Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Tora Tora Tora, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Zaenis Desef pulled off an intricate, elite surprise attack against a member of PRAMS Industries. The corp's CEO, Moetel Soikutsu, immediately began to lodge complaints in local chat.
Zaenis Desef > How can enforcing laws be piracy?
Moetel Soikutsu > Enforcing whose law? A random guy law? I have not voted for him, nor anyone
Zaenis Desef > He was demorcatically elected
Moetel Soikutsu > Was he elected by majority of players or by majority of "CODE." players? That changes everything.
Zaenis Desef > The vote was held by proxy.
Moetel tried to do the space lawyer routine, but she was several years behind. Our Agent worked mightily to catch her up.
Zaenis Desef > Those who didn't vote had their vote cast by the supreme protector himself. What an honour!
Moetel Soikutsu > Yeah, that's called a dictator.
Moetel Soikutsu > And you do piracy justified by immaginary laws that are not Caldari's ones, which is where you are. In Caldari State.
Zaenis Desef > Caldari laws rate lower that the CODE.
Zaenis Desef > sorry
The highsec mining corp's CEO was confused. Sadly, she missed some important MinerBumping posts like this one from six and a half years ago. The Code is firmly established precedent.
Moetel Soikutsu > For you maybe, but you're not the law.
Moetel Soikutsu > If you were able to declare war to Caldari State and boot them out, then yes, you should be allowed to change the laws at your wish
Moetel Soikutsu > Until then, you have no authorities here.
Zaenis Desef > Kill: Yashiro Yamamoto (Hulk) Kill: Yashiro Yamamoto (Capsule)
Zaenis Desef > These killmails say I do have authority here.
Zaenis had his Catalysts, and Moetel had her words. Oh, and Zaenis also had words of his own, which were better than Moetel's words. Moetel didn't stand a chance.
Moetel Soikutsu > These killmails just say that you do piracy.
Zaenis Desef > I think you're missing the point
Moetel Soikutsu > And asking for a permit in an area where there is no permit needed is called a racket
Moetel Soikutsu > If you want to have your own laws, just get your own territory.
Once again, the miner put her ignorance on full display. The New Order's territory has been clearly delineated in posts like this: Every System in Highsec
Zaenis Desef > The permit is needed. as demonstrated by the killmails i just linked
Moetel Soikutsu > The racket you mean
Zaenis Desef > lol call it what you will
Zaenis Desef > The fact of the matter is that CODE requires it and if you want to lose ships that's up to you.
Moetel Soikutsu > I have another CODE in mind, which says that CODE. members are not allowed in high-sec systems.
Moetel Soikutsu > I'm going to write it.
Eventually, Moetel realized that space lawyering wasn't going to bring her corpmate's ship back. Her mind was filled with thoughts of revenge.
Zaenis Desef > That already exists. they're called anti-gankers... They're not really good at their job though
Zaenis Desef > Maybe you can do it better though
Zaenis Desef > In fact almost anyone can do better than Anti-gankers
Moetel Soikutsu > Well i'm a bit sad
Moetel Soikutsu > I though CODE. were saviors of highsec, killing bots, but they just are pirates :(
...Another rebel movement bites the dust. To be honest, this one lasted longer than most.
Moetel Soikutsu > asking money to people to be "allowed" by their own rules that have no powers here.
Zaenis Desef > We are saving highsec from bots, bot-aspirant behaviour and saving miners from their worst impulses
Moetel Soikutsu > You are not a judge, you are not allowed to say that anyone that haven't paid the "racketed-permit" is a bot-aspirant
Moetel Soikutsu > Laws are here to protect individuals and economy. You just kill people and racket others. Be honest, how many individuals and corps have paid that permit, really?
Moetel Soikutsu > As you destroyed a 200m ship, should I consider that this permit is paid for 20 years?
As usual, the carebear's thoughts turned to isk. She wanted her corpmate to be reimbursed for the loss--in one form or another.
Yashiro Yamamoto > 267 millions exactly ^^
Moetel Soikutsu > 26 years, my bad :'D
Zaenis Desef > You are making my point for me. Had he taken a fraction of what he spent on that ship to pay for his permit he wouldn't be having this problem
Yashiro Yamamoto > but im new i don't now your code o_o
Yashiro Yamamoto > now i know because you don't let me choice...
When the question of amounts of isk entered the conversation, a fellow named Yashiro Yamamoto chimed in for the first time.

