens so infrequently that most industrialists either just dock up or can easily replace whatever they lost in a manner of hours. And it surely isn't Jamey and his CHODE. slaves. They have proven to be irrelevant to the vast, vast majority of EO High Sec denizens. Just navel-gazing posts on sub-standard blog.

  3. Hey what about that time thomas en faileaux got rekt by PL on reddit XD XD

    1. Lol en faileaux


      "It's funny because it's true!"

  4. "Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri" ... how about that. I always thought the CODE roleplay had an ISIS ring to it...

    1. To the extant you bother to think at thought wrong.


    2. how I love stirring up a hornet's nest here

  5. So, Mining Andres did not get banned for making real life threats against Chance Ravinne / WingspanTT in "Going South".

  6. Salah was unable to kick me, such is my devotion to The Code.

    -Galaxy Pig


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