Monday, July 1, 2013

The New CEO of CCP?

There's been a metric ton of hubbub lately, all thanks to rumors about my being elected the new CEO of CCP. The speculation arose after The Eveion (think "EVE Onion") posted a lengthy article detailing the specifics of how I allegedly rose to power and plan to remake EVE, Dust 514, and World of Darkness in a more emergent-friendly manner. (For Dust 514 and World of Darkness, it would mean scrapping the projects.)

The aforementioned article's credibility was bolstered by the fact that its author, Tubrug1, is a man of honour and was one of the very first to answer the call to bump miners--way back in the early days of the New Order.

First off, obviously it would be unwise to comment on these rumors, and so I can neither confirm nor deny that I will be the new CEO of CCP. But I do feel the need to address some supplementary rumors that are circulating. The following purports to be an excerpt of a chat between myself and Agent Tubrug1:

[07:47:25] Tubrug1 > I heard a rumor
[07:47:34] James 315 > oh?
[07:47:47] Tubrug1 > That CCP Hellmar offered to make you full CEO of CCP with ownership and fistfuls of ISK
[07:48:03] James 315 > not hellmar himself
[07:48:14] James 315 > but someone in the senior dev team came to me yeah

Is this genuine? I can confirm that the above purports to be a chat between myself and Tubrug1, that I posted the purported excerpt to this blog post, and that my confirmation of its purporting to be an authentic chat was also posted.

Hopefully that clears everything up.


  1. This is indeed an authentic chat and an authentic story.

  2. Somehow that conversation seems familiar.
    Maybe from another context?
    Zero clue as to where i saw it before though.

  3. I honestly doubt he is getting a place in development, more likely he's being offered a place on the community team or ISD.

    Running a blog and coding a game of millions are completely different.

    Even if he IS getting a high up job, there is no legal way he can randomly pull the plug on DUST514 without any warning for one simple reason. The game will be contracted to Sony Entertainment (more precisely the division that covers the PS3) and as such, randomly pulling the plug after taking Sonys money will certainly result in CCP being taken to court.

    Secondly, if he did abuse the banhammer like that, again CCP could be taken to court for Business Malpractise.

    Finally, there is everyones favourite Miner bingo square: People would unsub and the subscription rates would fall to a trickle.

    Before you laugh at this, there is indeed one game that has attempted a similar approach to what the eveonion article says James would do as CEO.

    Infestation: Survivor Stories (formerly The War Z), took this approach and has not even lasted the year. I for one hope that James 315 is just getting a community job at CCP and I would be sad if a phenomenally good game like EVE Online joined The War Z on MMO life support.

    1. Why can't James join the development team? He's written the best Code around.

    2. On a addition, shutting down DUST514 would be a absolute failure on the part of any CEO. It is exactly what James envisions for EVE.

      On DUST there is NO highsec to hold your hand. You get no tutorial beyond a single page describing your controller layouts and a few random starter skills depending on your choices at character creation.

      Just today I played with a squad ingame that was clearly alted by PVP vets from EVE. They reconned, they planned, they coordinated like a well oiled machine. Their roamer squads never went anywhere without a medic keeping the tanks and damage dealers on their feet while snipers used dropships to fly to the high points in the map allowing them to take down enemy forces quickly and efficiently.

      Infantry got support from LAV and HAV's (equivilent of interceptors and battleships/battlecruisers) allowing them to take down the opponents efficiently while logistic troopers supplied us with armor and spawn points.

      Mistakes are as equally punished as well as they are in EVE. ONE mistake...just one and your HAV or dropsuit fit will go up in smoke as fast as it takes for a enemy player to blow your avatars head off his shoulder.

      Your pals in EVE can also provide support as a volley of orbital weapon fire can quickly devastate an enemy force in a few seconds, buying you precious time to regroup your attack force or finish hacking a NULL cannon that can, many maps is the key to defeat.

      For those of you who say that DUST514 is not what CCP promised, I say 'suck it the hell up and wait for CCP to bloody well do its job'. The game only got to version 1.1 a few days ago and still needs work. No doubt many people said the same about EVE when it first came out all those years ago.

    3. Alana, when I say 'code' I am not referring to the New Order Code. I am referring to COMPUTER code. Computer Coding, especially in the field of Game design is a insanely hard skill to master and very few people make the cut on the equivilent college courses per year.

      Any hack can make a pacman clone (and no...making a blog and programming a game are as far apart as chalk and cheese are). CCP, Blizzard, Bethesda, Funcom, EA and Sony employ only the best programmers...ok, maybe not EA but you get the idea.

    4. I love how seriously you've taken this.

    5. I love the internet and I love you anonymous poster. Thank you for explaining why James probably won't be the CCP CEO and why, in detail, if he does that killing DUST would be a bad move.

    6. Delusional people are always serious about their delusions.

    7. The War Z wasn't a game, it was just a scam. That's why it failed.

    8. Folks, there's only one kind of Code that matters.

  4. Well Sony should have bought a mining permit.

    1. Yeah...when has that excuse ever worked in a REAL WORLD court of law? Link on actual news article (CNN, BBC etc) as proof.

    2. "Well Sony should have bought a mining permit."

      You win Miner Bumping today. I would have sent you an isk prize, but you posted Anonymously. So I shall keep it for myself. Maybe I'll send it to Erotica 1 for doubling.

    3. Apparently Sony doesn't need a mining permit. They've sent in Electronic Arts to Awox CCP.

  5. lulz

    It's not even April 1st!!!

  6. It would be so good if James had a developer position! Maybe EVE could really become what it looks like in the emergent gameplay show-off trailers.

  7. Alana Charen-Teng July 1, 2013 at 7:24 PM

    Why can't James join the development team? He's written the best Code around.


    ps come back to us Alana!

    1. James' Code is the only code that never fails! Every good coder will tell you that's a great feat.

  8. Since when is CEO synonymous with programmer?


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