Thursday, April 30, 2020

Unsettled, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Agent Aaaarrgg thought he was performing a routine act of Code enforcement when he ganked Omerta Asanari. However, after a period of extreme instability, the cryptic miner hinted at dark secrets in the legal history of the New Order.

Aaaarrgg was interested in learning more about Omerta's secret lawsuit, but the miner insisted on spamming Discord links.

On occasion, Omerta shifted his strategy. Suddenly, the miner came up with an idea: What if he spoke to Agent Aaaarrgg the way that Agents usually speak to miners?

Omerta repeatedly called Aaaarrgg a miner and told him to calm down. Unfortunately for Omerta, his mimicry-based antics fell flat. Our Agents make it look easy.

The result was similar to when a miner attempts to gank someone--he just ends up making a fool of himself.

To Omerta's frustration, the Agent outmaneuvered him at every turn. So much for Omerta's "hardcore memeing".

Aaaarrgg grew bored of the miner's nonsense. Yet he remained intrigued by the idea of a secret lawsuit in Omerta's past.

Finally, Omerta returned to the subject that interested our Agent. The miner assured him that the secret was buried. Aaaarrgg's investigations would surely prove futile. And those in the mighty CODE. alliance hierarchy who did know weren't talking.

More tantalizing details emerged.

Although Aaaarrgg hoped to find an answer to Omerta's riddle, enforcing the Code remained his priority. Settlement or no settlement, the miner still owed our Agent 10 million isk.

Omerta ended up being a disappointment to himself and highsec when he failed to buy a permit. On the bright side, the secret of Omerta's lawsuit was revealed.

Omerta claimed to have friends. Perhaps he was referring to his corpmates. Of course, at least some of his fellow Efrafa members were his alts. Including the corp's CEO, Seth Anzomi.

If that name sounds familiar, you might remember Seth from the Attack on Poinen series three years ago.

Even back then, Seth/Omerta was a true Goofus. He was also a space lawyer who was convinced that gankers were violating the Code by shooting AFK haulers.

As recounted in the MinerBumping series, Seth lost his temper when his space lawyering failed. Seth then decided to log into the Agents' TeamSpeak server. A heated conversation ensued. Shortly thereafter, a recording of the conversation was leaked to Reddit.

Following the leak, Seth sent our Agents some follow-up EVEmails, and someone claiming to be Seth became active in the Reddit thread. What happened next is lost in the sands of time. However, what is known is that the recording of the TeamSpeak conversation disappeared from SoundCloud.

Regardless of the fate of the SoundCloud recording, the validity of the Code remains unchallenged. Omerta may live in a "two party consent state", but highsec is all about ones: One Order, one Code, one Saviour of Highsec.



  1. if anyone has the audio, or the audio from the sokhar bonus room, can you please upload somewhere so we can hear it

  2. Good old Seth ,either its 200m iteron or 50m bomber ,he always delivers.

  3. > One Order, one Code, one Saviour of Highsec.

    This is going to trigger A LOT of goofuses :)

  4. Wow, that guy totally voted for Hillary.

  5. And not just yours.

    Miniluv may have some new....things to do...:)

  6. Barbara Streisand!

  7. There are fewer comments here now than when I last visited. Sadness.

    1. Yup, it would seem seth has earned some more in game attention. He's worth looking into, if you know what I mean.


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