Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Contract Killer, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... Maja Papaja had a grudge against one of her fellow anti-Code carebears. Having witnessed the awesome power of the Code in action many times, Maja decided to contact Agent Alt 00 and ask her to be a hired gun.

Things were getting real. Alt 00 unveiled her Caracal gank squad. Maja marveled.

Maja's enemy had a small fleet. Our Agent would select one of the ships for destruction.

The moment of action was quickly approaching. As any Code enforcer knows, ganking requires steady nerves. It soon became clear that Maja wasn't used to experiencing the art of the gank from this side of things.

Alt 00 calmly explained the complex machinery of a ganking operation, step by step.

When hunting carebears--especially a group of them--every second counts. They could move on at any time, without warning. The clock was ticking.

The tension grew. The success or failure of the mission would be determined by what happened in the next few minutes. Everything had to go flawlessly.

At the last second, Maja had an attack of nerves. Luckily for her, an Agent of the New Order was at the helm.

No more time for talk. This thing was going down.

Maja handed over the full payment of 1 billion isk to Alt 00. It would be the best billion she'd ever spent. Time to launch.

...After one minor formality was taken care of, that is.

What do you mean, "start"?

This is Alt 00 we're talking about. She never stopped.

To be continued...


  1. Was this guy really trying to hire a CODE. hit without even having an up-to-date mining permit? wtf, he's trying to scam Alt 00!

  2. The "fellow anti-Code carebear" at the beginning was total spoiler.

  3. Very bizarre behavior from Maja. I hope she sees the light, and that the bot-aspirant Noctis is cleansed without further incident.

  4. These stories are great, but they are always like a Hallmark Channel movie; you always know how they will end......always!

  5. It's not too late! Just transfer 1/100th more and you'll be golden. Why do carebears always cheap out on the essentials?

  6. Lol, failed ez pz merc work. Also, weren't terms like "you pay 1 bill - we kill target"? Sure now it will go with excuses. If not permit - then anything else.

    1. No, it's always just one thing. The Code. Give it a go miner, it will change your life! Read it every day, it never stops giving!

    2. Please, calm down, no need to be salty, friend. I own valid permit. Just pointing on nonsense, due to which all story looks stupid. That's sad, because minerbumping usually is funny.

  7. Alt 00's exploits of derring do never fail to entertain.

  8. The terms of James 315 Territory are have a permit or get out of highsec. Contracts made with illegal squatters are null and void.

  9. No worries here, no need to be that defensive. We can be friends.
    I own permit myself (to troll carebears though). Anyways that "you pay 1 billion - we kill" and then "lol, get lost" (not stated yet, but guess will happen in next part) looks silly childish. Sometimes you overplay.

  10. Well damn, I'm kinda internet famous now lol. Our Noctis was in fact NOT a bot but I would love to see you try and come for us lol. ;)

  11. Why would you ever pay a single isk these CODE idiots?


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