Sunday, July 14, 2013

One Hundred Seven Billion in Shares Sold

Oh snap! One hundred seven billion in shares sold? It's true, today the milestone was reached, with just over 107,000 shares having been purchased by around five hundred different investors. I don't know about you, but that strikes me as a big stamp of approval for the New Order on behalf of the EVE community. Ben Binchiette earns a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ with his purchase of just 50 shares, squeaking us over the 107 billion mark. Timing is everything! Well done to Ben and all of the shareholders who made this possible.


  1. Job security! \o/

    -Galaxy Pig

  2. Are iskies hard-earned if you're AFK while doing so? Bot-aspirant scum.


  3. I would give everything I own for New Order:

  4. Stop bullying better persons than you, Anon 7:15. They spend their ISK to support an idea, enabling gameplay for a lot of players. You keep all you AFK isk for yourself and vomit insults on a blog. You're worthless.

  5. I started playing EVE a few months ago, and just learned about this corp yesterday. I've moved to this MMO for the depth and complexity of playstyle, combat and the very unique player based economy.

    This corporation and website seems to contain a lot of animosity for industrial players. Personally I have started a few accounts, so that my main can focus on combat skills, and at the same time I can advance into tech2 and tech3 production with my alts. I have read the "code" and listened to James' interview for the CSM8. Listening to him, I can recognize his genuine concern for EVE but what I see in the website is just hate-mongering for carebear types like my alts out in a belt somewhere. Perhaps I'm looking at that screen and cycling to the next rock, or perhaps I left it idle while I run missions on my main or alt tabbed to read a webpage or do some work. What worries me is the unfair accusations that could take place just because I don't reply in local within a few seconds. I don't consider myself a bad person, I'm just trying to make some ships and skills as I learn the game.

    I can see the benefit of taking out recognized botters, however I also see this unchecked power as a bully corporation that lives off the payments of weak industrial prey like me. Call it what it is, just the old game of extortion. With no way to defend an accusation, this vigilante gang calls out anyone they want, and it is just an organized crime corp living in hisec. New pilots and casual alts like mine who have little power to defend or defy, we are compelled to pay the racketeers.

    1. Since you are new, here's a lesson: in EVE every action has a consequence. Do you want to live your ship mining unattended? Fine, but you have to accept it is a sitting duck and you could find it exploded. The bad carebears are the ones who want complete safety without even paying attention to the game.

    2. You seem like a nice guy Anom@4:14. Why don't you tell us what system you mine in so we can leave you alone, we don't want to mess up your operation.

  6. Nice try Phoenix, I wish you well in your slaughter. I will do my best to remain respectful when the catalysts gank me, and I honestly fear the scrutiny of the red pen list. Out of principle I will not support your racketeering, but after I've lost some barges I'm sure I will regret it learning the hard way. I predict the corp will grow, James is a charismatic leader and will attract more like yourself. I suspect this form of organized crime will become more powerful and popular for hisec corps, much like it is in the real world.

  7. Who says I AFK mine?
    I actually mine at the keyboard. Just Disagree with you guys expecting real miners to pay for permits.

  8. Disagreeing is different from insulting. You're doing the latter.

  9. xxBLACK SKULLxx 929July 15, 2013 at 11:49 PM

    FYI I signed on to EVE today even though i'm on vacation. Convoed Ben and got him in the NODD and had a long talk with him and he's going to make a great addition to our Corp/Alliance.

    Hail James315
    Long Live The New Order



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