Monday, July 8, 2019

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #187

Highsec miners are used to performing repetitive tasks...

...With or without a mining ship.

Welcome to the latest edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Franco DeZario thinks that our Agents are the reason that EVE sucks. Then again, this is coming from a guy who claims to enjoy the game's PvE.

Ah, the name of the Saviour of Highsec causes another carebear to unmask himself as a Goofus.

It's true, this blog was almost called

When Agent Lewak forwarded me this EVEmail, I was surprised at first. I didn't recall AirWay reporting him to me...

...Always check your contact notifications.

Bonus protip: If you want to report someone, you should probably mention their name.

Speaking of contact notifications, I suppose it was inevitable that this guy would set me to negative standings. We really just don't share the same values.

Accept no imitations--there are a lot of them out there.

Now that's a proper way to add me as a contact.

Apparently Agent Khanid sent our Agents a bribe of a billion isk for blue standings. And maybe that's the way things are done out in nullsec. Highsec is different, though. Sure, we'll take your isk. But if you want our favor, you must obey the Code. Realpolitik, meet Codepolitik.

Why do miners try to sound tough when complaining that they're not tough enough to be worth ganking?

"In a month or two"? Miners, adding procrastination to your empty threats doesn't make them sound any more convincing.

EVE players have learned that highsec is nothing to be trifled with these days. Now that CCP is removing local from nullsec, we can expect botters to flee to highsec. Let's remind them why they left highsec to begin with.


  1. Make Nullsec Fun Again

    1. Getting rid of local is the first step.
      Lets hope CCP lets the Triggy's start popping PC structures too.
      And then maybe they'll get rid of local in hisec.

  2. new miner grab bag? *grabs popcorn*

  3. Totally stunted humans these miners.

    Leesh them all.


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