Saturday, July 20, 2013

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #36

Hydra Fire isn't always the best person from whom to get advice. He's right about my taking screenshots and putting them on a website, but he's wrong about why people end up looking like ignorant fools. Blaming me for that is like a reality show contestant complaining about their "edit".

If you see someone from the CODE. alliance, don't take it as a bad sign. Think of it as an opportunity to be taught a lesson, like if an august professor happened to sit next to you on an airplane.

Brainstorm Stormrage isn't the first highsec resident to bristle at the first sign of authority. It's a universal fact that there will always be people complaining about the government. In highsec, the New Order is the government. We take it all in stride.

Bullies take your lunch money away. The New Order is nothing like that. We're the ones who make it possible for you to make money in highsec in a responsible fashion in the first place. Think of it as a restaurant taking your lunch money and giving you lunch.

This is a rare instance of someone using the adjectival phrase "North Korea ass" to describe what less-creative miners would call "extortion".

Budding space lawyer Mymh Heretache developed a new theory to explain why CCP has waited so long to ban us: It's only excessive bumping that's illegal.

Here's the thing: There's no such practice as "excessive bumping". You can never bump enough.

Though I've been waiting for someone to successfully collect a bounty on me since the first one was placed in October 2011, I give Kazu Tau some credit: At least he knows exactly what he would spend it on.

I might agree with Tiamet Cordova's similie, if dumpster-diving hobos were the greatest threat to law and order in highsec.

Uthgaard is bitter and cynical about the New Order's great fame. We get a lot of attention for what we do, but that's not why we do it. We would still be enforcing the Code, even if we weren't guaranteed to become EVE rock stars.

Since the beginning, the highsec miners have attempted to distract us from our purpose by pointing to others' bad behavior. "What about the mission runners? What about the bots in nullsec? What about the station traders?" Miners of highsec, we have plenty to worry about just dealing with you.

It's sad to see that the carebears actually embrace their ignorance. I wish I could impart to them the joy of learning. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Gexcolo is right about one thing. Someone in highsec does need to be a hero. And fortunately for everyone who lives and works in empire space, there was a hero to be found in highsec. Hi. I'm James 315. I'm from the New Order and I'm here to help you.


  1. I guess I need to change my "Termination Notice" email. Everyone focuses on the "bot" parts. "I'm not a bot!" They say, but they still don't have a permit and...

    Isabelle Syne forgot to mention to her friends that the "AFK" box was checked on the email I sent. My scout sat decloaked 500m from her while I undocked, made 2 jumps to the system and then warped in to terminate the illegal mining operation.

    So hisec miners, get a permit and get with the Code. Then you won't have anything to fear when the CODE. guy comes to your system.

  2. A single High Sec resident saying thanks to New Order agents for their work is worth one thousand haters.

    I love when good miners show up in local to greet the agents, they really make the rebels stand out as the uncivil fools they are.

  3. Short stack here;
    you never actually answered my question....

    so i'll ask again, if you want the "best" miners possible, why not TRAIN the best miners possible instead of bumping and ganking EVERYTHING?

    SIDE NOTE: not a highsec miner... null sec checking in

    1. You're missing the point. This game is too imbalanced at the moment and has been for some time. Yes, you can make a decent amount of ISK in Null, hell with the right sov, moons and structure you can make a hell of a lot of ISK; however, how much risk is involved vs. how much risk is involved for Highsec? Especially when you can make a substantial amount of ISK in Highsec.

      People for too long think that Highsec is out of reach of criminal activity, or spaceship pew pew if they don't want it. And even if they are aware that it can happened to them (and it's few and far between) they should familiarize themselves with the mechanics. The point is that within the sandbox -anything- can happened. And that includes those who reside in Highsec.

    2. The best miner possible is a miner that understands that EVE is about creating ships AND exploding ships.

      The problem of High Sec miners is that they're exploited by the safety and high rewards of High Sec. When EVE happens and they are taken out from their bubble of "i mine in high sec 24/7 and no one can interfere", they rage like children and they cry to CCP instead of doing what a good sandbox player should do, taking actions to defend himslef, thus creating gameplay.

      The New Order is here to teach miners that in EVE you can be attacked and you should defend what you have 'cause in the sandbox nothing is granted. You can defend yourself by fighting or tanking if you're the "pvp" type, or you can buy a permit and follow the rules if you're a business-industrial type.

      Other that that, the NO is here to show how imbalanced High Sec is. The New Order and their Stabbers are invincible thanks to the broken safety mechanics that carebears begged CCP for, to compensate for their lack of will to play the game and defend what they had. Null Sec players that go to High Sec to mine instead of taking the supposed riches of 0.0.

      Finally, the New Order is showing that in EVE you can do seemingly impossible things if you are strong enough. James 315 created a movement that is taking control over High Sec belts, something that you think is "not allowed" (the wrong mindset for the sandbox). The New Order is doing it staying by the rules. It's going over the limits. This is the beauty of the sandbox: creating gameplay with wits and fantasy and going over what it's perceived as the limit.

      For all these reasons, a New Order in Null Sec would make no sense.

    3. National union of mineworkersJuly 21, 2013 at 11:08 AM

      Capt Starfox, any decent high sec miner doesn't believe Highsec is out of criminal activity, ganking or legal bumping. We accept we may get popped, and do our best to avoid it, by tanking, commandship boost and checking on local very often.
      We just decide not to pay for mining permits and enjoy coming across the new order. Its all good fun when we encounter the NO and its Knights.

    4. All the rage in local, the insults like "bully, terrorists, guys with problems in real life", the petitions to CCP for suicide ganks... Those things tell that no, many miners don't accept that they may get popped.

    5. National union of mineworkersJuly 21, 2013 at 11:21 AM

      Well from real miners you will not get the above mentioned topics you mentioned Anon 11.12.
      We know eves a sand box with many styles of play. And respect those styles

    6. I applaud that spirit Nuom.


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