Thursday, April 23, 2020

Known by the Company You Keep, Part 1

Even in 2020, miners still act surprised when the mighty CODE. alliance shows up for permit inspection time.

Jon Maiko lost his yield-fit Skiff. He should've expected this. At the very least, he should've responded by buying a permit--and quickly!

Instead, Jon chose to whine in local on his main character, Kalo Kion.

Kalo was a member of Silent Company, which is arguably the worst alliance in EVE today. Despite its name, Silent Company is famous for its noisy, ill-mannered miners.

Kalo's outburst soon drew the attention of others in local.

It's unclear what--if anything--a whiny miner hopes to accomplish by complaining in local chat. Most likely it's a natural expression of being a Goofus.

Kalo's complaints annoyed his fellow miner, ThatFamousRapperGuy. Carebears tend to squabble with one another, but members of Silent Company are especially quick to turn against their own.

Kalo attempted to justify his tantrum by pointing to previous losses; his anger had built up over the past couple weeks.

For once, the miner was telling the truth: On his Jon Maiko character, he had been hit by the same group of gankers only a few days earlier. Maybe they were out to get him.

Then again, Kalo had also recently lost an Orca to NPCs. So he may have simply been bad at EVE.

The miner continued to pour out his rage. As his paranoia deepened, he found himself surrounded by enemies. Was there any chance he could overcome his negative mindset and embrace the Code?

To be continued...


  1. Miners disgust me.

    1. Heh, they disgust even themselves.

  2. "Despite its name, Silent Company is famous for its noisy, ill-mannered miners." Lol, someone had to say it! It's almost as if every aspect of being a highsec carebear is rife with hypocrisy. Silent Company should change their name to WILLIAM GREER. Then everyone would know they are a group of vile, violent, filthy, low I.Q. shitters. And we would finally see truth in advertising. ;)

    Civilization is not for their kind. You can never integrate them, and they will always pose a threat to the game and everyone who plays correctly. Have we already forgotten Shardani? Such evil is only found in highsec carebear communities.

    Is time to take a hard stance on carebears and carebearism.

    We need a solution to the carebear problem.

  3. Highsec mining corps are like packs of rabid dogs. Only the most pitiless creatures choose to hide there.

  4. Agent Lewak should have a look at Silent Company. Oh my, the possibilities. ;)

  5. He lost an Orca, in hisec, to an NPC. Welp, that's what happens when you bot/afk mine like a lowlife hisec turd.

    There's a reason people say AFK means 'a free kill'

    1. Raz is a no sympathy killer when it comes to hisec cowards. AI's smarter than hisec miners lul.

  6. Q. Why did I get shot when hundreds of carebears seemingly go unpunished?
    A. Because you broke the law and your loss serves as a warning to the other law-breakers.

    Q. Why did I get shot again?
    A. Because you failed to learn from your first loss and chose to be a repeat offender.

    Q. What can I do to stop this 'harassment'?
    A. Adopt the winning stragegy: follow the Code.


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