Monday, April 13, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 56

Previously, on MinerBumping... aiva naali aka FighterJets GuitarSolo 1000Years was having difficulty getting his nullsec internet off the ground. As a result, aiva struggled to keep his wallet full. But all of that financial stuff would need to take a backseat for now: War with Pandemic Horde was brewing.

According to the reports from his council, aiva felt that Pandemic Horde wasn't taking his "lanceing fleets" seriously. That would be their downfall.

As he prepared his masterstroke, aiva began theorycrafting new strategies to use against the Horde. While studying the various titans, he got an idea:

It was an entirely original idea. But was it practical? aiva submitted his proposal to the council. If there was a flaw in his plan, they'd find it.

So far, so good.

aiva was almost ready to drop the hammer on Pandemic Horde. The conflict with DeadCo was exactly the kind of opportunity he'd been waiting for.

...But there was a hiccup. The council was concerned by aiva's lack of progress in recruiting highsec miners into the Mission Ready Mining RELOADED corp.

After all this time, aiva still hadn't recruited any players into the corp. Disturbingly, aiva disappeared from the game for a few days.

Eventually he returned, though. All would be well.

By his own admission, aiva wasn't interested in politics; he was a war hero. But he couldn't help being curious.

Additional details emerged. aiva secretly hoped to replace The Mittani at some point in the future. He couldn't resist hearing more.

Like a modern-day Cincinnatus, aiva was prepared to assume complete control of the Imperium while The Mittani was consumed by the scandal. Then, once the crisis passed, aiva would happily resign and return to his normal duties.

aiva wanted a system of checks and balances--even if they were designed to restrain his own power. As the architect of the Five Crowns, aiva had plenty of experience in this area.

Even so, the situation was deadly complicated. aiva would need to call upon all of his mental powers to find a way through.

To be continued...


  1. Ohh my!

    I really hope the events of this videogame will inspire the miner to find some lucrative job. Everyone knows you can spare no expenses when dethroning a tyrant.

    I cheer for future Avia the First of His Name, Emperor of Gewns!

  2. Where do you find these guys, Fighterjets?

  3. That's what EVE needs, titans using subcaps as auxiliary thrusters...

  4. "it's good to use speed, it's like armor but faster"

  5. whatever happened to william, we haven't heard from him since the pearl river flood which preceded the wu flu pandemic - god's judgment on pearl river!

    1. The cowardly shitter has resorted to commenting on old posts after everyone has moved on to the current installment.

      I mean whats he gonna do, with DNA like that?

    2. lololol, he can't even spam correctly


  7. Goddammit, Mittens, you had one job!!!

  8. Pearl River Viral starting in Pearl River, Lousyana, spread across world infect million with miner disease. You hering truth news hear first with


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