Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fifty Shades of Bump

Angry miners say a lot of the same things over and over, as the success of Miner Bingo can attest. Even so, the occasional miner will come up with a baffling new complaint about the New Order.

Today's unique whine comes from LeeMan87. He's a resident of the Abudban system, and I noticed him making some cryptic remarks about New Order plagiarism. He would not elaborate, so I let the matter drop.

Later, LeeMan voiced his concerns. Apparently MinerBumping is almost identical to a book series he's read. It occurs to me that all those young adult novels about vampire-aspirant teenagers make a lot of money. Is this a market the New Order could break into?

According to LeeMan, we have all been playing out the "Sword of Truth" books.

Engel Atomic, who has read part of the series, was skeptical about LeeMan's theory. If LeeMan's wrong, at least the "Sword of Truth" author will sell some extra books.

Later, I encountered LeeMan in Abudban. I was eager to learn more about his theory.

He wasn't willing to spell everything out, but he linked the Wikipedia page in Abudban local. My Agents and I began to comb the page for hints, hoping to unlock the secrets behind the New Order.

One thing that immediately jumped out at me was the struggle between good and evil in these books--just like the way the New Order fights evil in highsec!

Agents quickly donned the mantle of Zeddicus Zul Zorander, a powerful wizard who would have no problem at all enforcing the Code against AFK knights and warlocks.

LeeMan added some new details in an effort to buttress his theory, but I think he's been reading these books from the wrong point of view.

If you thought CCP's recent announcement about the legality of miner bumping would put an end to the space lawyers, think again. They're not gone--they're just studying space copyright law.

On the other hand, maybe LeeMan has a point after all? My Invincible Stabber gives me extraordinary agility, as well as velocity.


  1. It looks like you may have to read these books to discover how The Order met its downfall, lest the same fate befall you!

  2. So, I hear Terry Goodkind is an author, he invents cool stuff out of the blue, crazy shit like no one has ever heard of before. I'm talking 'good' heroes fighting 'evil' with 'swords'. This seems legit. Maybe he will invent some more totally new and strange things in later books, like wheels, or bread that comes in pieces, ya dig?

    1. Whoa man, hold up. Ok, heroes, I've heard of those. But villains? Swords? What are those, I don't even...? This Terry Goodkind fellow , I'm a little suspicious. Are these innovations truly good just because they're new? Sometimes progress is bad. Sometimes the old ways are best. Like with the economy, capitalism is bad, cows are good. communism! Down with bumping imperialist pigs! Cows > pigs!

  3. Isn't Sword of Truth that libertarian rape porn series?

  4. "The Sword of Truth is a series of thirteen epic fantasy novels written by Terry Goodkind. The books follow the protagonists Richard Rahl,[2] Kahlan Amnell and Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander on their quest to defeat oppressors who seek to control the world and those who wish to unleash evil upon the world of the living." Referenced from wikipedia

    as you did not reference the work you posted in local you sir are guilty of plagiarism

    1. He referenced it twice, what's wrong with you?

    2. I see no reference to wikipedia in the posted chat logs, whats wrong with you?

    3. No, what's wrong with *you*?
      - The guy linked to Wikipedia just before James' quote, where do you think the quote is coming from?
      - You don't have to reference everything you say in casual conversation (chat); I sure as hell don't credit Admiral Akbar/George Lucas every time I say "It's a trap!" in fleet chat.
      - You may not be seeing everything that has been said in chat, so perhaps there were references which weren't quoted here.

    4. No whats wrong with you!
      ah I see, it that case we were both right (you more right than myself). BTW you owe a but load of money to Lucas ; )

  5. Wait, this isn't "The Sword of 1000 Truths"? Because that WAS invincible...

  6. Having read the series myself, I can say there are some minor semblances, however nothing bearing on plagarism. Also, the concept of that series is mirrored in many other books/tv series etc. My ability to convey this may not be perfect but I will do my best.
    The "Good" is those who know the value of their own hard work and effort and keep on living for their love of life and wanting to make the most of it.
    The "Evil" is an ideology/religion stating that anyone who values their life to highly is commiting a crime against the ideology so all people should give everything they have to others.
    Thus the New Order is the good valueing an individuals hard work (not afk) and the evil is people not feeling they should need to work (botting).

    1. LeeMan mistakenly attributes the negative connotations of saving people from themselves with the Evil in the SoT series. Whereas I point out in my previous response this is more closely aligned with people failing to recognize the value of hard work. Even further still, the Seeker of Truth, who is the good of the series, constantly needs to overcome the lack of the general populations motivation to do anything good for themselves instead of believing everything should be handed to them. James, I hereby proclaim you the True Seeker.

  7. Unrelated, but a thought.

    New Eve Feature - Duel.
    You can send a duel request to any other character in the same system.
    If they respond positively, you can shoot each other for say 10 mins without Concord intervention.
    If they respond negatively, you can't shoot and you can't send another duel request for say 24hrs.
    Now here's the thing..
    If they don't respond to the duel request within a time, lets say 10 mins to make it fair, the duel request is automatically accepted!
    PEW PEW Ice miner. Only the AFK and bots will perish.

    Or did I miss something?


    1. You missed something. A duel system is pointless when you can just suicide gank them.

  8. I find it ironic that he accuses you of plagiarism, and at the same time he has a Lamb of God quote in his bio, which he has "forgotten" to credit to them (or wherever else he got it).


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