Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Worst Miner on the Block

Back in the days of watchlists, I frequently received convo requests whenever I logged in. Obviously they're a much rarer sight now.

...So I was surprised to see a chat invite from someone named Baddaxe; the pop-up appeared mere seconds after I logged in.

(A common reaction from players who receive a personal audience with one of the most famous EVE players of all time.)

Baddaxe took the opportunity to tell me a tale of woe. A little over two years ago, he'd been the subject of a two-part MinerBumping post, Bad Acts, Part 1 and Bad Acts, Part 2. Here's a sample:

As you may recall, Baddaxe made an unfavorable impression.

It's okay, Guard, we've got things under control here.

According to Baddaxe, he eventually left highsec to reinvent himself as a lowsec PvP'er--though his bio suggests that he didn't leave his hatred of the Code behind. He'd all but forgotten about the MinerBumping posts. But then, for whatever reason, Baddaxe received an EVEmail from a kind soul who asked him about it. Baddaxe didn't appreciate the reminder:

Baddaxe's reply confirms the sentiment expressed by his bio: You can take the carebear out of highsec, but you can't take the highsec out of the carebear. (Baddaxe's concerns about the EULA are somewhat amusing, given his self-professed penchant for murdering, raping, and eating EVE players' family members.)

The miner urged me to believe that he was a changed man. It's true that some people are capable of change--usually with my assistance. As for people claiming to have changed, I have a "show, don't tell" policy on that sort of thing.
James 315 > Baddaxe why not? Are you an unpleasant person IRL?
Baddaxe > not realy but I am the baddest kid on the block
James 315 > Meaning?
Baddaxe > this is a game and sometimes your people take it too far. I'm just saying there are dangers in the real world that shouldn't be in the game
I was not yet convinced that lowsec had been good for this carebear.
Baddaxe > youve seen swating right?
Baddaxe > wackos that take it too far getting real people hurt in real life
James 315 > Are you accusing "my people" of swatting?
Baddaxe > no I'm saying sometimes they take it too far and it might lead to that someday
Though Baddaxe himself forswore any RL criminal activity, he hinted that someone else might retaliate against Agents in such a manner.
Baddaxe > this isn't a threat it's just a question. don't you think when your proplr mak some feel bad enough they can trigger somethin like that?
Baddaxe > your Peter Dimaloun just tried to open an old wound after over 2 years, just didn't seem to be a good pratice whey I have done nothing to deserve his or your atteneton
Baddaxe > it was going about my daily eve life staying out of your way and not messing with you, why would you want to mess with me?
If a highsec carebear did make EULA-violating threats, Baddaxe's experience suggested that they were unlikely to be smitten by the banhammer--or axe, as the case may be.

After considering Baddaxe's plea, I determined that my hearing him out was all the help I could give him. Also, I was busy doing other stuff, and it was time to clear the clutter of unnecessary chat windows.

When all was said and done, Baddaxe was still bad. Whether you live in lowsec, nullsec, or anywhere else, positive change requires the Code.


  1. Nice back pedal on the real life threats Baddaxe, you clearly made real life threats. Even ones on kids that probably even can't shoot back. Stay shit bro!

    1. He probably got a 'friendly' warning from a GM that if he didn't cool it he was going to get a visit from his local police. And not a courtesy visit. So like most gutless cowards he STFU, fast.

  2. Is that a pedo reference in his bio?

    Why are carebears/antigankers/people Thomas supports so cringey/beta?

    1. They have to close their eyes to this stuff and put their fingers in their ears and tell themselves "I'm the good guy, I'm having fun, I'm the good guy, I'm having fun, I'm the good guy..."

    2. "people Thomas supports"

      I'm still loling. Fuk that kalynn lover!

    3. Kinda what happened to LoyalAnon and the Wolf Soprano (ingame not MB toll) accounts. Too far, way too far in game gets you in trouble!


  3. ... and Baddaxe really does need to be banned.

  4. Yeah, I would like him to post his IRL address. And somebody would show up and he wouldn't be drinking tea. He'd be crying all the way to lockup. Altho I'm sure he would love making new friends in prison. He could show them what a hard dude he is.

  5. -"You can take the carebear out of highsec, but you can't take the highsec out of the carebear."

    Man, don't you know it. I hear they are born that way.

  6. Hahahaha badaxe just got poleaxed from James 315.

  7. Baddaxe address:
    1999 E Camp Wisdom Rd, Dallas, TX 75241

    Bring the pain!

  8. Banned!?!?

    He needs to be re-educated. And I know just the guys to help him.

  9. baddaxe = gutless wonder

    If want to get some salt from him just drop him an Evemail and link this page. He will cry like a bitch.

  10. Calm down, gankers.

    A number of your own, fellow CHODE. slaves, get caught in RL harassment via Bonus Room shenanigans and you have the gall to criticize the Baddaxe fellow? Hypocrites.

  11. Baddaxe is responsible for himself. No one, or no other group is responsible for his content.

    Same goes for Wolf's continued dry, salty comments. He is responsible for them, and that is why there is no Wolf ingame anymore. Just new alts that can get banned if he acts up. So be good, don't forget you have that shock collar now, be a good little wolfy... roll over. Good boy.

  12. funny thing is that's actually my dad


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