Saturday, April 25, 2020

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #208

Uh-oh, sounds like it's time for another edition of the Highsec Miner Grab Bag!

Hmmm... I have a suspicion about why Eris Discordiaa keeps getting ganked despite owning a permit.

No, miner, I'm pretty sure "industrial" corporations like yours are the reason why new players quit.

Typical bot-aspirant: Instead of playing one game correctly, he'd rather fail at two games simultaneously.

Even upon losing his last ship, a proper EVE player can never say he's lost all he has. For he still has his wits. And he still has his Code. Alas, Haseo midnight was not a proper EVE player. It was time for him to go.

Why would you ask me to call off my Agents, if you want to "learn the game and get better"?

Naming yourself ROONER MINER doesn't bode well for your EVE career...

Yeah, this guy's not going anywhere.

"Emerging"? If you mean emergent gameplay, that's what our Agents did.

After all these years, miners are still trying to find a way to use the bounty system against our Agents. Unsuccessfully.

Well, this EVEmail took an unfortunate turn...

Miners, if you start a message by agreeing with me, end it quickly--while you're still ahead!


  1. In 2020 willfully ignorant miners still think PVP in a PVP game makes people quit. Where are all these tactical retards coming from? I mean how many shitters could possibly be living in that Pearl River trailer park?!?

  2. Miners are not proper players. They are not even proper humans. They are bot-aspirants.

    They are that stuff you find stuck to your heel in the dog park.

  3. EVE Online, a fifteen+ year salt harvest. Thanks goodness The Savior and his Agents are here to protect proper EVE players from scumbag miners!


  4. So he may have simply been bad at EVE


    1. Lul, it's taken on a life all it's own. I wonder if the shitter os proud of what he's become.

  6. I bet all those nasty highsec miners are lousy with covid right now. I mean, they are dirty and never wash and spend most of the day with at least one grubby finger shoved in at least one orifice.

    I guess their only saving grace is that most of them have been social distancing in their mom's basement for years already. Or a trailer park in pearl river loseriana!

    Nasty bastards.

    We need the Code now more than ever.

  7. Theme-parkers just don't get it. Freedom does not include freedom from consequences.

  8. Freedom isn't free! It costs 10 mil isk, and obedience to the law of HighSec.

    Praise James! May he reign 1000 years! \o/

  9. Whenever somebody in eve uses the term "asshat", they have been infected by ag.

    It has been a benchmark that i have used for years. The miner has no idea of the subtle things they say and do that reveal the scars.

    But one thing is for sure, repeated ganking of them is the best chemical reaction for harvesting salt.

    You can never have too much of this abundant high sec miner salt in your diet folks.

  10. That EVE mail did take an unfortunate turn.

    Those silly miners, are none of them adults yet? Now I know EVE is a 'family friendly' game, but shouldn't highsec children be accompanied by an adult?

    Hey moms of minor miners, just remember: If you don't teach them how to act properly when they are children, we will teach them when they are adults. And our lessons will expose your poor parenting.

    Never forget shardani-greer's mom!

  11. JAMES IS LORD!!!!!

  12. i didnt mining, i just emerging!!!!!!


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