Thursday, July 11, 2013

Smacktalk, Corp Leaders, and the Red Pen

The New Order never fails to help its friends. When friend of the Order nopset earned killrights on an illegal miner, Agent Arden Elenduil saw to it that justice was done.

Though the rebel Hulk was armed with several deadly combat drones, Arden bravely piloted a Cynabal into battle and won a glorious victory.

The Hulk pilot had friends of his own. One of these was Carbuilder Hemah, who was disgusted by what he saw. He denied the existence of the Code. A denier! His corpmate, Lost Shadow, joined in the smacktalk before leaving the system:

Lost Shadow > no i dont give a damn
Lost Shadow > we are all at our fucking ships
Lost Shadow > we arent botting
Arden Elenduil > all miners are required to pay 10 million isk per year and to adhere to the code
Lost Shadow > fuck you and your god dman code

Arden is a professional. Despite the resistance, he kept the conversation from going off the rails.

Carbuilder Hemah > piss the fuck off douche
Arden Elenduil > good sir, that is no way to speak to an agent of the new order
Carbuilder Hemah > fuck youuuuuuuuuu
Carbuilder Hemah > what do you think of that shit for brains
Arden Elenduil > i would say that you are being rather impolite
Carbuilder Hemah > i would say you can suck my cock

While engaging in diplomacy with Carbuilder, Arden was amazed by what a cliché Carbuilder was. The dude's a walking, talking Miner Bingo board.

Carbuilder Hemah > you better remember bitch boy we stop mining you dont have guns you dont have missles
Carbuilder Hemah > and you dont have ships
Arden Elenduil > there are plenty of code compliant miners who are more than happy to supply us with equipment that has been built in a legal manner
Carbuilder Hemah > so tell mr james 315 to suck on my mother fucking cock

Carbuilder starting camping on the idea that highsec carebears are essential to EVE's economy. But Arden made an excellent rebuttal: There are now enough Code-compliant miners to fully supply the Order with everything we need.

Arden Elenduil > i must warn you that being impolite to an agent of the new order can be quite detrimental to your financial wellbeing
Carbuilder Hemah > aww are you getting butthurt
Arden Elenduil > as such, i'm forced to raise the fee to 30 million for you and members of your corp
Carbuilder Hemah > fuck you buddy
Carbuilder Hemah > my corp has nothing to do with this

Now things were getting serious. Carbuilder's continued infractions of the Code won him a spot on the dreaded Red Pen list. The price of Code-compliance was now three times what it was just a moment before. Even worse, Carbuilder's corp was subject to increased scrutiny.

Raising the stakes, Arden arranged to have a friendly wardec declared against Carbuilder's corp. This helped draw their attention to Carbuilder's inappropriate treatment of an Agent of the New Order.

The corp was alarmed. They intended to make a career of mining in highsec, so they didn't feel it would be smart to alienate the rulers of highsec by having a loose cannon in their corp.

Arden Elenduil > i would much prefer it if all miners were to simply accept the code, and pay the fee
Carbuilder Hemah > yeah im sure you would
Carbuilder Hemah > get paid for doing nothing
Arden Elenduil > being an agent of the new order is a fulltime job good sir
Carbuilder Hemah > because everything ive read so far was people mining paying attention to their own business and you and your code members just kill a miner because they dont see why they have to pay

Arden and Carbuilder continued to politely discuss the finer points of the Code. Meanwhile, Carbuilder's corp reached its decision. Carbuilder invited Arden to a private convo:

Carbuilder's corp is ruled by wise leaders indeed. They came up with a Solomonic solution: The corp would become Code-compliant, and Carbuilder would have to pay for the mining permits out of his own wallet.

The effect of the Red Pen list was severe; Carbuilder had to pay 30 million isk for each individual permit. Foul language and discourtesy can be pricey!

The Hulk pilot, not a member of the corp, also had a 30 million isk permit paid for by Carbuilder. Later, he paid for one more permit.

In total, Carbuilder had to fork over 420 million isk. But Arden promised that Code-compliance would be more than worth it.

Carbuilder added an extra clause to his bio to announce his newfound permit ownership. Yet his attitude did not reflect the kind of pure heart we expect from truly Code-compliant miners. Will Agents of the New Order view him as a legitimate permitholder, or will they see him as a work in progress, who needs further discipline? Only time will tell.


  1. The fee is just the beginning. He has to understand that without compliance paying means nothing.

    That's why the New Order fee is not extortion: if it was, payment would be enough. However, a gentle attitude and compliant mining is required. I foresee problems.

  2. still havent seen none of the bots in the system dealt with so far they have only messed with miners who are actually there and unlike most of the guys i will actually post with my name

    1. Good sir, please indicate the bots in your system to the nearest New Order agent for immediate trial. If they are bots as alleged, they are subject to penalty.

    2. @Anon 8:06 chicken to use your own name?

    3. Well, provide details of the bots - who and where - to the New Order Knights, and see what happens.

      Participation is the key to the New Order clearing High Sec of bots.

      If you watch a crime without calling the police, how can you complain they did not come?