Yashiro was the pilot of the Hulk that Zaenis had ganked. Until now, he had not spoken in local. But if reimbursement was in the offing, he wanted to get every bit of money that he could.
Moetel Soikutsu > and last but not least question, if we pay that "permit", you still can assault us for "looks like a bot" behavior, aren't you? So this permit is pointless.
Zaenis Desef > Buying a permit is not where being CODE compliant ends
Zaenis Desef > You enter an agreement with us to become a better person.
Moetel Soikutsu > So you can invoke that behavior for no reason and still say that you're allowed to kill us, just because you want.
Zaenis Desef > CODE compliant miners have nothing to fear from CODE
Moetel continued to put the system on trial. But the system was winning.
Moetel Soikutsu > I think your CODE is a mess and have to be rewritten. There's a lot of incoherences and holes. How a "code" can be okay if any "law enforcer" can adapt it at his will?
Moetel Soikutsu > "oh, today I will bump"... "oh sunday I will gank"... That's not a code, it's seems like a joke atm
Zaenis Desef > LOL
Zaenis Desef > I hope you have a good night!
Zaenis Desef > Praise James!
Our Agent had to cut the conversation short due to the pressing matter of feeling like it. However, there was much more going on beneath the surface--more than would be apparent from reading the logs of local chat.
Yashiro Yamamoto > Yo
Yashiro Yamamoto > can you explain me something ?
Yashiro Yamamoto > im not here for rage it's fine it's the game
Zaenis Desef > Absolutely
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok why you attack ?
You see, while Zaenis was speaking with Yashiro's CEO in local, he had also been holding talks with Yashiro himself in a private convo.
Yashiro Yamamoto > normaly you attack AFK mining ?
Zaenis Desef > You require a mining permit to mine in High security space.
Yashiro Yamamoto > you see my days in game ?
Zaenis Desef > You were in a T2 mining barge.
Yashiro Yamamoto > i know but you can speak with me first ?
Zaenis Desef > Sorry if i don't have sympathy for that
The entire time, Zaenis debated both carebears simultaneously. Like a chess Grandmaster, our Agents are capable of winning against multiple opponents at once.
Yashiro Yamamoto > so i lose 250 millions just for your rules
Zaenis Desef > They are the rules that were set forth by our supreme protector.
Yashiro Yamamoto > ok but im new on eve x)
Yashiro Yamamoto > i don't know before this rules
Zaenis Desef > Welcome!
Yashiro Yamamoto > great
We know that Yashiro's CEO was unable to see reason. Would the owner of the dead Hulk have more sense?

To be continued...


  1. If you're not in-touch enough to realize that the Code exists, you will learn about it the hard way. These carebears seem to think losing a spaceship in a spaceship shooting game is the worst imaginable scenario. In fact, the worst scenario is a bot-aspirant mining without consequences in our PvP game.

  2. ATOM THE ALL CHANGERAugust 1, 2019 at 11:33 AM

    The director guy was spot on, it's time to change the CODE. Ensure your agents actually abide by their own rules, right now you just look like a bunch of players randomly ganking and killing. Which is fine, as it's a spaceship shooting game. But! It's all kinda boring now, Just mindless ganks that don't change anything. People will mine, people won't mine. Your behaviours will be stricken from record if your ways don't change for the better! PRAISE ATOM! MAY YOU BE STRICKEN DEAF IN HIS PRESENCE! ATOM!

    1. So which rules specifically are Code agents are not abiding by?

  3. And since when was the goal of the Code to gratify random bystanders? Until now we've been gauging our relevance by the bewailing and gnashing of teeth.


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