Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friends in High Places

One of the things that contributes to the immense power and influence of the New Order is the fact that we transcend all corporations, alliances, and coalitions. Because of its broad ideological appeal, Agents of the New Order can be found everywhere in EVE.

Everyone knows how much I adore Brave Newbies Inc. Rather than using newbishness as an excuse to be bot-aspirants and avoid the fun parts of the game, the Brave Newbies came together and embraced EVE as it is meant to be played. Six months after their founding, they have over 3,700 members in their original corp. When I received an EVEmail from one of their fleet commanders, I read it with interest.

Le Petite More forwarded me dozens of killmails of bot-aspirants who had been terminated by Brave Newbies in the name of the Code. Sometimes people say the New Order "picks on" new players. But the New Order, like the Brave Newbies, empowers new players.

I also received an interesting EVEmail from Jameson2011 of Black Rebel Rifter Club, who serves as a director of one of their alliance's other corps, Black Dragon Fighting Society. The BDFS received an application from someone whose name Jameson2011 instantly recognized, thanks to MinerBumping. The applicant's name was Anslo.

Yes, that Anslo. Months ago, he founded an anti-New Order resistance movement called the Proveldtariat. His goal was to unite the miners of highsec in a holy crusade against the Code and the Saviour of Highsec. It went about as well as you might expect. Deeply embittered, Anslo took out his frustration on Code-compliant miners, but failed in that, too.

Jameson2011 graciously offered Anslo a way to redeem himself and become more suitable for employment. Anslo refused; he currently sits in an NPC corp. I suppose there's not much call for failed rebel leaders these days. Meanwhile, with all of our connections across EVE, "Agent of the New Order" is the best thing you could ever put on your résumé!


  1. The Brave Newbies have been taking flack on reddit for ganking miners. So be sure and show them some love if you see any around doing the ganky panky in hisec.

    1. pff reddit, always full of crybabies...

    2. Brave Newbies, I love those guys, we should take some of them out whale hunting some time.

    3. I miss whales... Stop teasing me Fawn!

    4. It's settled then, post-Fountain fishing trip is a go.

  2. Anslo's application to our august alliance:,19236.0.html



    1. Thanks for the link Jameson, will check it out! We need to lowsec roam again... been too long.

      Back on topic- I don't think he read the the 'who we are' part at all.

    2. But what about the cake?!

      Thank the lord for the cake, but don't hunt the whales!

      James 315 why do you allow for buggery like this?

      The cake is the truth... believe in the cake...

      Starfox, Tailor. Rot... Rot for not having cake.. Its not fair.

      Tears. I cry tears. so that you cannot comment upon such that is.

      Cake... It is the only way.. Please consider it.


      Fire cleanses all.

      Be well, All who treat others as they wish to be treated.

      Be well, James 315. Be well.. those that enjoy cake.

      I am but a beach balloon upon the wind.


  3. I appreciate your immersive game play James I really do. I appreciate the invincible stabber. I appreciate your one man corp-dodge-the-wardec mechanic. This is what Eve is about. Youve embraced the it entirely. I wish I had the time to do something as wondrous as this. You will be the one remembered. Forget your underlings. Your sycophants. Theyre nothing and arent worth even mentioning when all is said and done. They are drones, and thats all they will ever be.

    But what are you going to do when a carebear figures out all they have to do to fight back is to gank a miner with your pledge in their bio? Youd have a real conundrum then. You might have to get off your padded ass to get your hands dirty then. No more throne speeches for you. Your preaching would cease for a few minutes at least. While your subjects' mining ships pop all over hi sec and then they all cry out for you to do what theyve paid you to do. What do you really have to offer once you got the ISK and the bio to rub your celebrity status? That is what I would love to see.

    I got a secret for you. You cant possibly police hi sec. You dont have the numbers and quite frankly I dont think you dont have the balls. Id love you to prove me wrong though.Id also say you dont have the time but you do manage to play eve and write a blog everyday. (BTW I know writing talent when I see it, and Ill give credit where its due. You ARE gifted writer.) But if enough of your sheep get their hulks blown up do you think they might begin to realize that theyve been duped? Do they really think theyre safe from another person willing to spend the time you have to counter your actions?

    Can you rule all of hi sec James? Do you have a plan? I sincerely hope so, because I would hate to see the day when your followers realize theyve been following a bag of wind. The writing here might actually turn into winging and that would be boring.

    Good luck in your endeavors O great one.


    1. Watch out we've got a badass over here!

      For your information carebears already had your great idea of targeting permit holders. They tried and failed miserably. Hell, one of the stories related to that plan is even linked in this very post (hint: Anslo)! Read a bit more carefully before writing a big wannabe-badass comment.

    2. Malcontent!

      show your name, lest ye be dissolved of all thought and theory!

      Target what is there that you see, but comment not on what is there that you do not see.

      You are useless. You are irrelevant. You are not Cake.


    3. So the letter T is now a name?

    4. only if it's proceeded by "MR"

    5. There will always be criminals out there, little anonymous carebear. Criminals are generally dumb, and mining criminals are the dumbest.

      As long as 50% of the population are below average IQ, and thus attracted to unlawful mining activities, we will always have work ahead of us.

      We will always be there to confiscate the fruits of their unlawful mining activities.

    6. Wow

      That's some truly self-righteous superiority complex you got going on there.

      Careful man, if someone knocks you off that high horse your IQ might drop from double-digit to single-digit. At least part of that trip will be short though. :)

    7. *snickers*

      James, your crows have spoken. Maybe you dont have anything to worry about after all. As long as your agents retain THEIR 50% below average IQ. @ Agent Trask Go spew elsewhere. Indeed, go ahead let people think youre a fool. Dont type something and prove it.


    8. I wonder why overly self-serious people that despise the New Order like the last two commenters keep coming in this blog again and again to comment... I visit the blogs I like, not the ones I don't like. Maybe deep inside you like Miner Bumping too?


    9. Exactly how can that happen, Brandon?

      Are you going to blow me up? Congrats, you have destroyed a cheap gank-fit Catalyst, and a completely clean clone.

      Or do you think my accurate description of miners equals a "high horse"?

      Free clue: The folks with above average IQs endorse James315. The folks with below average IQs mine or whine when they are not mining.

      As long as good folks like Erotica1 and Cato XIII continue to donate billions of ISK, We will have an infinite supply of high horses to get back up on. We will continue until we own highsec. And we will continue after that, since there will always be low IQ miners who cannot understand why having a permit is required.

    10. Anon 8:58:

      Please continue. Your continued tears are precious to us.

    11. I think you meant Anon 5:40 Agent Trask

    12. Trask, I believe Gandhi said it best:

      “The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles."

    13. I believe Hedonism Bot said it best:


  4. Finally we get to see a bit of the good part of EVE's community!

  5. Heh, SHUT DOWN. Though I almost wish he had slipped under the radar, moved all his shit, and then got reverse AWOXed. The tears would have have fed the multitude.


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