    4. @ Anon 8:10

      First, why posting as Anon?
      Third, see above.

      I have not seen a single article where James or his awesome agents took down a bot clearing out a mine field or ice anomaly. It is amazing how may "bots" are able to talk back and have several part stories about them.

    5. Well who would read that story Danny C? "Knights valiantly gank bot! Bot reships and returns to field tomorrow. Not programmed to QQ in local, so no chat logs. But it was super fun, sorry guys."

    6. I would read that story.

      I would love to see all the screen shots of dozens of former-bot ships hulls just floating in space.

      Unfortunately, that never happens because the odds are not in favor of the Knights.

    7. Then don't wait for other to do the work you want to see done, become a knight yourself.

  3. and on earth would i do their job for them its their job to find the bots and deal with them told them the system was heavily botted told them of 1 bot gave them a name and ship and yet they are still there

  4. I was reporting bots ice mining while James 315 was in the system himself. Instead of targeting the bot with the dozen miners, the obelisk, and the orca - James and agents target individual players because bots do not respond back in chat making for a very boring article.

    The New Order has nothing to do with botting and more to do with just roleplaying and creating this blog. Every ice mining anomaly has bots, not that hard to find.

  5. The greatest thing is though since this incident havent seen any agents as well. The "Agents" require miners to something in their bio yet agents have nothing in theirs identifying who they are. Arent "Agents" proud and honored to do what they do then why dont they show it? James 315 has nothing in his bio about what he does. I am proud of what i do and you notice its in my bio.

    1. No, most "agents" are cowards.
      There are a bunch of Agents that actually do good and embrace the Code. Most, however, are worse than the carebears they pretend to hate.

      Posting as Anon since most agents on site do same.

    2. My,my, a lot of Bobbins here today.

  6. Btw just so you gentlemen know what was said in the private conversation of myself and Arden is now posted illegally. It is against the law to take a private picture conversation video of telephone conversation and make it a public matter. If you dont believe me try looking it up sometime its called a privacy act its been around for quiet sometime. Just like the police require a court order to do a wiretap and listen in on your private conversations. The kill mail what was said in the public channel you can keep up and sing about as long as you want the private conversation was meant to be private and it shall stay that way I did not agree for our private conversation to be read by the public.

    1. You should probably backtrace it and report it to the cyber police.

    2. Hemah,

      Id really love to see this reported to the RL authorities. I can see the headline now : "Man sectioned after believing internet spaceships are serious business"


  7. LOL. You're embarrassed about your poor manners being on display for everyone yo see. Everything that occurs in-game is under the purview of CCP Games. Talk about inability to distinguish between reality and game world.

    1. Yes and ccp games would also come to and ask for permission to use anything i said in a private conversation to bring it to public light. Permission was not asked for nor was it granted.

    2. It was, the moment you accepted the EULA. Wait, you didn't read it?

      Too bad.

      And as a shareholder, I humbly beseech the Savior for a vote too.

  8. Long live New Order!

    I hope you find your experience to be much more fulfilling sir Carbuilder Hemah!

    We at New Order strive to ensure a better experience for all of humanity within EVE.

    High-sec is worth fighting for.

  9. He paid for every member of his corporation. I don't have problems with him being in the compliant list.

    In time, he will see the light.

  10. As a Shareholder i demand a vote on his case.

    I did not get the feeling that Mr Hemah takes this case seriously.
    Even in the comments section he keeps beeing impolite to agents and knights which is against the code he "agrees" to.

    So i say let the Shareholders decide! Like they did with Mine Teck.


    Your caring agent Bruce

    1. Caring Agent, Right. LMAO. Viciousness and pettiness showing there.

  11. I am not being impolite im merely stating a fact. I asked for my private conversation to be removed.
    In which I have every right to demand it is My private conversation and if I dont want it published. Then it has to be taken down.

    1. Well if you DEMAND it... bahahaha... Sorry I couldn't keep a straight face.
      I wonder how radio stations are able to do those prank calls, or newspapers are able to quote people without permission, amazing disregard for... what exactly?

      Next time start your conversations with "off the record", I'm sure that'll work.

    2. You sir are wrong on several levels lets start with the most obvious one..Newspapers are not able to quote people in a private conversation without written consent. If you have ever been interviewed by a newspaper you would know the first thing they ask after they say can we talk to you for a second is do you mind if we put this in the newspaper. Second of all 90% of the prank calls placed the person is generally set up by a family and they are usually listening in on another line therefor giving them permission and if said prank call does harm (think of the british nanny who killed herself) the law is brought into play. Just like television interviews you have to give permission for them to viewed by the public. Like i stated earlier i have no problem with what was said in local chat or the killmail that was all in the public eyes but the private conversation is exactly that a private conversation.

    3. You are totally right. They are violating the International Online Privacy Protection Act of 1977. Sentences will range from fines and community service to jail time and possibly hard labor in the diamond mines of South Africa.

      Ya'll dun goofed.

  12. So is Carbuilder Hemah your real name? I'll let you think hard about why this is relevant to what you're posting/brainfarting.

