Sunday, July 7, 2019

Kills of the Week

With all of the craziness and "experimentation" going on in EVE these days, it's comforting to know that there are some things you can still rely on. Namely, the Code and the fact that carebears who violate the Code will die. Like these from the week of June 30th @ 00:00 EVEtime through July 6th @ 23:59 EVEtime...

If you had 9.7 billion isk that you wanted to take through Niarja, how many hitpoints would you need to protect it? Roger Willco thought he could get by with an anti-tanked tier 1 hauler. With only 1,568 hitpoints, Agent Ksenya PROXY almost didn't need a ship scanner to know what was inside--this was a Mammoth you could practically see through!

The majority of the cargo's value was a 5.7 billion isk Galaxy Pack.

Wait a minute. What the heck is a Galaxy Pack?

CCP, you rascals. And as for you, carebears, you can pay-to-win all you like, but the Code is not for sale.

You can buy a permit for 10 million isk, though.

DarkScientist blundered into Jita, a system that is currently being closely monitored by our Agents. DarkScientist had 28.4 billion isk of unlicensed goods, but at least his ship had some hitpoints. Nevertheless, Agents Jeffery Kusion, dAbOsSlAdY77, antI gIRl, Potential Impact, Jason Kusion, Templer One, Bob Painter, Jack Fizzleblade, ZAKURELL0 LINDA, Joshua Kusion, Horace Goes Ganking, Josh Kusion, Collateralized Contracts, Templer Two, Jet Set Milly, Z for Zena, Alt lady, Tickle MaBalls, Dry Tears, Soren Moellemann, Templer Four, Phillipus Maximus Genialistix, Yojiro, Adrianna Albania, Mark Ormerant, Perlo Tissant, Templer Eight, Templer Seven, Anita Armenia, Templer Six, Jax Kusion, Anna argentina, Kon Xanithex, Templer Five, Templer Three, Zebidiah uta, Succulent Spodumain, Khaled Mikakka, and Homoerotic Finger Painting brought in a Talos armada and took down the criminal.

Bot-aspirants are creative in one respect: They think of a lot of different ways to feed our Agents expensive killmails. UKn0wWho0 designed a special undecuple-anti-tanked Megathron and sent it out to die. Agents Votre Dieu and Narl' Amhar were only too happy to pop the 5 billion isk "hauler".

The plight of the bling-loving Hulk pilots continues. cR0N0s Chastot should've known that he was signing his own death warrant when he equipped a pair of ORE Strip Miners--those things are practically "gank me" signs. Agents Grixer Noxtlus, Satisara, Stringer Kouvo, and Eva Stromboli obliged by ganking the miner--but the ORE Strip Miners weren't the most expensive things on the ship.

Here's a riddle: When you tank your ship with 1.1 billion isk worth of shield modules, are you trying to prevent a gank or incite one?

shelly's Jihad was ratting or whatever in a supercarrier. Test Alliance Please Ignore has been suffering from Drifter attacks lately, but some would say that the most powerful force in nullsec is none other than the mighty CODE. alliance. Agents Jackaryas, Xiaoyi Tsuruomo, WaTeR Ubersnol, Soldier Forrester, NateX, Rocklar MuckTon, Intigo, atrophocy, Xhen Zui, TigR Kashada, Adrian Ostus, cuffdawg, Cijah Dorin, Tiamat Key, Blaran Falsnar, Kizran, Scotty Smartypants, boooooosso, bella lugosi, and Beandog dropped in and popped the Hel. NPCs will never replace elite PvP'ers.

Remember what I said about hitpoints and traveling through Niarja? Krimmels had 3.1 billion isk worth of implants and a strong, unexplainable desire to autopilot through Niarja. An anti-tanked hauler was too extravagant for Krimmels, so he sent his pod in naked. Luckily, Agent Aaaarrgg knows how to deal with pods.

To be fair, I suppose the Slave set did give his pod a few extra armor hitpoints.


  1. Can you add yourself to the blogroll, pretty please? I forget to check in on this blog. It'll sign you upto the Total Eve feed, which is really useful.

    Not sure how to link so - afaik Steve Ronuken maintains that and I've not seen him admin it - if he is and you are blocked, please confirm

    You'll show up under the blogpack header - atm there's really only Wilhelm and Noizy writing consistently and tbh it's boring

    1. I can see how that site would be enhanced by the addition of minerbumping articles. I'm sure they'd love the uptick in traffic and ad revenue. But why would minerbumping dilute its message by associating with lesser blogs when it is already the only EVE-related blog worth reading?

  2. is just an aggregate with no ads afaik (dunno with adblocker on, but I've never seen any there). The blog roll is also a simple feed.

    My point was not to enhance another group, but to subvert it. People who do use total eve and have never encountered the Code might be entertained and intrigued by having it pop up. It would be doubly amusing given that Steve (who runs the blogroll feed) is a legit bear, but he's unlikely to block this one being added.


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