Friday, April 10, 2020

Expect the Code

If you're a bot-aspirant carebear who enjoys flying anti-tanked haulers, you should ask yourself this question:

What exactly do you think our Agents use Tornadoes for?

Agent Blake McAllister is, like our other Agents, an honest man. But carebears do not appreciate honesty. They can't relate to it.

Pirulitopolis Ciots demanded to know why he'd been ganked. Agent Blake told him--at which point Pirulitopolis suddenly lost interest in the subject.

The carebear began to spew salt everywhere. He couldn't tolerate the idea that he was at fault for doing something that everyone in EVE knows you're not supposed to do.

Instead, Pirulitopolis tried to spin the situation so that he could justify his behavior. If he couldn't be a hero, at least he could be an innocent victim.

In spite of his foolishness, Pirulitopolis made an interesting observation: An EVE player ought to evaluate how he is having fun in the game.

Alas, Pirulitopolis and his fellow carebears--like CoPSoN, for instance--rarely choose to engage in self-evaluation.

If CoPSoN gave serious consideration to what he was doing, do you really think he would've gone around highsec in an anti-tanked hauler? Only if he was a Goofus.

After telling Blake to "fuck off", CoPSoN suddenly realized that he needed to ask our Agent for a favor.

Unfortunately, carebears tend to be just as bad at asking for help as they are at playing EVE.

One begins to wonder: Are highsec carebears good at anything?

To date, the mighty CODE. alliance has destroyed over 88 trillion isk. CoPSoN's response? "I didn't expect you."

Carebears, expect to be punished for disobeying the Code. Always!



    1. oh dammit, he beat me again, by two hours :( gf

    2. See first comment

  2. Even after all these years the carebears still don't understand that EVE was really developed by gankers, to punish carebear shitters that were presumptuous enough to sub up.

    Why are any ships bigger than a dessy allowed in highsec? Anything more than that is stupid easy mode, and somewhere I'm sure someone once said "EVE is hard". Yea right. At one time CONCORD was not insta-lock, insta-neut, insta-blap, and a fully tanked T-2 exbumer had 780 ehp. Highsec shitters have it made today! :P

    Now look at the static timed ice belts with afk Orca bots, scripted to farm ice without any human input, sitting on 120 ehp even when shit fit. WTF CCPearl Abyss?

    Any loser that cries about dying in highsec in 2020 should make like shardanigreer, and quit. They are beneath contempt.

    1. Man bro you are triggered sooo hard LOL!ROTFLMAOLOLBBQTRIGGGERED1!1! 07 o7

      Yea I'm an ignant shitter from looeasyana, but what you gonna do with dna like this? It's my pappy's fault for marrying his sister and not teaching me any better. I'm just glad FEMA got those new crackerboxes set up finally so my fatass cousin/wife lillie lowrent and I can mo-lest our inbred chilluns indoors instead of on the side of the road like animals.

      I wonder if you can give your kids the corona if you only do them in the exit hole?!?!? I better get Colton a test...

  3. code equals dickhead. Unfortunately having anything to do with code brings out the dickhead. Against common sense I'm posting this and being a bit of a dickhead too.

    If code didn't act like such arrogant dickheads in game they wouldn't be hated so much. Sure its part of the role play but there is no real difference between role playing a dickhead and being a dickhead.

    1. Dear miner!

      Have you considered how much buying a mining permit and acting in a code-compliant manner could shift your views? One day you think everyone is a dickhead, the other day you realize they are lovely, friendly people who wanted to benefit you all along!

      It only costs 10 million isk for a full year!

    2. Dear dickeheads,

      1. Don't act like dickheads in game and you won't be hated so much. Be the fun gankers and not the dickhead gankers.

      2. Ban anonymous posts if you don't like being called dickheads on this forum.

    3. That salty shitter crying over "dickheads" needs to get an education and learn what 'Role Play' means. If he's too low I.Q. to be able to comprehend what real RP is, and how to seperate RL from game, then he's probably too stupid to play EVE, and his opinion on the matter is invalid.

      If gankers make him so mad he has to resort to crying here about his own inequities, he's already lost. There is no hope for someone that ignorant. Can't save them all.

      But it's fun to watch him cry, and then try to justify his tears.

    4. Dear dickhead,

      Salty gankers crying about how other people don't understand role playing is pretty funny. Are you sure you know the difference between RL and EVE?

  4. CODE is the classiest group in EVE, with the best blog and the most elite PvP.

    1. Who says your agents play EVE properly? You? Why do you need to destroy players who want to stay in high sec? Why should it matter to you? You need to calm down buddy, stress kills, you're heading for a big heart attack

    2. Comments in this thread are in terminal decline, much like CODE itself. Best days definitely a long way in the past now.

    3. And yet here you are crying about them in the declining comments section.

      The Code and CODE. will always be relevant and active as long as there are cowardly carebear shitters that feel the need shed tears about them on a third-party site dedicated to harvesting carebear shitter tears.

      Thanks for playing, you would've done so well in a bonus room. ;)

    4. Plenty of ganker tears harvested here today. If code is still so relevant why the endless reminders?

  5. Saw this a while back, thought it would be interesting to bookmark and check later.

    "William GreerAugust 26, 2019 at 11:18 PM
    pay me 10 bil to go away. other wise you guys are stuck with me I wonder how long will it take before you guys are begging me to stop"

    How long indeed! XD


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