    1. it is the name i have in eve i am known by carbuilder in every game i play i did not know i had the option to go without a last name so i just left it as to what the game picked. Its far better then being known as anonymous though isnt it.

    2. Ok the explanation wasn't enough for you. Fake internet names are not covered by privacy laws. Clear now?

  13. The Privacy Act only applies to US Federal Government agencies...ASS! Space lawyer fail!

  14. Carbuilder,

    Your attempted assault on the integrity of Agents of the New Order was repelled and the record set straight. While most would accept defeat and learn from their mistakes, you had to reopen the matter by attempting to inject legal implications into the case, and against NO Agents. This bold statement was backed up by none other than your sheer lack of knowledge on the subject which you were debating.

    It would be best for you to salvage what little reputation you have left and begin to follow the Code as you promised, the permit fee is only the first part of Code-compliant life in highsec, one must follow the Code as well to be deemed a legal miner.

    1. People like Carbuilder are the reason we read

    2. The funniest part about this is the fact that people from the code feel assualted. No where has Carbuilder assualted anybody he has simply stated the bots are still in the systems, and that he wishes his private conversation to be taken down. He even respected the fact that you have a blog to run and gave full support in keeping what was said in local up for your amusing story. Carbuilder check your temper some though sure the minerbumpers tend to raise the tempers some but seriously man cool down a bit. Minerbumper agents dont you feel you have done enough? All the man asked for was his private conversation to be taken down I can understand both sides where you want a good story but there are some people who would rather have whats said in private stay in private. In my honest opinion this is going along a fine line of roleplay and harrassment. Maybe instead of all the threatning him and giving him a hard time ever thought about sitting down and talking to him? From the kill this happened a few days ago I know the system and yes its heavily botted. I can understand his frustration he paid a pretty hefty sum of isk for a 2 month old character (thats going along the fact that he probably pays for game time with isk), pointed the agent to a botter and after 2 days that botter is still there doing what they do. Now I dont know about you but if I pay a group that says they deal with botting point them to a botter and after a few days the botter is still I'd be rather upset about it myself. Then you add on the fact that his corp is probably giving him a rather hard time and you can easily see why the guy is frustrated.

    3. Oh my god wall of text!

      1) His name is a nickname, not a real life one. He can ask to have the conversation removed, but there's no rule that forces James to do so.

      2) Bots should be reported to CCP, it's their job to remove them from the game.

      3) The guy is frustrated because he doesn't get the game. In this game he has to accept interference from other players, it is designed to be this way. He didn't even attempt to do something to defend himself like changing system, he just raged and smack-talked players who were playing the game by the rules. It's hard to sympathize with him.

    4. 1) If James is as caring as he claims to be then there would be no prob removing the conversation.

      2) CCP doesn't, further it is the claim of the NO that they are there to remove the botters, oh wait, that is just hype. Sorry, just a way to get free iskies.

      3) Most people I know get frustrated with a game, I don't support smack on either side, however I see far more on the side of the agents at this time. And note to both sides, when you get angry you just make mistakes, it is human nature. So stay chilled.

    5. 1) Nope, that miner has to understand he could behave in a more civil matter If he doesn't want to appear here. James cares, he wants to make everyone understand that actions in EVE have consequences. Removing this would not be caring, just bad parenting.

      2) New Order is very clear on what it does. Bot-aspirants are the main targets. Bots are mainly CCP's work. Read the Code and you will find out. Report bots to CCP instead of complaining here. Or do something yourself if you care enough. NO is here to play the game, and they play it the way they want.

      3) You dhould the people you know to keep theyr strong emotions for something more serious then. At least to not spill their anger on other players that are there to have fun.

      Are you seriously suggesting that agents smack-talk more than miners? A requisite to be an agent is to respect the Code. The Code itslef states that you should behave in a civil manner, with no profanity and smack-talk. Rebels rage incessantly while agents try to tell them to stop. Rotten apples are always a possibility, but the Code is against smack-talking, raging miners are not.

  15. I enjoyed reading this post alot.

    I hope all the miners in high-sec can learn from this!

  16. Given the bile that Carbuilder spewed into local, I think he rightly deserves to have his humiliating capitulation to Arden made public.

    And the desperate clutching at straws with the "privacy act" is just priceless!

  17. "I did not agree for our private conversation to be read by the public. "
    Yet you are here naked in public showing us your true bot-aspirant nature !

    "I am not being impolite im merely stating a fact. I asked for my private conversation to be removed.
    In which I have every right to demand it... "
    Bot-aspirants have no rights , their only right is to follow and live by The Code !

    1. What is with this sudden upsurge in space lawyers?

    2. Anon 4:45, I don't think you're a real soldier. If you are, shame on you. Real soldiers have honour. A real soldier would never waste words like you did, they would never say a player of a game is like the talibans they fought against, poeple who killed their friends in battle.

      And a soldier who've seen death with his eyes would never say that someone has to be "drugged out on the street and shoot" because of their opinion on a videogame. Shame on you for pretending to be a soldier.


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