Saturday, July 20, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #188

Some people play EVE to escape reality. That's fine--people escape reality all the time. However...

...No one can escape the Code. Welcome to another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Our Agents were curious about Lord Keith Tivianne's decision to mine without a permit. He was an expert at changing the subject, but our Agents aren't easily distracted.

Agent Lewak name-dropped the Saviour of Highsec. Would the miner out himself as a Goofus?

"Shitty hell face"?


Some say that new players should never be ganked. How do "new players" really react to being ganked? Let's find out:

Ganking improves player retention because it introduces players to PvP. Imagine the horrors of abandoning an innocent newbie to EVE's PvE "content". That's what makes them quit.

On the other hand, bad players react badly--even to being ganked.

In fact, bad players get angry when they see someone else playing well. It's as if bad players avoid fun and hate to see others having fun. Anti-Code is anti-fun.

I guess another 60-man fleet got lost on the way to highsec.

The New Order doesn't merely "pretend that something can"; we know that something can. The Code makes it possible!

It looks like someone took a long break from EVE and recently returned. FYI, mining permits are still being sold for just 10 million isk.


  1. You know your video game alliance is getting powerful when your enemies start worrying that you are "savaging" the human race irl.

  2. Whoa. Did that miner just insult the face? Not cool.

    1. Yes I retired all my characters in December of 2018. I'd been playing for six years.

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  4. Join the CODE Discord:

  5. Miner Nukers Charante,

    Can you plese upload screenshots of your mother actually dying or in the coffin.

    The things miners say to defraud the SRP are truly beyond reality.

    1. A translated and notarized copy of the Death Certificate will also be acceptable.

    2. I'm sorry Professor Lawrence, but on this one you are wrong. As you know, the CODE was established to ensure that miners follow the basic standards of civilization. How can one mine so soon after their mother's death? All miners must observe a three day moratorium on mining in order to properly grieve for a parent.

    3. Seems reasonable. Bereaved miners should also buy and activate a "Cold Iron" grieving SKIN for at least three months.

    4. Grieving that is something CCP games can sell to the anti ganking community.

      Let's face it, they wear foreskins around their necks in rl.

  6. This is a great grabbag.

    Some cranky miners making their way from the demilitarised zone of new order territory and getting their ships popped.


    Praise James.

  7. Cahira, you got my support on your position. Defiance is victory. Just tone it down on the language a bit. The best kind of resistance is the silent one. Just stand your ground and keep on mining! o7


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