Monday, April 27, 2020

The Best Revenge, Part 60

Previously, on MinerBumping... aiva naali aka FighterJets GuitarSolo 1000Years struggled mightily to secure the Imperium's future in the midst of chaos and civil war. But for all his wisdom, aiva couldn't solve the ultimate mystery: How does one go about recruiting a highsec miner into a highsec mining corporation?

aiva temporarily put aside his recruitment drive for Mission Ready Mining RELOADED corp. Obviously it wasn't his passion. Theorycrafting carrior tactics, on the other hand...

Over the past few months, aiva had surrounded himself with the Imperium's best and brightest. He needed good advice from experts in every field.

aiva sensed that the moment was ripe to unveil his latest plan to destroy Pandemic Horde.

aiva's plan was all about timing. You might say he was interested in stealing Pandemic Horde's schedules.

But unlike lanceing fleets, skank traps, and other ideas that can be used repeatedly with great results, the "lax hours" attack was a single-use, all-or-nothing tactic.

Luckily for aiva, the geopolitical situation of nullsec was nearly ideal for a lax hours attack. While Pandemic Horde was busy fighting DeadCo coalition, aiva would push the big red button.

aiva envisioned a Pearl Harbor of sorts. But aiva had learned from the mistakes of all those WW2-era Japanese admirals. His surprise attack would be decisive. He would not give PH an opportunity to regroup.

The more he pored over the details of his plan, the more involved it became. There was so much potential; every resource needed to be diverted to the lax hours attack.

Alas, all of aiva's careful planning couldn't account for the random nonsense of life.

aiva felt that DDoS'ing was outside the scope of fair play, even for EVE. Indeed, it was grounds for a ban from the game. This was a reasonable view--so what zany spin would aiva put on it?

...There we go. aiva would test for potential DDoS attacks by firing off doomsdays and seeing if their trajectories were altered.

The doomsday DDoS tests needed to be done right away, of course.

But the money.

To be continued...



  2. wait, wut? I must have missed some part of that ddos test!!?! Is he in the matrix or something? Am I?

    This guy is a gold mine.

  3. This is like the longest, most drawn-out, most ridiculous bonus room ever. It's amazing.

  4. What a mindfuck. Only the CIA could do something like this.

  5. Not the Pandemic Horde schedules!?!?

  6. This could have been the Sokhar bonus room, if only Sokhar had kept a little faith and aspired for greatness.

  7. Lol, James tried to play along by discussing "carrior" strats, but that ol "i before e" rule is not easily forgotten, only aiva can go full retard and shamelessly write "carroir" - never go full retard.

  8. Replies
    1. Lul!

      On a side note; where you been?


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