Sunday, July 28, 2019

Kills of the Week

Oh, knock it off.

Let's talk about real skill: The elite PvP skill that our Agents show off each and every hour of each and every day. Here's a sample from the week of July 21st @ 00:00 EVEtime through July 27th @ 23:59 EVEtime!

Guardsman224 Ijonen broke a very important rule of etiquette: In highsec, we equip our fittings. Guardman224 put his modules in the cargo bay, tuned out, and went AFK. He was no match for Agents Justin Kusion, Jake Kusion, Jackson Kusion, Joel Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Jason Kusion, Josh Kusion, Jeremy Kusion, Jacob Kusion, Jayden Kusion, Jeremiah Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, and Joshua Kusion, who collected a fine killmail for their trouble.

The blingy DSTs keep on dying. Jill'iam got popped by Agents Votre Dieu, Narl' Amhar, Astrid Tyrfing, and Rungerd. Small group, big alpha damage.

This is, of course, the preferred way to grind structures.

Take a look at Adalameo DiMasham, the former owner of a 677 million isk Mackinaw ganked by Agent Spine Ripper. Notice anything special about the miner? He's a "newbro". Adalameo's character existed for only two days before the gank occurred. If this is what a newbie looks like, I say gank them all.

Abigor Kion managed to lose a Proteus in highsec. Was he ganked while AFK--perhaps by a group of multiboxing gankers?

Not quite. Agent Zaenis Desef triumphed over Abigor in an honourable 1v1.

As the Twitch clip (which may skip forward part of the way due to copyright or whatever) of the battle proves, the mighty CODE. alliance always wins. Even when it's a Porpoise versus a Proteus.

What is there to be said about Black Jags that hasn't been said about countless other unlicensed freighter (auto-)pilots? He was a fool not to obey the Code, and he paid the price for it. Agents Inspector Implant, Bob Painter, Jason Kusion, Jake Kusion, George Painter, Jayden Kusion, big brutor one, Joel Kusion, Bob Mechanic, Jackson Kusion, Joseph Kusion, Justin Kusion, Johnathan Kusion, Bob Electrician, Jeremiah Kusion, Bob Welder, Dubious Anime Name, Mjolnir Rage Torpedo, big brutor two, Jayson Kusion, big brutor six, Charlie Painter, Nova Rage Torpedo, Dan Painter, Continue Painting, Further Painting, Joshua Kusion, Jacob Kusion, Josh Kusion, Jonas Kusion, Jeffery Kusion, Jimmy Kusion, Jeremy Kusion, Jack Kusion, Jessie Kusion, and Josiah Kusion deep-sixed the unworthy carebear.

Barni Itovuo lost an 880 million isk Huginn and was podded by Agent Joshua Kusion for an additional 2.5 billion isk loss. But I know what you're really curious about: What's that funny looking implant with the blue tag?

'Twas a webifier implant. Barni's Huginn had five webifiers equipped, after all. Five webifiers and zero permits. Imagine that.


  1. That Proteus kill AHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Great job, everyone!


  3. Skill points used to be valuable. The only way to get them was by conscientiously subscribing, keeping the queue full, and being patient. It took years to develop a well-rounded character. CCP were also highly reluctant to hand out SP as freebies except on a few occasions when the game was unplayable for a days on end due to a bad patch.

    Now, you get free SP when you make your character, free training for the first 5 million, bonus SP for doing the tutorial, the opportunity to inject more with money, free bonus SP just for logging in consistently, and even for shooting NPCs in made-up events. You can really tell CCP are sacrificing the integrity of the game for short-term gain.


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